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Supporting Documents: A reply letter from International Criminal Court - A story of struggling for Freedom and Human Rights


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Supporting Documents: A reply letter from International Criminal Court - A story of struggling for Freedom and Human Rights

Victims can write your mind control case summary to support Soleilmavis' cases
Please sign your documents and send original by posting.
Write Reference: Supporting Soleilmavis--case ref:xxxxx (you can find cases Reference Number from following)

(I) International Criminal Court
Head of Information & Evidence Unit
Office of The Prosecutor
Post Office Box 19519, 2500 CM The Hague, The Netherlands
Boîte postale 19519, 2500 CM La Haye, Pays Bas
Telephone / Téléphone: + 31 70 5158515 • Facsimile / Télécopie: + 31 70 5158555 •

Result : Got a reply:
Soleilmavis (China)
Reference Number: EM_T01_OTP-CR-00122_07

(II) United Nations
Petitions Team

Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights
United Nations Office at Geneva
1211 Geneva 10, Switzerland
Fax+ 41 22 9179022 (particularly for urgent matters)
File lawsuits since 2007
Result: No reply, no reference number

(III) To: The Registrar
European Court of Human Rights

Council of Europe

67075 Strasbourg-Cedex

Tel: +33 (0)3 88 41 20 18
Fax: +33 (0)3 88 41 27 30
Sent by letter on Date: Dec 2009
Result: No reply yet, no case reference number.

(IV) Curia
To: The Registry
Rue du Fort Niedergrünewald
L-2925 Luxembourg
Tel.: (352) 4303-1
Fax: (352) 43 37 66
Sent by letter on Date: Dec 2009
Result: case reference number: CaseT -507l09A J (a reply can be read from "comment" below)

LEGAL Complaint

Miss Soleilmavis - Plaintiff

Some of the following countries
The China Government;
The USA Government;
The France Government;
The UK Government;
The Russia Government;
The Japan Government;
The Germany Government;
The Italian Government
The Sweden Government
The Australia Government - Defendants

For not limited to Human Rights violations;

A) These parties covered/cover the abuses and tortures of the following Weapons:-

DIRECTED ENERGY WEAPONS; NEUROLOGICAL WEAPONS; MIND CONTROL WEAPONS; BODY AND BRAIN MANIPULATION WEAPONS; PSYCHOTRONIC WEAPONS; SPACE WEAPONS; NON-LETHAL WEAPONS any other unacknowledged means inflicting death or injury on, or damaging or destroying, a person (or the biological life, bodily health, mental health, or physical and economic well-being of a person) through the use of land-based, sea-based, or space-based systems using radiation, electromagnetic, psychotronic, sonic, laser, or other energies directed at individual persons or targeted populations or the purpose of information war, mood management, or mind control of such persons or populations.

B) These parties ignored/ignore all my complaints.
C) These parties did/do not help me when I was/am suffering from the terrible abuses and tortures from one or few abovementioned weapons.

I wish the Defendants immediately expose the abuses and tortures of the following weapons:-

DIRECTED ENERGY WEAPONS; NEUROLOGICAL WEAPONS; MIND CONTROL WEAPONS; BODY AND BRAIN MANIPULATION WEAPONS; PSYCHOTRONIC WEAPONS; SPACE WEAPONS; NON-LETHAL WEAPONS any other unacknowledged means inflicting death or injury on, or damaging or destroying, a person (or the biological life, bodily health, mental health, or physical and economic well-being of a person) through the use of land-based, sea-based, or space-based systems using radiation, electromagnetic, psychotronic, sonic, laser, or other energies directed at individual persons or targeted populations or the purpose of information war, mood management, or mind control of such persons or populations.

I wish the Defendants immediately help me to stop the abuses and tortures, and compensation for the losses caused by the abuses and tortures.

Thank you and Best Regards!

Yours Sincerely,


Annex1: The facts of the case and the arguments in support of my action
Annex3: An anonymous Survey for Mind COntrol Victims (result on 5 Dec 09)
Annex4: supporting documents
(1) Thousands victims are working together all over the world to expose such secret abuses and tortures:
(2) Online petitions: (in Chinese)
(3) articles and researches about mind control/directed energy weapons and related technologies
(4) Other information:

Laws Against Criminal Uses of Electromagnetic Energy Weapons

I have filed my lawsuits, But I did not received any reply. United Nations and Europe Union ignored my letters.

After I became a victim of secret mind control weapons abuses and tortures, God told me that I was a chosen one.

This year, I learned more about what God had told me, I understand the following:-

Romans: 3-5 If our unrighteousness brings out God's righteouseness more clearly, what shall we say? That God is unjust in bringing his wrath on us? (I am using a human argument). 3-6 Certainly not! if that were so, how could God judge the world?

Judgment Days would start, Only after these things happened.
(1) Isarel returned to Jerusalem
(2) The Third Temple
(3) The Queen of the South Rise (She suffered horrible persecutions)
(4) The men of Nineveh stand up (They suffered horrible persecutions)
(5) Natural disasters were the work of mankind hands.
(6) 144000 sealed ones (They suffered horrible persecutions)
(7) The two witnesses

More details:



I believed that many victims had very bad health conditions after long time persecution of secret mind control abuses and tortures.
I had been suffering the horrible abuses and tortures of electromagnetic mind control technologies for more than ten years; my health conditions were very bad too.
(1) The horrible suffering aged me so quickly. In 2002, everyone said I looked like only 20 years old, but now,……
(2) Because the long time horrible torture, I had serious endocrinopathy. My menses was very abnormal and less.
(3) Because of suffering horrible pain and other diseases, I often curled up in a tight ball, this had brought me serious kyphosis, and I also suffered serious problems of cervical vertebra now.
(4) Because of the horrible suffering every day, I could not sleep well at night, and could not have energy to move outside at day time, I was getting puffiness too.


Welcome to join
Here is a group for members who speak Chinese
以下是一个专门为说中文的受害者设的讨论组 (IN CHINESE)
Online Shop: Facebook: (Torture Case in Spanish)

Victims stories  

    Citizenship: Australia
    Year Torture/Abuse Began: 2004




    I'm Emma Stevenson, another Melbourne TI. I heard from a friend of mine that you're a Melbourne TI also, and I hope you wouldn't mind talking to me. i'm kinda lonely and wouldn't mind networking with TIs in Melbourne. I've tried on peacepink but haven't got anywhere with the Melbourne TIs. I've been a TI since 2004, aware of voice to skull since 2010. Hope you're doing ok.

    Thanks for your response. My symptoms of EH are as follows: Continuous voice to skull 24/7, mind reading, brainwashing, constant insults; constant farting noises that I cannot hear as it is blocked to my ears, (I know she is doing this because she has told me in the past), offensive bodily smells, sexual manipulation, rape, pain sometimes in various areas of my body. What's your torment like?


    Emma Stevenson.

    Citizenship: Australia
    Year Torture/Abuse Began: 2002



    Many thanks for all that info.  It will take me some time to take it all in. I have done a lot of research, contacted many or most of the bodies you have mentioned, and it is as you say, so far that is.  There are still some things to be done.  It is only a matter of time, we must all work at it as you say.Please put me on your lists and keep me informed. 

    It has been some 5 years that I have been sleeping in my car to try and avoid these things. But as you know it is now on the cars and they activate by remote. There are many words you could use - but all are out of the norm - sick individuals - committing sadism and attempted murder, no different to slow dose of poison in the traditional term.

    I am a registered nurse who has worked at the nuclear reactor in Lucas Heights, working in safety so I have a little knowledge and have relied on physicists to explain the phenomena that is part of every day working life and sadly for us part of our ordinary daily life.  And of course other harassments are carried out as well. 

    Part of our defence is to prove as a group that it is happening to a lot of people and that is being done for the joy of others and also I believe for money of some of them.

    Looking forward to more of your communications

    My mobile phone is monitored, but if you need to phone me it is 0425333641

    13/2/09 GENERAL

    If you want to sort this out for yourself, head for the country where everything becomes obvious, with less vehicles and less people, you can see who is doing what.

    If you move house, the devices are usually placed from Friday pm to late Sunday night by a group that travel round the areas on motor bikes. The weekend is when almost everyone goes out at one point. They will be waiting or planning to come.

    Mostly devices are placed on top of the roof, it is about 3” x7” x 1” thick and it has a long electrical lead, and there is a cone device somewhere in it all.

    It may be found with lead wrapped around sewerage outlet on the roof, it can be attached to a point directly in front of an austar dish on the curving metal hook, or in or around a chimney – if chimney inside the house is metal, this will exaggerate the result when the device is turned on – a good time for you to light a fire. The device can also be placed in a gutter etc. I think the roof is used so any signal can be easily picked up by the helicopters or planes in case an agent cannot be close enough or cannot be in attendance for whatever reason. Thus the device can be turned on or off remotely etc.

    The second device is found underneath the car. A hole is first put into the muffler system so you will attend for repairs and this device can then be placed when the car is in elevation - underneath. This can emit infrasound (vibrations throughout the car) or emf, and sometimes even the microwaves will be available to the user by remote. Microwaves are used to heat the body to make the organs clearly visible, or for whatever other interference they care to make to you. Infrasound is also now also used to “see”. Devices on the car can be controlled by using remote control from a helicopter high in the air or by someone on the ground nearby. Infrasound travels throughout the body of the car and can keep you awake all night if sleeping in the car. It is a sound and likes to travel through hard objects. If the car is in the right position, the device can project the emission by remote control onto you if you are not to far away from the car – eg in a tent, or even in a house. Place thick books eg heavy magazines, or road directory under your car seat cover, also something similar to protect your spine if it is happening to you while travelling along or if you are sleeping in the car. Placing your feet directly onto the floor will cause it, usually infrasound, to travel through your body.

    Smaller devices can be placed in visors, or in the crevices (hollow areas) in the metal ceiling of the car, or even in your seat. These shoot infrasound, emf or microwaves. Infrasound can be shot from below the back seat into the head = painful to migraine status.

    Sometimes combinations of the EMF and infrasound are used. You can search the web for good research papers written on the effects of emf and infra-sound - it has all been done and is very precise. EMF can effect you psychologically as well as physically and I have not read as much on infrasound technology as we are not supposed to know it exists yet, I just find snippets here and there. Laser sonics incorporate infra sound – this might be your best bet.

    There is a tendency to leave leads loose in the engine to administer shocks when leaving the car. Go to a different mechanic to have this fixed.

    Be careful of handling lead sheeting (eg the old sarking in roof of older homes)– it is absorbed through your skin and will destroy the central nervous system. Use cotton gloves (some supermarkets have these) and change them regularly – craft stores can advise you on this as they use smaller amounts to make lead light shades.

    Security and Substances placed into your food.

    Mostly it has been into yogurt, milks or prepared foods eg soup, stew. Other liquids are possibilities or body creams perhaps. Someone usually enters – if they have managed to get keys around 12mn. Place something that will make a noise if moved or – use your imagination. You may need to stay in a locked room to sleep or in a room with a watch dog – this is to prevent someone tampering with you – if you find bruise marks that cannot be explained etc . If you find injection marks or suspect you have been drugged – you have about 7 days to have a blood test to prove tampering. Keep this with other records of what has been happening to you. Remember that infrasound or EMF can be used to knock you out also. You may not be able to talk freely to a physician or anyone about all that is happening to you only about the suspected rape or whatever, This technology is not known, and you will not only be branded as a psychiatric case but you may be put into a hospital, or placed into some kind of care. You may not want this and the continual drugging.

    Above all keep a positive mind about you and your life. Remember sunlight (vitamin d) twice a day, and greens (vitamin b group) etc to prevent physical depression.

    Eat a balanced diet – you have to fight this on all levels because of possible effects. If you have to -read the stars – I do, but find someone who gives uplifting commentary continually and daily, Jonathan Cainer in England does so and may even be in a local paper. Live your life so it is comfortable for you, it may mean ducking and weaving in some things. Remember what you focus on expands, so make anything other than the abuse you are enduring, your focus – to have another life expand. The aim of the establishment doing these things to you, is to isolate you, so therefore find meaning and direction yourself for yourself. You are a worthwhile person and deserve a life.


    EMF (Electro-Magnetic Frequencies)
    Get a monitor – NSW Australia Jaycar $189 “RF” monitor or one locally
    In Queensland – microwave and emf monitor - $600 odd
    Use ear plugs to help protect the ear and brain if the safety situation allows if EMF is being used. I found the chemist reusable water ear plugs ok for me.
    Some metals will increase the dose, the best protection is the denseness off most materials – what stops mobile phones may stop this emission all dependant on where it is being emitted from as well, is it close or above. I have resorted to cushion, anything to lessen it.
    If being blasted in a motel from a truck outside – feels like a wind and there is no wind – get down behind the ensemble bed – this will not stop it- but it helps.
    What you feel depends on the amount being used eg you may feel nothing or you may feel like real pins pricking your heals, and can feel like bubbles of air travelling up and down your spine. Then if being blasted in the car for some time you may feel ill and faint.

    With the help of an EMF monitor if you can tell the direction it is coming from, move as far away as possible, considering the denseness of materials between you and the source. This includes if it is being projected from a roof device.

    A friend who for some 11 years was nightly doused with EMF, always when she awoke in the morning, went immediately with pyjamas still on into the back yard and with bare feet, stood with feet about 12 to 18 inches apart, rubbed the soles of her feet into damp earth or damp grass and stood from 20 minutes up to one hour, moving if there was no longer damp beneath her feet. This appeared to be a good practice as she said ‘I am still here’.

    To help rid it from your body, you could also try using the light foil on a car sun shield. While the shield is still folded, place the folds to the bottom of your fingers. Only do this after the emission has stopped, you will be able to feel it leaving your body. Also, salt – 1 to 2 tablespoon, in warm water in a bowl – if your head has been targeted, put your hands in this for up to half an hour, if general, put your feet in it for half an hour.

    None of these will remove it all but they will make a difference.

    While you are travelling in your car, EMF can also be triggered in your car from passing vehicles, sometimes with a remote and sometimes with a mobile phone. D depending on how it is set up, it can be accumulative ie each 5 minute trigger if triggered 5 times, will take 25 minutes to complete on you. Most of this is done within inches from you ie roof cavity, car seat etc. Some if triggered go on continually – as it was set up. Use your monitor to see who is setting you off, some are set to delay start so the culprit will not be evident – rides into the country or when less traffic on the road will make the delay evident to you.

    EMF can be broadcast (wide) and can also be projected in a beam pinpoint or wider.

    There are commercial clothes and devices that may help, I have found some that have been used to make the experience worse for me by one or two directing the beams mostly of infrasound. – the copper coil in the pendant to protect you from EMF from mobile phones was one that was used by a few perpetrators to make it worse – could have also been infrasound that was used. There is a company in Holland that makes attenuated tents to protect workers in particular working broadband rages. As long as you have a monitor – as it could be made worse. There is another clothing company but my guess is they are made for lighter emf experiences such as from mobile phones.


    See also www


    Infra-sound is the very low inaudible sound waves. Most are involved in sonar and so require a heavy medium to travel. However there is a band width that can travel in air. This appears in our body as a vibration. It can be a targeted area – I think emitted by a device known as a sonic laser. It can be done to a wider area and also to a general wide projection – there is subtle differences between this and emf in wide projection and perhaps could be done together. The defining difference with infrasound is ringing in the ears. Wear ear plugs to protect if the safety situation allows, not all day as your ears may not like this. Plugs are available from chemist, Bunnings and from industrial suppliers who have attenuated ear plugs. Ear plugs for water generally may not be sufficient for your problem with infrasound. Your need to change ear plugs with clean hands and regularly or ear infection could occur.

    You can be hit in the head with an infrasound projectile emitted from a device in your car –initiated by remote device in a closely following car. This can cause great pain up to a migraine. It could be sent from somewhere under back seat – use finely corrugated stiff sun car shield – two are best with a few inches in between, on the back floor and resting against the back seat. Some are in the hollows of the car roof.

    The devices under your car can be adjusted (not fired) from as far away as about 90 feet. I have heard it turning as they were trying to alter it.

    See also www

    Ultra-sound devices are what is normally put in the ceiling to rid it of vermin, bats etc. It is usually recommended that you leave the house when this is being done. It is the high inaudible sound waves, and the recommendation is the same as even attenuated ear plugs may not be enough.

    See www


    Microwaves are used in the forces for many things including detecting how many forces are advancing and with what weapons – it is called patterning and can be felt. It feels like a very light pressing over your body – this can give them your position and detect if it is actually you. The other use is to wake you up, and can be used so that you sense it as a piece of cold metal on your thighs.
    Styrofoam (broccoli boxes from major supermarkets – will often give some of these to you) will stop heat sensing. If someone is driving past (or helicopter) sensing you with heat sensing, you can also use the metal coated sun shields used as sun shields in your car.
    If these have not worked, it most probably will be that infrasound has been used for sensing you.
    Microwaves are also used to heat your body up generally. This is to make the organs more definable. There may also be other abusive reasons for this.Microwave lasers – about half an inch in diameter or smaller burn - take a few seconds before becoming unbearable right up to burning you.
    See www

    · The United States, in cooperation with the Canadian Government, built and successfully tested a microwave gun. It was shown working on a willing soldier on American and Canadian television.[citation needed]

    ‘New claims

    In 1998 to provide independent assessment on human effects, data, and models for the use of 'non-lethal weapons' on the general population,[10] the TECOM Technology Symposium in 1997 concluded on non-lethal weapons, “Determining the target effects on personnel is the greatest challenge to the testing community,” primarily because "the potential of injury and death severely limits human tests." However, "directed energy weapons that target the central nervous system and cause neurophysiological disorders may violate the Certain Conventional Weapons Convention of 1980. And weapons that go beyond non-lethal intentions and cause “superfluous injury or unnecessary suffering” could violate the Protocol I to the Geneva Conventions of 1977."[11]

    Hi - for your information - CIA, FBI, military involvment.

    1. Marshall thomas site with 40 videos and 3 PDFs.
    2.Type into u-tube - "illuminati project" - there are 250 of 10 minute videos
    3. Marsboy683 on u-tube also or look on google. There is actual footage in court rooms in the 1990s.
    There is also information here about the MKULTRA experiments.
    There are more sites and more information, just ask - anything.

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