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KNAPSACKED: A Life Redirected North


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KNAPSACKED: A Life Redirected North

In this beautifully-written, inspiring memoir, Aspen Matis tells the story of her transformative journey from shattered teenage girl to self-reliant young woman. On her second night of college, amidst the excitement of new friends, new classes, and a new campus, Aspen is raped by a fellow freshman. Feeling confused, numb, and ashamed, she stumbles through a semester while enduring the incompetence and coldness of her college’s judicial process. In April, she makes a staggering decision. She is leaving college, she tells her parents, to hike the 2,650 miles of the Pacific Crest Trail. In search of solitude and the healing power of nature, she walks from Mexico to Canada, communing with fellow desert pilgrims and pushing herself to her physical limit. In the mountains, she meets the sensitive young man who will change her life and help her mend. Aspen’s story is heart-wrenching, brave and a beacon of hope for the countless girls who have faced the same tragedy. It is a coming-of-age story, a wilderness survival story, a love story, and, ultimately, a story of hope and healing. William Morrow

Publication: May 2014 (JS)

Estimated length: 240 pages; 16 page photo insert

Manuscript available: November 2013

New York Times “Modern Love” article available
Nolte, Nick


"My life and the films I make are like a nightmare and a dream at the same time. The failures and successes, they happen in all our lives, whether we want them or not…One day you're the sexiest man alive, and another day you show up, and your face is like a flattened road killed bird in the worst mug shot of all time…you have to be true to your own heart, take your own advice and forge ahead to achieve what is important to you." - Nick Nolte

In this candid, poignant, and even funny memoir, Oscar-nominated Hollywood icon Nick Nolte reflects on his life, from his humble Midwestern roots; his ascent to stardom from being the first blonde in a Clairol ad, to his role in the hit television mini-series Rich Dad, Poor Dad, to his star turns in films like North Dallas Forty, Cannery Row, 48 Hours, Cape Fear, The Prince of Tides, Affliction, and I Love Trouble, to being People Magazine's "Sexiest Man Alive"; true method acting; his colorful relationships with people like Jaqueline Bisset, Debra Winger, Julia Roberts, and Katherine Hepburn; fatherhood, and much more. William Morrow

Publication:  November 2013 (JS)

Estimated length:  320 pages; 16 page color insert

Manuscript available: August 2013

Entertainment / Pop Culture
Braxton, Toni


In this heartfelt memoir, six-time Grammy award winning artist and star of WE tv’s breakout reality hit “Braxton Family Values,” Toni Braxton writes about her professional, romantic, health and lifestyle choices with a degree of introspection and candor that will inspire and empower readers everywhere. While Toni Braxton appears to be living a gilded life, hers is really a tumultuous story– a tale of triumph over many desolating challenges, not the least of which was the long-held fear that her son’s Autism might be karmic retribution for earlier life choices, ranging from the conscious use of a potent prescriptive drug during an earlier pregnancy to abortion. Having endured a heart attack at age 41, Toni writes about how she ultimately took charge of her own healing– physically and spiritually. She reveals the measures she underwent to make herself and her family whole again. Like her hit song Unbreak My Heart, which still stands as the #2 all-time bestselling single by a female recording artist, her story is bound to resonate with her millions of fans and women of all ages. !t Books

Publication: February 2014 (CB)

Estimated length: 320 pages; 30-40 photos

Manuscript available: July 2013

Casey, Ryan


A hilarious and unique graphic look at celebrity caricatures from Ryan Casey, the creator of the award-winning website ButYou’ Casey takes on the strange, incestuous, gossip-fueled world of celebrity hookups in this incredibly funny pop-culture compendium. After years of roasting of-the-moment celebrities on his hugely popular website, Casey has compiled a delicious feast of juicy details, caricatures, comics, and dating flow-charts into the must-have book for anyone addicted to celebrity gossip. Some of the couples explored include Cher and Tom Cruise, Robert Downey, Jr. and Sarah Jessica Parker, John Mayer and Taylor Swift, and Jessica Simpson and the countless NFL players she dated. Fully illustrated in four-color throughout, BUT YOU LIKE REALLY DATED?! showcases hundreds of amazing celebrity caricatures drawn in Casey’s inimitable, signature style. Beautifully designed from a very talented young artist, this promises to be the funniest book of the year. !t Books

Publication: October 2013 (CB)

Estimated length: 192 pages; full-color throughout

Manuscript available
Cross, Charles


From the author of the New York Times bestselling HEAVIER THAN HEAVEN: The Biography of Kurt Cobain, which won the 2002 ASCAP Award for Outstanding Biography, and was called “one of the most moving and revealing books ever written about a rock star” by the Los Angeles Times, comes a new book that examines the legacy of the Nirvana frontman and takes on the question: why does Kurt Cobain still matter so much, 20 years after his death? With this new book, Cross explores Cobain’s music, fashion, film, and culture, and attempts to explain his lasting, and looming, legacy. There are certain musicians that transition from rock star to icon that fans cling to generation after generation. Kurt Cobain is the icon born of the 90s, a man whose legacy continues to influence pop culture and music twenty years later. The book will be published to coincide with the 20th anniversary of Cobain’s death. Charles Cross is the author of seven books, including HEAVIER THAN HEAVEN and books on Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin and the Wilson sisters. !t Books

Publication: March 2014 (CB)

Estimated length: 192 pages; b&w photos throughout

Manuscript available: October 2013

Edwards, Gavin

LAST NIGHT AT THE VIPER ROOM: River Phoenix and the Hollywood He Left Behind

I think he was the best. Is. Was. Is the best of the young guys. I’m not just saying that now—I said that before he died. He had something I don’t understand.” -- Brad Pitt

Acclaimed author and journalist Gavin Edwards examines a brilliant but complicated life cut short, and tells the minute by minute story of the night River Phoenix died. In the early 1990s a new generation of leading men was on the rise: Johnny Depp, Keanu Reeves, Brad Pitt, Christian Slater, Robert Downey Jr., Nicolas Cage, and Leonardo DiCaprio. Of all of them, perhaps the one with the brightest future was River Phoenix. Raised in Venezuela among a cultish religious group, 18-year-old Phoenix took Hollywood by storm when he won an Oscar nomination for Running on Empty. River came of age in the spotlight—a teen idol on the fast-track to Hollywood royalty. Yet, on October 31, 1993, at the age of 23, River Phoenix died of a drug overdose in front of West Hollywood’s storied Viper Room, a tragic ending to a brilliant life and career that the world had only just begun to grasp. With fast-paced storytelling, Gavin Edwards explores the world River lived in, his life, and his lasting legacy. River Phoenix is remembered for his acclaimed performances in Stand By Me, My Own Private Idaho, and Running on Empty. Before his death, he was working on the film Dark Blood. Production was abandoned after River’s death, but later completed. It was shown at the Venice Film Festival and will be released for the first time this year. !t Books

Publication: November 2013 (CB)

Estimated length: 288 pages

Manuscript available: June 2013
Evans, Robert


From the legendary Hollywood producer of such great films as The Godfather and Rosemary’s Baby, and author of the classic memoir THE KID STAYS IN THE PICTURE, comes a new memoir that chronicles his triumphant recovery from a devastating series of strokes with the support of friends like Warren Beatty and Jack Nicholson, and revisits outrageous moments from throughout his life in the movies. A one-of-a-kind Hollywood insider, Robert Evans shares new stories from throughout his career, with cameos by everyone from Jimmy Cagney, Tyrone Power, Darryl Zanuck, Ava Gardner, Errol Flynn and Grace Kelly to President John F. Kennedy, Frank Sinatra, Brigitte Bardot, Catherine Deneuve, Ali MacGraw, John Wayne, Alain Delon, Henry Kissinger, President Reagan and Pope John Paull II, to Dustin Hoffman, Roman Polanski, Helmut Newton, P. Diddy, Wes Crave, Slash, 50 Cent, Snoop Dogg, and more. Told with Bob’s unmistakable voice and panache, THE FAT LADY SANG is full of outrageous stories about one of the most turbulent times in Hollywood. This is one of the great insider’s autobiographies of all time, driven by a voice as charming, juicy, and irresistible as any great novel. !t Books

Publication: November 2013 (CB)

Estimated length: 224 pages

Manuscript available
Ford, Lita



One of the greatest female electric guitar players to ever pick up the instrument.”- Elle

Lita Ford, bad ass legendary former lead guitarist of The Runaways, spills all about the ‘70s and ‘80s music scene. At the age of 16, Lita was living her dreams. Having left home to join the world’s first all-female rock group, The Runaways - a band whose legend was sealed by the 2010 hit movie starring Kristen Stewart and Dakota Fanning - she went on to become the first woman hard rock guitarist. A platinum-selling star who gave Ozzy Osbourne his first Top Ten hit, she was a leather-clad sexy babe whose hair was bigger and guitar licks were hotter than any of the guys. But after her ascension to the level of rock star goddess, Lita was whisked away to a private Caribbean island by her husband. Brainwashed, she was a prisoner in her own life, a slave to her husband’s demands, living like a captive. Now, having plotted her escape and returning to the world of music, Lita - a true survivor - is ready to tell all. It is a story that will enthrall as much as terrify. No female rock star of Lita’s stature has ever before told the real story of women in rock. William Morrow

Publication: May 2014 (JS)

Estimated length: 320 pages, 15-20 photos

Manuscript available: June 2013

Hofler, Robert

SEXPLOSION: How a Generation of Taboo Busters Remade Pop Culture

Entertaining, amusing, and insightful, SEXPLOSION is the story of the art and artists who helped herald the sexual revolution. The six years between 1968 and 1973 saw more sexual taboos challenged than ever before. Film, literature, theater and music simultaneously broke through barriers previously unimagined, giving birth to what we still consider to be the height of sexual expression: The Joy of Sex, Hair, The Boys in the Band, Portnoy’s Complaint, Fear of Flying, Last Tango in Paris, Midnight Cowboy, Playgirl, and Deep Throat. In SEXPLOSION, Robert Hofler weaves a lively narrative linking many of the writers, producers, and actors responsible for creating these controversial works, placing them within their cultural and social frameworks. Always colorful and often unexpected, SEXPLOSION is an illuminating work about the origins of sexual expression in popular culture and the power it continues to hold after forty years. Robert Hofler spent thirty-five years as an entertainment journalist, has written several biographies and is currently a senior editor at Variety. !t Books

Publication: February 2014 (CB)

Estimated length: 320 pages

Manuscript available: June 2013
Leve, Ariel & Morgan, Robin

1963: The Year of the Revolution

From two award-winning journalists, a unique perspective on a time of endless fascination, starting in January 1963 when two largely unknown acts made their first appearances on nationwide television in Britain. Neither The Beatles nor Bob Dylan knew it at the time, but by some strange alchemy the anthems of social upheaval were being heard by a mass audience and they were the catalyst. The year 1963 saw the birth of a global demographic power shift encompassing music, fashion, film, literature, and stage. For the first time in history, society’s youth had become a commercial and cultural force that commanded the attention of government and exercised the power to shape society. Journalists Leve and Morgan sat down with a star-studded roster of luminaries who helped define the era, from Keith Richards to Eric Clapton, Mary Quant to Vidal Sassoon, Graham Nash to Peter Frampton, Alan Parker to Gay Talese, Stevie Nicks to Norma Kamali, and many more. This oral history records, documentary-style, the incredible roller-coaster ride of that year when a group of otherwise obscure teenagers would become global superstars that forever changed the course of popular culture. Lavishly illustrated with rare and never-before-seen photos, 1963 will contain between 30 and 50 images, many culled from the collection of iconic British photographer Terry O’Neill, and will be appearing in print here for the first time. !t Books

Publication: December 2013 (CB)

Estimated length: 304 pages; 6x9; B&W photos throughout: $24.99

Manuscript available
Rudin, Jen


Award-winning casting director Jen Rudin shares her thirty years of experience in show business. For any aspiring actor, this definitive guide to breaking into film, television and theater will demystify the often intimidating, opaque, and constantly-changing audition process. Topics covered include: how to find an agent or manager, detailed audition preparation for musical theater, television and film, commercial and animated movies, technology’s constantly changing role in show business, what’s expected once inside the audition room, and how to turn a call-back into a role. Filled with checklists, easy-to-follow game plans, advice from real actors, agents, and casting directors, and tons of practical instruction, this book will help actors feel confident taking on the unpredictable and ever-evolving world of show business. Jen Rudin was a casting executive at the Walt Disney Company, and hired many actors to star on Broadway in The Lion King, Mary Poppins and The Little Mermaid, and in beloved movies like The Incredibles and The Princess and the Frog. She currently runs Jen Rudin Casting. !t Books

Publication: January 2014 (CB)

Estimated length: 272 pages

Manuscript available: July 2014

Sharp, Ken and Simmons, Gene

NOTHIN’ TO LOSE: The Making of KISS (1972-1975)

An up-close and personal look at the formation of one of the most beloved and iconic rock bands of all time—told by the people who were there. NOTHIN’ TO LOSE chronicles for the first time the crucial formative years of the legendary rock band KISS, culminating with the groundbreaking success of their classic 1975 album Alive! and the smash single “Rock and Roll All Nite,” a song that nearly four decades later remains one of the band’s most enduring anthems. Drawing on more than 200 interviews, the book offers a captivating and intimate account of their launch, charting the struggles and ultimate massive success. Included are original interviews with Paul, Gene, Ace, and Peter, as well as producers, engineers, management, roadies, costume and stage designers, fans, and musical contemporaries from the time such as manager Bill Aucoin, Casablanca Records founder Neil Bogart, rock photographer Bob Gruen, promoter Ron Delsner, Ted Nugent, Dick Clark, Alice Cooper, Marshall Crenshaw, and Bob Seger as well as members of Aerosmith, Black Sabbath, Rush Styx, Nazareth, Slade, Blue Oyster Cult, Uriah Heep, Mott the Hoople, the New York Dolls, the Ramones, and the Quattros, among others. The end result is an indelible and irresistible portrait of a band on the rise and the music scene they changed forever. Visually rich with hundreds of rarely-or never-before-seen photographs, this book promises to reveal all about the “hottest show on earth.” !t Books

Rights sold: Italian/Edizioni BD; Portuguese (Brazil)/Saraiva; Swedish/ICA
Publication: September 2013 (CB)

Estimated length: 560 pages; 6x9; 150 b&w photos throughout; 2 16-page color inserts

Galley available
Shields, Tyler


From one of the most sought after, cutting-edge photographers in Hollywood, Tyler Shields presents a captivating, visually stunning collection of photography that explores fame, youth, luxury, excess and celebrity culture. Tyler will do anything to capture the shot—the once in a lifetime, un-retouched, subject pushed to their limits shot. In his first book length collection of photography, he explores the cult of celebrity. Comprising 130 masterfully composed images; he strips down movie stars, stretches the boundaries of “good taste,” and offers up a stunning visual treat. Included are shots of a bloody Lindsay Lohan with a knife, Emma Roberts posed alongside beheaded Barbie dolls, and Francesca Eastwood destroying a $100,000 Hermes handbag with a chainsaw. Raw and revolutionary, THE DIRTY SIDE OF GLAMOUR captures Tyler’s unrestrained creative spirit and offers a visual commentary on fame, excess and modern youth culture. !t Books

Publication: November 2013 (CB)

Estimated length: 144 pages; 8x10; 133 color photos

Manuscript available: June 2013

Skaggs, Ricky


Ricky Skaggs is one of the most prominent singers and musicians in the history of bluegrass and country music. Mentored by the “father of bluegrass,” Bill Monroe, Skaggs became a professional musician at age fifteen and by twenty-one he was considered a “recognized master” of one of music’s most demanding art forms. After several hit albums and a total of fourteen Grammy Awards to his credit, he has become bluegrass music’s official ambassador. In his widely anticipated memoir, Skaggs tells the stories of his successful career, profiles his musical heroes and influences, and paints a unique insider look at the evolution of bluegrass. Full of heartfelt honesty and humor, this powerful memoir will speak to bluegrass and country music lovers and will delight his growing legions of fans. !t Books

Publication: August 2013 (CB)

Estimated length: 252 pages; 16-page color photo insert

Galley available
Spielberg, Steven and The Shoah Foundation

TESTIMONY: The Legacy of Schindler’s List and the Shoah Foundation

20th Anniversary Commemorative Edition

Commemorating the 20th anniversary of both the film and the foundation, an illustrated book that combines the behind-the-scenes story of the making of the Oscar Award-winning film Schindler’s List with the story of the building of the Shoah Foundation, which director Steven Spielberg established as a result of his experiences filming the movie in Poland.  Exclusively for this milestone anniversary, Spielberg and Universal Pictures opened their archives, providing access to production stills, interviews, call sheets, and other artifacts that bring the filmmaking story to life.  Spielberg discusses pre-production planning, the difficult location shoot in Poland, and the experiences of the cast and crew.  Featured throughout are excerpts from Steven Zaillian’s screenplay and the dramatic black and white photographs of David James, which echo the film’s acclaimed cinematography.  Part Two of the book focuses on the story of the Shoah Foundation, and its urgent mission to collect and preserve video testimonies of survivors and other witnesses of the Holocaust, so that these eyewitnesses could become teachers of humanity for generations to come.  Newmarket /!t Books

Publication:  November 2013                                                                   (CB)

Estimated length:  272 pages; 9 x 11 ½; 150-200 color photos throughout

Manuscript available:  June 2013

Sullivan, Brendan Jay

RIVINGTON WAS OURS: Lady Gaga, the Lower East Side, and the Prime of Our Lives

Lady Gaga’s old friend and former DJ Brendan Sullivan chronicles Gaga’s early years, and paints a vivid picture of the downtown scene from which she emerged. Brendan Sullivan was an up-and-coming New York City DJ when he met Stefani Germanotta in 2006, then a struggling artist. She was a go-go dancer who sewed her own outfits but had bigger ambitions. She clearly had that “it” factor before she became famous, and Brendan was there to witness it. In this intimate portrait of the budding star who would soon catapult to fame and fortune, the author describes afternoons sitting with Gaga on the floor of her bare Lower East Side apartment, drinking wine and plotting out the pop stardom that awaited her. Filled with stories of love and heartbreak among Gaga and Sullivan and their circle of aspiring musicians and performers, and set against the vibrant backdrop of the downtown night scene, this is an unguarded glimpse behind the veil of one of the biggest musical icons of her generation. !t Books

Publication: September 2013 (CB)

Estimated length: 352 pages

Galley available
Thompson, Anne

THE $11 BILLION YEAR: A Candid Look Inside the Changing Hollywood Machine

Veteran film industry reporter Anne Thompson, founder of IndieWire’s “Thompson on Hollywood” blog, chronicles what goes on within one transformative year (2012) in the changing and challenged motion picture industry, providing a candid behind-the-scenes perspective, and covering every facet of the business of making and marketing movies, from low-budget indies to studio blockbusters.  From the Indies at Sundance and the glamour of the Oscars to the international scene at Cannes, Thompson will examine what works and what doesn’t work, in script development, production, marketing, etc., as well as the challenges facing movie makers today.  The Oscar race will bracket the book, starting with the 2011 Oscars and following the ongoing race to the 2012 Oscars in February 2013.  Anne Thompson headed Premiere’s LA bureau, was a senior writer at Entertainment Weekly and editor at Film Comment magazine.  She has contributed to Vanity Fair, New York magazine, the New York Times, The Washington Post, and the London Observer, among others.  Newmarket/!t Books

Publication:  January 2014                                                                 (CB)

Estimated length:  320 pages

Manuscript available:  June 2013
Tyler, Aisha

SELF-INFLICTED WOUNDS: Heartwarming Tales of Epic Humiliation

Laugh-out-loud funny, and totally relatable, SELF-INFLICTED WOUNDS highlights a new comedic voice on the rise.  Comedian, host of top ranked podcast “Girl on Guy,” and co-host of CBS’s The Talk, Aisha Tyler shares stories of moments when she has wreaked havoc on her own life, and what she has learned in doing so. On her wildly popular podcast she asks her guests to recount moments from their lives when they’ve done something boneheaded, ill conceived, dangerous or just plain stupid.  Now, Aisha turns the lens on herself—recounting her most egregious mistakes—to hilarious result.  Charming, beautiful, and Ivy educated, Tyler appeals to a growing mainstream audience and hipsters alike.  She launched her career as the host of TV’s E! Entertainment’s “Talk Soup,” and had recurring roles on Friends, The Ghost Whisperer, CSI, 24, and has made numerous guest appearances on many shows. !t Books

Publication:  July 2013 (CB)

Estimated length:  356 pages

Manuscript available

Von Teese, Dita

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