Friday, December 4, 2015

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Weisenberg Elementary School

Parent Teacher Organization

PTO Meeting Minutes

Friday, December 4, 2015

9:20 am- Room 145
Welcome! Natalie thanked everyone for coming!
Prior Month Meeting Minutes – Natalie passed the November minutes around for review.

  • Newsletter and minutes are posted on the school website

Treasurer’s Report – Nicki reviewed the account balance report as of 10/31/15 and Banking Summary for October 2015.
Motion to approve minutes & treasurers report:

1st: Megan Davis 2nd: Lucy Schlofer All

Executive Committee Report

  • Holiday Party scheduled for Wednesday, December 23rd from 10:45-11:30 (set-up is at 10:30am). Parents are asked to leave at 11:30 and follow regular dismissal procedures. A note must be sent in prior to that day if you are picking up your child. Food must be fruit/vegetables or pre-packaged items that are peanut/tree nut free and not processed in a plant with peanut/tree nuts. All food needs to be brought in that morning for labels to be checked.

  • Newsletter- Kathi would appreciate all submissions for the next newsletter by December 12th.
  • Thank you to everyone that donated items for the Staff Luncheon! A HUGE THANK YOU to Lori Croenberger, and Jen Ott for volunteering the entire day, and to Denise Gallagher for getting the gift cards together for the teacher raffle. We are still looking for someone to take over for the Staff Luncheon for next year. Please contact Natalie AS soon as possible if interested in chairing this important PTO committee.

  • Directory Update-The Directory is done and is fabulous! A BIG THANK YOU to Becky for all of her hard work on this! We have had a few parents that have contacted us about some incorrect information. Becky has asked me to pass along that if your information in the most recent directory is incorrect to please email her at so she can make the correction.

  • PHANTOMS GAME- Weisenberg Family Night at the Phantoms will be on Friday, February 19th. We have 97 seats available. Tickets are $17 each and checks can be made payable to Weisenberg PTO. Please contact Becky Hite for additional information or questions.

  • LEHIGH VALLEY IRON PIGS- Weisenberg Family day will be on Sunday, May 1st at 1:35pm. More information will be coming shortly on this!

  • Book Fair Volunteers- Thank you to all of the parents that volunteered their time to assist with Book Fair!

  • Holiday Shoppe- Holiday Shoppe starts on Tuesday, December 8th, if you are available to volunteer some time to assist the students please contact Megan Davis at .

  • Family Dance- We are looking for a few volunteers to form a committee for the Family Dance on February 13th. If you are interested please contact Abbie Trexler at .

  • Use of Facility forms online- Be sure to fill out prior to event start date!
  • Flier Protocol- Forward to Natalie and she will forward to Jean Overstrom for approval.

Teacher Remarks Mrs. Sacco/Mrs. Holmes – Mrs. Sacco attended the meeting.

  • She thanked everyone for the wonderful luncheon!

  • She also thanked PTO for the games that were given to the classrooms. Many of the games were used during the Board Game Bonanza for Positive Behavior.

  • She announced that Terrific Tigers now get to sign the tiger paw on the mural in the lobby.

Principal Remarks- Mrs. Berlet

  • Band & Chorus Concert will be held December 8th at 2 pm for students and 7 pm for families.

  • December 22nd students from Weisenberg and Northwestern Elementary will be caroling at Cornerstone Nursing Home at 6 pm.

  • Holiday Parties will be held December 23rd at 10:45 am.

  • School will be closed December 24th through January 1st.

  • PSSA testing will be held most of the month of April beginning April 11th.

Items for Review, Discussion & Voting:

Natalie will be speaking to Mrs. Holmes and Mrs. Sacco about additional Teacher Gifts.

Committees in Need of Coordinators

  • Weisenberg Walkers Co-Chair

  • Family Dance Co – Chair 2/13/16

  • TV Turn Off Week - Co-Chair

  • Staff Luncheon

Committees with Upcoming Programs (Needing Volunteers!)

  • Before & After School Clubs (Jen Ott)

  • Family Dance 2/13/16

  • Family Night (Katie Jeanes)

Discussion Items from the Floor (Open)

  • November Box Tops winner is Mr. Carl’s PM class. They will have story time with Mrs. Berlet and each student in the class will receive a scented pen.

  • $10 Gift card discounts are available on line for Spiritwear. Please see Natalie.

  • Cookbooks are still available for $10. All proceeds benefit Wyatt Newhard.

  • Please check lost & found. Many items have been placed here.

  • Yearbook orders due.

  • Morgan Toner, student in Mr. Carl’s pm class is the overall winner of the pie sale. She will receive a gift certificate for the holiday shoppe.

Thank you for attending our PTO Meeting. We hope to see you again!!

The next Meeting is Friday, January 8, at 9:15 am in Room 145.

Wishing you a fun holiday season and a New Year filled with good health and happiness!

Attendance Prize Winner: Abbie Trexler Meeting Adjourned at: 9:47 am

Don’t forget to register on our membership/volunteer website at:

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