Forgetful Alex!!

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Forgetful Alex!!

In Nottingham, there lived an extremely forgetful sixteen year old boy called Alex. One day, Alex’s forgetfulness got him into big Big BIG trouble. However, before I can tell you that story, I have to tell you this story.
One day Alex decided to take his dog for a walk in the park. Alex took his dog off the lead so the dog could have a run around the park; Alex put the lead on the floor and threw the tennis ball for the dog. After a good hours run with the dog he left the park and went home. When he arrived at his house, he realised he had left the tennis ball and the lead.
The next day, Alex did his homework assignment on the computer, and when he wanted to print it of… oh no Alex had forgotten that he had not got a printer. Alex had needed a printer for a lot of things in the past so he decided to go out and buy one, he shut down his computer and left to the shop.

When he got back, he plugged in his new printer and got to work on his assignment. When he clicked on his documents, the work he had done was not there anymore. Then he realised that he had not saved his work.

Alex is soooo forgetfull.
One month later, Alex was invited to his granddad 97th birthday celebration; Alex knew that he couldn’t forget this.

Alex decided pin the note on his fridge.

When the big day eventually came, Alex was at his mate’s house playing on assassins’ creed on his friends Xbox 360

He had already completely forgotten about his granddads special day. The next day, Alex went to see his grandad, but he wasn’t in. five minutes later, he got a phone call from his mum saying that Alex’s grandad had just passed away…
The moral of this story is FOCUS everyday no matter where you are.

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