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The Following email was sent by Mayor Sullivan to elected officials concerning our front page story about Lawrence High School. It should be noted that the mayor seems to indicate that as a newspaper we should NOT be printing any story that makes the high school (or maybe Mike Sullivan) look bad. Apparently Mr. Sullivan believes in free speech as long as it is speech he agrees with, otherwise no story should ever be written.

From: Sullivan, Michael J.

Sent: Friday, December 10, 2004 8:53 AM

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Subject: Lawrence High School/Valley Patriot Article
In the December Valley Patriot front page article about the new Lawrence High School, it his headlined "Waste, Overruns, Mismanagement". It relates our project to the Big Dig. In the period of twenty four hours, I have received no less than 10 phone calls including calls from state officials about their concerns about comments made by local officials saying that the high school school should be torn down and the contractor should eat the bill. I understand that this is nothing but scandalous reporting by the Valley Patriot and I want all of you to know speaking as the Chairperson of the Lawrence School Committee working together with the Superintendent, I question why this article was printed in the first place.

I ask all of you to get the December edition of the L.H.S. Lancer that is published by the School Department. Please read the middle section regarding the high school project and compare the two articles. As elected officials, we should be outraged at reporting that criticizes OUR new Lawrence High School. Please feel free to call me at any time as my door is always open to you.


Michael J. Sullivan
Chairman, Lawrence School Committee

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