Fremont unified school district 2016 Young Authors’ Contest

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2016 Young Authors’ Contest

Dear Students, Parents, and Teachers:

The FUSD 2016 Young Authors’ Contest is here! The following guidelines will help answer questions and improve the quality of your child’s story. Have your child incorporate some, or all, of the following elements of story writing; however, his/her imagination and enthusiasm for writing are most important. The purpose of this contest is to give encouragement and recognition to student achievement in creative writing.


FICTION: This Young Authors’ book is to be a creative short story. It may be based on facts, but must include imaginative elements.

AUDIENCE: The story should be appropriate for Transitional Kindergarten (TK) -6 grade audiences.

SETTING: The time (when) and place (where) in which the story takes place. Is the setting important to the story?

PURPOSE: The story should be written to entertain, to express your feelings about something, or to describe a personal experience.

CHARACTERIZATION: Who are the main characters? What do they look like? How do they act and talk? Do they have any special traits or habits? Describe their temperaments (determined, angry, sad, happy, clever, mean, curious, etc.).

CLIMAX: Have the story events build up to a climax.

PLOT: What are the conflicts in the story? How are the conflicts resolved and who solves the conflicts? Each detail or action must contribute to the outcome of the story.


  1. Parents should read Entry Rules with their child before starting the book.

  2. Students should write their own story in any style or format with which they feel most comfortable.

  3. Go over the elements of story writing described above to see if most questions have been answered and if there is anything they want to add.

  4. The student should try to illustrate by hand on all or some of the pages. Not every page needs an illustration, but, if using illustrations or graphics, it should be the student’s original work– no clip art. Drawings should be bold.

  5. The story writing options include:

  • TK, K, and 1st grade stories must be written in the student’s best printing, using black ink.

  • Grades 2-12 stories may be typed, word processed or printed neatly in black ink.
  1. On the front cover, the student should write the title of the book and should illustrate something substantial and attractive. Do not put the author’s name on front cover.

  2. A completed Official Entry Form must be paper-clipped to the Title Page and signed by both the author and parent/guardian.






  • This is to be a work of fiction appropriate for Grades TK-6 audiences.

  • The story must be original and the student’s own work. No manuscript that has previously been printed may be submitted.

  • No portion may be copied from any existing story or stories. Plagiarism is a serious offense.

  • 1500 word maximum; must be written in English.

  • Only one entry per student. Each book must be the work of one student.

  • TK, K, and 1st grade stories must be written in the student’s best printing, using black ink.

Grades 2-12 stories may be typed, word processed or written in black ink.

  • All artwork used to enhance the story must be student’s original work. Clip-art or other commercial images are not allowed. Other student-generated computer drawings may be used.

  • All book pages, including cover, must be 8-1/2” x 11”.
  • Books should have a front and a back cover. The Front Cover must have a title, but not the author’s name.

  • The Title Page should include the title of book, name of the author, school, grade, date and teacher’s name (for grades TK-6 write the classroom teacher’s name, for grades 7-12 write the English teacher’s name).

  • Include an author’s page at the end of the story. Include a photo or drawing of the author and a mini biography telling about the author’s interests, family, or future goals.

  • Books must be stapled in left corner; do not bind in plastic combs or other binding material.

  • A completed Official Entry form must accompany every book submitted to the District. Please paper-clip to the Title Page, not to the book cover.

If you have questions about contest rules, please contact Nicole Bryant by phone at: (510) 659-2528 or contact one of the Young Authors’ Coordinators, Carri Cassidy at, Jamie Shimomura at or Dawn Nogueiro at

DEADLINE: Check with your school office to fill in your school’s preliminary judging deadline.
My school’s deadline is . Bring to Room:
The school’s deadline should be at least two (2) weeks prior to the District’s deadline,

(January 22, 2016), to allow schools enough time to submit their ten (10) best entries.


  • Each student who advances to the District level will receive a certificate of recognition.

  • There will be three district awards given at each grade level TK-12.

  • Only the top three District Winners in each grade level will be invited and recognized at the Young Author’s Awards Ceremony held in their honor on Tuesday, February 23, 2016 at Kennedy High School, Multi-Purpose Room, 39999 Blacow Road, Fremont, CA, from 3:30 P.M. - 5:30 P.M.

The top three district winning entries in each grade level will be professionally printed and placed in all Fremont elementary school libraries and the Fremont Main Alameda County Library. District winners will also receive a complimentary copy of their own book. Original entries will be returned to the schools.


  • Official Entry Form: Must contain the following information - author, title, phone, school, grade level, brief biography, short summary, and signatures of both author and parent or legal guardian.

  • Organization: Clear sequence of detail: good beginning, middle and ending.
  • Language/usage: Vocabulary, word choice, descriptive language, and proper grammar.

  • Originality/Creativity: Fresh, memorable, or unusual storyline. Must be student’s own work.

  • Editing: Few or no spelling or mechanical errors.

  • Overall Impression: The following will enhance the story quality: handwritten drawings and

Illustrations, neatness, and an attractive cover.


  • A group of teachers, library technicians, administrators, and/or members of the community will judge all entries.

  • All decisions by the judges are final.

  • If you have any questions, please contact one of the Young Authors’ Coordinators, Carri Cassidy, Dawn Nogueiro or Jamie Shimomura, by e-mail.

Thank you for encouraging your child to participate in this contest. We hope your child’s storybook will become a forever memory.

Carri Cassidy Dawn Nogueiro Jamie Shimomura

Carri Cassidy Dawn Nogueiro Jamie Shimomura



Announcing the

Fremont Unified School District’s

2016 Young Authors’ Contest

Ready, Set, Write…!
My school’s contest will end on:

Parents: enter this date on page 2 of the information packet

Name of School:


2016 Young Authors’ Contest

Official Entry form

Please print in black ink:

Title of book:

Author: School:

First Name Last Name

Home Phone: Classroom Teacher: Grade:

(For grades 7-12, write the name of your English Teacher)

Brief description of your interests:

Short summary of your story:

* Student and parent signatures confirm that this is the original work of the above author:

Author’s Signature Parent or Guardian Signature

Completed Official Entry Form must be paper clipped to the Title Page.

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