Foreword by Mr. Justice M. B. Rege, B. A., Lb


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First Edition: 1939 Present Edition: 1999

Published by All India Sal SamaJ

AJamelumangapuram, Mylapore Chennai - 600 004


By Mr. Justice M. B. Rege, B.A., LB

High Court Judge, Indore.

An attempt to write a foreword to Baba's Charters and Sayings may well be described as an effort to discover the Sun with a lighted taper. None is more conscious of this than myself but my revered brother B.V. Narasimha Swami whose privilege it has been to compile the "Charters and Sayings" would not brook my denial of the honour of writing this foreword. With Baba's divine grace, the lighted taper may perhaps dimly light the way out of the depth of theSamsaric Cavern to the Radiant Sun outside; and if it does so, it will be an addition to the Charters.

Self-realisation is the aim of Mysticism; but the means to the end must be suited to the needs of the individual. Baba in the flesh was, to his devotees, the embodiment of the Supreme Spirit lighting the Sadhakas'path by his every word and action. The mortal body has passed away but the "Baba" once in it now lives in the Spirit Eternal helping in the silent way he often did in the flesh the myriads of his devotees who seek solace in him. A Sadhaka however must need have something manifest and perceptible to the senses on which to pin his faith; and the 'Charters and Sayings' compiled by Swamiji will serve as a manifestation of that Supreme Spirit in words. As Lord Sree Krishna manifests Himself in the Bhagavad Gita, so does Baba in the 'Charters and Sayings'.

The compilation will doubtless be a beacon on the Sadhakas' path; but it would likewise transport persons like my humble self, who had the privilege of being at Baba's feet when He was in the body, back into the old times, and revive fond memories of the blissful moments spent with the Master.

The 'Charters and Sayings' are useful as precepts both in the world spiritual and the world material. Pervading them is the love of an ardent devotee who pictures Baba as the Body, the Jeeva and the Shiva. At one stage says Baba "I am your servant's servant"; next "I am a servant of Allah"; and yet again "I am He." Intellect fails here; but the spirit beyond the intellect and mind is manifest, In the body Baba was the insignificant human being; between it and the supreme Shiva, he was as "Jeeva" a wheel in the great machine; but transcending these He stood as Shiva Himself.

The onward march of Science may some day co-ordinate these phases in the frame of the Intelect. The miracles referred to in the book may cause a sceptic to stare. To the devotees in tune with the Infinite Baba they are only events in thfe process of evolution-mysterious to the mere man-but explicable in the light of Faith and Love.

One cannot be too greatful to Swamiji for the labour of love which has crystallised this phase of Baba's divine personality in the 'Charters and Sayings'. All I would say is All glory to the Master and to his "Vyasa" the Swamiji; and may the book serve to create and foster Faith and Devotion in all corners of the country!

M. B. rege

Foreword by Justice M.B.Rege

Sal Baba's Charters


  1. Baba's promises as Dwaraka Mayi(Masudi Ayi) 1 -8 B.

  2. Magna Carta:

Baba's promises in his own name 9-52

Baba's mission 53-57

Baba's nature 58-65-a

Baba's ubiquity 66-73

Baba and other saints 74-89

Baba's function 90-100

Baba a surrendered instrument of God 101 -104

Baba's Nature (Nirakara and Sakara) 105-107

Atma Vichara 108-109

Difference unreal 110-112

Moksha Marga

Samsara 113

True Happiness 114

True or joy happiness 115

Conduct amidst samsara 116

Bhakti 117

Jnana and Bhakti 118

Atma Vichara (i.e. Jnana)

(a) Who are you? Whence? (b) Who am I?

Who are we? 119-20

(c) Think who you are? 121

(d) Who is God? etc. How are we to see God?

How to get Moksha? 121 -23

Reaching God: The method. 124

1. Nitya-Anityavastuviveka. 2. Vairagya-(a) Baba's vairagya.

(b) Advice to Madras! Swami. 3. Sama, Dama, etc.

4.Mumuk shuta

Moksha what it is and how to get it

Suddha chaitanya and Maya 125

Maya(cfSB Xl(II) 126

God Realisation-Sakshatkara (Das Ganu) 127-29

What Is God

Sakshatkara ordinarily very transient: H.S.D. 130

Atmajnana-Adh ikari:

1. Receptivity 131

2. Deserve before you desire 132

3. Surrender five-if you want Brahman 133

Do all visitors benifit 134

Baba wants complete surrender 135

Anna Saheb Dabolkar 136

Radha Bai Deshmukin 137

Have Nisnta and Saburi and trust yourGuru 137-138

Do Dhyana (along with Sravana,

Manana, Nidhi Dhyasa and Smarana) 139


1. Faith

Baba's Test and development of faith-instances 141 –43

Baba's regard for Hindu Gods-Maruti, Mohiniraj,

Rama and Krishna and Vittal 144-45,46

Baba and Hindu Gods: Avatars etc. 147-48

God realisation and not talk 149-50,51

Decay of faith etc, in these days 152-53,54

II. Worship of Objects

(a) Images: (b) Paduka; (c)Coins: (d) Tomb worship:

(e) Picture Worship 155

Baba strengthens faith in God etc. 167-71

III. Guru

Image worship 172-73

Conservatism: do not change images 174

Sai's former Guru's Mahima 175

Guru needed 176-77

Baba on 'Venkusa" -the Guru of this birth 178-80

Former Guru-Kabir-Upasana 181

Guru God is by adoption by the Devotee 182

Nature of Jnana and how to get it through Guru 183


All Jnanis are Krishna (i.e.God) 183

iv.(A) Books Pothi, Parayaju

Do not read but meditate 183.a-l 91

K. (B) Nama Japa

(1 )Rama and (2) Sai 192-98

v. Worship Baba as God in All

(toN.G.C.) 199

vi. Sights of Nature

Baba approves of mystic experience of individual

self blending with Universal self 200

vi. Music

Baba aproves the use of Music for (Laya) absorption 201 -02

Moral Teachings and Correction

Shadripus. Advice to jog 203

(1) Lust to Devadas:N.G.C.Lust;H.V Sathe 204

(2) Anger

Ramadasi; Jog;R,B. Purandhare;Mrs. Pradhan

Baba's control of Anger 212-18-A

(3) Pride

Haji; H.V.Sathe; Das Ganu;

Caste Pride: S.A. Doctor; Mule Sastri; 219-23

Bayyaji-Pride of strength

(N.G.C.Pride of Learning) 224

4 Jealousy (MatsaraJ-toN.G.C. 225

5. Lobha (greed) 226-230

N.G.C.; jaya Gudi; Attai; Jog

Bade Baba-Sadu chose the better part 231

N.R-Sahasrabuddhe 232


(5) A. Kancluna. (a) Dakshina

1. R.B. Purandhare 233-35

2. S.R.V. Jayakar 236

3. P.R.Avasti 237

4. Taking first fruits: S.B. Dhumal 238

5. S.D.Nimonkar 239

6. R.S.Dev. Dakshina as prophecy 240

7. SankarRao -do- 241

8. Lele as first fruits 242

9. S.B.Dhumai.-Dakskhinatoenforceduty 243

10. M.W.Pradhan, -to give effect to intention 244

11. B.V.Dev.-Dakshina for teaching a moral 245

12. G.G.Narke 246

13. R.B. Purandhare 247

14. Mrs.T, 248

15. Judge 249

16. Dakshina as basis for blessings etc. 135,136,186,255

Baba's Indifference to Wealth

1- B.G.Upasani: Giving is no loss 250

2. H.S. Dixit to promote vairagya 251

3. Palanquin 252

4. Share in Profits 253

5. Potful of Coins 254

6. Two Deccani Brahmins -Rs. 15 and Rs.35 255

(A) Property,

1. Marwadi's Stack 256

2. Cow 257-59

Baba's inventory

3. Ill-feted Property-Jayakar 260

B. Poverty 261

C. Providence 262

VI. Moral Teachings

Baba as devotee of God 263-66

Contentment and surrender 267

Love all creatures 268

Idleness 269

Non-hatred 270

Obedience to parents 271

Courage in dealing with spirits 272-73

Meekness 274

Patience 275

Persevering faith in case of doubt 276

Over-asceticism 277

1. H.S.Dixit'sfast 278

2. Mrs. Gokhale'sfast 279

3. S.B.Nachne's 280

4. Yoga and onion-Yoga student 281

5. Das Ganu and Onion 282

6. Kusha Bhav' and Onion 283

7. Dada Kelkar and Onion 284


(a) D.V.Sambhare; (b) Anna Dabolkar; (c)N.G.C 285-288

Harmony 289

Industry and Patience 290-92

Avoid drunkenness 292-a

Baba's Tapas-plank vigil 293

Baba and Tapas-Advice to Sadhakas 294

Advice toAbdul 294-94-a

Scandal 295-96


(a) Mahlsapathy and Bitch 297

(b) H.S.Dixit and Serpent; (c) Mad Dog 298-99

Non-Resistance to Evil

(a) Attai:(b) Sathe; (c) Jawar Ali 300

Baba's Humility: Guru Baba is not and is God

(a) to Master T; (b) to other devotees in general

(c) Burtts Visit; (d) Jawar Ali; (e) Nana wall 301-05


(a) With Suavity and Straightforwardness- N.G.C. 306

(b) Without Arrogance and Anger-N.G.C 307-08

(c) Without discrimination-Athiti N.G.C. 309

Laws of Karma and Poorva Karma 310-11,12

Satsanga; Yama, Niyamaetc.Prema Faith 313

Moral Teachings (A) Death

Death; Birth; selfishness of sorrow 313.(A)-16 Death of a son, daughter, etc., (a) M. G.Pradhan;

(b) Bayyaji Patil 317-18

Jnani's passing away 319

Death-when Baba will not avert it

(a) Bendre-fore warning of son's death 320

(b) Cobra bitten boy, when death is an advantage 321

(c) Girl with slit lip-S.B.Mohile's girl 322

(d) Appa Kulkarni 323

Ineffectual attempt to prevent Death-Nigoj 324

Consolation-Rampurkar and H.S.D. 325-26

Baba averts death-Modern Markandeya 327

(B) Baba's passing away

1. Attempt in 1886 328

2. Attempt in 1916 329

3. Passing in 1918 330

4. Baba's Samadhi and Temple 331

(C) Sadgati

1. Blind man 332

2. L.K.Noolkar 333

3. Vijayanandaswami 334

4. Mrs.S.B. Dhumal 335

5. Mrs. Upasani Maharaj 336

6. Sadgati to animals-She-buffalo 337


Baba on Siddhi or Yoga Marga 337-A-38 A. Restores Sight.

1. V.Y. Despande 339

2. Woman of Bassein-(temporarily) 339

B. - Anticipates storm ; Controls storm 340-41

C. - Controls fire: Kondaji's stack: (b) Fire in the dhuni;

C Heat 341A-44

D. - Controls departed spirits and guides them 345

E. - Materialisation

1. Gadgil-Udhi - 346

2. Kusha Bhav produces Udhi 347

3. Das Ganu-Ganga from Baba's feet 348

4. N.G.C. -{power to give power] 349

5. N.G.C.- water on H.Hill 350

6. Produces seedless grapes out of seed grapes

Jethabai(l) Rationableof Dakshina 351

(2) Sour and not Sour 351A

F-Appearance (Manifestation)

1. To Mahlsapathy at Jejuri 352

2. As Dholap Maharaj to Mule Sastri 352

3. Baba assumes objector's father's voice 353

G-Baba appears as others or identifies himself with them:

1. ToS.B.Nachne 354

2. Balakrishna G. Upasani 355

3. Baba identifies with Anasuya and Datta 356

4. To B.V.Dev as sanyasi 357

5. To Adam Dalali as Marwadi 358

6. Baba as Dog 359


H Baba's Prophecy and Control

(a) Baba-foretells coming glory of Shlrdi 360

(b) L.V.Nadkar-trainlate 361

(c) D.V. Sambhare; (d) N.G.C. 362

(d) Mahlsapathy-feast-insult 363

(e) Mahlsapamy-Pothi-Quarrel 364

(f) Singvekar-passing examination 365

(g) N.A.Samant-Rs.5/-stolen 366

(h) Sapatnekar's friend's law examination 367

(i) Parsi's missing son 368

(j) Parsi insane boy's health 369

(k) Vakil's brother's insanity , 370

(!) Difference between Miracle and Prophecy 371

(m) Narayan Rao Jani 372

(n) Nachne-Bombay transfer and do not trust

mad man 373

(o) Sankar Rao-Rs.64/- 374

(p) Dixit'sboy 375

(q) Godavari water for Jog 376

(r) Brahmana for Jog's Pitru Sraddha 377

(s) Debtors to repay Jog his loans 378

(t) Narke's appointment, issue and trusteeship 379-80

(u) Mrs.M.W.Pradhan's baby's fits 381

(v) Kalyan Karnik-a sowcar 382

(w) Shama's sister-in-law's plague 383

(x) Balwant G. Khaparde's plague 384

I. Adam Daiali's criminal case 385

2. H.M.Pense'sciminal appeal 386

3. Death sentence on a Brahmin 387

J.-Baba's help to Students 388

K.-Baba repeats Sanskrit Sloka and teaches Sanskrit 389

L.-Baba's Recipes 391-96

1. Dr.C. Pillai-guineaworm 397

2. Overcoming Karma for Saranagata 398

3. Granting son when Karma was against(Scindhe) 399

M.-Baba's cure without Medicine 400

  1. Mahisapatny's wife;

  2. 2.H.S.D's brother 401

N.-Baba's forcing thought upon others or control of minds

1. G.S.lCs prosecutioniB.V.Dev 402-03

2. Criminal appeal of Baba's servant 404

3. Dev Mamlatdar's obstacle to study removed 405

O.-Baba's Antarjnan or Ritambhara Prajna

1. Baba's avowal 406

2. Baba's giving proof to H.S.D 407

3. Baba on Gajanan's passing away 408

4. Das Ganu's sub-inspectorship 409

5. ThembeSwami'scocoanut 410

6. Kaka Dopeswar Maharaj's passing away 411

7. Gadgil's first visit-from Bhimasanker 412

8. Gadgil's presents 413

9. Gadgil's worship of Baba as Ganapathy 414

10. R.S.Dev's ideas and Upadesh 415

11. Dr.Mulky's mistakes 416

12. G.G. Narke-'BabaMad" 417

13. G.G. Narke-Baba's begging-bowl 418

14. G.G. Narke-Baba's Kupni gift 419

15. S.B. Nachne-leave 420

16. S. B. Nachne and two annas 421

17. Date's oranges 422

18. Rajaballi Mohamed's Bark 423

19. Megha's caste pride 424

20. N.Londa's caste pride 425

21. HariKanoba's sandals 426

22. Somadeva Swami &. Baba Standards 426-a

23. Gurjar and one rupee 427

24. Mankernotdelivering-Mrs. T'speda

25. Lizard's tick 428

26. Cholkar's tea with sugar 429

27. Pandhari Vakil-scandalising 430

28. TakurB.A.'s Buffalo ride 431

29. Modak's friend-resiling from intended gift 432

30. N.R,S.'relationship 433

31. Jaikar's doubts 434

32. Dixit'sdakshinaof Rs.25 435

33. Dixit's Betel 436

34. Khaparde'sdakshina 437

35. Uddavesa's loss of money and thirst 438

36. Mulherkar-puccadevotee 439

37. Special Peda and Mrs.Mulherkark's life 440

38. D.D.Rasane-Money still left in his pocket 441

39. Babu Rao Boravke and the forgotten rupee 442

40. Device exposed of Printer N.V. 443

41. Mr. T.'s mistake 444

42. Lala Latchrnichand 445

43. Lala Latchmichand' s Sanza-consideration

for hunger 446

44. Rich Man's adopted boy 447

45. Police Officer's Rs.50/- and need for it 448

P. Baba and Black Magic

1. To Theosophical lady 449

2. To Kusa Bhav 450

3. To a Victim of Black Magic 451

4. Evil spirits, (a) Hansraj. (b) Mrs.Tipins 452

Q. Benefits from Knowledge of the Future-

Courage and Endurance 453,54

  1. to R.B.P.

2. toH.S.D.

Baba's future : promises to be reborn

R Baba on the Past

Baba tracing Past Lives of others 455-63

G. S.Kaparde 464-66

Hangman Rebirth for revenge-fe-incarnation and reaping of results 467 N.G.Chandorkar 468

Kishya or Pishya 469

Babu Pradhan 470

Goats 471

Mrs. T.-Guru follows devotee birth after births 472

Baba's autobiographic Reminiscences of Past births

Snake and frog-rebirth for revenge-Development of Vasanas-

Justice of God 473

Compulsory Labour;Sahasranama 474-95

Baba's Sadhana in a former life 496

Self-sacrifice service always 497


(a) N.G.C. (b) Kshirsagar 500-02

(c) Do not drive away 503

(d) Rinanubanda for animal 504

Baba's Reference to his Brahminism now 505-06

Baba's Love of Devotees,

1. Apperciation of Prema

  1. Mrs.V.S.Giridhar; R.B.Purandhare: 507,508,09,

Nandaram Marwadi; Sai'sSabari; 10,11,12,13,

Sai's Kuchela; Vakharkar's Plantains; 14, 15,16,17

Sankaranti halwa; Mrs. T's Brinjal; Mrs.T's Peda;

Mrs.G.S.K-'s Naivedya; Leper's peda

Garde's mangoes-gifts with pure mind-Pandits sesha (urlai)ladus 518

Bhikubai's flowers, melon and Peda-gifts

with impure mind 519

Mrs.Kanitkar'grapes-dubious gifts 520

2. Baba's Sacrifice of Self for Devotees

(a) BalwantG.Khaparde's plague,

drawn by Baba to himself 521

(b) Baba's offer of his own throat 522

(c) Baba's sacrifice of his own health 523

3. Baba's consideration for feelings of Devotees

(a) For a mother's prayer 524

(b) Kusal Bhav's pious wishes 525

(c) Mavushe's feelings; 526

(d) Nachne's mother-in-law 526

(e) Vadhavkar's hunger 527

(f) Vaidya's health and safety 528

(g) Baby's cries {Mrs. M.W.P's) 529

(h) Purandhare's obstinacy; 530

(i) Varde's obstinacy 531

4. Baba's Watch and Care

1. Bahalkar's boy's illness 532

2. Mahlasapathy and snakes 533

3. Mrs.Manager and Snakes 534

4. Mirikar and Snakes-Abhayam 535

5. Buti and snakes-Abhayam 536

6. Consideration for health of Bala Shimpi 537

5. Baba towards Lepers 538

6. Baba's Helps {or Blessings) for issue

i. D.S.Rasane;ii.Rao Bahadur H.V.Sathe; iii. Sapatnekar;

iv. Mrs Aurangabadkar; v. Chintamani Rao; vi. Mahlsapathy;

vii. Ratanji Salt 539-45

viii N.G.Sindhe-Baba gave son against prarabdha 545-a

7. Baba's Help in Domestic Affairs

(a) Mr. and Mrs. Nana Nimonkar 546

(b) Mr. and Mrs. H.V.Sathe 547

8. Baba's Help in Business

  1. D.S. Rasane and grain trade 548

b. Bayyaji Patel and sugarcane 549

c Rao Bahadur S.B.Dhumal and Public

Prosecutorship 550

9. Baba submits to worship out of love of Devotees

a. Baba and Rangari; b.Baba and Guru Purnima 551,52

10. Baba's Watch over Devotees 553

  1. N.G.Chandorkar; b.Joshi of Kalyan 554

b. KakaMahajani 555

c. Rao Bahadur M.WPradhan's mother 556

d. Mr. Manager's servant 557

11. Baba's Watch and Fore-knowledge

  1. G.G. Narke and plague-house Halwa 558

  2. b. S.B. Dhumal's shiftings during plague 559

12. Baba as Boss of Devotees

a. Kaka Mahajani; b. R.B,Purandhare;

c. a Devotee 560,61,62

13. Baba's kindness even to criminals 563

14. Baba's help in travel 564-74(a)

15 Baba's help in marriage

a. Adam Dalali; b. L.G.Munge

c. Damodar Rasane: d. S.B.Dhumal 575,76,77

16. Baba's Love to Mr.MBR. 578

17. Baba's Saving Life

a. S.B.Nachne; b. Nimonkar's baby 579,80

Baba's Independence

A a. Dhulia Court Commission 581

b. Curtis Visit 582

B Baba's Fearlessness-Worship with Sandal Paste-

Moslems with Clubs 583,84

Baba's Justice and Equality 585

a. Cutting branch of Margosa Tree 586

b. S. B. N's Mother-in-law's revenge 587

c. Bala Patil Harijan; d. Chakra Narayan 588,89

e. Peston Jamas(Parsi) 590

f. Tukeram Barku(Harijan) 591

Baba and Creatures 592

Baba's Religious Tolerance and Catholicity – 593-94

Baba and Conversions 595

Baba's Prayers 596-99

Baba's Practical Wisdom and Detachment 600-05

Baba's Conservatism 606-607

Baba's Mystical Rites and Wisdom 608

-grain powder to stop epidemics

-coin rubbing to ward off evil and promote welfare


1. Baba's advice reg. His biography 609

2. His peculiar methods of talk-Parables,

Stories 610

3. His peculiar humour, double entendre,

jokes 619-20

4. Baba's peculiar method of teaching 621-25

5. Baba and photography, uselessness of

Photography to understand him 626-34

6. Baba's parables 635-43


51 A. Baba appearing on 23-8-1954 to C C Mankiwala at Ahmadabad, said, "write to B.V.N. Swami and tell him Baba is always present before His bhaktas. He is the guiding and all pervading power that shapes the ends of devotees and even of the Universe".

Lord Sal

Ah Blessed Lord, Oh High Deliverer!

Forgive this feeble script, which doth Thee wrong.

Measuring with little wit Thy lofty love.

I take my refuge in Thy name and Thee.

Edwin Arnold

Thou seemest human and divine,

The highest, holiest manhood, Thou.



(Apantaratma) These men do never die; They become the Praised Ones, They shed mercy on the world with myriad hands. They help the helpless. They aid the depressed.

They leave not those that follow them when the time of

danger comes. They are men, only in name. In reality, they are God Himself, These solitary ones are marvellous.

Bedil, the Sufi of Sina


Faith is the sun of life

And her countenance shines (like the Hebrew's)

For she has looked upon God,
Sri Sai Babas Charters and Sayings

(Babas Promises)

(As Dwaraka Mayi)

1. This is Dwaraka Mayi of ours on which you are setting. This wards off all dangers and anxieties from her children. Highly merciful is this Masudi Ayi. She is the mother of those who place their entire faith in her. If they are in danger, she will save them. Once a person climbs into her lap, all this troubles are over. He who sleeps in her shade attains bliss.

2. What can the snake do to Dwarakamayi’s children ? They look on amused, when the snake appears.

When Dwaraka Mayi protects, can the snake bite.

3. We have no need to fear. Strike, le me see how you can strike and kill (ef,36,473)

4. This is not a mosque. It is Dwaraka. Those who seek refuge in her will never be harmed.

5. As soon as one climbs the steps of the mosque suffering due to Karma are at end and joy, begins. That Fakir (God) is very kind and will relive your troubles.

6. When any one enters this Dwaraka Mayi, his goal (object) is achieved.

7. This place (Dwaraka Mayi) is for Tarana i.e., saving people, and not marana ie., killing them.

(Meaning of Dwaraka Mayi)

Masudi Ayi i.e, Dwaraka Mayi is Sai.

8. I do nothing. I receive nothing. Datta calls for his own. He has called for Rs.15/- his due and given it to Masudi Ayi. So the money has been received (by me)

(Baba’s promises in His own name)

9. My eye (of vigilant supervision) is ever on those who love me.

Whatever you do, wherever you may be, ever bear this in mind, that I am always aware of everything you do.

10. If one ever meditates on me, repeats my name, signs my deeds, and is thus transformed into me, one’s Karma is destroyed. I stay by his side always.

11. You should have truth always with you. then I shall be always with you, wherever you are, and at all times.

12. I will be with you, whenever and wherever you think of me. Do not fear.

13. If one perpetually thinks of me, and makes me his sole refuge, I am his debtor and will give my head to save him.

14. If, one ever dwells on me in his mind and will not even taste food before offering it to me, I am his slave. so also if he hungers and thirsts after me, and treats all else as unimportant.

15. I am (Bhaktaparadeena) the bond slave of my devotees, I love devotion.

16. He who withdraws his heart from wife, child and parents and loves me is My real lover and he merges in Me like a river in the sea.

17. Saibaba: The key of my treasury is now placed in your hands. Ask for anything you want, Rs. 5 to 100 a month or what you will and I will give it to you.

Devotee (M B Rage) declines to ask.

SB: Ask something, I am anxious to give you.

D: Is it agreed that you will grant anything I ask for?

SB: Yes

D: Then, Baba, I want this. In this and in any future birth that may befall me, you should never part from me. You should always be with me.

SB: Yes, I shall be with you, inside and outside you, whatever you may be or do.

18. My devotee feels Me in you, in himself and in all creatures and sees all as his Guru. He will become myself.

19. If you make me the sole object of your thoughts and aims, you will gain Paramartha. (supreme Goal)

Look to me; I will look to you.

Trust the Guru fully. That is the only sadhana. Guru is all the Gods.

20. If one devotes his entire mind to me and rests in me, he need fear nothing for body and soul. If one sees me and me alone and listens to talk about me and is devoted to me alone, he will reach God (Chaitanya). He who worships me as Nitya, Suddha and Buddha comes to me.

21. Those who perpetually repeat repeat my name reach their goal.

22. Simply say “Sai” “Sai” with heart overflowing. I care not for show of respect and forms, I rest in such devotees.

23. Repeat my name. seek refuge in me. But to know ‘who I am” have Sravana and Manana.

24. I am formless and everywhere.

25. If anyone casts his burden on me and thinks of me, I look after all his concerns.

26. Yes; you can place your burdens on me.

27. In the abode of my devotees, there will be no dearth fo food and clothing.

28. You devotees are my children. I am your father. You have to get everything from me. So you should not talk like that (and say Sai is not God).

29. Why are you anxious? I take all care of you.

30. Sit quiet, Uge Muge. I will do the needful. I will take you to the end.

31. Go Everyhting will be provided, Babugir.

I will provide for you, Ganu

I will provide for Manker’s son.

32. Why do you fear ? Am I not here (where you go to ease yourself?)

33. Stay here, treat it as yoru house

Governor came with a lance to pierce Dada (G.S.K). I had a tussle with him and drove him out. Finally I conciliated him.

Why should any fear, When I am here?

34. When this baby sleeps we have to stand by, keep awake and watch or take trouble.

35. I will not allow my devotees to come to harm. I have to take thought for my devotees. And if a devotee is about to fall, I stretch out my hands, and thus with four, four (i.e. a number of ), outstretched hands at time to support him, I will not let him fall.

36. I am its (frog’s) Father, and am here. Will I let the snake eat it ? See how I effect its release…….. Hallo Veerabadrappa be ashamed of your hatred. Give up hatred. (The snake dropped the frog) I have kept my word and saved Basappa (the frog from Viradadrappa the snake). God has saved him by sending me.

37. See I have to suffer for your sake, to remove your sufferings.

I wil lnot let you die. I will die first ere I let you die (Nadram) (Nadram lived long after 1918)

Nana is about to die. But will I let him die ? (535-A)

Fakir (God) wishes to kill Dada Saheb (i.e., G.S.Khaparde) but I will not permit him.

O Anna ! if I had delayed a minute, this man (S.B.Nachen) would have indeed perished. The madman had seized him with his hands, even his troat. But I extricated him. What is to be done ? If I do not save my own son, who else will.

38. He is mine, and mine alone.

I alone have to shoulder the responsibility for carrying him across. Whom has he got except me?

39. You are now safe, Go.

40. Night and day, I think and think of my people, I con their names over and over again.

To S.B.Dhumal Bhau, the whole of last night, I had no sleep. I lay thinking and thinking of you.

At every step, I have to take care of you, Else, what will happen to you, god knows.

41. I shall never forget him, I shall remember him even if he is 2000 miles away. I will eat nothing without him..

42. I get angry with none. Will a mother get angry with her kiddies? Will the ocean send back the waters to the several rivers? I love devotion, I am the slave of my devotees, Bhakta Paradhina.

43. How can I allow my children to fast or starve?

44. Come, Sirs, carry away bags of udhi, Come, cart away the treasures of your mother.

Look here, People come and say Baba, give. I tell them to take. No one takes.

45. My master told me to give bountlessly to all that ask. No one listens to me or wisdom. My treasury is open. Non brings carts to take from it. I say dig; none will take any pains. I said dig out the treasure and cart it away. be the real and true sons of the mother and fully stock your magazine. what is to become of us i.e. this body life? Earth will return to the earth; and the air (breath) will return to the air. this opportunity will not return.

46. Place your entire faith in my words. Your object will be accomplished.

Even from the tomb the voice of Sai Cries”

Baba’s survival as Apantaratma

47. To Lakshman on 15-10-1918

Jog thinks I am dead. I am living. Come and perform morning Arati

48. (Give me) my 1¼ Rupee (Majya Savva Rupya)

49. My tomb will speak and move with those who make me their refuge.

50. I shall be active and vigerous from my tomb also.

51. I will be with you, the moment you think of me, at any place.

52. As soon as a devotee calls unto me with love, I will appear. I require no train to travel.

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