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Utley inventory

Francis Lee Utley Collection: Reference
Below is an inventory of the materials included in the Reference section of the Francis Lee Utley collection of papers. Boxes of correspondence, manuscripts and other personal items have been removed and are housed at the University Archives. (The result is that some box numbers are missing from this inventory.)
When possible, dates have been included on folders containing the materials; however, some folders say “various dates” to indicate the span of sometimes hundreds of years for publication dates of articles and other publications enclosed therein. In other cases, folders will say “n.d.” or “ND” to indicate that no date was found on the materials inside.
Please note:

These materials first arrived in the Rare Books Department many years ago, and they subsequently were transferred to the Archives. Along the way, they have been reboxed and relocated several times. Consequently, in some cases, the box number on a box might not match the one listed in the inventory. There also are several boxes listed in the inventory that have the same box number; this is another result of the reboxing and relocation that has occurred with this collection. A small “a,” “b” or “c” has been placed next to the box number to distinguish one box from another. In addition, at the end of the inventory there is a box of materials without a box number. This box has been transferred with the rest of the reference materials, but the box number was not recorded in the inventory.

Box 2

  1. Notecards: Miscellaneous cards on various research topics: n.d.

Box 3

  1. Reference: Folklore: Anderson, Walter: Ein Sonderbarer Fall von Sagenverwandtschaft: 1914

  2. Reference: Folklore: Armellini, Mariano: Le Chiese di Roma: 1942

  3. Reference: Folklore: Arras, Victor: Collectio Monastica: 1963

  4. Reference: Folklore: Beckwith, Martha Warren: Myths and Ceremonies of the Mandan and Hidatsa: 1932

  5. Reference: Folklore: Bell, Richard: Introduction to the Quran: 1953

  6. Reference: Folklore: Bibliography: Authors With Last Name Beginning With “A”: n.d.

  7. Reference: Folklore: Bibliography: Authors With Last Name Beginning With “B”: n.d.

  8. Reference: Folklore: Bibliography: Authors With Last Name Beginning With “C”: n.d.

  9. Reference: Folklore: Bibliography: Authors With Last Name Beginning With “D”: n.d.

  10. Reference: Folklore: Bibliography: Authors With Last Name Beginning With “E”: n.d.

  11. Reference: Folklore: Bibliography: Authors With Last Name Beginning With “F”: n.d.

  12. Reference: Folklore: Bibliography: Authors With Last Name Beginning With “G”: n.d.

  13. Reference: Folklore: Bibliography: Authors With Last Name Beginning With “H”: n.d.

  14. Reference: Folklore: Bibliography: Authors With Last Name Beginning With “I”: n.d.

Box 3 cont.

  1. Reference: Folklore: Bibliography: Authors With Last Name Beginning With “J”: n.d.

  2. Reference: Folklore: Bibliography: Authors With Last Name Beginning With “K”: n.d.
  3. Reference: Folklore: Bibliography: Authors With Last Name Beginning With “L”: n.d.

  4. Reference: Folklore: Bourland, Lois: Herman’s Bible, and the Cursor Mundi: 1933

  5. Reference: Folklore: Interlibrary loans: British Museum (2 folders): 1953-1969

  6. Reference: Folklore: Catlin, George: North American Indians: ND

  7. Reference: Folklore: Codicum Hagiographicorum Latinorum: Bibliotheca National: Parisiensi: 1889

  8. Reference: Folklore: Codicum Hagiographicorum Latinorum: Bibliothecorum Romanarum: 1909

  9. Reference: Folklore: Coulange, Father Louis: The Life of the Devil: 1930

  10. Reference: Folklore: Crooke, W: King Midas and His Ass’s Ear: 1910

  11. Reference: Folklore: Daniel, Norman: Islam and the West: The Making of an Image: ND

  12. Reference: Folklore: De-Celle, Pierre: La Vie du Pape Urbain IV: ND

  13. Reference: Folklore: Den Eynde, Ceslas van: Commentaire Diso’dad de Merv sur L’ancien Testament: 1955

  14. Reference: Folklore: DeTong, Meindert: The Mighty Ones: 1959

  15. Reference: Folklore: Drower, E.S.: The Secret Adam: A Study of Nasorean Gnosis: 1960

  16. Reference: Folklore: Ebersolt, Jean : Sanctaries de Byzance: 1921

  17. Reference: Folklore: Edwards, W: A Mediaeval Scrap-Heap: 1930

  18. Reference: Folklore: Eichhoff, Carl: Ueber die Sagen on Einen Gluckeligen Zustande der Menschen: 1879
  19. Reference: Folklore: Finegan, Jack: Handbook of Biblical Chronology: 1964

  20. Reference: Folklore: Goldini, Judah: The Fathers According to Rabbi Nathan: 1955

  21. Reference: Folklore: Harstmann, C.: Vita Prothoplausti Ade: 1887

  22. Reference: Folklore: Hart, John: The Dreadful Character of a Drunkard: 1678

  23. Reference: Folklore: Hasluck, F.W.: Christianity and Islam Under the Sultans: 1929

  24. Reference: Folklore: Hertz, Wilhelm: Die Ratsel der Konigin von Saba: 1883

  25. Reference: Folklore: Hotson, J. Leslie: The Tale of Melibeus and John of Gaunt: 1921

  26. Reference: Folklore: Kamal, Ahamd: The Sacred Journey Being Pilgrimage to Makkah: 1961

  27. Reference: Folklore: Keller, Werner: The Bible as History: 1956

  28. Reference: Folklore: Kershner, Frederick D.: Those Gay Middle Ages: 1938

  29. Reference: Folklore: Lauth, Dr. Franz Joseph: Aegyptens Vorzeit: 1881

  30. Reference: Folklore: Le Bois, Loius: Le Koran: 1887

  31. Reference: Folklore: Leisegang, Hans: die Gnosis: 1951

  32. Reference: Folklore: Liungman, Waldemar: Sveriges Sagner: Iord och Bild: 1957

  33. Reference: Folklore: Moule, L:Saint-Eloi Guerisseur et la Legende du Pied Coupe: 1910

  34. Reference: Folklore: Myths and Mythagogues: n.d.

  35. Reference: Folklore: Mysterer, Swenska: De Creatione Mundi: 1864
  36. Reference: Folklore: Onions, C.T.: Medium Aevum: 1936

  37. Reference: Folklore: Poncelet, Albertus: Codicum Hagiographicorum Latinorum: Biblothecae Vaticanae: 1910

Box 3 cont.

  1. Reference: Folklore: Thwaites, Reuben Gold: The Jesuit Relations and Allied Documents: 1610

  2. Reference: Folklore: Tudensis, Lucas: Chronicon Mundi AB Eius Origine Asque AD Xeram: 1603

  3. Reference: Folklore: Till, Walter C.: The Gnostic Apocryphon of John: 1952

  4. Reference: Folklore: Verrier, Elwin: Myths of the North-East Frontier of India: 1958

  5. Reference: Folklore: Vuk Karadistch, Ed: No Title: 1853

  6. Reference: Folklore: Zimmern, H.: Die Alt Babylonischen vor (und Nach) Sintflutlichen Konige Nach Neuen Quellen: 1924

Box 4

  1. Reference: Folklore: IX Intenational Congress of Anthropological and Ethnological Sciences: Various Authors: 1973

  2. Reference: Folklore: Adams, Edward C.L.: Congaree Sketches: 1927

  3. Reference: Folklore: Adams, Edward C.L: Nigger to Nigger: 1928

  4. Reference: Folklore: Al-Rashid, Harun: Muhammad’s People: ND

  5. Reference: Folklore: Battaglia, Salvatore: Filologia Romanza: 1960

  6. Reference: Folklore: Boggs, Ralph Steele: North Carolina Folktales Current in the 1820’s: 1934
  7. Reference: Folklore: Brie, Von Fredrich: The Deceyte of Women: 1547

  8. Reference: Folklore: Campos, Ruben M.: El Folklore Literario de Mexico: 1929

  9. Reference: Folklore: Claudel, Calvin: Golden Hair: 1941

  10. Reference: Folklore: Cornazano: Proverbs in Jests of the Tales: 1888

  11. Reference: Folklore: Corso, Raffaele: Il Folklore Italiano: 1926

  12. Reference: Folklore: Dickson, Arthur: Valentine and Orson: A Study in Late Medieval Romance: 1929

  13. Reference: Folklore: Dobie, J. Frank: Happy Hunting Ground: 1964

  14. Dumezil, George: L’Ideologie Tripartie des Indo-Europeens: 1958

  15. Reference: Folklore: Gilbert, Russel Wieder: Pennsylvania German Wills: 1950

  16. Reference: Folklore: Graham, Lorenz: How God Fix Jonah: 1946

  17. Reference: Folklore: Gross, Milt: Hiawatta Witt No Odder Poems: 1926

  18. Reference: Folklore: Halpert, Herbert: The Cante Fable in Decay: 1941

  19. Reference: Folklore: Hardee, A. Maynor: Classification of the Narrative Motifs in the Cent Nouvelles: 1948

  20. Reference: Folklore: Harris, Joel Chandler: Daddy Jake the Runaway and Short Stories Told After Dark: 1896

  21. Reference: Folklore: Herskovits, Melville J. & Sie Tagbwe: Kru Proverbs: 1930

  22. Reference: Folklore: Hertel, Dr. Johannes: The Panchatantra: A Collection of Ancient Hindu Tales: 1908
  23. Reference: Folklore: Jason, Heda: Aspects of the Fabulous in Oral Literature: 1973

  24. Reference: Folklore: Kalima, Jalo: Uber die Benennung des Paradises im Slawischen: 1968

Box 4 cont.

  1. Reference: Folklore: Kilpatrick, Jack F. & Anna G.: Friends of Thunder: Folktales of the Oklahoma Cherokees: 1964

  2. Reference: Folklore: Lowie, Robert Harry: The Assinboine: Nov.: 1909

  3. Reference: Folklore: Lowie, Robert harry: Myths and Traditions of the Crow Indians: 1918

  4. Reference: Folklore: Morlini, Hieronymi: Novellae, Fabulae, Comoedia: ND

  5. Reference: Folklore: Noy, Dr. Dov: Samaritan Legends: 1965

  6. Reference: Folklore: Osborn, Chase S.: Schoolcraft, Longfellow, Hiawatha: 1942

  7. Reference: Folklore: Parsons, Elsie Clews: Zuni Tales: 1930

  8. Reference: Folklore: Perry Jr., Frederick Charles: Classifications of Narrative Motifs Appearing in the Legende de Maistre Pierre Faifeu and in the Nouvelles de Sens: 1943

  9. Reference: Folklore: Philippson, Dr. Phil. Ernst: Der Marchentypus von Konig Drosselbart: 1923

  10. Reference: Folklore: Pitre, Giuseppe: Nuovo Saggio di Fiabe E Novelle Popolari Siciliane: 1872

  11. Reference: Folklore: Potter, Murray Anthony A.M.: Sohrab & Rustem: The Epic Theme of a Combat Between Father And Son: 1902

  12. Reference: Folklore: Ralston, W.R.S., M.A.: Tibetan Tales: Derived From Indian Sources: 1926
  13. Reference: Folklore: Rand, Rev. Silas Tertius: Legends of the Micmacs: 1894

  14. Reference: Folklore: Randolph, Mary Claire: Rat Satires and the pied Piper of Hamelin Legend: 1941

  15. Reference: Folklore: Revue Des Traditions Populaires: 1895

  16. Reference: Folklore: Saggi, Ed Altri: Canti Tradizionali: Delle Colonie Albanesi Di Sicilia: ND

  17. Reference: Folklore: Shelley, Gerard: Folk Tales of the Peoples of the Soviet Union: 1945

  18. Reference: Folklore: Sokolov, Academician Y.M.: Russian Folklore: 1966

  19. Reference: Folklore: Wackernagel, Wilh.: Drei Lugenmärchen: 1842

Box 7

  1. Benedict, Ruth: Hopi, Tales: 1929

  2. Erzahlgut Der Kurischen Nehrung: 1961

  3. Folklore Forum: 1970

  4. Hensen, Gottfried: Uberlieferung und Personlichteit: 1951

  5. Koniglichen Gesellschaft der Wissenschaften zu Gottingen: 1916

  6. Lagercrantz, Eliel: Lappische Volksdichtung: 1959

  7. Langstroff, Karl: Lothringer Voltsart: 1953

  8. Looritz, Oskar: Estinsche Volksdichtung und Mythologie: 1932

  9. Lout: Ramch: 1822

  10. Magnus, Leornard A.: Russian Folktales: 1915

  11. Maranda, Pierre and Elli Konges: Structural Analysis of Oral Tradition: 1971
  12. Montenegro, Ernesto: Mi Tia Ventura: 1938

Box 7 cont.

  1. Neumann, Siegfried: Plattdeutsche Schwanke: 1968

  2. Owen, Mary Alicia: Voodoo Tales: 1893

  3. Paasonen, Heiki: Mischartatarische Volksdichtung: 1953

  4. Pearcy, Roy J.: Logic and the Folktale ‘The Scholar and his Imaginary Egg’: ND

  5. Pitre, Dr. Giuseppe: The Swallow Book: 1912

  6. Polain, Eugene: Il Etait une Fois: 1942

  7. Revue des Traditions Populaires: Tome VI: 1891

  8. Rohrich, Lutz: Adam und Eva: ND

  9. Simonsuuri, lauri: Typen und Motiverzeichen: 1961

  10. Tales of a Parrot: 1792

  11. Thibault, Charles: Contes de Champagne: ND

Box 8

  1. Reference: Folklore: Alver: Norwegian folktales: 1844

  2. Reference: Folklore: “Carl Sandburg’s Library”: 1958

  3. Reference: Folklore: Chesney: “Two Manuscripts of Christine di Pisan”: 1932

  4. Reference: Folklore: Comhaire-Sylvain: “Les Contes Haitiens” 1937

  5. Reference: Folklore: De La Bere, Ivan: “Queen’s Orders of Chivalry”: n.d.

  6. Reference: Folklore: Dickins, Bruce: “The Anglo-Saxons”: 1959

  7. Reference: Folklore: Grohne, Ernst, and Hermann Tandel: Niedendeutsche Zeitschrift für Volkskunde: 1932
  8. Reference: Folklore: Harold, King of England: 1885

  9. Reference: Folklore: Huyshe, Wentworth: 1906

  10. Refernece: Folklore: The Institution of the Most Noble Order of the Garter: 1672

  11. Reference: Folklore: “The Investitute of a Knight Subject with the Garter and George”: n.d.

  12. Reference: Folklore: Irvin, Cecilia Pauzé: “Motif Index of ‘Le Moyen de Parvenier’ of Béroalde de Verville: n.d.

  13. Reference: Folklore: Kenyon Review: n.d.

  14. Reference: Folklore: LeGrand Daussy: Fabliaux I-V (5 folders): 1829

  15. Reference: Folklore: Notes: n.d.

  16. Reference: Folklore: Olrik, Axel: “Collection of Folklore in Copenhagen:1910

  17. Reference: Folklore: Schwarzbaum, Haim: International Folklore Motifs in Petrud Alphansis: 1963

  18. Reference: Folklore:Shenderdin, M.I.: Russian: 1955

  19. Reference: Folklore: Tautosakos, Darba: 1937

  20. Reference: Folklore: Wagner, Anthony: “Historic Heraldry of Britain”: 1939

Box 9

  1. Reference: Animal Tales: “H” cont. (2 folders): 1832-1972

  2. Reference: Animal Tales: Harry, Phillip: “A Comparative Study of the Aesopic Fable in Nicole Bozon”: 1905

Box 9 cont.

  1. Reference: Animal Tales: Harris, J.C.: “Qua”: 1946
  2. Reference: Animal Tales: Harris, J.C.: “The Tar Baby and other Rhymes of Uncle Remus”: 1904

  3. Reference: Animal Tales: Harris, J.C.: “Uncle Remus and Brer Rabbit”: 1907

  4. Reference: Animal Tales: Harris, J.C.: “Uncle Remus and His Friends”: 1808

  5. Reference: Animal Tales: Harris, J.C.: “Uncle Remus and His Friends”: 1892

  6. Reference: Animal Tales: Harris, J.C.: “Uncle Remus and the Little Boy”: 1910

  7. Reference: Animal Tales: Harris, J.C.: “Uncle Remus, His Songs and Sayings”: 1881

  8. Reference: Animal Tales: Harris, J.C.: “Uncle Remus Returns”: 1918

  9. Reference: Animal Tales: Henryson: Articles on: 1885-1967

  10. Reference: Animal Tales: Horowitz: Ralph Ellison’s “Invisible Man”: 1963

  11. Reference: Animal Tales:McKenzie and Oldfather: “Ysopet-Avionnet:
    The Latin and French Texts”: 1919

  12. Reference: Animal Tales: “P” (4 folders): various dates

  13. Reference: Animal Tales: Pickens, William: “American Aesop”: 1926

  14. Reference: Animal Tales: “R”-“S”: 1797, 1954-1966

  15. Reference: Animal Tales: Renard: Class papers: n.d.

  16. Reference: Animal Tales: Robert-Busquet: Le Roman de Renard: 1935

  17. Reference: Animal Tales: “S” (5 folders, continues to Box 71): various dates

Box 11

  1. Notecards: Miscellaneous cards on various research topics: n.d.

Box 13

  1. Reference: Noah: “P” (4 folders)

  2. Reference: Noah: Paulinus of Nola: Cladius Marius Victor: n.d.

  3. Reference: Noah: Peter of Riga: n.d.

  4. Reference: Noah:Popov, Andreia; n.d.

  5. Reference: Noah: “Q”: 1853-1964

  6. Reference: Noah: “R” (5 folders): 1648-1963

  7. Reference: Noah: Rabghuzi: 1904-1967

  8. Reference: Noah: Royal M.S.S.: n.d.

  9. Reference: Noah: Rupert of Dentz: n.d.

  10. Reference: Noah: Russian Archives: 1929-1950

  11. Reference: Noah: Rüte: 1873

Box 14

  1. Reference: Noah: “H” (7 folders): 1732-1972

  2. Reference: Noah: Haupt: 1896-1927

  3. Reference: Noah: Hilian, G.: Le Deluge dans la Bible et les Inscriptions Akkadiennes …”: 1925

Box 14 cont.

  1. Reference: Noah: Hirschberg: Judische und Christliche Lernen im vor …: 1939

  2. Reference: Noah: Hone: The Everyday Book: 1831

  3. Reference: Noah: Horstmann: 1878

  4. Reference: Noah: Hubaux, Jean and Maxime Leroy: 1939

  5. Reference: Noah: “J” (5 folders): 1660-1970
  6. Reference: Noah: Jonnes, Moreau de: 1873

Box 15

  1. Reference: Noah: Fanchiotti, M. “A Bow in the Cloud”: 1954

  2. Reference: Noah: Hay, Denys: “Europe: the Emergence of an Idea”: 1957

  3. Reference: Noah: Hornback: Noah’s Architecture: 1972

  4. Reference: Noah: Müller, Wm.: Die Altesten Amerikanischen Sintfluterzählungen: 1930

  5. Reference: Noah: Reynard: “The Narrow Land”: 1934

  6. Reference: Noah: Rinieri: Bibbia E Babele: 1910

  7. Reference: Noah: Rohrich: “Noah und die Arche in der Volkskunst”: 1972

  8. Reference: Noah: Rosa: 1773

  9. Reference: Noah: Smith, Ernest: “Rachel: a Story of the Great Deluge”: 1909

  10. Reference: Noah: Zanuck, Darryl F.: “Noah’s Ark” (film version novelized by Arline de Haas): 1928

  11. Reference: Noah: Bound photocopies:

    1. Noah’s Ark (adapted for children as a Magic Talking Book): n.d.

    2. Die Geschichte des Kreuzes, by F. Büttgenbach,: 1898

    3. Die Geschichte Noahs und der Sundflut, by Nathan Netter: 1891

    4. The Second Deluge, by Garrett P. Serviss: 1912

    5. Présentation de L’Arche, by Del Vasto: 1960

    6. Noé, by C. J. Cordeau: 1954?
    7. De Diluvio Mosaico, by C. Reuchlin (I and II): 1685

    8. L’Arche de Noèl, by Paul Gilson: 1960

    9. Le Déluge, by Crezio: 19

    10. Berashith, by Lookup: 1740

    11. Moncheau Paulicians, by Saigisean: 1893

    12. L’Arche de Noé, by Queen: 1952

    13. De Deluviis, by Lagerlöf: 1692

    14. L’Arche de Noé, by W. Disney: 19

    15. L’Arche de Noé, by Hellé: 19

    16. L’Arche de Noé, by Zamacoi: 1935?

    17. De Praeceptis Noachidorum, bt Roeser: 1706

    18. Noe Agymno, by Hahn: 1750

    19. De Diluvio Noachi, by Brand: 1679

Box 17

  1. Reference: Ballads and folk songs: Roxburghe Ballads, Vol. V-VI: 1881-886

  2. Reference: Ballads and folk songs: Roxburghe Ballads, Vol. VII-IX: 1890-1895

  3. Reference: Ballads and folk songs: Sturgis and Hughes: “Songs from the Hills of Vermont”: 1919

  4. Reference: Ballads and folk songs: Wilgus, Donald: “American Folk-songs on Commercial Records”: 1947

  5. Reference: Ballads and folk songs: Williams, Alfred M.: “Studies in Folk-song and Popular Poetry”: 1894

  6. Reference: Ballads and folk songs: Wittke: “Tambo and Bones”: 1930
  7. Reference: Dundes bibliography project: 1964

  8. Reference: Etymology of F---: 1971-1973

  9. Reference: Mustanoja Review: 1970-1973

  10. Reference: Onamastic Variety in High Sierra: 1971

  11. Reference: Utley biography: 1963-1972

  12. Reference: Utley biography: 1965-1975

  13. Reference: Utley biography: 1968

  14. Reference: Utley biography: 1971-1975

Box 18

  1. Audio-visual: Microfilm (53 rolls): various dates

  2. Audio-visual: Films: Handwriting on carton is hard to read, but one refers to “Deluge” (2 rolls): 1969

Box 19

  1. Reference: Medieval: “G” (2 folders): 1927-1972

  2. Reference: Medieval: Gnudi, Giotto: 1959

  3. Reference: Medieval: Gordon, Cyrus: 1937-1955

  4. Reference: Medieval: Greene, Richard Leighton: 1952-1965

  5. Reference: Medieval: “H” (2 folders): 1878-1972

  6. Reference: Medieval: Hartt, Frederick: “Lignum Vitae”: 1950

  7. Reference: Medieval: Hieatt, Constance, and A. Kent Hieatt: 1965-1970

  8. Reference: Medieval: Hill, Thomas: 1965-1971

  9. Reference: Medieval: Hornstein, Lillian H.: 1941
  10. Reference: Medieval: Howard, Donald: 1961-1971

  11. Reference: Medieval: “J”: 1946-1973

  12. Reference: Medieval: Janet: “Pscyhological Strength and Weakness in Mental Diseases”: 1937

  13. Reference: Medieval: “K”: 1935-1972

  14. Reference: Medieval: Kaske, R. E.: 1960-1970

  15. Reference: Medieval: Keiser, Albert: “The Influence of Christianity on the Vocabulary of Old English Poetry”: 1919

  16. Reference: Medieval: Kinney, Arthur: 1955-1967

Box 19 cont.

  1. Reference: Medieval: Kirschbaum, Leo: 1938-1946

  2. Reference: Medieval: Kökeritz, Helge: 1941-1957

Box 20

  1. Kemminghausen and Hüllen: Märchen der Europäischen Volker: Band 2: n.d.

  2. Kemminghausen and Hüllen: Märchen der Europäischen Volker: Band 3: n.d.

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  4. Kemminghausen and Hüllen: Märchen der Europäischen Volker: Band 5: n.d.

  5. Kemminghausen and Hüllen: Märchen der Europäischen Volker: Band 6: n.d.

  6. Kemminghausen and Hüllen: Märchen der Europäischen Volker: Band 7: n.d.

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Box 21

  1. Reference: Notes: “M” authors: n.d.

  2. Reference: Notes: “N” authors: n.d.

  3. Reference: Notes: “O” authors: n.d.

  4. Reference: Notes: “P” authors (2 folders): 1864-1914

  5. Reference: Notes: Paravey: 1858?
  6. Reference: Notes: “Q” authors: 1929

  7. Reference: Notes: “R” authors (2 folders): 1715-1968

  8. Reference: Notes: “S” authors (2 folders): 1642-1968

  9. Reference: Notes: “T” authors (2 folders): 1650-1955

  10. Reference: Notes: “U”-“V” authors: 1847-1972

  11. Reference: Notes: “W” authors: 1640-1969

  12. Reference: Notes: “X”, “Y”, “Z” authors: n.d.

Box 22

  1. Reference: Tales: Abrahamson: The Origin of Death: 1951

  2. Reference: Tales: Berners: Huon of Bordeaux: 1845

  3. Reference: Tales: Dowling: The Flora of the Sacred Nativity: 1900

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    of West Africa: 1964

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  18. Reference: Tales: Trenkner: The Greek Novella in the Classical Period: 1958

  19. Reference: Tales: Ulrich: Proben der Lateinischen Novellistik des Mittelaters: 1906

Box 23

  1. Reference: Folklore: “L” (2 folders): 1947-75

  2. Reference: Folklore: La Barre, Weston: 1957-1964

  3. Reference: Folklore: Library of Congress: 1943-1950

  4. Reference: Folklore: Luethi, Max: 1963-1969

  5. Reference: Folklore: “M” (4 folders): 1947-1963

  6. Reference: Folklore: Meletinsky, E.M.: 1969-1973

  7. Reference: Folklore: Messenger, John: 1972

  8. Reference: Folklore: Morton, N.: “The Scrawl of the Wild”: 1968

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  11. Reference: Folklore: “N”: 1887-1968

  12. Reference: Folklore: Noy, Dov: 1957-1967

  13. Reference: Folklore: “O”: 1933-1957

Box 25

  1. Reference: Annius: Bound photocopies:

    1. Works on German Antiquities: n.d.

    2. Biblioteca Apostolica Vaticana and Biblioteca Estense: n.d.

Box 25 cont.

    1. In Statuas Critianas Epigrammata: n.d.

    2. Questones Annie: 1694

    3. I Monti di Pieta, Filippo Marongiu: 1921

    4. Fragmenta Selecta: n.d.

    5. Glosa Super Apocalypsiu: 148?

    6. Il Monte dei Paschi di Siena: 1900

    7. De Futuris: 1480

    8. I Cinque Libri de le Antichita de Beroso Sacerdote Caldeo: 1550

    9. Berosus Babilonicus; 1510

    10. Museo Civico E Raccolta Correr di Venezia

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