Freedom Writers Diary Movie Questions

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Freedom Writers Diary Movie Questions

  1. According to Eva, why was her father arrested?

  2. Why did Erin Gruwell (Ms. G) decide to teach instead of be a lawyer?

  3. List some opposition/obstacles Ms. G faces in the beginning.

  4. How do the students in 203 relate to one another at first?

  5. Who is a character you like or relate to the most so far?
    Why? How so?

  6. What are ways Ms. G tried to engage (make them interested)
    the students?

  7. What are some reasons the students do not respect Ms. G.
    at first? What do they say to her when she confronts them?

  8. Why does Eva “hate white people”?

  9. Describe Ms. G’s husband. What is his attitude towards her
    teaching career?

  10. What does Ms. G do when she finds the picture of Jamal? What historical event does she bring up?

  11. Why is this event relative to her students?

  12. What is the philosophy of the students? How do they perceive “graduation”?

  13. How do the students see themselves in the scheme of society?

  14. What activity starts to unite them?

  15. What does the scene with the Cambodian girl and Eva (Hispanic girl) show? What does it convey? What is the message?

  16. What diary entry moved you the most? Which story struck you the most? Why?

  17. How would you describe Ms. G towards the end of the movie?

  18. Describe the transformation of the students of room 203.

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