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    Citizenship: China
    Year Torture/Abuse Began: 2001 (aged 21)



    I am a Victim of Electronic Harassment/ Mind Control/ Directed Energy Weapons/ Organized Stalking and Torture.

    I live in China. My nationality is Chinese. I became a victim when I was a student on Feb 2001 in the UK. But only when it was April 2006, I realized that I was being attacked by to be attacked by Mind Control Weapons.

    I went to the UK on Jan 2001. After finishing a one month language course, I shifted to a new campus. The campus is famous for its quietness. But during the first night at the new campus, I heard big noises. A few days later, I felt that the people downstairs knew everything that I had done. At that time I thought it was peeping.

    Because I did not suffer too much in UK, I thought that on going back China it would be better. But I suffered more when I was back in China. Up until April 2006, I realized that I was a victim of Mind Control Weapons.

    From then on I started o search for information on the Internet and to write blogs to expose such terrible violence. Many people believed my story, and I have also been working hard to contact media and I hope that the torturers can be sentenced according to law.



    Supporting Documents: A reply letter from International Criminal Court

    Citizenship: China
    Year Torture/Abuse Began:



    please forgive me. it's not a convenient thing to write abroad in China.I would not often do I reply so late.

    please have a look at this page.It give some detail infomation about microchip implant.

    A few years ago in 1990s,a victim of China,who was dead now,he went to many Chinese department,to charge about mind-controll on him.Finally,he find a military hispital.A state-level laboratory checked for him.they found the microchip and micro electrode.but he finally didnot get the help to get it out.

    so did you get more infomation about this microchip?I think it could be an important part of charge,if we could find the microchip!It could be the day we get to light.

    Now I know exactly about the mind-games on us.It use the microchip to connect us with the satellite,and the super-computer send the coded low-frequency electromagnetic waves to operate the microchip,and change us into a cyber-soldier.

    wish you get out from the hell soon.

    you could call me Aloes Xu。

    in Shaanxi Province.
    June 2013


    Aloes Xu

    Citizenship: China
    Year Torture/Abuse Began:



    Please ask Targeted Individuals to go out and protest in cities that allow people to protest. Protest periodically as what I have been doing in Hong Kong since 2009. Once a week, or whatever frequency that people can afford. The most important is keeping it a non-stop event so that in case anything happen to us, people would know what might be the reason.

    Nothing can be secret forever. When we are alive, we should do our best. Don't let people think we are dead as we are doing nothing in helping majority people by letting them know what CIA is doing with the two secret technologies: EM remote surgery and EM remote mind control. (US patent (1)US 3393279, "Nervous system excitation" (1968) (2)US 3951134, "Remotely monitoring and altering brain waves"(1974) )

    Tell people we are partially brain damaged by electromagnetic remote surgery, so that people can understand why sometimes we cannot respond with normal speed.

    Please do give me a reply when you receive this email.


    The United Nations High Commissioner For Human Rights

    Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR)
    Palais des Nations
    CH-1211 Geneva 10, Switzerland


    I guess my emails to UN were blocked or the readers were mind controlled and did not notice the importance of the Killing and Torturing being carried out by the United States secret institute (CIA) using electromagnetic remote surgery and electromagnetic remote mind control technologies developed in the 70's and 80's.

    Please give me a reply and reference Number if you can receive this registered mail.

    Group Complaint:

    My name is Yan XU, a lecturer in Hong Kong Polytechnic University. I'm one of the victims of Electromagnetic wave REMOTE SURGERY and REMOTE MIND CONTROL experiments of a secret institute. I represent myself and other victims in Hong Kong and mainland China to ask for help from the United Nation Human Right Council. We demand the exposure of our complaint and the keeping of our complaint for at least 30 years.

    Me and other REMOTE SURGERY and REMOTE MIND CONTROL victims had no mental problems. We also did not have any family mental diseases. We suffered a lot of from those experiments and the following are symptoms which we believe are created artificially using certain advanced technologies:

    Symptom 1: Burning on skin that moves but does not leave marks. It feels like a laser beam is moving on our skin. It can penetrate clothes. Some claimed the moving burning pain was focused on their nipples and other sexual organs on purpose indicating low education level of the experiment executors. Some claimed they felt pain on the surface of their brain. Some burning caused inflammations.

    Symptom 2: Seeing or feeling object being moved without observable energy. Some saw cups on table being moved; Some found hairs being knitted into Chinese Character remotely; Some saw books being moved to the floor with no observable reason.

    Symptom 3: Feeling someone else feeling during half asleep. Most of us experienced something apparently not dream when we were not in deep asleep. Some of us felt we were prostitute having real feelings of them; Some felt doing something our parents were doing; Some felt living in another country speaking language we did not understand. We felt playing computer games or watching TV drama during half asleep. The experiences are extremely disturbing as they were inputted almost every day for a fixed period of time e.g. an hour.

    Symptom 4: Speaking or behaving like another person. Some people's hobby and personality were changed. Some spoke with accents not consistent with their experiences. Some talked differently or even illogically. REMOTE MIND CONTROL can control our subconsciousness. REMOTE SURGERY can damage human's brain, turning normal people into robots.

    Symptom 5: Seeing behaviors of people around also being controlled. Some saw neighbors shopping behind him the whole day; Some saw many people smile at them for no reason (occasional but unusual). The phenomena make some victims feel they were followed. Changes of behaviors have created disputes between family members. Many resulted in devoice.

    We don't know who is doing the experiments on us, but many evidence showed CIA had been doing MIND CONTROL related experiments in the MKULTRA project since 1953. However, the contents of MKULTRA project were never fully exposed in media massively and most American people do not know the project at all. Testimonies in the Hearing on CIA EM Radiation and Mind Control Experimentation on Human Target organized by president's Advisory committee on March 15, 1995 were not reported broadly through media. Most American People do not know that Hearing at all. CIA Media control with REMOTE MIND CONTROL might be the reason that victims in Hong Kong and mainland China could not get help from people around them and local government. This might also be the reason that CIA employees like Brice Taylor and Barbara Hartwell suffered a lot in CIA Mind Control experiments in 80's and 90's but could not get help from people around them as well. (I believe the experiments on us are by US CIA and I had been protesting in front of the US Consulate in Hong Kong for almost 3 years since 2009. No media in Hong Kong could report my protest which is bizarre in Hong Kong. This is also an evidence of CIA REMOTE MIND CONTROL.)

    Me and other victims in Hong Kong, mainland China, United States and other countries are evidence. CIA employees are also evidence of the existence of REMOTE MIND CONTROL and RMOTE SURGERY technologies using focused electromagnetic waves that might be based on new findings in Physics.

    We demand <> to record what we complain today. We demand the record to be kept for at least 30 years so that when the two secret technologies are exposed people could still remember us, whom by that time might have been killed a long time ago. By the time we want the stories and names of us together with heros' who died because of exposing the secret to be put into a memorial building. We want the next generation to remember what happened today and would never repeat the same mistake once again.

    Human kind made a big mistake after the 2nd world war. We did not adopt any effective method to prevent the emergence of Nazi fascism once again. The one who killed so many innocent people-Hitler was rewarded by allowing most nowadays youngsters to know his name through history books and movies. The result is, many youngsters without good education on what should be the purpose of living want to become Hitler because they want to leave a name in history.

    Leaving a name in history by doing bad things was apparently much easier than doing good things. No wonder some Americans respected Nazi. They even grafted Nazi's traditional methods of killing and torturing human beings in America military after the 2nd World War. Without Hitler's name, what else can motivate American youngsters to give up their normal life to join CIA, which is a legal institute that only does illegal things?

    Deleting the name of Hitler and those of other people who did bad things from history books and replacing them with Evil A or Evil B in the 2nd World War etc., is pivotal to prohibit people from doing bad things for the purpose of leaving names in history. Please set up a law as soon as possible so that evil's names can be deleted earlier. The evils can only be named with numbers.

    Only good human-beings' names are stored in history books so that youngsters would be encouraged to be good people.

    Please set up memorial buildings in every country after the exposure of the two technologies to memorize heros who had been killed physically or mentally due to exposing the secrets of (1) EM REMOTE MIND CONTROL (2) EM REMOTE SURGERY technologies. Stories of heros' such as Valeria Wolfe, former FBI senior officer Ted Gunderson, etc. should also be marked in the buildings and remembered and spread among youngsters.

    Sensational satisfaction and power are the purpose of living of animals. We human beings should have purpose of living different from animals'. Helping the majority people would benefit ourselves and others. People should be encouraged to do the right thing.

    Evidence of the research and experiments of CIA remote mind control projects by using electromagnetic signals is listed below :

    (1) US patents on EM mind control published in 1968 and 1974. They are (1) US 3393279, "Nervous system excitation" (1968) (2) US 3951134, "Apparatus and method for remotely monitoring and altering brain waves "(1974) .

    (2) CIA MKULTRA project on mind control since 1953. At least two media reports revealed part of the secret projects. (a) Dec., 1974, New York Times reported CIA's illegal domestic activities, including mind control experiments on U.S. citizens without victims' consent. However, Senate investigation did not result in any punishment on CIA[1] . (b) 1984, CBC news reported CIA's experiments in Canada in 50's and 60's. Some Canadian victims suffered permanent brain damage from the experiments. However, the incident did not bring about any new policy to prevent similar events due to mind control on government officials by CIA. It was the Canadian government not CIA or US government compensated the 127 victims $100,000 each person[1].

    (3) Testimony of CIA trainees Christian deNicola, Claudia Muller and their doctor Valerie Wolfe in the Hearing organized by US president Advisory Committee on March 15, 1995 in Washington DC. In the testimony, the CIA trainees and doctor Valerie Wolfe testified that in 50's-70's, there were many American children being used as mind control and EM radiation experimental target. Christian deNicola and Claudia Muller were among the very few who were alive in 1995. The investigation on CIA was stopped after President Clinton's Lewinsky Affair, indicating CIA might also have targeted US presidents without letting them know what is going on.

    FBI Ted Gunderson

    Statements and testimony of CIA employees Brice Taylor and Barbara Hartwell who was saved by former FBI senior officer of LA, Ted Gunderson in 1998. Brice Taylor and Barbara Harwell were both working in CIA as employee and experimental target in 80's -90's since they were teenagers. They were not told about what is really going on. Brice Taylor felt like she had sex with President Reagan when she was working in CIA. This proved at least in the 1980's, CIA already can record Mrs Reagan's neuron signal and replay it to someone else making someone feel like she was having sex with President Reagan. Brice Taylor said one of her main job in CIA was to create homosexual and sexual scandals for "talented people in the US". Barbara Hartwell said she felt like her language neuron system was interfered by CIA EM signals. She sometimes lost the capability of speaking. The interview supposed to be broadcast in Chicago TV in 1998. However, CIA blocked the broadcast. Today, Brice Taylor and Barbara Hartwell might have been killed physically or mentally as CIA can do surgery on anyone with EM remote surgery.

    (5) Both former FBI senior officer Ted Gunderson and doctor Valerie Wolfe who helped CIA employees and CIA trainees to expose the CIA secret mind control and EM radiation experiments on CIA employees had been killed by cancer in 2002 and 2011 respectively, which could be caused by CIA EM Remote Surgery by using focused EM signals, which was demonstrated to me and other Mind Control victims (see letters of other Mind Control victims to UN).

    (6) The fact that most American people including Government officials don't know the existence of Remote Mind Control and Remote Surgery Technologies proved these people are not controlled by US government. CIA and CIA's boss: the weapon producing tycoon, are controlling the US government using EM Remote Mind Control and other advanced technologies. The terrorists and terrorist attacks in 911 and other events are most likely made by CIA by Remote Mind Control and Bin Laden and the others might be brain damaged morons. CIA created terrorists for the purpose of asking money from US government. Without enemy, CIA and weapon producers cannot ask money from US government.

    (7) The deaths of 3 presidents of Soviet Union within 4 years (1982-1985) and the collapse and separation of Soviet Union are very likely be made by CIA EM remote surgery and EM remote mind control;

    (8) The deaths of 3 Chinese top leaders in 1976 and the War between China and Vietnam immediately after China leader Deng Xiaoping's first visit to United States in 1979, 3 years after US soldiers' withdrew from Vietnam, might also be made by CIA remote mind control and remote surgery with EM signals.

    (9) CIA scientific employee's testimony on CIA putting drugs in American poor people's food secretly in the 60's for testing the effectiveness of chemical mind control method. It provided evidence what CIA was used to do and what CIA is more likely doing today. (Video title: The CIA & LSD: Acid Dreams, 1997 ) . In

    (10) Me and other CIA Remote Surgery and Remote Mind Control experiment victims are hard evidence. We do not have mental problems previously. We also do not have family history of mental diseases. However, today most of us are suffering from different neuron system damage syndromes. For instance, some of us lost the capability of logic thinking. Some people's memories become selective, forgetting important issues and remembering not important things. We are from different countries and we do not know each other. The only possible reason that we are suffering the same experience is we are guineapigs of the same institute: CIA, which is controlling the US government under the leadership of a weapon producing company tycoon, who is the richest in the US.

    (11) New Zealand pastor Brain came to Hong Kong and gave us a talk on CIA Mind Control technology in a small church in causeway bay (I'm not religious. A Friend Isabella told me about the talk. I went there to hear the talk on Aug.3, 2010 on purpose. ) He told us that he knew the CIA director because the director's wife invited him and his wife to stay at their home for a week. The CIA director told him face to face CIA had developed remote mind control technology a long time ago. Now CIA can create earthquake anywhere on the earth. The earthquakes in China Sichuan and Iran, Haiti were related to CIA.

    (12) In 2011, within 3 months 12 workers in a company in Shen Zhen City, China, jumped out of windows at night. There was no people committed suicide in that company before that. There is no reasonable reason that people who don't know each other kill themselves together (such event never happened in China's history, even during the Japanese invasion), unless their brains are physically damaged (brain damaged animals like whales did commit suicide. Former FBI senior officer Ted Gunderson reported that the abnormal death of large amount of animals on earth was related to CIA's experiments with EM signals). The brain damages are completely possible by using EM remote surgery. The purpose of doing this might be to soothe CIA employees who are being tortured everyday as same as Brice Taylor and Christine deNicola. Making the brain damaged CIA kill people to fool them that that they can do something to get people's attention, while in reality they are completely controlled by their boss and the machines of their boss. These brain damaged CIA employees are asked to finish different tasks by their boss in the name of "improving the society". The real purpose is to use those "tasks" as excuses of extending the secret, so that their boss can hold the power for longer time. In fact, there is nothing those CIAs need to worry about. Due to the existence of remote mind control, death penalty is not necessary anymore. The extreme penalty would be brain surgery and 24 hours monitoring. Many CIA employees are experiencing the extreme penalty everyday. The targeted individuals who are being mind controlled are also experiencing the extreme penalty, which should be given to the CIA boss instead of innocent people.

    Attached please find name list, my experience, my email and letter to professor Gutmann, letter of 41 mind control victims to UN on 3 April, 2007 and other relevant documents.

    Yan XU (Dr)

    On behalf of EM Wave torture victims in Hong Kong and mainland China
    Tel: (852)98501119 (M) (852)27666572 (O) (852) 27742824 (H)
    Mailing Address: Dept. of Industrial & Systems Engineering, the Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hung Hom, Kowloon, Hong Kong


    [1] (Retrieved 2011-10-30)
    [2] Video of 1995 President's Advisory Committee Hearing-on CIA Mind Control and EM Radiation, (Retrieved 2011-11-22)
    [3] Video on Feb. 18, 1998 entitled "Naming the Names", in which former CIA employee Brice Taylor was interviewed by former FBI senior officer Ted Gunderson on Mind Control experiments on her since she was 16 year-old. (Retrieved 2011-11-22)
    [4] Video entitled "Mind Control Goes Public", in which Ted Gunderson, former FBI (left.), ex-black ops operative Chip Tatum (right), and two former CIA employees Brice Taylor and Barbara Hartwell, share their stories of government atrocities. This video was supposed to air on TV in Chicago, but was pulled to never see the light of day. (Retrieved 2011-11-22)
    [5] Book by former CIA software engineer Robert Duncan "Project: Soul Catcher: Secrets of Cyber and Cybernetic Warfare Revealed" 2010 Higher Order Thinkers Publishing Boise, Idaho. In which he gave some information on how to program human robot. In the Dedication of the book at the last page, it was mentioned that "Many of my friends have been tortured, betrayed, and killed .."

    Chinese Victim Name list

    In China there are many EM REMOTE SURGERY and REMOTE MIND CONTROL victims. Most of them are of low education. Many had been brain damaged. They have serious problems in reasoning and logic deduction. Some of them even believe their local government is doing experiments on them as the phenomena they observed looked like that. They thought EM MIND CONTROL machine is as simple as a radio.

    The following names are collected by me by copying information from an email from and adding the name of myself.

    XU, Yan (Hong Kong) Mobile: (+852) 98501119; Office (+852)27666572; Home (+852) 27742824
    TSANG, Yuk Lam (Hong Kong) Tel:(+852)****1307
    LI, Xiao Na (Beijing) Mobile: (+86)13718204206
    YU, Rong Jian (Shanghai) (+86)13120847702 ,
    YE, Guo Zhao (Shanghai) Mobile: (+86)13816428606
    ZHOU, Xiao Jiang (Shanghai) Mobile: (+86)13564968621
    ZHANG, Hong (Shanghai) Mobile: (+86)13818941950
    YU, Ling Bo (Shanghai) Mobile: (+86)13321981271
    GAO, Xiao Wei (Dandong City, Liaoning Province) Mobile: (+86)13898510756
    YU, Xiao Wei (Yunnan Province) Mobile: (+86)13628872885
    WANG, Rong Hai (Yunnan Province) Mobile: (+86)15008719951 ,
    GAO, Rui Qiang (Inter-Mongolia SAR) Mobile: (+86)15847178974,
    XI, Zhong Qing (Nanjing City) Mobile: (+86)13776686557
    KE, Jian Cheng (Nanjing City) Mobile: (+86)15850554926
    REN, Jun Jun (Nanchang City) Mobile: (+86)13767158887
    WANG, Ya Qing (Jilin Province) Mobile: (+86)13894726370
    LI, Song Lin (Jilin Province) Mobile: (+86)13064465176
    LUO, Qin Jun (Sichuan Province) Tel: (+86)817-2515184
    ZHENG,Yun(Sichuan Province) Mobile: (+86)13559949568
    JI, Wang (Dalian City, Liaoning Province) Mobile: (+86)15940925971

    LI, Chao(Tianjin) Mobile: (+86)13072085730

    ZHOU, Lian Hong (Anqing Anhui Province) Mobile: (+86)13685568645
    HAN, Bing (Anhui Province) Tel: (+86)559-6534219
    ENG,Yi Shan (Anhui Province) Tel: (+86) 13275779355
    CHEN, Da Song(Anhui Province) Tel: (+86)563-2210350
    WANG, Wei Kang (Anhui Province) Mobile: (+86)13067635771
    WANG, Yang(Yichang City, Hubei Province) Mobile: (+86)13307203797
    QI, Chang Ling (Shandong Province)Tel: (+86)546-8597279 ,
    GU, Lu Lu (Guangdong Province) Mobile: (+86)13268018561
    PENG, Xu (Guangdong Province) Mobile: (+86)13533298544
    GUANG, Yu You (Guangdong Province)Tel: (+86)768-2252948
    LUO, Jian Bo (Guangdong Province) Mobile: (+86)13226449087
    JIANG, Jin (Guangzhou City, Guangdong Province) Mobile: (+86) 13535358871
    QIU, Yong Jin (Guangxi Province) ****2565332
    PEI, Wei Chuan (Xuzhou City, Jiangsu Province) Mobile: (+86)13033539006
    PENG, Jin(Chengdu City, Sichuan Province) Mobile: (+86)13568819725; ?
    CHENG, Guang Hui (Xinjiang Province) Tel: (+86) 997-4960621
    LOU, Yan Hang (Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province) Tel: (+86)469 5628422 ,
    LUO, Xiao Bo (Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province) Mobile: (+86)13906527643 ,
    CAO, Shi Jie (Zhejiang Province) Tel: (+86)576-86814070

    YI, Sheng Lin (Guiling City, Guangxi Province) Mobile: (+86)13978302663
    SUN, Wei (Jiangsu Province) Mobile: (+86)13917698052 ,
    XIONG, Lu (Jiangxi Province)Tel: (+86) 795-7032879/7585069,
    LI, Guan Ping (Hebei Province)Tel: (+86)310-2326981
    CAI, Ya Li (Hebei Province)Tel: (+86)3118650280

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