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Religious Persecution

Although I am of the Catholic faith, and was subtly ridiculed for that, the Catholic Church (which is closely aligned with the Australian Labor Party, which fostered the situation) has also harassed me using the results of the surveillance.

While some priests were sympathetic (one even admitting he'd heard about the "banned" book), others did as the church hierarchy instructed. The links between the church, the Labor party and overseas crime figures are well known. There may have been some "pressure" applied.

It is interesting that one of the guilty priests, an ex bikie named Kevin Lee, was chosen as a contestant on the Pentridge Jail Challenge run by A. Denton, Radio 2mmm, Nov 2001. Apparently he won. Odd coincidences like this were common in the early 90s. (I wonder who else he harrassed).

Neurophone/Aural Harassment

Since September 1996, I've been receiving constant/clear threats and propaganda from an unknown agency/criminal source; probably the CIA.

This method of "torture" (which seems to be known to many political/media entities) is usually delivered courtesy of a satellite which tracks you, personally. A laser directs live talk, noise and computer-generated music at the body. It travels the nervous system as electrical impulses and registers in the brain; bypassing normal hearing mechanisms. Only the target hears it.

Prominent journalists and senior federal police say it's "not uncommon" and I know there are thousands of political victims in the USA and hundreds here.

The motives for this form of oppression seem to go beyond providing an "annoyance". The hope "seems" to be that the victim will be discredited if they react badly to the verbal taunts OR approach the wrong people for assistance. For example, media "mafia" personnel, politically naïve medicos or ignorant police could make matters worse. In the US, where the authorities refuse to concede their own government encourages such activities, the complainants are often committed.

Meanwhile, senior federal police, some political aides and human rights activists are the most supportive here. Many are honest enough to admit they know which technologies big brother agencies and criminals can access. However practical help cannot be offered.

Experimentation - Brain wave Monitoring

Also since September 1996, I've been humiliated as a target of an experimental technology (again, satellite based) which allows the magnetic field around your head to be monitored. This powerful scanning and tracking system delivers the results to an unknown (probably US) facility with an advanced computer system capable of interpreting the brain wave patterns it receives; instantaneously.

The aural feedback then makes for a means of remote interrogation and/or psychological torture. Combined with audio/visual surveillance the overall situation is like being in an electronic POW camp. One senior AFP executive said this may continue for many years and they are powerless to stop it.

The human rights abuses I'm experiencing are considerable. However, what concerns me most is that ostensibly democratic governments can allow the development and "use" of such evil technologies to stifle free speech.

Murdered Whistleblowers

Although I never met either man Neurosurgeon/psychiatrist, Alistair Stuart and Black Mountain Tower (Canberra) chief technician, Bill Roy were both threatened, harassed then killed for trying to disclose information on high tech surveillance/harassment (Bill's area) and political psychiatry (Alistair's concern).

The extreme measures taken to stop good men who would have spoken with knowledge AND authority serves as a warning to others. It, of course, doesn't excuse the active participation of so many criminals in public life who help repress and destroy decent people merely for speaking the truth…Instead of helping, the media are the worst protagonists. They're antagonists, not allies, of the truth and those that seek it.


Many public figures betray us by their silence on these matters. Many politicians/journalists are actively oppressing others themselves; by stealth. And you won't read about it because the media are themselves part of the problem.

Finally, it may be worth noting the comments of a senior investigator from NASA's Inspector General's office. Having conceded the existence of the technologies mentioned in these pages AND commenting on the evil uses made of such anti-personnel weaponry he advised: "I suggest you pray".

Please contact the UN, the International Red Cross or Amnesty International to express your concerns.

I write in support of submissions made by Mr John Finch and others concerning what has come to be known as the "silent holocaust"; the abuse/murder of 10's of 1,000's of innocents worldwide courtesy of advanced (secret) weaponry.

The attached pages include my current letter and flyer on the topic (both of which are widely circulated) as well as my contact list which features the more prominent campaigners for justice on these matters. These people would be the best ones for your commission of inquiry to

talk to. (Equally, I myself am available if you so wish).

N.B For the best part of 20 years I have personally researched/campaigned re these matters. Most of what I've discovered is on my website ( I'm repeatedly told that it provides a good insight into the problem and so I ask you to read it.

I'm sure I don't have to emphasise how vitally important this matter is and I trust that you will give it your complete and immediate attention. Please let me know the outcome.

Their idea of a safe house is a "crazy house" or "the big" house. "They're" not going to help individuals or small groups of victims. This has to be solved for everyone at once or not at all. But lets not help them discredit us before that. This isn't some movie scenario here. The criminals actually control everything; the government, the media, the corporate ethos, everything. The "good people" still have the numbers but only a few of us know what's going on and they've fixed things so that we sound paranoid. In the end we'll probably lose but my advice is to keep it topical but not personal and to distance yourself as a victim rather than focus on that. You've done a GREAT

job until now. Just keep at it.
God Bless. Regards, Paul


DEAR TORTURE AND ABUSE VICTIMS - We hope you’re OK - Are you still alive? Please let us know

Well, I’m here!  I know what you mean though… I often don’t ever hear from victims again after the first contact… I still have > 3,000 on my files but for all I know many are dead.  Anyway, thanks for any help you can give.

God Bless.

Regards, Paul

I'm sorry but the reply you received is a standard letter; I've received a few exactly the same over the years. AI has a high profile and therefore the criminals responsible for our dilemma ensure that they do not widen their scope to include true prisoners of conscience; ie those attacked psychologically by remote weaponry.
In short, AI know the truth but will never act. Some underlings in the organisation are very supportive but those at the top of the hierarchy, like politicians and others everywhere who want responsibility and praise with little risk, will not stick their precious necks out esp. when it means critising the US gov't which it relies on for support. They'd rather focus on visible problems, problems that are easier to identify, where it's simpler to apportion blame and more likely to result in praise and finance for their organisation. What we are concerned about big and widespread and too difficult to face so they stick to working for physically detained and tortured people in third world countries. AI will not help...They are also, like all such organisations, infiltrated by agency goons who dissuade them from getting involved in the more important fights. A slightly better bet is the ACLU..try Barry Steinhardt, a Dir. of The Technology and Liberty Project and ask what he's doing to help.
Regards, Paul.


* As with any defense to high tech' surveillance or harassment, the very nature of such crimes means that those responsible will obviously know exactly when scans / investigations are being carried out and can simply switch off their equipment; meaning there'll be no proof. So while the victims may be free they'll probably be disbelieved by most and the public will be none the wiser; meaning no change to the law. Personally, I'd rather be believed but not free. What I mean is that the FBI agreement and the large scale Skynet project may ultimately be ways of making them stop, to avoid detection (and that would be more than great) but, as with MKUltra or anything else, they have the means to switch quickly to other methods. My point is how do we expose ALL of this AND stop it re-occuring? Is it enough to stop a criminal from using a knife if he just pulls out a gun instead? They're so far ahead of the game they'd have technologies we know nothing about. We need enforceable worldwide bans on ALL weapons for human manipulation. In my humble view only worldwide exposure will achieve that.

* "Dealing" out of court with the FBI is fine, for now, but the CIA, NSA, Mossad, MI6 and countless other organisations simply will not co-operate and the FBI will not (and mostly cannot) investigate them so, again, there'll be no proof. Without proof the laws and systems of investigation will not change. EG The senior surveillance expert at the AFP in Canberra AND also the senior aide to the head of the Australian defense force both told me (and were both promptly moved along for doing so) that not only are the major agencies / responsible for all of this but that other gov't agencies cannot interfere no matter what they're up to..(National Security covers etc). This is because they all work for the gov't of the day and it's too "politically sensitive"....meaning that no foreign gov't, whether involved or not, has got the temerity to embarrass the US gov't which is primarily responsible. This is despite the fact that defense forces could easily detect any of the signals and locate the source... (Remember that the chief US Embassy spook boasted to my face that the US gov't also monitored every MP via satellite) ...The senior AFP officer also said that even if a head of state were to try to expose this that they would be out of office the same day; that's how entrenched and all powerful are the people we're battling with. The fact is that the FBI can promise the world to avoid costly court battles and your clever strategy may buy peace for some but the FBI will prove nothing...esp. as many of them are complicit...And another technology will just be turned on another group of innocents fed to another project.
Anyway, thanks again for all your good work. I'm pleasantly surprised at how much the group has achieved. I'm guessing Mr Olssen's support has been invaluable. Again, keep at it and thanks.
Best regards,



MAIL: 7 Redgum Circuit, Glendenning 2761,
: 0011 61 2 9675 4529
FAX: 0011 61 2 8838 2333
WEB: (Torture Case in Spanish)

  • NAME: 白云 BAIYUN024
    Citizenship: China
    Year Torture/Abuse Began:




    白云 <>

    你好: 我已是一个中国精神控制武器的受害者,已有23的历史了.在这种秘密组织的折磨下,整个人生尽付东流.现在,我们中国的一些受害者已开始一起进行反抗精神武器控制的斗争.我以上发给你的信件是我们向中国各社会团体;新闻媒体和各政府机关发送的一封公开信,其目的主要是让你能了解我们的斗争情况和斗争策略及现状.我因为受害时间较早,文化有限,不能很好地理解你来信的内容,请原谅.但是,我还是满腔热情地希望全世界一切渴完望民主,自由,和平,的人们,能够团结起来,向乱用精神控制武器的恐怖组织作斗争. 



    改革开放后,随着这种"秘密遥控人体(大脑)技术"越来越先进,随着你们管辖下的"特别机构"的"广泛基层化";人员素质的"低下庸俗化",这种"秘密遥控人体(大脑)技术" 被更加普遍的恣意滥用,成了对遭监控的受害者实施种种"变态狂式"的无耻骚扰折磨迫害的发泄工具。 
    从大量揭露出来的事实表明,你们手下的"特别机构"人员,正是秉承那套罪恶的秘密 "整人理论",对许多无辜受害者的肉体和精神,实施着24小时不间断的、长期的、无耻的秘密遥控折磨迫害和阴谋暗害手段: 
    凡此种种秘密手段,其目的就是要把受害者折磨迫害成:或者"精神失常"被送进精神病院;或无法忍受残酷折磨痛苦而"自杀"身亡;或产生和公开发出"强烈愤慨不满"的偏激言行——而"授人以柄",被"依法惩处";或制造"绝症",借助医生的"手术刀",实施冠冕堂皇地 "借刀杀人"阴谋暗害,或通过干扰受害者的感觉认知,制造"意外事故"。而这许多分明是货真价实的阴谋暗害,却又嫁祸于受害者自身、于"疾病"、于他人,以掩盖其秘密迫害和暗害的真相。 


    南京 忻中庆   13776686557  (
    桂林 易胜林      13978302663  (
    鞍山 李中祥   0412-6528124  (
    上海 郁荣建      13120847702  (
    重庆 吴廷楷      13668154260
    湖南 李春泽      13435768567

    湖北 喻峰        13995768279

    成都  彭进      13568819725
    广州  蒋进        13535358871
    云南 王荣海   15008719951
    丹东 高晓维      13898510756  (
    福建 甘志恒  (0596)2302076
    广东 古露露   13268018561
    广东 彭旭     13533298544
    山东  祁昌玲    15154602071
    湖南 朱卓雄   13187326593
    湖北 刘炜     13597878369
    广东 容锦华    13620133782
    四川 郑芸     13559949568
    湖南 郭汝泉   15974413876
    安徽 寒冰       05596534219
    上海 余灵波     13321981271
    江苏 孙玮     13917698052

    安徽 彭宜杉   13275779355

    Soleilmavis    13854570873 
      "Soleilmavis注:我及其他一些受害者,在国外读书时成为了受害者,由于是在国外时受害,所以,我们对是谁造成了自己遭受多年秘密遥控酷刑虐待的真相尚还不十分清楚和确定。但是目前我们在中国境内仍然遭受酷刑虐待和骚扰,中国政府有明确的法律规定,反对酷刑。政府有责任和义务维护法律的尊严,政府有责任和义务保护合法公民的合法权利不受侵犯,政府有责任和义务对受害者进行法律援助以及生活援助。 很多中国受害者因为自己的亲身经历,而认定是中国秘密机构内非法滥用特权的人对中国公民实施秘密遥控酷刑虐待,而且因为中国政府对这样的虐待一直保守秘密,所以更加坚定了中国受害者的这样的想法。 我以及其他的受害者支持这封签名信,目的就是要求政府对这样的法西斯暴行进行公开,将这些法西斯分子绳之以法,并且对所有的受害者提供法律援助和生活援助。")


    白云 BAIYUN024

    Citizenship: Australia
    Year Torture/Abuse Began: at age 17



    My name is Dorian Beatty and I am a targeted Individual.

    When I was 17 I started hearing voices and seeing weird things, like angels in my bedroom. I started having constant nightmares and being held down in bed etc.

    At the time I believed I was demon possessed, as I had recently started associating with Jehovahs Witnesses. I spent the next 12 years trying to get rid of the spirits by prayers and dedication to God. Nothing worked to get rid of the so called spirit. At about the year 2008 I started noticing being pulsed by some kind of electro magnet in the middle of the night while I was asleep. At the windows were vibrating and there was a loud droning noise similar to the sound of a big sub woofer speaker at a constant tone.

    I then noticed I was being followed and there was cars parked outside the front of my house and that I was under constant surveilllance. The stalkers would always use derogatory put downs and aggressive manner to try to intimidate me. I would not be free in my own Unit. It is a small unit and at the front close to the road. People would often walk past or stand out the front of the unit and have a discussion about how I was the biggest F&%$head etc.
    I then started getting around the clock buzzing in my ears and pulsations. These symptoms would only be noticable while I was at home. I also noticed a swelling in my temples, body twitching, involuntary body movements while going to sleep.
    The stalking continued whether I went to the shops, different suburbs, beach, church, absolutely anywhere. They would stand close to me and call me offensive names to try to provoke me into a fight.
    My car started having continuous mechanical and electrical problems. Appliances and materials where continously breaking down. My clothes had holes put in them. Even brand new clothing would have slice marks which looked like being cut by scissors etc. Food was stolen from fridge and freezer. House looked like someone had been in there but without taking anything valuable. Several times I awoke to see men I did not know standing around me in my bedroom.
    I started getting bullied at every workplace I worked at until I quit.
    This is still going on at the present time of 26/12/13.
    My details
    Name- Dorian Beatty
    Phone- 0861617014
    Please send me some more information and websites as discussed on the phone today.
    I really appreciate the things you are doing.


    Kind Regards

    Dorian Beatty

    Phone- 0861617014

    Citizenship: Australia
    Year Torture/Abuse Began: 2009




    I have website

    I have no background in Law, Technology, Biology or Psychology. I have a finance background, am 55 yrs old, and have lost time money and job. I have had voices in head for the past 5 years, and impaired spirits and motivation for 5 years prior to that, all with associated physical illness, and inform you it is the consequence of a developer testing their technology on me. It is likely that the sophistication of this attack required integrated components no single unit had possession of, and some of those would be voices, artificial intelligence, mind reading, satellite, understanding of objects and external reality, internet,  internet search requiring a cooperative venture. This would enable each entity(different companies) to extract information feedback to advance their cause, and have contributed use of  their equipment flippantly and without proper control to a larger project. Such a project would be more capable(and destructive) than its components and personnel. It is a case of cavalier indifference with criminality causing so much hardship, through lack of comprehensive understanding and compliance controls by protaganists, their organizations, authorities and victims. Any technology development shared with someone else should only be done so with complete knowledge of the recipient.Any information received should auditably be traceable to its source. Even under current inadequate controls a Satellite company must restrict and register access to it's signalling.

     I am diagnozed as psychotic, when in truth I am at the mercy of high tech psychopaths, while I fully understand the probabilities and statistics. e.g. if there are 100 victims then that makes me 1 in 80 million, while between the ages of 44 and 54 far more people die. I have had hairs fall from my back and legs, long periods of blurred vision, rash, severe sleep apnea, low motivation and energy, high blood pressure, 6 months of continuous headache, swollen cheeks, and my current weight of 104kg exceeds my height and waistline measure. Legal authorities recommend medical treatment, and doctor's diagnozed psychosis, which is based on the assumption that such technology does not exist. All agree the voices are a fact, but I have mental illness to have them, and that would be more extreme if I persistently reiterated they were placed by somebody. The truth is the weakness we are facing in society today, which is authorities are behind developments already, and some developer's aggression in pursuing their interest, makes them terrorists, and this will escalate in the future as technology becomes deeper and more powerful. I have only access to elementary facts, but I have recently discovered  such a technology would require Satellite signal emission and communication and Quantum Computing capability, a privilege in the hands of only a very select few. I have lived in ignorance, but with this problem for many years, and have received no official acknowledgement of it's possibility. I would prefer to live without the internet, cheap international phone calls and live sports coverage to get these past 10 years back and I have evidence that there are undisciplined rogues continuously using this network. This has interferred with my sleep, and has been with me in airplanes, and everywhere I have travelled including Cuba, Senegal, China, Lebanon, Jordan, Ethiopia and Iraqi Border with Kuwait. It would have been with me in Tehran except the visa was slow to come through. This is a crime against society, which creates advantage in the wrong circles, and is particularly significant given the vital nature of the extracted information and its breadth of application. There are state of the art technology developers, who with this capacity, would choose to ruthlessly advance their cause by testing unprecedented developments illegally on humans. They are fools to not comply with the law, and are cruel to the extreme, as they avoid publically declaring their apparatus. This says there are high tech experts who will descend to terrorism, when we consider society advanced and civilized. I wouldn't test this on a sheep, and am willing to work with any researcher, authority or corporation, meanwhile my suffering continues with the deep loss of self respect that is inevitably associated with it. 

    The technology field is evolving rapidly, merging with biology and society through areas such as robotics, quantum computing, big data, artificial intelligence and the NHS has the BRAIN project. It is a difficult to understand space to non experts, like myself, the media and public, and government authorities. While specifics are hard to remember(like our past thoughts), when I stood on the Bangkok train station last month, and had a voice response to my thoughts that the Bangkok Rail travels with greater frequency than Dubai, I recognize the power of Artificial Intelligence to know about our world simply by probing information in the public space. When I enjoyed the environment in the bar I went to, and noticed that I liked the other customers, I had a voice tell me it could recognize in my attitude what was appealing about it's format, and hence how the other like minded customers were attracted too. I am taunted by comments like "I think they don't care", "they're not fair" and "they thought it was fair" in reference to their secrecy and apparatus, and is despite it's acknowledged illegality and recklessness. Unlike humans, this doesn't get tired and connecting chatbots(see www.chatbots .org) to minds using Satellites is an exponential leap forward for enthusiastic and powerful developers.  DWAVE a subsidiary of Google and NASA, has this year announced a quantum computer, quoted by the BBC to have been thought 50 years from the future, and this company's development of this device commenced in 1999, 4 years prior to the onset of my difficulties. Softbank announced a robot that can read facial expression(only Japanese which differs to Africans, Europeans and other Asians) and communicate. The turing test passed for the first time just recently. In early 2014, Goggle paid $500m for Deep Mind, an artificial intelligence company created by founders Demis Hassabis, Shane Legg, and Mustafa Suleyman which employs half the world's top artificial intelligence specialists in its 75 people. This was Google's motive, but their announced ethics committee on avoiding it's misuse can't be found. Shane's prophecies will com true if the desires of technology developers to, enhance exceeds their responsibilities to society. 

    The recent outrage about Facebook manipulating readers to psychologically evaluate their reaction to good/bad news highlighted but overlooked another important point, that these technology developers become custodians and benefactors of group behaviour. Facebook has massively expanded  its advertising in just 2 years, to the detriment of established and conventional media competitors. Each user becomes a contributor to a database of personality traits, which the technology companies have the knowledge of, with the power to use the information as they select.

    Technology developers must research ethically, and enforce compliance throughout their organizations, subsidiaries and industry. This should include authorities being aware of the goals and progress in the field, and they will see there is a growing concentration of knowledge and power, in a few self regulated hands. The legal system has a history of eliminating extreme rogue institutional behaviour, to ensure reliable delivery for social benefit. Institutions have a duty to ensure that no criminal activity exists with those whom they acquire, engage in alliance/joint ventures, provide equipment to or acquire information from. What monitoring is there that new applications don't have criminally conducted research as its basis, even if it appears unconnected. At this early stage there are few who could do this, and it would require substantial investment. Therefore those who are closest to these advances e.g.IOAA or other authorities, should either rule this out, or tell me where I find an open door to appraise this situation in an informed way. With that small effort I will accept an outcome which can be taken no further, however authorities must acknowledge that we live in an era where technology and biology are connecting and advancing more than ever, and that if they are not up to date, controlling the leading advances, then unethical, undisciplined or terrorist research and behaviour will threaten individuals and the community in unprecedented and unimaginable ways.Will you inform me, of where I can go underground to be sheltered from such a Satellite signal, what rule states that Satelllte users are forbidden to engage in this activity now or in the future, and what proactive steps are taken to prevent it's occurrence, who can verify I am receiving/sending such a signal and what is the nature of its frequency/wavelength since your Satellites operate in my sky, what special compliance programs exist in Satellite user organizations. Can they provide assurances that this lengthy exposure doesn't result in risk of brain tumours or other illness, aside from the psychological torture this has been. Are Satellite users warned that they have a higher duty of care, and must comply with all government e.g FDA. Their current non response in this matter would be an endorsement that such a device in control of authorities should be used to establish the veracity of what its developers say, since it can read their minds when released. It is a sad fact that terrorists use Satellite apparatus, with state of the art developments, while I never issued a licence to anyone for this to happen. The Barclays CEO was recklessly quoted as saying they didn't have the evidence of the Libor scandal which severely impaired them, but the truth is more accurately that their lack of controls meant they didn't know they had the evidence and it was lack of controls that allowed the crime to occur in the first place. Does DWAVE have this capability, what did their acquired company DeepMind do? A corporation , billionaire or wholesale investor who recklessly deals with criminals, must be held to a higher standard than the man in the street. Can you assure me that this program(and mind reading is a key component) wasn't integrated with Satellite technology

    the coordination data of a human mind hasn't been helpful in the development of robotics applications

    or the development of new drugs

    These voices have told me that the following companies have benefited/participated in this research.

    Google/Deep Mind - Formed around 2005 it is highly specialized in Artificial Intelligence with a concentration of the most advanced team. Renowned as secretive, with other investors Founders Fund and Horizon Ventures.

    this is what Steve Omohundro says about goal setting for AI. Steve Omohundro

    Cereproc - A UK company specializing in artificial voices which has grown from inception around 2005 to having 70,000 staff today.

    Please find attached (a)Email I sent to IOAA - US Satellite Regulator describing my experiences (b) 15 year old article by John Fleming 

    (c) House Armed Services Committee on Electro Magnetic Pulse Attacks

    It is the duty of experts to clarify the state of the art in technology development, and for authorities to be alert to terrorism, testing and community risk.There have traditionally been conspiracy theories which were correctly dismissed, but technology has advanced a long way this period, and I have no access to expertise for advice. They should be approachable to explicitly rule this out, or investigate it, but in the absence of both, they are without any control of a future where technologists will be the centre of public information, innovation and self regulated ethics.

    At some future time if the industry or government becomes aware of the existence of such a machine, then it's personnel, should be thoroughly investigated as to how their devices evolved.  If authorities currently have no expert awareness of such a possibility, then they must be prepared to investigate thoroughly, difficult to understand innovations when announced, from developers who have delayed announcing their progress as they've researched.A lag between achievement and informing outsiders of it, indicates a  period of protracted testing and enhancement, recognizing such a device has a very broad array of application and influence and that it's results may appear in a fragmented form. The power of this knowledge and its implementation requires utmost ethics and discipline, in this area there is scope for unprecedented potholes on the road forward, and they'll be much bigger if no preemptive measures are introduced.I am confident of this being externally sourced, so consider I have insight into state of the art technology, as well as flaws in the controls of highest levels of equipment. I have a record of times which corresponded, to some key moments that its intensity incrementally subsided, like 12.40pm Bangkok Time 20 Aug 2014. I read Google, Facebook and Microsoft are alerting authorities to pedophiles and child pornography. These developments are welcome, however progress also creates new criminals, so I am concerned that I continue to suffer, these researchers are never confronted for this terrorism, and that this systemic weakness will manifest as something worse and more extreme in the future.

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