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Thank you for your information.Our Chinese victims, have released the VIDEOS on the internet.This is a strong proof.To prove we are not mentally ill.We never give up.Because, we are cleaning memory.Numb.Lose the will and ability to fight .This is the use of high technology, the absolute control of human.Very terrible.We have the responsibility, exposure of the crime.



Thank you for your letter.I am the victim from china.An extremely painful, brain disability, mental illness frail girl.Come on.We never give up.Because, all this is too cruel to us, too dark, too unbearable.

The coverage of the global high-tech brain remote monitoring project, is a hidden long torture and persecution.No doubt, this is a crime against humanity.All mankind must know the secret of existence.As people know, World War II Nazi crimes exist.

Government is the organizer of the event.They deliberately evades our appeal.However, in disregard of our society as a whole.This is the human spirit and moral degradation.It is our misfortune, but also the whole of human misery.

I think, this is related to "human brain project".We are spiritual abuse, brain monitoring.Also be radiation body, weakened immune system, making the disease.

Simultaneously we have consistent sequelae: cardiovascular and cerebrovascular ischemia, vertebrobasilar artery spasm, brain atrophy.These are the chronic disease.Our brain and mind has also been a great trauma.

Our brain disability, mental suffering.We can't live.No love, no marriage, no happiness, no dream, no future.The future will be more cruel.

We lost everything, finally will also lose their lives.Therefore, I think, it is a chronic "depopulation plans".This is how horrible sin.Be hardly worthy of belief, we are suffering from all.We are very angry, also very desperate.We cry, we turn.However, we all ignore us.So, we have no choice, only the brave to fight to the end.

I know only a little english.I hope you can understand what I mean.Tomorrow, is the Chinese New year.However, I am not happy.Every day I cry.Several going crazy.

Know what?My parents are very old.My brother is also a victim of their experiment.My family are all very sad.I can't live.There is never any love.Not even have a family, have a woman should have the happiness.I was weak, but the truth too cruel to me.I'm desperate.Desperate.I hope, victims of Chinese and western, should work together, the end of the dark and brutal crime.


WEB: 受害博客

    Citizenship: Japan
    Year Torture/Abuse Began: 2002





    I am the surviver, living in Tokyo, Japan, having been harassed by organized gang stalking for 8 years.

    I found the page from the google. In japan, the North Korean have the double ID and have the power both political and IT & Media.

    We, the three groups, including the NPO, know the difficulties and take the effective way such as lawsuit.

    Below is the contents I want to know and the technology we the Japanese have(the Japanese entertainment and the heavy industries company have.) Please look at. I will be grad if we

    Exchange ideas and take actions together.

    The main group of the harassment group in JAPAN>

    -North Korean, who once escaped from the Korea, living in JAPAN for the 100years. (we call them, “Zai-nichi.”)

    -They co-operated with the Japanese politician, Koizumi Jyunichiro and Akihisa Nagashima, Japan Democratic Party.

    -Part of them are flourished as a gambling group, “PACHINKO” and illegal, small, private finantial industries.

    -The main North Korea power group is “North –korea SO-REN”, they threatened the company, lawyer, and the Japanese many times.

    -The major harassment groups are consisted of :

    -The major 3 new religious CULT are mainly active, especially the electronic harassment, such as AUM, SGI (So-ka gakkai) and The Holy spirit association, so-called “To-itsu Kyokai”. Their top are all “NORTH-KOREAN”. They are notorious.

    -The part of Japanese government officials, not the first rate, but the second and the third rate.

    -The part of police ( the 2,400 people are belong to the Secret Police) and the Fireman, postal office.

    -The japan railway, Metro, private railway( they make use of the earthquake-emergency list. Their operation is perfect.)

    -Ordinary people ( who are unemployed )who gain 100 US dollar per day from the secret police.

    -The mass media, major newspaper and TV. They gain advertisement fee from the North-korea-related companies.

    -The moval phone network (within 5 KM) and pc as a tools of electronic harassment.

    -The main technique used is X-BOX and NINTENDO’s “MOTION CAPTURE SYSTEM”.

    -They occupied the right, left, and the above room. And they have the monitor item (of the brain waves) on the upper level.

    -The stalker technique were taught by CIA, co-operated with NSA.

    -The technique was also from the east Germany secret police. Might be the CIA groups in charge of east Germany.

    -The anti-electoronics code, “Bekistatt” of “Nikko-techno”. Gathering the code and be covered with the wrap. The harassment will be completely controlled

    With the items. If you want to know the details, I will translate. I only have the Japanese language HP and the Blog.

    -With the instant massage device, can be purchased on 40 U.S. dollar., push the item to the grass window(the grass penetrate the microwave.) so, the harassment group

    Will be stopped. As they will be very annoyed.

    -With the EMS device for the lady’s anti-aging kit, can be purchased in Japan on 100 U.S. dollar, put the device to the grass window. The same situation above. ( I will translate.)

    I try to contact the Japanese victim, TAKAHIRO GOTO. But his e-mail account is temporary unavailable. I will ask the other person if he is O.K. In addition, I sent e-mail to the US group, convert harassment …..and the CANADIAN group, IAACEA.

    In TOKYO, the major criminals of organized stalking/electronic harassment are the Japanese-North Korean. They earn the 150 US dollars per day. And send money to the north korea. They also manage the new religious CULT group. We are very scared. Most of the co-oparator were Blackmailed to kill them, but some are enjoying to earn the money. They do not even know who hire them.


    Best Regards,
    Emiko Sakoda
    Tokyo, Japan

    Citizenship: China
    Year Torture/Abuse Began: 2005




    Here I provide a new and very valuable information for all of you in order that you could understand why and what happen to these victims.It could help you a lot resolving the crisis.

    It is a open discussion,I hope all the experts could share your ideas and bring the plan to completion.

    It is not some high tech devices to disturb you.It is some people with some ghost cooperating to disturb all of you.

    You could hear and they also could hear your mind.Even they could suck up your energy from your espirit and your
    body.So some vicitims could feel in their bodies,there are something to touch them and make them feel cool.
    And sometimes they feel hot,something points at their head or heart.Make them feel pain.
    This is a way to kill people by their special
    energy.they could cause people splitting headache,even cerebral hemorrhage or miocardial infarction.
    In generall we could call these guys bloodsucker,DRACULA-MAN,these guys also use voice to

    threaten the security of you.They use acoasm(auditory hallucination ),phantom(eidolon),delusion(disorientation,hallucination),olfactory hallucination(gustatory hallucination).In fact you are safe.

    When you feel nevous everyday and can not get good sleep and recovery.And the your body protection is lower,
    these bad guys are easy to attack you and suck up your energy from your espirit and your body.This is their true
    aims. And you become weak everyday,they suck up your energy and they become strong and more long life.
    And you become weaker and weaker by their disturb voice and sucking up every night,they would start to kill you.
    Such as I mentioned above,they join in a lot of bad guys together,and attack your head and heart or other key organs.
    Make you sudden dead or cancer.When you were dead,this is their last meal from you,they share and eat and suck up your rest energy of your soul.It is true!!!!!!
    I give you a analysis about their voice abuse attacking skills as below,
    You feel,
    1.sometimes you feel they speak about you inside your head.
    2.sometimes behind you or around you or as if some neighbours or classmate,collegues
    3.sometimes far away from you.
    4.sometimes it is aloud
    5.sometimes it is tiny voice.
    6.sometimes it is female or male or boys or girls,even little baby,or old man or women,few or a lot.
    7.sometimes it is just like voice of your friends or family members.
    8.sometimes it is comming when you turn on the tap,water flowing,their voice comes.
    9.sometimes it is comming by some carrier wave,they could put their words in some other carrier wave.
    That means whenever or whatever sound happend around,they could mix their voice make you confused.
    It is not your brain or ears problem at all.You are smart and sensible.So generally they choose people such you to attack.

    Remember they are some people and some ghosts together to cooperate to disturb you.Threaten you and attack your espirit 24 hours per day and when you are down and lose your confidence and level of energy protection,they would easily suck up your energy of your body night by night.

    They blame you everyday and whatever you have done or is doing,they are attack you.Sometimes when you were a femal,they make you fell indecent assault on you.They pretend they are policeman or secret policeman or FBI,Or CIA memeber or high tech scentists,or a immortal,they pretend to investigate you or threaten you to put you into a jail everyday and every second.
    But you know it never happen,because the real killer and criminals are these bad bloodsuckers.You are safe indeed!!
    And you know some policemen suffers the same problem as you,they hear voice and they also suffer from acoasm(auditory hallucination ),phantom(eidolon),delusion(disorientation,hallucination),olfactory hallucination(gustatory hallucination.These persons are from Marine Corps and special policeman or quit and become sick.
    Even your ex president,John F.Kennedy,his two sisters,when they were teenage,they also suffered the same as you.They two were dead by this.Another ex presidnt Bill Clinton,his health problem,he is still young,but his heart illness is very strange.
    He have getten twice cardiac surgeries.I read parts of his Autobiography,he writes, that when he
    was in his first cardiac surgery,he saw a dark hole etc which wanted to suck up him and at that moment his wife,Hilary came to him as a angel with here bright light and save him.

    And this dark hole,feeling,and angles image,image of his wife are all made and pretend by bloodsuckers.

    And in fact all these are some bad bloodsuckers to threaten him and also practical joke with their crocodile tears.In fact presidents in US ,Chairman in China or famous people around world or not famous but smart young people,they are high energy people and high intellectual.They are main force and power of human being for the development and keeping peace of the world.

    So, on one hand presidents or famous people or not famous but smart are best food for bloodsuckers,

    they have higher level of energy.
    On other hand,these bloodsuckers want to control human being forever,they do not want to human to develop and people develop them fast and they would find out secret and find out bloodsuckers and punish these bloodsuckers who hidding inside people in fact.They have human body now,but their soul as ghost
    could leave away from their body to attack you.
    Sometimes bloodsuckers also use some image after they observe what you like or believe in,there are spidermad in movies or a angel in your dream from heaven sometimes they put their false image in daytime.Pls take care!! All the image or talks in your dream is also not true,it is these bad guys to cheat you and do harm to you!!!Nothing is meaningful.
    Pls remeber this is only a kind of psychological way to make people down and mindless and can not focus on
    their lives and studies or job.Make you lose mind and make you lose your own protection.Sometimes it makes people suicide.That is a easy meal for those bloodsuckers.People suicide because they can not endure disturbing of bloodsuckers. When they were dead,bloodsuckers would suck up their soul,suck up their rest and final energy of soul,it is much more painful!!!Pls never suicide!!!Relax!!!
    If you want to find out a solution,Pls do not make wrong direction,it is not government or high tech or cutting edge tools to disturb you at all.
    Because thousands years ago,in Europ,Aisa,Egypt,India,China,Japan etc,people sufferd the same.Even now it happend everyday and everywhere,including poor village in Africa,there is still not any basic electricity.
    It is some people with some ghost.bloodsuckers.
    Do you read book code Leonardo da Vinci?You know what is the secrets in code Leonardo da Vinci.
    homosexuality is not for sex purpose.This way is for some bloodsuckers person,male one plus male one to improve

    their level of energy.They also make sex with any animals to improve their level of energy!!!

    That is why code Leonardo da Vinci,a lot of his oil painting,hidding secrets show to us!!!!
    But he can not say at that time,he put code hidding in his paintings.Otherwise bad guys would fired out all of his works.
    Jesus also is a victim,but God knows it, God, specially let his only son to save us,so Jesus comes to our earth,but bloodsuckers they use a femal body with a 3 male ghost bloodsuckers plus 1 femal bloodsucker bloodsuckers soul and they pretend fall into love with Jesus and make love with Jesus.In this way these ghost bloodsuckers could suck out most of energy of Jesus,son of God.This 4 to 1.You mean what is meaning.And then they utilize Governor of ROMAto kill |Jesus.
    But that lady(a femal body with a 3 male ghost bloodsuckers plus 1 femal bloodsucker bloodsuckers soul )is in painting ,The Last Supper.This lady is the murder of Jesus.This lady includs 4 bloodsuckers chief,a femal bloodsucking ghost and 3 male bloodsucking ghosts.This lady give a birth of twins.Two sons of Jesus.They make these two son know nothing about with each other.They make them to hate with each other and they make them as kings of different nations.They make them kill with each other.The bloodsucking ghosts want to control human being forever and they make son and grandsons of god dead and dead.They want to show they are powerful and they show this to god. But god already know it.because people finnally wake up,that is why so many books,movies all over the world. So final jugement day will come soon!!
    Do you know the difference between a dolphin and common fish?The dolphin could hunting with sonar and communicating with each other from far away by their special sonar system.It is nature wireless. So a higher lever of energy is important for a dolphin,so does the bloodsucker man or bloodsucker woman.

    They need to improve their level of energy as well. Pls relax and make clear the bad people who attack you is like a dolphin,but they also could cooperate with some blood sucker ghost.Ghost could move and hidding.Follow you.and could enter your door or window,wall. So it is a double way,a people like a dolphin plus a blood sucker ghost who could become small or big,and easy hidding,follow you.When they become very samll,you can not see them,but when you are in sleep,they fall into your dream,they make you afraid or they make love with you in dream.It is just like they have done to you in daytime. They disturb you in dream as well.Also they could touch you any parts of your body,even your eggs,it is their favorits parts.This parts own a lot of energy. They also could control your mind or they make influence on you without your any attention.You feel you are thinking and you make your own decision.But in fact they give you wrong infomation as reference and they already observe you many years and they know how you think generally and how you make decision.When you want to find out truth,they disturb you getting correct decision. So pls wake up.No need any fears.They never could hurt you unless you hurt yourself. Their way is making you afraid for everything in anytime ,anywhere and Making you espirit down and make you passive for lives.and make you feel alone.All these are disturb in psychology and mentality,mind. Do you read book code Leonardo da Vinci?You know what is the secrets in code Leonardo da Vinci? Leonardo da Vinci also hear voice which threaten him when he is a baby even a bird in his dream. In our human being history,some ghost make sex with some person,they are persons make sex with fierce and big animals,big snake,leon,tigers,wolf,eagles,horse etc.So they own more and high energy.These ghosts bloodsucking person ,they have a person body,but their soul are mixed by animals and persons and mix also with ghost.

    These guys are the really killers in human history.They provacate relation among people and make people kill people.
    They also killed and kill a lot of people who are smart and brave who are in the side of justice.They kill and attack these people.They want to control human being.They also killed Jesus,son of God.But Jesus is still alive.
    But now it is the end of era of these bad guys.I hope they stop their killing and resistance quikly.
    What secrets in movies of Harry Potter?he also hear some voice when he want to find out truth.His parents and
    his friends parents are murdered as well.Because they are intellectuall ones of human being.So bloodsucking ghosts aims at their children as well. Now I give you a good the solution and key points to handle with it now,
    1.Pls wake up your mind and positive espirit.not worry about any disturb,you could consider it is a some noise or a little TV and radio soap show,nothing related with you.Let them repeat themself.Because you already know a soap show in TV or radio never and never could hurt you,right?
    2.Just relax and drink more water,mineral water,some red bulls.
    3.Eat well,never hungry yourself.enough food,fruits,eggs,vegetables.soybean is also very good.
    4.Take half hour sunshine evrymoning or noon,and deep breathing for 30 times.
    5.Take half hour moonlight and star lights and deep breathing for 3o times.

    6.pat the dust off body,from head,brest,abdomen,Upper limb(arms),lower limbs(legs),this is a best way to get rid of the passive energy that bloodsuckers put inside your body.It is important.In fact your could do it 3 or more times, each times 10 minutes.Anytime you feel not comfortable,pls stand up and pat the dust off body,remember beat your body rhythmical,not let you feel pain.point 6 is help you to get rid of passive sickness energy that bloodsucking ghost left inside your body.

    You must practise it everyday.Anytime you feel some disturbing you practise 5 or 10 minutes,in this way bloodsuckers can not do further harm to your health.Because you know how to DELET or remove this virus out of your body and your soul.
    Point 4. and point 5 are help you to get nature energy from sun,moon,stars.It is very important.
    Point 3. is to make you get energy from nature food.
    Point 2. is to use water to adjust your balance of your body energy.It is also important.Water makes your body not so hot not so cold.Important .drink water after sunshin ,moonlight ,star light.
    point1. is to get you understand what happend and how to solve it in a perfect psychological and mental solution.
    All these 6 points are improve your spirit and body energy,pls practise every day.If your energy are higher and higher, the bad animal_man or animal_women bloodsuckers are difficult to disturb you.Even they still disturb you by voices,but it can not do any harm to you.It is only a joke soap.
    Pls try now!!!
    Geneal speaking ,people always feel afraid of thing which are still in unknow area.If you know the reason and know how to manage to go though,you would laugh and never be terrified again.
    I hope this article with some tips could help all of the vicitims to know why and how to save yourself!!!
    Best Regards!
    Attachment 2.about Special Testing Lab for Victims.

    A EMF TEST IN A EMC SHIELDED TEST LAB in Europe is not enough.

    I think get help from European Parliament and white house,

    invites some TI's vicitms and some big willess lab and TAPS Ghost hunters together .

    Our enemy is not a simple one,they have human body as us,but they have one human soul and a few of ghost soul,they are mixed.Both human soul and ghost could leave out from their body.They are a teamwork.

    When their human body move,they move together.These human soul and ghost soul(bloodsucker) cooperate as partner together.Ghost soul means bloodsucker in west.

    1.They use the same human body.Like Hermit crab,bloodsucker ghost has no his own human body,they use body of others to hidding them,and this human body,his real owner is a person but he or she get a agreement with bloodsucker ghosts .These kind of persons betray our human being and they agree to sell their soul to bloodsuckers.So they join in together to do harm to human being since thousand.These persons accept and recive orders from bloodsuckers.

    2.This kind of person with Human body could eat and get energy from food and they share some with ghost soul at daytime.And this kind of treacherous person ,they grow up from a child and go to school,high school, university,office,govt etc.In his life period,he has known and meet a lot of people,little baby,girls,boys,friends, neighbours,colleague.The ghost would selet their targets inside All this people.

    That is to say the vicitims are attacked by the people who know them before.Sometime just a common relation and sometimes it is a very close relation with them.This bad person provide vicitims as a meal to share with their master or amo bloodsuckers.

    Sometimes ghost soul(bloodsucker) leave from the partner body and go another place to attack vicitims,they treaten vicitims and suck up their energies of body and soul at night.And then they go back to their body and share the trophy(energy from vicitims).So the partner could get longer life.They both get benefits.But vicitims become weaker and weaker.Sometime suicide or cancer,or sudden dead.The bloodsucker would eat up the rest of energy of the soul of vicitims.It is terrible but true.It is not a superstition ,it is not a visional story to frighten you.It is true!!

    But we could find out them by high tech tools to trace them and control them,but we need a good and whole testing plan,including scheme,programme,project,proposal,formula,scenario,tools,experts.

    Why so much preparation needed ?Because this person + bloodsucker ghosts mood and they could move without body and they own higher energy.They are also very tricky.Remember they could eavesdrop your mind and hear your mind.If they know your prepare testing,they would escape far away.Or keep silence.So your testing would get nothing.

    They also could become smaller and smaller in any shape and any style,one tiny point,even much more is not easy to test without a precise tools.They could entry from any tiny hole of door or window.

    Or they could go trough a common wall.So chasing them is not a easy thing.

    And pls change your direction,not prepare for a demonstration time by time.Pls directly and ask help from Govt and international organization,research laboratory,Institute,expert in wireless,some big company,ghost hunter,such as TAPS(they have Full spectrum camara and Full spectrum Voice recorder,and thermorecceptor and also experts in this kind of testing etc.)

    Also use real-time all-digital spectrum analyzer, IN A EMC SHIELDED TEST LAB, -invite 3 to 7 vicitims together inside A EMC SHIELDED TEST LAB,using all kind of tools to check signal changing inside EMC SHIELDED TEST LAB and around vicitims.Testing could be a whole week from night to day.24 hours per day.You could select vicitims who have serious suffering with representativeness.

    Pls observe what would happen?Only this kind of strict and comprehensive test and analysis,you would get a

    very good results!!!

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