Frey’s English 101 28. 14 1/1 Material Generators for Literacy Narrative rough draft

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Frey’s English 101 8.28.14 1/1

Material Generators for Literacy Narrative rough draft
1) writing exercise:

a) “who am I as a writer, a reader, a student?”

b) “who made me who I am as a writer, a reader, a student”
2) description exercises

a) sounds of the weekend,

b) then sounds of later today (What sounds would be appropriate? What in all likelihood will you hear?)

c) discuss Baca’s literary devices (how-to-annotate tip of noticing 'details' and discovering 'devices'), then

d) try a simile to help your weekend-sound description. Then try a metaphor.

e) add a scent/smell.

3) description exercises

a) your 1st writing experience, then 1st reading experience, then pair-share;

b) describe an academic experience

c) reread “who am I” and who made me”, then write opposite-of-8.25 a) & b) --- who am I not? --- who did not make me

who I am?

d) scan your completed Questionnaire for possible anecdote, then flesh out

e) from a) thru d), underline each person/role, pick one and write name/role, then pair-share; flesh out person
4) practice vivid-detail of place/person/event/reflection from the Invention Activity (Woo-Woo! Details.)
5) create characters that act in the Sentence Building exercise

6) develop important passages with the Exploding Important Moments in Storytelling exercise

7) discover more detail through another set of questions as you think about your 1st Essay
8) discover focus/statement/reflection through another way of thinking about your literacy narrative
9) improve dialogue with the Quoting Dialogue exercise
10) experiment with extended metaphor in details from The Storm Approached on “Desert Solitaire
11) study how to change weak, do-nothing verbs to strong, active verbs in the verb exercise
12) practice reflective writing with The Significance of Your Narrative exercise

40) class-created concept-map on “culture”, then describe your culture’s approach to literacy, pair-discuss

41) revisit/revise/add to/explore/expand/exhume 1-8 for more stories
42) reflect on one item from 1-8 (perhaps use #11’s reflection section to assist you)
43) helpful approach to beginning your 1st Essay rough draft

a) Type-up any&all writing exercises we've done in or out of Lecture and Discussion (there may even be sections from

your Journal exercises on essays Baca, Kincaid, Tan, Alexie that you can incorporate)

b) Organize your typed-up writing toward a cohesive story (YOUR story of literacy).

c) Organize your typed-up writing for an unfolding thesis (YOUR understanding of literacy).

44) practice character-driven monologue in the “Girl” writing exercise

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