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Protocols of SIoN – RIGHT on Schedule) IHS= Isis Horus Set


WHERE is the LIZARD QUEEN and the RAmen POPE?



William Hague warns Israel over Iran military action-


Protocols of the Learned Elders of Sion -strategies of control expostulated here-in 1897- such as the use of fiat paper from Zionist owned banks to replace currency backed by gold, along with the destruction of the nuclear family unit, control of school curriculums, the end of freedoms of any stripe, the creation of “terrorism” to frighten the Goy into clamoring for safety over safeguarding of constitutional rights, etc., etc., etc. is today being followed and employed exactly as laid out by Zionist planners in the 19th century.

While Zionists and their agents are dispersed world wide, the heart of Zionism resides with those who control the state of Israel. I bear no ill will toward Israelis who do not endorse Zionism, but I am mindful that the Zionists in control of that tiny nation have wielded enormous influence upon American politicians who in turn, have burdened the American taxpayer with the cost of funding the strife, oppression, and terrorism which Israel has wrecked upon so many defenselessand vulnerable people around the world. For the twisted minds who embrace these precepts, there is no lower limit to the degree of deceit, dishonesty, abuse, trickery, cruelty, or killing that theTalmud tells they that they are allowed to employ in order toachieve their goals of a One World feudal society in whichmerely staying alive in order to serve the Zionist mastersand enjoy even one more day of life, will be the ONLY concern of the Goyim “workers’...Ken Adachi]


SATURNday 02 18 2012-= 16 =7 SUN



MORE LOOSH you give to SAMAEL, the more POWER he has toSUCK more life force out of U.


GRIM REAPER strikes again.

MURDER? RITUAL SACRIFICE? AGAIN? to BEL -SATURNday 02 11 2012= 9 Crack cocaine user Houston, 48w as found dead under the bath water by her bodyguard in luxury suite number 434 (11) at the Beverly Hilton Hotel on Saturday afternoon, which is said to have been littered with bottles of prescription pills. The drugs were believed to have acted as sedatives, causing her to fall asleep in the bathtub once they had been mixed with alcohol from the previous evenings. Paramedics battled to revive the singer but she was pronounced dead at 3.55pm (13), hours before she had been due to perform at a pre-Grammys party at the same hotel.

Los Angeles coroner’s office refused to comment on rumours that water was found on her lungs, indicating she had drowned. Whitney Houston’s death cast a shadow over the music industry’s most prestigious event – last night’s Grammys. Stars lined up to pay tribute to the singer, who had previously won six of the awards, with X-Factor judge Kelly Rowland saying on the red carpet: ‘We lost our hero. .

Twitter Killer! Jon Bon Jovi Is NOT Dead. Eddie Murphy is not dead. All The Celebrities That Died On Twitter (LIST)

They Don’t Care About Us- Michael Jackson’s video that p ed the Illuminati off

BYE BYE to the LIZARD QUEEN’s CROWN. CANADA is going CANservative. toppdog


We are all going CANservativeJACK LAYTON SAYS SO!

New Democratic tide ebbing quickly in Quebec- With 58 MPs, the biggest Quebec membership drive in the party’s history underway, and two candidates with strong local roots in the race, the party did not come close to filling the 500 seats of a downtown Quebec hall. Many of those who showed up for the debate had gone through the lean years with the NDP. Their mood has grown increasingly sober since Layton’s funeral.

UNIONS are worthless. THEY ARE CONtrolled by the GLOBAL CARTELS anyway.

FRIAday 02 17 2012 = 15 = 6 FREE us from the QUEEN JAMES DRACO REPTIOD RED DRAGON APOCALYPSE 666is000

MICHAEL NOEL PRESCOTT 666- your plans have been DEACTVATED. Kindly exit to a MILITARY underground base, where you will be raped and eaten by PINDAR the DRAGON LORD. BYE BYE Noel Prescott 666 BYE BYE RED DRAGON.doc

Thorsday 02 16 2012 True Christianity was practiced by Adam, Noah, Enoch and Melchizedek. The Babylonian mystery religions are a cheap Satanic counterfeit of True Christianity truchistianity

Eckhart Tolle The Dao De Ching // Eckhart Tolle-Relationships

Judeo Christian goD YHWH? Sun goD amen RA?

You will know them by their fruit.

Iesu/Issa/Yahushua returned to teach the Gnosis, the mysteries to heaven and how to escape the 3d enslavement of the Lower EARTH PLANES of the Demiurge.

People of Peace. The Fairy (Feather) Way. Eden originally was inside the EARTH. Cathars, Tuatha de Danann, Hopi, Maya, Anishinabe and Nazarenes were some of the Children of the Feather.

For over sixteen centuries, the Christian Church has been preaching its religion to the world. There is something radically wrong with a religion, that has led its followers to such a terrible state of affairs, involving the conversion of this planet into one vast slaughterhouse, drenched in human blood, resulting from the mass murder of Christians of one nation by fellow-Christians of another, each being urged on and blessed by their own priests.

And such a condition has prevailed in Christendom ever since the Christian religion was first created, organized and established in the year 325 A.D. by pagan Roman churchmen convening at the Council of Nicaea. This Council was presided over by the archmurderer Constantine, Emperor of Rome, who had assassinated, in cold blood, a dozen of his near relatives, including his own wife. And the history of Christianity has been no more honorable than its origin; for ever since Constantine first established it as the state religion of Rome, it has been responsible for the deaths of over fifty million innocent people, under the charge that they were “heretics,” because they refused to accept the unreasonable dogmas of the church - including about three million women who were burnt alive as “witches” in comparatively recent times by men who called themselves priests of the Christian religion.


Who is the Queen of Heaven? The direct translation of Inanna from Sumerian is Nin = Queen and An = Heaven. Inanna is the Morning and Evening Star (Venus), the Goddess of Love, War, and Fertility. She is Artemis, Athena, Aphrodite, Demeter all in one. When we know her story, we understand other goddesses and other traditions.

Eve (Hawwa’; Hiywan; “living one” or “source of life”) is Adam’s wife. (a title previously held by the Babylonian creatrix Tiamat).


Heavenly Isis + Osiris= Sophia+ Christos vs Earthly Abomination Isis + Osiris ( Samael + Lilith)

vs Nimrod + Semiramis

( Reptilian Alien Invasion- Orion)

Legend of the Demon Queen - Who was the first woman? Eve or Lilith?

Lamiai (Vampires)- The Christians know only from their version of the Old Testament Bible that Eve was the first woman created from Adam’s rib [Gen 2.21-24]. There is Jewish legend found in rabbinic literature that the first woman was Lilith,who out of pride, stubbornness and rebellious nature, abandoned Adam, and she wastransformed into a demon.

Lamiai, Empousai, and Mormos: Vampires in the Ancient Greek World A daughter of Poseidon, became by Zeus the mother of the Sibyl Herophile. A female phantom, by which children were frightened. According to tradition, she was originally a Libyan queen, of great beauty, and a daughter of Belus. She wasbeloved by Zeus, and Hera in her jealousy robbed her of her children. Lamia, from revenge and despair, robbed others of their children, and murdered them; and thesavage cruelty in which she now indulged rendered her ugly, and her face became fearfully distorted. Zeus gave her the power of taking her eyes out of her head, and putting them in again. // // // // // //

THE LAMIA KORINTHIA was a ghostly daemon who seduced the handsome youth Menippos in the guise of a beautiful woman to consume his flesh and blood. She was expelled by the pagan prophet Apollonios of Tyana who exposed her many illusions. Empousa (Vampire), was fattening up young men with pleasures before devouring their bodies, for it was her habit to feed upon young and beautiful bodies,

The Legends of the JewsThe Alphabet of Ben Sira (10th century), Lilith refused to lie below when they were having sex. This refusal, however, is not found in the Haggada. Speaking God’s name, she grew wings and flew away to the Red Sea. In the desert, she had spawned a hundred of demons. Adam complained to God that his wife had abandoned him, and now he was alone. God commanded angels to bring Lilith back to Adam. The angels tried to force her to return to Adam, or she would lose her children. Lilith adamantly refused to live with Adam. She took her revenge by killing human babies; boys when they are only a day old, while girls up to 20 days old. The only way to ward her off, was to adorn each baby with an amulet with the names of three angels; the same three angels who had confronted Lilith. So, God created another woman for Adam – Eve. Like in the Genesis, God created her from Adam’s rib.

-In the Gnostic Gospels (also know as the Nag Hammadi manuscripts) Zoe is the daughter of Sophia and was known as Eve when sent by her mother to give life to Adam.

“After the day of rest Sophia sent her daughter, Zoe being called Eve, as an instructor in order that she might make Adam, who had no soul, arise so that those whom he should engender might become containers of life.” Nag Hammadi text, On the Origin of the World, (115:31-35). See also, (

Zoe can thus be interpreted as either the daughter of wisdom or the daughter of God.

The Perfect, Invisible Spirit and Barbelo

Much of what we know before the creation of the material world and Adam, can be found in the text, titled TheApocryphon of John (Secret Book of John), is a revelation of Jesus to John, son of Zebedee, who was said to have written this down.

In the beginning there was only one invisible Spirit – perfect, pure, holy, immaculate, ageless and virgin. He was the Ineffable One. He is neither corporeal, nor incorporeal. He is invisible because no one can see him, yet he emanated pure, immeasurable light. He is indestructible and eternal. Jesus revealed whom the real Supreme Being or Heavenly Father (in the New Testament), as the First Aeon, and The God. In this text, he was mostly referred to the “invisible Spirit” or “holy Spirit”. In the Gospel of the Egyptians, he is called the “Great, Invisible Spirit”. For the sake of convenient, I will call him Father or Spirit.

The Spirit then look in the spring of life, and by the power of His thought, brought forth a feminine being, whose light was like His, and her power was also like his. She was theemanation of Him, His feminine counter-part. She was known as Barbelo, the forethought of all, and the perfect Aeon.

This is the first thought, his image; she became the womb of everything, for it is she who is prior to them all, the Mother-Father, the first man, the holy Spirit, the thrice-male, the thrice-powerful, the thrice-named androgynous one, and the eternal aeon among the invisible ones, and the first to come forth.

The Apocryphon of John


Sophia, the personification of Holy Wisdom, appears in Proverbs 8 as present and assisting at the Creation, and in Proverbs 9:1-6 as a hostess who invites everyone to her feast. She has been much revered in eastern Orthodoxy. Churches and cathedrals, most famouslyHagia Sophia in Constantinople-Byzantium-Istanbul, have been dedicated to her. More recently, she has been understood as a feminine image of God.

Archon was used in Gnosticism to refer to several servants of the Demiurge, the “creator god” that stood between the human race and a transcendent God that could only be reached through gnosis. In this context they have the role of the angels and demons of the Old Testament. They give their name to the sect called Archontics.

The Hebdomad

A characteristic feature of the Gnostic conception of the universe is the role played in almost all Gnostic systems by the seven world-creating archons, known as the Hebdomad (?ßd?µ??). There are indeed certain exceptions; for instance, Basilides taught the existence of a ”great archon” called Abraxas who presided over 365 archons (Irenaeus, Adversus Haereses, i. 24); in the Valentinian system, the Seven are in a manner replaced by the Aeons. These Seven, then, are in most systems semi-hostile powers, and are reckoned as the last and lowest emanations of the Godhead; below them—and frequently considered as derived from them—comes the world of the actually devilish powers.

The ancient astronomy taught that above the seven planetary spheres was an eighth, the sphere of the fixed stars.[7] In the eighth sphere, these Gnostics taught, dwelt the mother to whom all these archons owed their origin, Sophia (Wisdom) or Barbelo.  

The Ophites accepted the existence of these seven archons (Origen, Contra Celsum, vi. 31; a nearly identical list is given in On the Origin of the World):[8]

Saturn Yaldabaoth, MOLECH called also Gnostic Cosmogony Feminine name: Pronoia (Forethought) Sambathas, “week”. Prophets:[9] Moses, Joshua, Amos, Habakkuk. From Hebrew yalda bahut, “Child of Chaos“? The outermost who created the six others, and therefore the chief ruler and Demiurge par excellence. Called “the Lion-faced”, leontoeides, similar to the Mithraic Leontocephaline, 

Jupiter Iao. Feminine name: Lordship. Prophets: Samuel, Nathan, Jonah, Micah. Perhaps from Yahu, Yahweh, but possibly also from the magic cry iao in the Mysteries.

Mars Sabaoth. Feminine name: Deity. Prophets: Elijah, Joel, Zechariah.
The Old Testament title God of Hosts was thought a proper name, hence Jupiter Sabbas (Yahweh Sabaoth).

Venus. Feminine name: Sophia (Wisdom)Astaphanos, or Astaphaios.
Prophets: Esdras, Zephaniah. Astraphaios is beyond doubt the planet Venus, as there are gnostic gems with a female figure and the legend ASTAPHE, which name is also used in magic spells as the name of a goddess.

The SunAdonaios Feminine name: Kingship.
Prophets: Isaiah, Ezekiel, Jeremiah, Daniel. From the Hebrew term for “the Lord”, used of God; Adonis of the Syrians representing the Winter sun in the cosmic tragedy of Tammuz. In the Mandaean system Adonaios represents the Sun.

Mercury. Elaios, or Ailoaios, or sometimes Ailoein Feminine name: Jealousy. Prophets: Tobias, Haggai. From Elohim, God (El).

The Moon. Horaios Feminine name: Wealth. Prophets: Michaiah, Nahum. From Jaroah? or “light”? or Horus?

In the hellenized form of Gnosticism either all or some of these names are replaced by personified vices. Authadia (Authades), or Audacity, is the obvious description of Yaldabaoth, the presumptuous Demiurge, who is lion-faced as the Archon Authadia. Of the Archons Kakia, Zelos, Phthonos, Errinnys, Epithymia, the last obviously represents Venus. The number seven is obtained by placing a proarchon or chief archon at the head. That these names are only a disguise for the Sancta Hebdomas is clear, for Sophia, the mother of them, retains the name of Ogdoad,Octonatio. Occasionally one meets with the Archon Esaldaios, which is evidently the El Shaddai of the Bible, and he is described as the Archon “number four” (harithmo tetartos).

In the system of the Gnostics mentioned by Epiphanius we find, as the Seven Archons, Iao Saklas (the chief demon of Manichaeism) Seth, David, Eloiein, Elilaios (probably connected withEn-lil, the Bel of Nippur, the ancient god of Babylonia), Yaldabaoth (or no. 6 Yaldaboath, no. 7 Sabaoth)

One of the things you will discover in the Gnostic cosmogony is that you have to re-evaluate the Old Testament Genesis, about the Creator and other celestial beings, about the roles of Adam and Eve, and the belief of the afterlife. Much of the Genesis has changed in the Gnostic texts are found in the Nag Hammadi Library.

The roles of the Creator have changed as well. The so-called Creator of this world, who is the God of Old Testament, was not the true Heavenly Father or theUltimate Supreme Being that Jesus referred to in the New Testament. This Creator, or Demuirge I should say, was known by the name Yaldabaoth (Ialdabaoth) is animposter and a jealous god

The oldest known and well documented superstition is that mankind can “worship” through stimulating the human senses. This was the method condemned by Paul to the Corinthians. It is the antithesis of “worship in spirit” or in the human mind. The ancient stories universally see Satan using the external senses to hide the Word.

Sophia – Gnostic creation myth said Sophia was born from the primordial female power Sige. Sophia gave birth to a male spiritChrist, and a female spirit, Achamoth. Goddess of Wisdom. The World Soul was born of Her smileSeven fold mandala represents 7 branches of learning

ENKI and NINHURSHAG / Apollo and Artemis // He / She is Lucifer.

APOLLON was the great Olympian god of prophecy, oracles, healing and disease, music, poetry, archery, and the protection of the young, who punishes and destroys (oulios) the wicked and overbearing, and as such he is described as the god with bow and arrows, the gift of Hephaestus.

Apollo, another type of Sophia-Zoe, had his oracle just up the coast from Corinth. His name is also Apollyon or Abbadon and his most powerful weapons were women and music.

Hermes is another model. The modern version is that God or the audience can be manipulated by “praise.” The new age goddesses being worshiped by singing (and selling) their songs is what incarnates them and is polytheism.

Music, of course is absolutely necessary to “ascend into the presence of God.”

-Sumerian myth in which the goddess Ninhursag created a beautiful garden full of lush vegetation and fruit trees, called Edinu, in Dilmun, the Sumerian earthly Paradise, a place which the Sumerians believed to exist to the east of their own land, beyond the sea. Ninhursag charged Enki, her lover and husband, with controlling the wild animals and tending the garden, but Enki became curious about the garden and his assistant, Adapa, selected seven plants (8 in some version) and offered them to Enki, who ate them. (In other versions of the story[citation needed] he seduced in turn seven generations of the offspring of his divine marriage with Ninhursag). This enraged Ninhursag, and she caused Enki to fall ill. Enki felt pain in his rib, which is a pun in Sumerian, as the word “ti” means both “rib” and “life”. The other gods persuaded Ninhursag to relent. Ninhursag then created a new goddess ( 7 or 8 to heal his 7 or 8 ailing organs including his rib) named Ninti, (a name made up of “Nin”, or “lady”, plus “ti”, and which can be translated as both Lady of Living and Lady of the Rib), to cure Enki. Neither Ninhursag nor Ninti are exact parallels of Eve, since both differ from the character. However, given that the pun with rib is present only in Sumerian, linguistic criticism places the Sumerian account as the more ancient and therefore, a possible narrative influence on the Judeo-Christian story of creationSamuel Noah Kramer

In Babylonian mythology, Tiamat is a chaos monster, a primordial goddess of the ocean, mating with Abzû (the god of fresh water) to produce younger gods. It is suggested that there are two parts to the Tiamat mythos, the first in which Tiamat is ‘creatrix’, through a “Sacred marriage”between salt and fresh water, peacefully creating the cosmos through successive generations. In the second “Chaoskampf” Tiamat is considered the monstrous embodiment of primordial chaos.[1] Although there are no early precedents for it, some sources identify her with images of a sea serpent or dragon.[2] In the Enûma Elish, the Babylonian epic of creation, she gives birth to the first generation of deities; she later makes war upon them and is killed by the storm-god Marduk. The heavens and the earth are formed from her divided body.


 Fallen Angels playlist // Demiurge From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The Avatar Movie, Maitreya and our “New Age” Dajjali Religion

Gnosticism, the belief of the Knights Templar, holds that mankind is nothing more or less than Aether trapped in a physical world and held there by Satan (they called him the demi-urge).Through multiple reincarnations, they held, a man or woman could become purified andultimately freed from the other elements.

-In Gnosticism, the “Demi-Urge” was Aether that got trapped in the elements we now refer to as earth ( HELL/Middle Earth).

It is the Demi-urge’s desire that we should remain trapped with him eternally.

This is the being the Illuminati worship as Satan, a separate and distinct entity from Lucifer.

This religious belief is not a new one. It has its roots in the Babylonian and Egyptian mystery religions. In Babylon, Nimrod, the mighty hunter of the people of the Lord, was the enemy of God. He waged eternal warfare with God’s followers on earth (the City of Salem underMelchizedek).

NIMROD/MARDUK also swore to build a tower so high that it would allow him entrance into the kingdom of God, where he promised to slay God. ( MARDUK) //

Melchizedek is also known as Shem, the righteous son of Noah. He reportedly slew Nimrod in battle and cut his body into pieces. He then sent those pieces to the far reaches of Nimrod’s empire to show that God was still more powerful than man.\

Nimrod’s wife was Queen Semiramis. She was the mother of harlots in Babylon.

Nimrod was the great oppressor of mankind. Semiramus, heavily involved in “sex majic” became pregnant with an illegitimate son after Nimrod’s death.She falsely claimed that Nimrod himself had impregnated her from beyond the grave and that the child had no earthly father.

The “savior” son was named Tammuz who was slain by a wild boar, but returns from the underworld each spring. Some have tried to argue that these systems of religion form the basis for Christianity. I believe the exact opposite.

Maitreya also claims the title of “Avatar“. He is admittedly the servant of Lucifer inasmuch as his movement’s founder, Benjamin Creme, is an admitted Luciferian. Just like Nimrod was a Luciferian-Satanist and his wife as well.

APOLLYON Rising Notes A book by THOMAS HORN - Thomas Horn talks about the “Gods Who Came Down” to clone and rape human beings. Their intent was to make hybrids they could use for various reasons. They could not create human beings but they had the technology to create human hybrids. You will find of these accounts in Genesis Chapter 6 where it speaks about the Nordic Aryan Alien “Fallen Elohim Watchers. Keep in mind that they entered our three-dimensional world illegally and THEY ARE GOING DOWN SOON.


Babylon in ancient Iraq, was the seat of power of the “Illuminated One” known as Nimrod who built the “Tower of Babylon.” These ancient Sumerians worshipped reptilian gods known as the Anunnaki and the Illuminated one was their leader.

According the my research the creator god of all the reptilian entities was Yahweh Ildabaoth the Demiurge, who was the entity the Judah Jews worshipped as godJesus (Yashua) referred to these reptilian entities as “SNAKES in coded language.”

When the “Global Elite” decided to go declare war against Iraq they apparently use these coded words as a way of evoking the invitation of Yahweh Ildabaoth the Demiurge, Nimrod and Metatron.Babylon was the “Gate to this evil Sumerian God” The Tower of Babel was built as a portal, door or window to the dimension (heaven) this evil entity came from. The “Global Elite” need to make sure they are going to be safe going into which is why they use coded esoteric language to evoke the protection from or and invitation into Babylon Iraq.

Original/REAL Illuminati /REAL Knights Templar/ Holy Grail. Sangre’real. (King Arthur and 12 Knights of the Round Table. Where is the real story? Yeshua/Iesu/Apostles and Mary Magdalene). Who is the real Merlin? Joseph of Arimathea?

Illuminatreee is Lilith, Pindar is Ialdabaoth? Playlist 2009 ( OPEN LETTER TO TREEE: Your decisions worry me. You are headed for Revelation 13. Be careful. Reptilians want to CONTROL you, shut you up and take your soul. Nothing has changed. I am nagging you because I see you going down the wrong path. I care enough to tell you to TURN AROUND! Will you Listen?

TREEE…Get your Cherokee hide to a shaman. There you will be cleansed. Not with the NAZIsNEVER HAPPEN! ox d)

King Arthur /12 Knights / (Sun god and all the planets)? // Sunwheel with 12 months/ astrology // Yahweh/Yaldabaoth/Archons // Pindar Dragon-Lord RA Rothchild/12 illuminati Reptilian Bloodlines

Adamus Illuminati Mystery Schools taught by Genetist scientist Ea/Enki and sister Ninhursag/Magda/Eve here.

Adamus race once had the Illuminated teachings from EA (serpent) or theEASU (teachers of EA).Terra Papers

Marduk Ra cursed God and wanted to be god Himself. (god=dog star Sirius Ea/Enki father; Yahweh=Enlil; Magda/Ninhursag mother Orion snake Queen). Terra Papers

History/memories corrupted under Marduk Ra/Ishtar-isis Terra Papers

Marduk Ra/Nimrod/Osiris fake builds tower of Babel to reach Heaven. Languages confused here. Minds erased. Terra Papers

Ritual abuse/blood LOOSH sacrifice to macrobes- Yaldabaoth/Archons (YHWH)/ Dark Energy Matter. Reincarnation. Dark Energy Matter-Demonic Entities/Reptilian Draconians keep us in a lock down grid of fear and ignorance.

Sheti Lizards (greys/stone masons-freemasions) submit to Draconians Terra Papers

Souls/light trapped and recycled in 3d to keep us enslaved in Dark Energy matter Pistis Sophia

Pistis Sophia teaches you how to DESTROY Yaldabaoth (Yahweh Yaldabaoth traps souls in body/Hell. )



There is currently a woman alive today who’s secret name is Hepsebah, to the occult, she is the most powerful woman on earth. She is the woman beast. In ancient timesHepsebah was the name of the mother of Manasseh who led the nation of Israel into idolatry and devil worship.

According to this former insider the entire Satanic kingdoms are a matriarchal society where the women are the real rulers. Most of their ruling class is hidden, in other words..the Queen of England bows down to Hepsebah. There are six separate kingdoms, three kings of patriarchal societies; and three queens of matriarchal societies.

- In the occult Hepsebah’s group is called, “The Mothers of Darkness” and they are a powerful ruling class of their own, their main thrust is to corrupt Christianity. Their marriages are arranged and genetics play a big part in who gets to rule in their occultic hidden society. There are some very specifics to Hepsebah’s genetics that allow her to rule over the United States land area.

It is suspected that this Hepsebah will be the mother of the Antichrist. She is thegranddaughter of Lucifer.Hillary Clinton and Barbara Bush are both Grande Damme’s of the Mothers of Darkness group, but they don’t have the power to rule over the entire occult world.

-Rulers needed to be able to locate Mystery Babylon in the U.S. They needed theancient American Indian territorial spirits, so Hepsebah’s father is the top pure blooded American indian Shamman Nephilim, her mother is of the Druid counsel Grande Damme, so Hepebah carries in her the power of the territorial American spirits and the ruling of the old European ruling houses through the Grande Druid counsel. Her grandmother was the top Grande Damme Mother of Darkness and carries(d) the “Great Whore” spirit passed down through the generations from ancient Babylon. Her mother, Lucifer’s daughter committed some kind of offense in the occult world and they stripped her of the position of rulership, so the position was not passed onto her, instead it was given on to the granddaughter.

Hepsebah’s titles include, “The Great Whore” “The Most Powerful Witch (MPW)” “The Locust Queen, or Queen of the Locusts.” The name Hepsebah is a name of blasphemy and means “my delight is in her.” She is the physical form of the whore that sits upon the beast. She claims direct lineage to Semaramis and is worshipped as the goddess Ishtar.

Evita and Arthur Pendragon Playlist

Goddess tradition // evitapendragon // divinemothergod

Galactic Federation Of Light Metatron December 1 2009

  -This angel has many names associated with it, that these evil dark organizations worship some of the names include Metatron, Enoch 2, Lilith (who is the demoness who takes the form of anOwl)

It appears to be no coincidence that a giant owl is the statue being worshipped by the global leaders in the “Bohemian Grove’s” cremation of care ceremony every year. These global leaders are the upper “Elite Neo-cones.” They include the Bush’s, Cheney and many political leaders who are on the “Who’s Who” list.

-We have to remember that Demons go where they are invited so that when these codes, names, symbols and rituals are used, they are in a sense, evoking these evil gods to enter their space for various reasons. When the Bushes use these coded words regarding Iraq, they are aware that America will be entering the sacred territory of Nimrod who was the ruling god of Babylon.


What people must understand is the word“Christ” is not a reference to Jesus (Yashua) when it comes to these secret societies or the New Age movement. TheNew World Order “Christ” of these secret societies refers to the “Christ Spirit”George W. Bush made the statement that “Christ changed his life.” “ The Christian world assumed that he meant Jesus (Yashua) however once you DO YOUR HOMEWORK you will understand that the word Christ means teacher. The New Age and occult Christ is an evil entity that has many names associated with it. None of these names have anything to do with Jesus (Yashua) the Christian Christ (teacher).

The word “Creator of the Universe,” according to these “Global Elite” occultists, refers to the demon god Apollo and Osiris. The symbolism on the Great Seal is also a reference to Apollo and Osiris who is the god of destruction.

-Thomas Horn talks about the “Gods Who Came Down” to clone and rape human beings. Their intent was to make hybrids they could use for various reasons. They could not create human beings but they had the technology to create human hybrids. You will find of these accounts in Genesis Chapter 6 where it speaks about the Nordic Aryan Alien “Fallen Elohim Watchers.

Keep in mind that they entered our three-dimensional world illegally andTHEY ARE GOING DOWN SOON.

-To enter our three-dimensional world they had to create Stargates or opening from their dimensions (heavens) into ours. Once in our three-dimensional world these entities are able to winks in and out of our skies as they travel back and forth into these other dimensions.

Prophecy states that in the END OF THIS EARTH AGE, which appears to be around 2012these entities will BLINK INTO OUR THREE DIMENSIONAL WORLD AND WILL NOT BE ABLE TO BLINK OUT ANYMOREThey will be stuck here until they are destroyed by the return of Jesus (Yashua) and his forces for good.

The Draco Connection

Lilith was evil and seduced lovers, only to rip them up with her taloned feet. This is the goddess Cabalistic Jews from Babylon picked up and said that Jehovah married when he divorced Shakina, his original goddess wife. Lilith is also the matron of the Eastern Star of Freemasonry.

Nimrod who is known as a Dragon and Queen Semiramis an Owl and are in the bible…The Serpent and Owl are Samael and Lilith, the rulers of the Qliphothic Tree of the Kabbalah.

Ialdabaoth (Gnostic) (from Shem ilda + baoth)

Child from the egg (of Chaos); the spirit of matter, the chief of the lower ‘elohim and father of the six dark stellar spirits or terrestrial angels, and thus one of the lower group of the Qabbalistic Sephiroth, the shadow or reflection on the lower four cosmic planes of the arupa or formless higher Sephirothic range.

-Ialdabaoth’s mother, Sophia Achamoth(wisdom of the lower four of the cosmic planes) is the daughter or manifested reflection of the Heavenly Sophia — divine wisdom, or the mahat-side of akasa. Therefore Ialdabaoth is equivalent to the Nazarene Demiourgos of the Codex Nazaraeus, which makes himidentical with the Hebrew Jehovah, thecreator of the physical earth and the material side of the rector of the planet Saturn. He is also identical withTsebaoth-Adamas, “the Pthahil of the Codex Nazaraeus, the Demiurge of the Valentinian system, the Proarchose of the Barbelitae, the Great Archon of Basilides and the Elohim of Justinus, etc. Ialdabaoth (the Child of Chaos) was . . . theChief of the Creative Forces and the representative of one of the classes of Pitris” (BCW 13:43n). In the Ophite scheme he is the first of the superior septenate.

As a creative spirit, Ialdabaoth generates six sons (the lower terrestrial angels or stellar spirits) without assistance of any female, and when these sons strive with him he creates Ophiomorphos, the serpent-shaped spirit of all that is basest in matter. When Ialdabaoth proclaims that he is Father and God, and that none is above him, Sophia tells him that the first and second Anthropos (heavenly man) are above him. So Ialdabaoth’s sons create a man, Adam, to whom Ialdabaoth gives the breath of life, emptying himself of creative power. Havingrebelled against his mother, his production is mindless and has to be endowed with mind by Sophia Achamoth – a reference to the descent of the manasaputras. The man, thus informed, aspires away from his producer, who thereupon becomes his adversary, produces the three lower kingdoms of beings, and imprisons man in a house of clay (flesh). Ialdabaoth also makes Eve (Lilith) to deprive the man of his light powersSophia sends the serpent or intelligence to make Adam and Eve transgress the commands of Ialdabaoth, who casts them from Paradise into the world along with the serpent. Sophia deprives Adam and Eve of their light power, but eventually restores this power so that they awoke mentally. Here there is much the same confusion that surrounds the various meanings of Satan and the serpent.

Ialdabaoth, who is lion-headed or in the form of a lion, represents the kama principle, the false light that draws the soul into matter and struggles against its rise again to spirit. Some Gnostics held thatSophia sent Christos to help humankind when Ialdabaoth and his forces were shutting out the divine light, and Ialdabaoth, “discovering that Christos was bringing to an end his kingdom of Matter, stirred up the Jews, his own people, against Him, and Jesus was put to death” (BCW 14:161). See also JEHOVAH

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