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Franklin’s New Friend

Paulette Bourgeois
Description: Franklin helps a new classmate feel welcome in his new school. Great story about making new friends.
Academic Objective:

  • ELA2W1-The student demonstrates competency in the writing process. The student

a. writes text of a length appropriate to address a topic and tell the story

b. begins to write a response to life that demonstrates understanding of the text

Brilliant Star Objective:

  • Cognitive/Thinking: Association: Students will be able to identify and describe a relationship between like and unlike objects and ideas.

Readability Level: 2.7
Vocabulary: Friend, curious, huge, welcome, imagine, poster, borrow
During Reading:

  1. Read the story asking questions on each page. (Reviewing colors, our new vocabulary and feelings)

After Reading:

  1. Immediately following the story we will ask students to describe briefly the main idea of the story and recall as many characters as possible. We will discuss things that real turtles can do vs. what Franklin did in the story. (Ride a bike, play soccer, color a picture and play with blocks.)

  1. Students will be given small cut out of a painted turtle to color. Adults will attach them to a Popsicle stick to make a puppet.

  1. We will then join all the students together and review things real turtles do. (Swim, dive, float etc.) Together we will sing and move puppets to the song.

"Down In The Meadow".
Down in the meadow in a little bitty pool

Swam ten little turtles and a mama turtle, too.

"Swim," said the mama turtle. "Swim like I do."

So they swam and they swam all over the pool.

Additional Activities:

  • Integrated Language Arts and Occupational Therapy Lesson (Obstacle course through the eyes of a turtle) This lesson can implemented in special needs room (physically impaired) while reviewing Language/reading skills or objectives. It would be very beneficial if this lesson were utilized after the Language Arts lesson.

The students will be able to follow a sequence of directions involving fine and gross motor skills. The students will participate in an oral reading of a repetitive poem.

The students will have a turn one at a time and will be dressed in a turtle shell. While the other students are waiting they will chant the repetitive poem. The student that is dressed as a turtle will work their way through the course doing the following activities.

    1. Crawl in a turtles home (card board box)

    1. Swim through a pond (hula hoop); students will wave arms

    1. Climb on some rocks (climbing mat) Snap arms extended at the puppets Crawl over to a table and with a pincer grip grab a plastic bug, minnow and person

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