Freshman Literary and Art Magazine editor application

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Freshman Literary and Art Magazine


Name: ______________________________________________

An Editor position will require your faithful attendance during production for the first two weeks in May. Production will last for several hours after school (sometimes until 5-6pm). Please sign below to indicate both your commitment to the magazine and your understanding of the production schedule.


Sequence of events—subject to change

  1. Last plea for written submissionscirculate flyers in Eng9 (March 30th deadline)

  2. Finish voting on submissions. (April 14th)

  3. Determine a theme and/or design concept for the overall look and feel of the magazine.

  4. Revisit all written submissions (above 50%) and finalize selected pieces. (April 21st)

  5. Obtain art/photography and narrow down to a selection pool.

  6. Commission photography/art that is specific to certain pieces.

PRODUCTION: (right after April break—starting Tuesday, May 5th)

  1. Re-read and make final edits for all approved pieces.

  2. Distribute congratulations letters and drafts for approval to selected writers/artists. (Obtain electronic copies of all finalized pieces)

  3. Crash course in InDesign (editing software for Magazines)

  4. Design templates and layout options in design teams.

English 9 Teacher:

Freshman Rhetoric Teacher:

Name: __________________________

Please indicate your TOP 3 positions that interest you (Rank 1-3).


____Poetry Editor

____Short Story Editor

____Personal Essay Editor

____ Art/Photography Editor

____Design/Layout Editor
_____ Microsoft Word

_____ InDesign

_____ Photoshop


    1. Good poetry is like __________________________________________.

    1. Write about a situation or experience demonstrates your leadership skills:

    1. Do you have any art/design experience? Specific magazine design experience? Explain.

    1. Which editor position interests you most, and why? Why are you the right candidate for editor and for this specific position?

    1. Please explain your 2nd choice:

    1. Make a convincing final argument. What are the three reasons you would be a good editor?

____________________ _____________________ ________________________

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