Fragments Review 2

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Fragments Review 2

Put an “X” on the line of the sentence (NOT a fragment).

  1. ___ Because Manuel was sure he had heard the same strange

story many months ago.

___ Although I will never forget how cold we were when we

lost our heat last winter

___ Since Anna wasn't at the meeting, I took notes so that she

wouldn't miss anything.

  1. ___ When my cousin moved to Troy, New York, after he

finished school.

___ After he went to all the trouble of fixing up his apartment.

___ While living there, he made very few friends.

  1. ___ My brother has been running a charter fishing boat for five


___ Many of his customers coming back three or four times

over the summer.

___ His business been so busy that he has very little time for

anything else.

  1. ___ In the hiding place that Carl had been using for years to get

away from the noisy house.

___ By the time that everyone had quieted down, my favorite

television show was over.

___ Before planning another family get-together at the already

crowded park.

  1. ___ Although I knew she might wear something outrageous, I

was still shocked by her dress.

___ Because she didn't want to tell where she had bought the

strange outfit.

___ When we finally heard that she had made the dress herself.

Run-on Sentences – Review 1

Directions: Correct the run-on sentences below by rewriting the sentences and making the necessary corrections in punctuation. Also, make corrections in word usage and correct repetition.

Remember: Rephrasing, a period and capitalization, a semi-colon, and a comma with conjunction can all fix a run-on sentence.

  1. Jeffrey's birthday is on October 31 and he is going to have a Halloween party for his birthday and we are going to come in costume and we are going to go trick-or-treating together.

  1. While reading an article about new motorcycles, I fell asleep I dreamed that I was riding one of them on the highway.

  1. We can't go to the zoo tomorrow because it is supposed to snow the animals would be cold I guess we would be cold, too.

  1. I would like to write a novel I hope to complete it before I am 30 years old.

  1. Mike and Tim are going to the carnival they are going to ride the roller coaster they are going to play some games and they will eat corn dogs and cotton candy.

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