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    Citizenship: Shanghai,China.
    Year Torture/Abuse Began: 19 years



    I would like to draw your attention to some extreme and horrendous criminality being conducted with the involvement of United States Government-related Agencies and the complicity, if not participation, of many other governments and security agencies.

    I am a victim of torture and abuse using DIRECTED ENERGY and NEUROLOGICAL WEAPONS technology.

    The criminal use of these on me are causing the following effects -

    1.Microwave hearing. Yes.

    2.Transmission of specific commands into the subconscious. Yes.

    3. Visual disturbances, visual hallucinations. Yes.

    The fascist artists created moving pictures and showed criminal contents of their organizations. These moving pictures can move through the air  and  go to anywhere.

    [For example, the plane will be crashed, before a day(or two days, or three days, or a week),they drew a plane in their moving pictures, sometimes, I heard a Chinese said: "will make a plane crash again", after the plane crashed, they wrote “We made XXXX plane crashed ."and sent this huge slogan to the air.]

    4. Inject words, numbers into brain via electromagnetic radiation waves into brain? or into eyes? Yes!

    5.Manipulation of emotions. Yes.

    6.Reading thoughts remotely. Yes.

    7.Causing pain to any nerve of the body. No, any pain to my body.

    8.Remote manipulation of human behavior from space. Yes!

    9. Harassment, stress symptoms such as helicopters flying overhead. Yes, have harassment, stress symptoms, I feel so a stone on my body

    10.Seeing, as in a camera, through your eyes, i.e. to see what you see exactly.

    They can make image show me. They filmed  a real person and projected into my living space. We can't find the person are film. The hallucinatory image person can speak, can move, like the person real body, the hallucinatory image person has touch, I can feel the person's touch.

    11.Control of sleep patterns? They can control my body, and made some dream into my head.

    12.Computer-brain interface, control and communication. Yes-see my attachment. They controlled my Computer-brain so slow, and sometimes they stop it.

    13.Complex control of the brain such as retrieving memories, implanting personalities. Yes.

    There is massive ignorance and secrecy regarding this, and victims such as I are being subjected to uncontrolled and unacknowledged torture and mental and physical destruction. This has remained completely unreported and undiscussed publicly. There are many others, all over the world, who are being subjected to similar torture and abuse.

    Your attention is urgently needed to halt these atrocities, protect me, and bring these extremist elements to justice.

    These secret electronic weapons criminals are world fascists, maybe these fascists live in your place. My father was murdered by fascists' electronic weapons in 2000, after then the fascists have used electronic weapons and have remotely controlled my mind and harmed my body until now, I want report them again, I support all electronic weapons' victims, we will send these secret electronic weapons criminals to hell.

    This is an emergency.


    sorry, I couldn't use my yahoo mail box for several days. The fascist criminals were controlling my computer by their electronic weapons remotely.

    You can ask US government, are they using the electronic weapons on American citizen? My ### is an American citizen, he lives in San Jose, California. His several cars have crashed by American fascists' electronic weapons. These fascist madmen came to China, and controlling my mind and harming my body with some Chinese criminals and other countries' fascists. So I know they are not from US government, they are the members of World Fascist Electronic Weapon Criminal Organizations! US government can kill its citizen by electronic weapons in secret? US government can cause its citizen car crash? US government can caused its some military crafts crashed?


    You may a big boy, so I know you still like Disneyland.

    If these are "Jewish prison camps", the secret criminals are Nazi-fascist members, not from U.S. government. One Chinese victim was student  studied in Germany, he came back China, he said he was tracked and tortured by German New Nazi in Germany, and these German Nazi criminals still tracking and persecuting him by electronic weapons in China.

    The best shielding/protection should be our DOD. No, Dept. of defense won't touch nonpolitical cases, it is not their territory of work.I want to sober some victims up, I think we should concentrate our manpower and efforts to let government know the truth and interfere in secret electronic weapon crime affairs as fast as possible.
    Donald has been engaging in a lawsuit for over 8 years. Last year, I started to contact with other victims, then I heard an American got a shielding/protection equipment from Europe. I want ask him, what effect is about this shielding/protection?
    To communicate with government, don't swear everyday.
    Search the fact evidences, force the enforcement dept. to accept our cases.
    Face the guilty truth boldly instead of trying to dodge it.
    I tell other victims a truth, small protective equipment against electronic weapons is null. Causing a cancer only spend about 10 minutes, the cancer appear only need half year. But the fascist criminals are very craft, they do not direct cause we victims the cancers, often cause other people's cancers, these secret targets that plotted to murder are uninitiated, may be your a connection, or a friend, or some neighbors, may be a socialite, or some talent.

    I am sorry, I took offence at slow process of the events.But we are friends, my words are sincere.

    Shine Chang

    The world fascists have advanced hallucination weapons with phantom, sensor transduction touch, acousma effects.
    Prophet: The projection of the image of an ancient god over an enemy capital whose public communications have been seized and used against it in a massive psychological operation.
    Soldier Forces: The projection of soldier images that make an opponent think more allied forces exist than actually do, make an opponent believe that allied forces are located in a region where none actually exist, and/or provide false targets for his weapons to fire upon.
    Death: Hologram used to scare a target individual to death. Example: a drug lord with a weak heart sees the ghost of his dead rival appearing at his bedside and dies of fright.

    I tell you two circs, how the fascist criminals use the hologram projecting weapons committing the crimes.

    1, Change some parts of the vision or change all of the vision, they can change the word, figure, color, image on computer and remotely project this hologram to the real person or real thing, this hologram projecting has covered the real word, figure, color, image, deceive the target think it is another person, another thing or another scene. Sometime they take the the someone's or something's image, remotely project to scene to impersonate someone or something to deceive the target. Sometime they use colorless hologram projecting to hide the person or thing. No one can distinguish these visions' true and false.

    2, Change the person's expression and forge the says, and project onto this person's appearance, control the target's mind and drive the dialog, let the target get a false experience. Sometime they project someone's hologram image, forge this person's expression, control someone's mind and drive someone talk with this hologram "person". I was controlled and driven to talk with the hologram "person" some times, the fascist criminals changed the voice, dialog between my friends and me many times.

    My friends,
    Sorry, this massage is late.
    Yesterday I using the Yahoo mail page was difficult. I like this Christmas ecard than others, so I still send it.

    This morning, an American fascist member using the information weapon send to my mind, they came to Shanghai and tracked me in 80s, Was he stopped my massage yesterday.

    He told me, he is an electronic weapon killer, his wife and children are all in Shanghai now, he said, he wished to celebrate the last Chris-mas of two enemies, but he couldn't.
    They reply me may allow me report to US defense.

    His information is "Lover is hurt her and kill himself."

    But I want say, "Enemy is kill her father and her friend, shamelessly live."
    I want say, "Shine will overmatch the darkness, will overmatch any enemy."

    My friends, we must get free, the fascist evil will be destroyed, new life will come to us.

    Wish the new year!
    Shine Chang

    Thanks for your message.

    You give us a lot of new nazi-fascist criminal information.


    Mind control weapon only can cause the psychiatric illness symptoms and actions, generally it doesn't change the target brain's physiological status, functional status, mind control weapon can't cause the brain and nerves system dysfunction, so the target has not real mental disease. The target only has the driven abnormal action...

    So almost of the mind control victims don't need go to hospitals, don't need accept the the mental ill treatments. After the fascist criminals give up their mind control persecution, the target's condition will recover.

    But doesn't rule out tiny minority of the victims have been changed the brain's physiological status.

    I suggest the victims give up read more psychiatric books. You should believe you are still healthy, only forced and driven by the fascist criminals' mind control weapon.

    “The ‘Retrieval’ was all about trying to make a supposed Jewish genotype...”

    Don't believe these fascist criminals, their education backgrounds are very lowly, they often steal some excellent intellectuals', scientists' and experts' professional knowledge with mind check weapons from their brains, steal the experts' academic achievements form their research papers through the watch through the wall weapons. But you will know those almost are the counterfeit scientists of low level intellects, they never are the related electronic technologies' researchers and high tech weapons' developers, electronic military weapon experts or military scientists, so if you ask them give you the supposed Jewish genotype, I believe it is always erring or impossible, you will find it's unable to achieve their vain theory and so-called theoretical model.

    2002, the world fascist criminals drove me to west Shanghai city book store read WW II books 2-3 times, through the interpreters, the foreign fascist members from different countries, let Shanghai fascist criminals tell me any fascist information. One day, I found the bad trackers became friendly, then everyday they put dirty holographic pussy into my pants, insulting me, that day, they made a beautiful military cap image onto my head, called me was a captive, I was driven to that book store, German new Nazis asked me to read Hitler and Goering, Goebbels, Rommel in WW II, they told me this image maker's old head ever belonged to Rommel's forces, Rommel battled in Africa. They fingered out another book, an US scientist spoke on an academic conference, suddenly happened blackout, this scientist said was God did it. They fascist trackers told was them tracked this scientist, and using electronic weapon made this blackout, I thought this scientist didn't know the evil criminals just the God in his wrong, if would have chance, I would expose this secret. I have experiences on this electronic weapon causing blackout. In 1991 and 1992, they tested about 4-5 times blackout in my home. Should make an investigation, if other victims have the electronic weapon blackout experiences in their life. Maybe it will be easy to testify a secret terrorist crime.

    What is new Rommel? New world fascist secret terrorist organizations committed secret beam weapon terrorist incidents, from 2001 to 2009 (fascist EW) how many air planes have been crashed in their electronic weapons? They told about...

    Don't believe they are scientists, don't believe they are CIA!

    Shine Chang


    Shine Chang

  2. NAME: SHUN-CHUAN CHEN 陳順銓 中華民國
    Citizenship: Taiwan
    Year Torture/Abuse Began:



    The purpose of this email is to make certain accusations against the Chinese government and my cry for help. Thank you for your time and your help will be highly appreciated.

    這一封電子郵件是我對中國政府的指控,也是我的求救,感謝您的幫助以及閱讀 Google Blogger YAHOO BLOG

    Are you aware that the news you are watching is interlaced with Communist China's propaganda,as

    Communist China maps a realm of news with innocent lives?
    Communist China is scheming a millennial terrorist activity by manipulating people's behaviors through electromagnetic waves to contain criticism and harm innocent human lives.

    1. The anomaly in community traffic of cars and motorcycles and drag racing,and reckless honking by cars and motorcycles is exceeding an unprecedented level.

    2. Communist China has the technology to scan the human brain waves through military satellite and to discern and decipher their thoughts,scheming to instill individual interference focusing on each individual in need using the satellite electromagnetic waves.

    3. Deploying electromagnetic waves is poised to project onto the human brain with certain sounds for the perception of grossly traumatizing or startling pain,or deploying the broadcast of noise via electromagnetic waves in sleeping humans with edited clips of films or through voice or image signals onto our brains or besiege our sensory functions with fabricated audible and sensory illusions.

    4. It manipulates one's moods,such as smiling,nervousness,disgust,panic,anger,sorrow, desires,appetite,and so forth.
    5. It interferes the human brain's thinking capability,memory or linguistic capability,to name a few,causing spasms of muscles and fingers in the left and right hands,stinging aches throughout the body,coughing,yawning,trembling,involuntary blinking of the eye,runny nose and so forth.
    6. Electromagnetic waves are deployed to hinder the motoring functions of the body and neck, disrupt the heartbeat or respiration,manipulate dizziness,deprive one's sleep,spasm,saliva gland,dental neural pain,etc.
    7. Watch out that Communist China is infiltrating the news media by deploying electromagnetic waves to besiege the broadcast media,map out viral disillusion or erroneous perception,and investigate threats of brainwashing in viral spreading.
    8. It further moved to deploy various symptoms in what one sees of media icons,gesture terms, adding a skewed interpretation to one's cognitive awareness,misleading an individual to hallucinate or suffer,such as the North Korean's rigid smile,which is a tactic Communist China often deploys to counter the people.

    9. By observing the resolution accuracy of Communist China's sound and image (scenario) interference projected onto the human's brain,this can only be achieved with a certain level of frequencies at the source of interference,hence there is no doubt that it has to be the electromagnetic wave. Yet questions remain as to what range of frequencies the source of interference deploys,or what kind of electromagnetic waves insulation chamber would suffice to provide an insulation yield? Communist China might deploy specific metal alloys as small scale molecular antennas, which are attached to the human brain in large number,creating electromagnetic waves when the human brain is in function,where the current created by Communist China's electromagnetic interference would poise to amplify in a staggering number of multiplication,which Communist China can detect at all times to discern and muscles would excel the generation of electrode,which in turn create a corresponding electromagnetic wave within.

    10. Some of Communist China's intimidation experiences in 2002:6.9 "Hey,are you tired of living?"

    6.14 "We had concocted the bombing incident at the U.S. embassy in Pakistan"

    "Jiang Zhemin ordered us to kill you, but without creating scenes "6.16 "The Pakistani civilian troops confessed that they had schemed the bombing of the U.S. embassy in Pakistan, which we had manipulated them to confess,so what are you going to do about it?"
    6.19 "Hey, why don't you just go ahead and commit suicide""We are going to scheme murder using the public bus"6.20 "Commit suicide by burning charcoal,get it?"6.25 "Jiang Zhemin just does not like you,go hit your head against the wall".
    11. I reckon that there are victims abound out in the street,no less alarming than wars,and those not in the know or did not understand that Communist China's simple electromagnetic design could easily turn people against each other, create moving incidents,little lese to say mislead the youth to broach down the wrong path,suicidal prompting,design and fabrication of a host of society news (which Communication China refers to as movie making),as Communist China has had a decade long of the technology,and has long abused its technological advantages to scheme up design of abusing human lives by arranging fabricated news to poison and infiltrate the free world,manipulate and misguide the contents of the media,and deploy brainwashing and malicious spread of viruses,done with insinuation and riddles. The fact that Communist China's slaughtering the innocent had been the result of a high level of calculation, and a high level of rationalization, where the threats are in existence,and cannot be ignored of their detrimental severity.

    12. Communist China often coerce people to watch news compiled by the reporter Lu Yuling of the cable news in order for them to be saved,but few are aware that Communist China had merely deploy the reporter to entrap many people. I do envision that those that turn to committing crime as framed by Communist China, the extra sufferings by the ordinary people,and the deaths of many innocent lives will not go unnoticed as hindered by a condoning attitude.

    13. Nazi Hu Jintao, Jiang Zemin, Chinese Liberation Army, security police and armed police have committed suppression and massacre on their own civilians. Hu, Jiang and the other atrocious butchers owe these innocent civilians! More horrible and serious is that they are using mysterious killing technologies to cause harms to human brains around the world, making advantage of numerous international politicians and journalists to help them commit atrocities and beautify their actions, aiming to overturn and suppress those innocent people and cover up their terrorist acts and win fame by cheating the world. Securing in the knowledge that they have strong backing, these arrogant and shameless butchers have committed tortures and mass killing cruelly to those innocent ones around the world. Unfortunately, neither these politicians and nor journalists knowing what is what would dare to express their conscience.

    14. The inhumane acts and atrocities committed by Nazi China are far more vicious than that of Nanjing massacre in China during WWII committed by Japanese army, as Chinese government is using mysterious technologies to commit massacres to masses of bare-handed civilians around the world as well as launch violence and terrorist activities to suppress these completely unarmed people’s freedom of speech. These demons, like Hu, Jinag and Chinese Liberation Army, despise the chastity, dignity and precious life of those innocent ones and suppress the emotions of their beloved. Meanwhile, relying on the condition that most of people in the world will not be able to witness their vicious acts of violence and behaviors they have committed unscrupulously and shamelessly, these Chinese Liberation Army enjoys using cruel ways to torture, massacre and trample on these innocent people, physically and mentally, in one free world. The arrogant Hu, Jiang and those jackals nurtured under such ferocious power treat themselves as the symbol of benevolence and hero, as they fail to learn their gutless and vicious acts to trample on those innocent people. If these demons, butchers and dregs of human, such as Hu, Jiang and Chinese Liberation Army who have become frenzied and conscienceless appeared in the site of Nanjing massacre in WWII, they definitely would be the leading roles to act atrocities!

    15. We don’t want to see masses of innocent people to fall victim to the hell on earth built by red China where they will be susceptible to tortures and massacres for thousands of years.
    16. Despite being even unable to fend for themselves in face of the high-tech detriments and attacks from China, we can not tolerate the fact that these politicians and journalists will become the accomplices to help China commit its terrorist acts and suppression on these innocent people in the current era or an unknown future.
    17. In view of the notorious, vicious and sinister Hu, Jiang, Chinese Liberation Army with blood-stained hands, we just cast doubt over whether these greats of knowing what is what who have negotiated with these demons will show their conscience to save these innocent civilians or will act just for the sake of their profits, or are under the control of China. In this current drowned world, how will these innocent lives be treated in face of the atrocious acts committed by these diabolical figures, or when these innocent people will witness the practice of democracy in China? Will these phenomena turn out to be the joint efforts and endeavors achieved by China and those powerful figures in the world? Are we really dedicated to overturning such adversity? Our goal is to eliminate the vicious power one day with our strenuous efforts, and we absolutely will achieve it!

    Chen,Shun-Chuan 2002.10.13* Republic of China (Taiwan)

    二.共匪有科技可利用軍事衛星,偵測人腦腦電磁波,進而解讀,知道其思想,使用衛星電磁波,針對其需要的每個人,做個別之干擾. 三.利用電磁波,使人腦對某些的聲音感到嚴重驚悸.困噩.痛苦,或播放雜音,使用電磁波在人睡夢中,撥放剪接編輯的特製影片,或傳遞語言.影像.訊息與我們腦海,或做覆蓋於我們所見所聽製造幻聽.幻覺.


    十一.我認為滿街都有受害者,不比戰爭,不明白不知道的,中共畜生簡單電磁波設計,就可使人反目,製造車禍,更甭說一年青人的誤入歧途, 自殺的加工,設計製造的種種社會新聞(中共自稱拍電影),中共擁有這科技超過十六年,長年濫用科技優勢,草菅人命設計安排「加工製造新聞」,腥風血雨滲透破壞自由世界,箝制操弄泰半傳媒內容,行洗腦.恐嚇.散病毒(話中有話,看圖說故事...),中共任何屠殺無辜的事實,都是經過高度的計算,高度的合理化,這些威脅都是確實存在!千萬不要輕忽嚴重性!


    十七.98年被中共恐嚇經驗,1.16「陳雅琳覺得這次欸(ㄟˋ)才搞到10萬倍個太小意思」1.17「欸的始作俑者是三立新聞媒體欸」1.20「盧宥伶最擅長的是恐嚇」 6.29「全台灣就你一個不怕他們害他們記者越來越不像恐怖組織」7.6「你最大的功勞就是打草驚蛇警察最大的功勞就是把賣國賊記者化妝成媽祖」7.11「林益如說她要全部的記者英雄和政治人物英雄都不要理你的求救剛好而已」7.11「我們要讓你嘗盡被記者出賣的快感」7.11「大道奈緒要你不要講記者對你精神虐待不然她們和馬英九會要你家破人亡」7.15「人家在百貨公司打球百貨公司處理就可以TVBS鄭凱云要把這個拿來炒作威懾平民不然你怎麼樣」7.17「劉麗惠說她是因為知道你被大陸精神虐待最嚴重所以才連播彰化新聞數年」8.20「中國屠殺台灣人和捐錢給88災民tvbs選擇只大量強調中國多好心不然你怎麼樣白癡」8.22「你那麼挑剔tvbs那麼tvbs偷偷把災民(88水災)分成支持馬英九和討厭馬英九的可以吧」

    陳順銓 中華民國 98.8.30

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