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This is a true story as a theme to the record article, is one a the blood and tears of a exposed condemned material.

I name Xin Zhong Qing, male, born in 1942. Currently living in China's Jiang Su Province Nanjing under Customs Area East Wells one village Communities 94 the modules 14 #.

From the last century the beginning of the 1970s start, in "THE SPECIAL THE AGE" THE "SPECIAL BACKGROUND", I have personally suffered a special political and personal persecution.

A gang of secret "secret agent" criminals, wanton trample on the Party and State law, blatantly violated the Constitution endowed with the basic human rights of citizens. They use advanced technology secret the facilities, illegal secret control my body's nervous system, on my physical and mental carry out "demon-ridden" secret control fascist tortures persecution and conspiracy stab in the back. Their criminal means incomparable brutal shameless very inhuman! Their heinous crime heinous! When their purpose and criminal conspiracy means, was I exposed after, they further on my frenzied carry out "killing of eyewitnesses" stab in the back! ! Although, they this evil plot, in my resolute struggle under did not succeed, but 30 years come, They are still around-the-clock to wilful violations of my thinking right, the rest right, the health right and survival right, on I the physical and mental secret tortures persecution has never stopped! ! 

The irrefutable facts show that this is a gang of secret trampled on the Constitution dignity, the secret devastation of human the basic human rights of the fascist criminals! ! This is gang a dressed of people skin the bastard! Is whole human the common of enemy! ! In the 21st century "democracy" and "rule of law" today, in "human rights" has are the peoples of the world recognized legal principles, and, has been written into of the People's Republic Constitution the today, Is it said also can allow this "secret agent" gang criminals wanton trample basic civil rights secret criminal activities, in the China to continue lawlessness?!


So, I using own the personal experiences written out by an: “ Human common enemies -- secret control human body of evil act! ”This Expose condemned article (material). I solemnly declare: this article the Contents completely is true. In this regard, I assume full legal responsibility. 

Here, I strongly urge all conscience, a sense of justice of the people: for defend internationally recognized "the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and Regulations" dignity, to protect human the basic human rights, have used you all the conditions and resources to come forward and take positive action, the use of various forms, resolutely expose this "secret agents" gang lawless evil! Let the this secret the "enemy of humanity", in the whole human race and whole society before thoroughly exposed they crazy violations of internationally recognized the human rights " Declaration and Regulations", Crazy violations the Human of basic human rights of shameless and evil true colours! ! Firmly put this secret "enemy of humanity" sent to history of the judgment seat upper!  

19/10/08 from Robert M. Stockmann –

The Chinese Communist Connection to Mind Control
A couple of hours ago i received an extensive email from a 66 old man from China who has been under abusive mind control since the 1960s.

I created a doc and pdf file from his work [1]:

Human common enemies - secret control human body of evil act!
by Xin Zhong Qing May 4, 2007 Nanjing City, Jiangsu Province, China


Email Introduction ...................................... 3

Preface ............................................... 7

First Chapter: Illegal invasion human body the "secret agents control technology" ............... 8
Chapter II: I have personally suffered "secret agents control technology", the secret tortures

persecution facts .................................. 11

Chapter III: Whole Mankind's common struggle against mission! .... 32
Incidental records ..................................... 33

Appendix 1
A Collective Complaint to Chinese President Hu Jintao ................................. 35
(Summary: More than 70 Chinese victims jointly lodge a "collective complaint" to Chinese President on the basis of the facts that they have been living in the long-term nightmare of the electronic harassments & tortures by "the means of secret remote control on human body (brain)". They strongly appeal to PRC Chinese Government for justice and legal rights so that the Chinese authority will severely punishes these secret fascist criminals who abuse their powers and arbitrarily violate the human rights of common citizens across China .)

Appendix 2

An Open Letter to the Head of Chinese Secret Institution ........................................ 41

(Summary: Dozens of Chinese victims jointly stated through their own experience that a band of secret agents illegally abuse their powers and use the Hi-tech means in the Chinese Secret Institutions. The secret spies savagely infringe on the Chinese Constitution, arbitrarily violate human rights of common citizens, and covertly monitor, harass, torture and persecute us via a special method day and night. It is the secret spies who are the secret murderers of all the horrible cases!)

Appendix 3

No-war Victory? US and Russia Accused of Researching Mind-Control Weapon ................. 48
(An article from Website Homepage in Xinhua News Agency)
(Summary: Chinese official media, Xinhua Net homepage, reported that Russian mind-control victims lodged a collective complaint to UN Human Rights Council. The report described the military prospect of the secret Mind-control Weapons. The report demonstrates that Chinese official media begin to admit the widely-concerned facts that the technology of "secret remote control on human body & brain" does exist.)

Xin Zhong Qing testifies from his own experience that the practices of abusive mind control, as we have experienced in recent years (for us Europeans and Americans most probable since Sept 11, 2001) already started in China around 1966/1967, [1] page 11 :

"(1), causes:

1966 start of the "Great Cultural Revolution", making hundreds of millions of Chinese people onto the political stage. I is just near demobilized the soldiers is no exception. Participated in factory a mass organization of the " Red rebels Federation " ("Red Union").
Surrounded by elected for "leadership group" members. Early 1967 the "January revolution to seize power Storm", in the Jiangsu Province causing "good send " and "P send" serious
confrontation between the two factions. Then Nanjing Military Region commander Xu Shi you, later became Jiangsu Province Military control committee the leader. he the wife "Tin Pu", is the Jiangsu Province provincial authorities of " P send" middle key members .

Thus, Xu shi you in behind-the- scenes support this" P send " the masses. This naturally leads to a portion of "good send" discontent among the masses.

Faced with such discontent among, in March 1967. The Xu Shi you an excuse the implementation of the Central Military Commission issued the "eight of order", the Suppression and ban a number of "good send" mass organization. And, use "counter-revolutionary crimes" the arrest many "good send" masses. Thus, will inevitably result more the"good send" masses discontent among. thus, in same year August, a number of "good send" mass took to the streets, to oppose

Xu Shi you."

It was also during this time that the 1967 6-days war was fought in the Middle East, where for the first time use of depleted Uranium Munitions was reported [2]. It was also the time where the Washington D.C. Whitehouse Administration under President Lyndon Johnson made a hazardous error in trying to coverup the attack of Israel's IDF Amry on the USS Liberty, a U.S. Army Communications Intelligence Navy vessel, and allowed no rescue attempts to prevent it from sinking. A clear indication that after the JFK assassination the coup by Zionist/ Communist forces in the White House and State Department had been completed.

It was also the moment, a month after the Six-Day war and the attack on the USS Liberty, that Myron C. Fagan stepped forward in July 1967 and presented a dissertation as a audio recording titled "The Illuminati and the Counsel on Foreign Relations", where he testifies [3] :

"In 1945, at the urgent request of John T. Flynn, the famous author of "THE ROOSEVELT MYTH," "WHILE WE SLEPT," "THE TRUE STORY OF PEARL HARBOR," etc., Mr. Fagan attended a meeting in Washington D.C. where he was shown a set of micro-films and recordings of the SECRET meetings at Yalta attended only by Franklin Roosevelt, Alger Hiss, Harry Hopkins, Stalin, Molotov, and Vishinsky when they hatched the plot to deliver the Balkans, Eastern Europe and Berlin to Stalin."

It's i think no surprise that the mindset of Communistic leaders does not allow for citizins who can think for themselves. Communism has been described by many authors, but one thing stands out : It has no borders and always arrives unnoticed. The moment the "Dear Communist Leader"declares totalitarian rule it is almost always to late to prevent society from going under. One of the techniques which no doubt comes with repressive Communism is that of mind-control. The rise in the 1980's of many new electrotechnical forms of mind-control created new opportunities for Communism. So my conclusion is rather straight forward :

Whenever the level of mind-control is raised to absurd levels there is a clear indication that a imminent powergrab by Communism is at hand. An yes, Europe and America are about to fall down to a totalitarian Communist regime.

Best Regards, Robert

Robert M. Stockmann – RHCE, Network Engineer - UNIX/Linux Specialist
The U.S. Government's Long History of Conducting Deadly Military Experiments
Produced & Written by: Joyce Riley, Directed by: William Lewis,
Featuring Doug Rokke, Leuren Moret, Dennis Kyne and many more.

by Myron C. Fagan







俄特殊武器能将人变成行尸走肉 俄少将披露内幕










众所周知,宪法作为一个国家的最高法和根本法,是人权的宣言书和保障书。中国宪法,以及在宪法原则指导下制订的各项法律,其宗旨就是:“保障人民民主权利” 、“保障公民人权”。并且,为保障公民享有宪法和法律赋予的“民主权利”和基本人权,提供一个安全的环境(即使是涉嫌违法的人也享有相关法律规定的基本人权)。而无论是“保卫国家安全”,还是“打击犯罪”,其根本目的,都是为实施和维护这一宪法、法律的宗旨服务的。


显然,把滥用“监控、密侦”特权,使用高科技“脑控技术”特务措施手段,肆无忌惮地秘密侵犯公民人身、隐私权和各项“民主权利”—— 这种本身就是粗暴践踏宪法和法律“尊重和保障人权”规定的秘密犯罪行为,掩饰诡辩是什么为了“打击犯罪”的所谓“理论”;或者,把“打击犯罪”,置于与宪法和法律“保障人民民主权利”、“保障公民人权”的宗旨相提并论、等同并重的所谓“理论”,其无论是出自何方“圣神”之口,都是不折不扣的本末倒置、自欺欺人的荒谬“理论”!
























中国“脑控”受害者 2012-03-24

发信人:中国江苏省南京市受害者 忻中庆




QQ 623962269 网名:红聆



An Announcement all Chinese compatriots

A "mind control" demon ghost in Chinese earth rages; a "mind control" demon hand in secret to every Chinese people's physical and mental. This is not Arabian Nights, not alarmist, but the living the political reality.

High-tech "brain control" spy technological measures of abuse, in China, began in the period of "Cultural Revolution". Lin Biao, Four man gang factions, to "review" in the name of, At random of the cadres and the masses closely, Secret arrest, secret detention, use this kind of secret "mind-control" spy technical means, carry out make one's hair stand on end of physical torture and persecution plots murder, claimed many victims, to crazy, disabling lethal huge human rights disasters! The fact that does not dispute, in Chinese the "insider circle", it is "an open secret".

Nowadays, Chinese national security department "secret organization"A gang of abuse "monitoring, secret investigation" privileged "mind-control" criminal gangs,they ignore the Constitution and the law "protecting human rights" of the principles and provisions, of the Lin Biao Four man gang factions, uphold, " thought crime arrest" of the so-called "theory", as well as the evils Means, the whole society is more extensive in the area, abuse of this kind of high-tech "mind-control" secret investigation measures by means of secret monitoring, remote control, as citizens of the nervous system, on the victim's body and spirit, carrying out 24 hours of uninterrupted, long-term covert harassment, torture and murder plot. They means extremely vicious, mean and having no sense of shame, is a gang fo utterly devoid of conscience of secret fascist persecution mania!

For the high-tech "mind-control weapons" spy techniques, numerous domestic and foreign news media, have been widely reported. It is worth mentioning that, as China's official mouthpiece Xinhua website articles, as well as CCTV about video reports, although the show is just "the tip of the iceberg" fact , but be above suspicion doubt that this high-tech "brain control weapon" spy technical means, is conclusive fact.

For example:

China Xinhua webpage text reports:

Russian special weapons can turn people into a dead-alive person Russian generals disclose insider

The United States Army secret weapon is disclosed: "brain control weapon" has been used in actual combat

CCTV video report:

The American troops storm strong brain control weapon weapons

CCTV reported "mind-control weapons"

Face this one help "mind-control" gangs commit secret crimes against humanity, across the country hundreds of "mind-control" victims, both stand out, the report, appeal for help, saying, writing a blog and a variety of ways, have carried on a large amount of public prosecution disclosure. And, multiple joint signature, to the central leaders wrote, conducted a series of "crime against brain control" battle action.


Now, "amendment to the criminal procedural law (Draft)", in the "add technical investigation" section, in the form of legislation, public recognition and accreditation, This early in the implementation of the "keep secret by specific personnel to carry out the secret investigation" (Note: the vote by the "draft", was changed to "by the concerned people hiding their identities to implement public legal investigation.") the legalization of public. And, in the "measures of species", fuzzy expression under, the "secret investigation " The use of the "can induce others to commit a crime"; "may endanger public security or significant personal risk method" high-tech "brain control technology" Agent technology measures, to give in fact legalization. However, for those holding "secret investigation" privileged people, did not develop effective legal regulatory detailed provisions, will "respect and protect human rights" fall to real point truly. Thus, such legislation, in fact the real role, is for the abuse of such secret investigation privileged people, can be any secret of infringing upon personal privacy rights of criminal conduct escort! The serious consequences, will give the Chinese citizen's human rights cause catastrophic crisis!

Fellow citizens: in the face of crisis, we should clearly recognize this gangs of abuse " monitor under investigation by the secret" privileged "brain control" criminal gangs, secret violating citizens ' human rights, the implementation of "brain control crime" hard facts. Can't Again be deceived, Can't Again numb!

This "brain control" criminal gangs, shameless secret techniques they are very cruel, criminal acts of arbitrary violations of the basic human rights of citizens, shamelessly sophistry to say to the so-called "safeguard national security," "combating crime"?! This is downright deceiving!

As everyone knows, The constitution of China, as well as in the constitution under the guidance of making laws, its purpose is to "guarantee the democratic rights of the people", "protecting human rights". Is the protection of every Chinese citizen is entitled by the Constitution and laws of the basic life, right of life and the "people's democratic rights", as well as for the protection of citizens entitled to these rights to provide a safe environment (Even if the alleged illegal people also enjoy the relevant legal provisions of the basic human rights). And the so-called "to defend national security" and "Fighting crime", Its fundamental purpose, All are for the implementation and maintenance of This the constitution, laws for the purpose of service.

Noble purposes, Fundamental no need to use cruel means of secret agents to reach Implement. "means" the ignoble, proved its "purpose" of the ignoble!

Clearly, The abuse of "monitoring, secret investigation" privilege ", the use of high-tech brain control technology" special measures, Extremely wicked secret infringement of personal right of privacy and the "democratic rights"——to this itself is gross trampling Constitution and legal of “ Respect and guarantee human rights” secret of crime behavior, sophistry is in what "defend national security", and " Fighting crime" of so-called "theory"Or, Will "Fighting crime" and "safeguard people's democratic rights", "respect and protect human rights" in the constitution law purposes, equal pay equal attention to equate "theory", No matter who is "the Holy Spirit" said , all is deceiving the mselves and the absurdity of the world "theory"!

My fellow citizens: we should be careful to distinguish right and wrong, again also cannot let this absurd "theory" to deceive!

Many fellow due to ignorance of this high-tech "brain control technology", do not know the abuse of this secret agents technological measures for "brain control crime and have doubts about the" insider. Some government departments, and judicial departments who, because of the abuse of "monitoring,secret investigation" privileged people, has the supreme power of fear, afraid" draw fire against oneself " Dare not to ask this question. The news media, lawyers, and all sectors of the community, are worried about their "occupation risk", Also fear avoidance.

However, in "secret investigation" the legalization; in high-tech "brain control technology" spy investigation measures means actually legalized, and in on hold "key investigation" privileges of people no real effective of legal regulatory situation Xia, If everybody face for the this help "mind control" gang crime, just only for own safety, and not dare to go to resolutely fight, Then, today, you may not be is of "brain control" victims of criminal gangs, tomorrow you may be a victim! Each China compatriots, victims may be anywhere, anytime!

As in 1945, German pastor Martin Muller in Boston, a monument engraved on a piece of text words:

First they came for the Communists, I remained silent; I was not a communist. When they locked up the social democrats, I remained silent; I was not a social democrat. When they came for the trade unionists, I did not speak out; I was not a trade unionist. When they came for the Jews, I remained silent; I was not a Jew. When they came for me, there was no one left to speak out.

My fellow citizens: we should be brave to publicly speak out, No longer in this brutal band shameless "mind control" crime gangs before, continued silent don't talk anymore! You need to know, the next victim may be your own!

This can be "(ABET) induce others to commit a crime"; "may endanger public security or significant personal risk method" high-tech "brain control technology" spy secret investigation measures, can be arbitrary to steal your idea of privacy, harassing your thoughts and mental state. And, also in a very incomplete shameless technical means, day and night, all-weather making your body parts, Appear is not one's own physical symptoms torment. Such as: acupuncture pain, electrical shock, burning like pain; fever, chills or itching; extremely bad; large, incontinence of urine, blood pressure; cardiac arrhythmia; dizziness, vomiting, diarrhea, trembling; extreme sexual pain, sexual impulse; long time unable to sleep all the abnormal phenomenon of "disease pain". Even, can be artificially created "terminally ill, disease". This in addition to give cause victims suffer a great mental and physical harm, and can not be normal life, work and study, but also mislead the victim thought he was "sick" illusion, the to make unwitting victim, frequently go to the "treatment", and therefore spend a lot of time, effort and money spending, which suffered huge economic loss.

My fellow citizens: we should analyze, carefully to determine our body appears all sorts of "weird" phenomenon, what is the body's physiological symptoms ? Or were the "mind control" Gang secret remote harassment, torture in pain? Must not be misled by them, In error to do their " By the robbers took the money, Is helping the robber count how much money", And, for their crimes "pay money" stupid things!

This group of "mind-control" criminal gangs, by virtue of holding high privilege to Without scruple.They thought that the abuse of this top-secret high-tech "brain control technology" special measures, monitoring, remote people freely in the nervous system, on the victim's body and spirit, carry out frenzied secret harassment, torture and murder of the criminal activities of conspiracy is little-known. victims is difficult to verify, They On the can defy laws divine, swollen with arrogance, do as one pleases. However, they are the doings, is totally against the governments around the world to abide by the UN Universal Declaration of human rights "and" the maintenance of human rights provisions, completely is a violation of China's constitution and laws protecting human rights provisions of crimes against humanity! They abuse extremely shameless "mind-control" spy technology measures, secret infringement of human rights crimes, naked show that they are a group of enemies of the people, is a can not see the Sunshine, Unable to face the law, Can't show up secret devil spirits! Justice, truth, law to stand The people aside, they look quite strong, in fact it is very weak! We have every reason to despise despise them!

The world must to a bright future, China will move towards democracy, freedom, human rights, justice, rule of law era. Mighty tide of history, Shun prosper, against the will perish. Their crime against humanity, to temporarily run amok, but it must not always be rampant! The history has proved, and will continue to prove that, everything goes against the tide of history, all violations, trampling human rights and the democratic rights of the people who will never have a good end!

My fellow citizens: we should step forward bravely, determined to give tit for tat struggle. Good prevails over evil. We can never be their cruel shameless secret "mind control" torture as well as arrogance bluster intimidated!

We and "brain control" gang fight, is a field to defend the dignity of the Constitution and the laws, protect the basic human rights of citizens in the fight for justice. We should not only see they are a group of forcible-feeble "paper tiger" essence. But, we also see they are a group of genuine goods at a fair price "tiger", is a group of eating people do not spit out the bones secret "mind control" demon. Therefore, in this bloody battle, we should not only in strategically despises them, but also tactically attached to them. Should dare to struggle, but also good at fighting. Our policy is: the first is not afraid, Second are opposed, third resolutely give tit for tat to expose the struggle. We shall abide by the Constitution and the law entrusts with the citizen's democratic rights, fair, reasonable, lawful and fully mobilize all available social and personal resources, through various channels,To be able to truly regulation of these secret agents of the leaders of the CPC Central Committee to Conduct expose and accused.

More important is, no matter where, what compatriots in, should be in accordance with its own resources and influence, adopt various kinds of way, Extensive and thorough ground, to the human, the society from all walks of life to reveal their secret sin, In order to make all of humanity, whole society caused by vibration, resulting in all Chinese compatriots condemned, Everyone will work together to denounce the situation, Let them be the "crossing rat", everybody cries dozen! The masses of the people's awakening, is the secret "mind control" the day of doom! Our cause is just, and the cause of justice is bound to win!

"Qing Fu" Immortal, Lu has not been difficult. "Brain Control criminals" not eliminated, the people have no peace !

All our compatriots in China: in the face of this gang of atrocious public enemies, face catastrophic human rights crisis, they should wake up! Descendants of the Dragon, brave and strong, resoluteness, and sons and daughters of China, his head high and stand boldly forward. Let us all emergency action, not fantasy, aimed at the common enemy, " With our flesh and blood, build our new Great Wall! " Brave to defend the constitution, the dignity of the law, protect the basic human rights of citizens, against the "brain control crime" ranks to fight for justice! In order to be a group of secret "mind control" criminals killed innocent soul; In order to being injured victims, and will be murdered compatriots; for our future generations will not be destroyed this secret torture; in order to build a socialist country under the rule of law, Let us carry forward the not afraid of pressure, not scared, not afraid of difficulties, do not believe in evil dauntless struggle spirit, Condensation in "March of the volunteers" majestic song below, Waving the sword of justice, stabbing the commit the most heinous crimes secret "mind control" Gang, to they give tit for tat to launch more violent assault! Risking it a group of enemies of the people " artillery fire ", advance!

Stand up!

People unwilling to become slaves!
With our flesh and blood,
build our new Great Wall!
When Chinese people meet the critical moment,
everybody is forced to send out the last bellow!
Stand up!
Stand up!
Stand up!

Being united like one man,

we, in spite of the enemy's artillery fire,
in spite of the enemy's artillery fire,
Go ahead!
Go ahead!

Chinese "mind-control" victim


Sender: Nanjing victims ZhongQing Xin(screen name Red Master)

Address: Nanjing Xiaguan District # 94-14 Tung Cheng, a village
Tel: 13776686557

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