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Cut the bullshit, Israel and USAIran is ZERO threat.YOU ARE! Turn off your TVsThere’s nonews. It is all psyops and propaganda. OK, if that is going over your head, it means FABRICATED, just like the so-called evidence they claim they have at the UN.Same actors, people. Same agenda. Same motives. All to destabilize Arab unityprovoke China,Russia and IranArabspring is CIA false flagSyria is Libya Deja Vu as you have the same actors and script being used. Iran is the fall guy. I think everyone should start watching mainstream media like Sherlock Holmes.

WHO is behind all this?

REPTILIAN’S BIGGEST SECRET!! (Part 2/2) Humanity’s Awakening – Vol 3// Everything’s Backwards – David Icke (Powerful Video).

FRIAday 03022012

FREE us from the VATICAN VELON VAMPIRESvelonvatican

Voices of the New Paradigm – Chris Thomas //Chris Thomas : Earth Frequency, Soul Integration, Synthesis, Velon 2012


The Alchemy Key- The Mystical Provenance of the Philosophers’ Stone- Stuart Nettleton

-Church’s war on heresy and magic had begun. From 1200CE to 1500CE, the Church specifically targeted Cathars, Knights Templar, Jews, Muslims andGypsies. It accused them of witchcraft, sorcery and satanic magic. Pope Innocent VIII issued the Summis Desiderantes in 1484. This bull sent inquisitors into Germany. The inquisitors’ manual was the infamous Malleus Maleficarum or Hammer of the Witches. It ordered: Thou shalt not suffer a witch to live

- Earlier, in 1252, the Church had sanctioned torture in Papal Inquisitions andpermitted both secret trials and execution by burning. With the aid of Malleus Maleficarum, the inquisitors ordered ferocious witch-hunts against the rural classes. These peaked between 1580 and 1660. Inquisitors and Puritans in England, Europe and America executed hundreds of thousands of alleged witches over atwo hundred and fifty year period. Many tens of thousands of these were inGermany alone.

-By 1625, Rosicrucian scientists had also become victims of the witch-hunt.Rosicrucian Family promoted tolerance, friendship, learning and artistry in service of truth. They regarded virtue, peace and the

purity and strength of a person’s inner spiritual life as far more important than any outer religious or political orientation. Charity or brotherly love was the most important of the virtues. The Family claimed its members led the Italian Renaissanceand produced great writers, teachers, healers, scholars, poets, artists and craftsmen. They also claim credit for great charitable works and educational schemes. Robert Fludd wrote that the planetary conjugations of 1603-1604 were a sign for theRosicrucian Brotherhood to expand its membership in preparation for the great Restoration of Arts and Sciences of the World, which they called the Instauration. The Rosicrucians believed the arrival of the Golden Age of Aquarius would lead all men to embrace Righteousness.

- The Rosslyn Chapel documents probably also include the notoriousToledot Yeshu, which the Johannites believed was written by theApostle John, and the Mandaean Book of John (Sidra d’Yahya), which says that St John erred in baptizing the false prophet Yishu Meshiha (the Messiah Jesus), son of the devil Ruha Kadishta. It is supposedly the Knights’ Templar true version of St John’s Gospel, which they copied from an original on Mount Athos. It says Jesus Christ was a false Messiah, sent by the powers of darkness, who disemminated throughout the world a perverted form of St John’s doctrine.

TEMPLAR TRU ; PhiloSophia

Manly P. Hall- The Twenty-First Century- A New Beginning ( This man has been demonized for a REASON. I SUSPECT THE VATICAN and the SATURNian CULTS)

FEB 23- 29 2012 //


Passengers sent flying in Toronto-area train derailment that kills 3 engineers – 333666999 numerology in this GENOCIDE. F*ck your NWO HARPER!

LIZARDO INVASION- Before pioneer settlement in the 19th century, the area was covered by the primeval forest that stretched between the provincial capital of York and the town of Hamilton, and was home to various First Nations peoples. In 1792, John Graves Simcoe, the first lieutenant governor of Upper Canada, named the western end of Lake Ontario “Burlington Bay after the town of Bridlington in the East Riding of Yorkshire, England,.[2]

The De-humanization agenda

Our planet, its races and its moon(s): The real history…

- Collier videos are great because anyone who knows how to read body language can instantly analyze the information, much better than audio. He obviously speaks what he believes is the truth and shows notell-tale signs of mind control “accesssing” behaviour or lying/nervousness. “The Gods of Eden” is indeed an excellent work and much of what Collier communicates in the later portions of the interview will and should resonate immediately. Collier is genuine, at least within himself. As with anything, take in all the information, do your research and decide for yourself

Timothy Spearman Shakes Pallas Athena’s Spear at the Twin Serpents of Ignorance and Vice and Wears Her Helmet of Invisibility®- Freemason and Rosicrucian Lord Oxford Is Shakespeare

Alex Collier Earth Transformation // // ANTICHRIST – PRINCE WILLIAMArthur PENDRAGON

SATURNday 02 25 2012 = 5

$$$ UNCLE SAM= SAMAEL = SATAN = SATURN = VAMPIRES still CONtrol the WORLD, but not for LONG. vampirebbq ;

Pedophilia and massive-scale kidnapping are hallmarks of satanism, for instance, as is human sacrifice at the highest levels.

Drunvalo openly and casually admitted in front of many witnesses, a few years ago, that his particular Merkaba meditation protocols are specifically designed to get the more talented adepts directly under his control. Thanks to the internet, this comment was broadcast and he apparently lost most of his credibility. He also openly promotes the Great WhiteBrotherhood, which is a high-end Illuminati organization which also directs masonry, Rosicrucianism and Thoesophy as well as the newage gurus of whom he’s only one. After all, it’s not the exercises themselves which are ‘bad,’ but only the addictive nature of the individual meditator that can allow him/her to be ultimately scammed into being a psychic slave for the GWB.

Count St Germain is a common feature to all of these organizations. When our friend, who ‘grew up’ in that Illuminati guru stae, along with Drunvalo,Maitreya, Braden, Twyman, Houston, and the rest, was inducted into Scottish Rite’s 33d degree (he told Carol and I) in the middle 90s, Ct St Germain materializedin the sealed temple during the ritual, nodded his approval, then dematerialized. All of the high level SR masons, such aspresidents, kings, top clergy, top generals, etc., are 33d degree and wear that ruby masonic ring. Theosophy is them. They. Reptoids. Plaeidian reptoids, at that. Elite. Nordics. Known as the Nagas, in Tibet and other areas north. Theosophy was a co-creation between the Owl Faction and the Nagas faction. ;

The Vampire Legends of New Orleans one night he had a lady stay a bit late and out on his balcony this Saint Germaine grabbed her and tried to bite her neck. She escaped by falling from the balcony and then ran and reported the incident to the police. When the police actually decided to do something about it, Jacques Saint Germaine had entirely vanished. They searched his apartment and they found certain tablecloths and each of them laid out with large splotches of blood on them. They searched the kitchen. No sign of food or that food had ever been there. All they found where bottles of wine. And after pouring themselves a glass, drinking it, and then spitting it out, the authorities, vouched that this was not only wine in these bottles, but wine mixed with human blood.


-In The Chronicles of Saint Germain, Chelsea Quinn Yarbroturn the man into a humanist vampire, then in subsequent books placed the same character in various times and settings, ranging from Ancient Babylon to Nazi Germany.

George Washington, guilty of acts of genocide – June 4, 1779, the General of the Revolutionary Army, George Washington, violated the treaty andordered the invasion of the territory of the Iroquois confederation. He insisted in killing as many Indians as possible without taking into account age or sex. The survivors were to be given as agricultural slaves to the colonists who deserved them “Destroying not only the men but the settlements and the plantations is very important. All sown fields must be destroyed and new plantations and harvests must be prevented. What lead can not do will be done by hunger and winter.” From June to December, 40 Indian settlements were massacred and thousands of their plantations were devastated ;;




Alleged Tory voter-suppression campaign ‘a disgrace,’ NDP says – The NDP is linking the Conservative Party to a “dirty tricks” campaign in the last federal election, in which robo-calls were used to send voters to the wrong polling stations.

Basing their attacks on a report Thursday in the Ottawa Citizen, the Official Opposition called on Elections Canada and the RCMP ( ?? LIZARD QUEEN’s COPS?) to conduct a full investigation and lay appropriate charges. “These tactics are a disgrace and those responsible must be held to account,” Interim NDP LeaderNycole Turmel said in a statement. “The Conservatives were elected to clean up the Liberal-style scandals. Instead, they’ve made scandals of their very own.”

The Commissioner of Canada Elections, who enforces the Elections Act, has confirmed in a report to Parliament he is investigating complaints related to “crank calls designed to discourage voting, discourage voting for a particular party, or incorrectly advise electors of changed polling locations.”

It’s gonna be OK in CANADA first.

First Nations must RECLAIM SOVEREIGNTY. This will spread in to the US and CENTRAL AMERICA. We are COUNTING on NYCOLE TURMEL and SHAWN ATLEO to form a UNION that BRIAN TOPP so FEARS.

So be it ….and so it is. MEEGWETCH. Let’s play already! ]



THORsday 02 23 2012 -

UFO Hypotheses– A Call To Zuni Youth pt 5 of 6 [Clifford Mahooty Volume One] // UFO Hypotheses– A Call To Zuni Youth pt 6

MERCREDI 02 22 2012

Credo Mutwa Prediction on next USA President and end of United States and other P REDICTIONS PLAYLIST

US Army Are Waking Up To The TRUTH! (WAKE UP AMERICA!!!)

MARdi 02 21 2012 – 10 – BLOODY WARs FEED SATANists $$$$ – ATON ATEN ATOM NATO – MARduk, NIMROD anucronosnimrod


SIN and LILITH are Brother and Sister; (SIN =ALLAH= god) + ( ISHTAR ISIS= LILITH (darkside MOON) ;

LUNA ( Magdalene) WHITE MOON

Lillith, proud as she was, though being made of sediment and excrement, refused to lie beneath Adam (read Atum), and ran off with an other guy named Samael (read Satan). This of course is the same old theme that pops up each time Satan, the lower Self is involved. It is the lower Self that refuses to join with the inner Light.

Lillith, (Nature) turns away from Adam Kadmon, and sticks with the lower animal urges, the Adam Belial or Samael.

.”Samael is like the soul and Lillith like the body. Deeds are wrought by Lillith with the power of Samael” Zohar; 538, footnote 36.

LILITH Jezebel “built a temple to the god of the Tyrians, which they call Belus” which certainly refers to the Baal of Tyre, or Melqart.

- The inhabitants of East Africa (Ethiopia) and the Yoruba still trace their Ancestry through the Father of Nimrod (Cush). Ethiopia was the Center of Ancient Civilization before the Great Flood and the End of Paradise.
Nimrod- Nimrod (”Rebel“, the Bull), a descendent of Ham, a son of Noah, was a bold man, a great hunter and builder and of great strength of hand. He founded the kingdom in Babylonia, Nineveh and other cities in Assyria. Nimrod changed the Government into a Tyranny and forced men to Rebel against his own Father (Ah, Anu). He swore to build a tower, the Tower of Babylon, too high for the waters of a New Flood to be able to reach. The Tower of Babel, ”The Foundation of Heaven and Earth“, the Gate of Bel, The Bull, was dedicated to Nimrod, also called Marduk.

- The Lawless One will yet establish a government of idolatrous worship of himself (Rev. 13:15). It is possible that this god of the Antichrist (though actuallySatan) will be Nimrod/Marduk that Babylon worshipped as a god of fortresses. Nimrod corresponds with the type of the Man of Sin who will expressly dominate as“King over all the children of pride” (John 41:34). Nimrod accurately portrayed thebloody and deceitful Man (Psa. 5:6), the violent Man (Psa. 140:1) the Antichrist to come. Nimrod was called a “Man of Blood”. In 1 Chron. 1:10 – “And Cush begat Nimrod; he began to be mighty upon the earth”. The Chaldea paraphrase of this verse says, “Cush begat Nimrod who began to prevail in wickedness for he slew innocent blood and rebelled against Jehovah”.2 This, coupled with the expression “a mighty Hunter before the Lord”, suggests that he relentlessly sought out and slew God’s people.

Nimrod we find that he was the first Satanically-inspired king to expand his kingdom by means of murder after the flood, which was a crime that was expressly prohibited in Genesis 9:6. Prior to the flood the fallen angels had interacted with humanity with very negative consequences and then, after the flood, it appears that Satan himself crossed this boundary again and became the primary influence on Nimrod. Through Nimrod mankind became united against the Creator, by conquest and by seduction, which was a rebellion that culminated in the attempt to build the Tower of Babel.

The “division of the nations” was the consequence of this rebellion. It was a judgment against both Nimrod and the entire world. A global empire was dissolved, but inits place appeared a divided world of many nations and many languages, with each nation spiritually controlled and manipulated by a fallen angelic power, who were themselves subservient to their leader Satan. At the Tower of Babel Satan agreed to give up his united world kingdom under Nimrod in exchange for adivided world of many kingdoms, with the understanding that his period of authority over the earth would be temporary and that he would ultimately face judgment.

Before his judgment, however, Satan will once again exercise authority over a united world empire which will, once again, be ruled by Nimrod after his resurrection from the dead. In examining the symbol in the book of Revelation of the seven heads that represent seven Satanic kings we find that Nimrod the Antichrist is the first and the last; he is of the seven, but also an eighth, because he appears a second time when his soul comes out of the Abyss. In this way the Pagan Era, during which themajority of mankind has been ruled over by the fallen angels, will come full circle before it is brought to an end at the Second Coming of the true Christ, the true “Alpha and Omega,”

MOONday 02 20 2012- 9 – ALLAH DAY satanistzion

( SIN and LILITH are Brother and Sister; ENLIL is SHIVA or JEHOVAH)

SUNday 02 19 2012 = 17 - 8 MOON- ATON- NATO- AMEN RA- NIMROD- TUBAL CAIN

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