Garbage – Packet by Jeremy White et al (Colby Burnett, Brian Hight, Mark Richey, Jeremy White and David Murphy) and Editors Edited by Fred Morlan, Evan Nagler, and David Seal, with help from Dan Goff


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GARBAGE – Packet by Jeremy White et al (Colby Burnett, Brian Hight, Mark Richey, Jeremy White and David Murphy) and Editors

Edited by Fred Morlan, Evan Nagler, and David Seal, with help from Dan Goff
1. This musician put out the album Evilstig with the remaining members of The Gits after the rape and murder of that group’s lead singer, Mia Zapata. Gibson USA produced a namesake Signature Melody Maker guitar, the first electric guitar that company ever designed with a female artist. She had some success with covers, including Gary Glitter’s “Do You Wanna Touch Me (Oh Yeah)” and Tommy James and the Shondell’s “Crimson and Clover”. While with the Runaways, she played alongside Lita Ford and helped put out their self-titled album with the single “Cherry Bomb”. For ten points, name this female musician who recorded such songs as “I Hate Myself for Loving You”, “Bad Reputation” and “I Love Rock and Roll”.

ANSWER: Joan Jett

2. One recurring character on this series would often say "And that's the truth. Phhhbtthh." In 1994 there was a Valentine's Day Special of this series and Arte Johnson played recurring characters such as the Ravi Shankar parody Rabbi Johnson and Flip Wilson played the transvestite Geraldine. The perfomance of "Tiptoe Through the Tulips" on this show brought fame to tiny Tim and it also had the catchphrase "You bet your sweet bippy!." This series featured performers like Ruth Buzzi and Goldie Hawn dance in bikinis and saw the famous 1968 incident of Richard Nixon saying, "Sock it to me."For ten points name this series hosted by Dan Rowan and Dick Martin.

Answer: Rowan and Martin's Laugh In

3. This character once called a bucket of chicken, "cluck-cluck [whose] hormones can make you grow a third nipple." This character's skeptical sister Charmaine recommended her for a mural project and she recently found her husband, Max, masturbating in the shower. One of her teenage children is Marshall, whose apparent homosexuality has prompted snide comments from Buck, the groin-injured Vietnam vet who, along with housewife Alice and dope smoking teen T, is one of her “alters.” For ten points, name this Diablo Cody created woman suffering from dissociative identify disorder who is played by Toni Collette on a Showtime series presenting the “United States” of her.

Answer: Tara Gregson

4. Their self-titled 2006 EP featured only three songs, “Stacie Anne”, “The Gutterati?” and “Creepin Up the Backstairs” but prompted NME to show typical restraint and proclaim them the best new band in Britain. Much like The Ramones the members of this band named the band after the surname they use when performing songs such as "Henrietta" their first single on their full-length debut. “Misstress Mabel” was the lead single from their second album. Their most famous song includes the lyric, "When the girls get ugly on the back of the wall." For ten points, name this Scottish band whose first album, Costello Music, featured “Chelsea Dagger” and the iPod jingle, “Flathead.”

Answer: The Fratellis

5. Earl Lloyd coached this team from 1971-72, making him the second African American head coach in NBA history and an early logo for this team features a man made out of tin cans with a big z on his chest. That Z was for original owner Fred Zollner and more NBA Defensive Player of the Year Awards have been won while playing for this team than any other. One of the top young players for this team was drafted out of Eastern Washington and this team currently has the misfortune of having Kwame Brown. For ten points name this NBA team that won the 1989 and 1990 NBA championships thanks to players such as Dennis Rodman, Joe Dumars and Isiah Thomas.

Answer: Detroit Pistons (Accept Either)

6. Ministry's Al Jorgensen collaborated with Skinny Puppy on the 1989 album of this title, which was the followup to Vivisection VI.. Wisconsin teenager Jeanna Giese's real-life battle and experimental treatment inspired a Discovery Channel special. Awareness fun runs around September 28 have been held at Kansas State University and in Scranton, Pennsylvania, the latter being a "Race for the Cure" in honor of Meredith Palmer from The Office. The episode "Histories" of House sees Foreman given the vaccine for this disease after he is bitten by a homeless woman who got the disease after being bitten by a bat. For ten points, name this disease that led to the demise of the title character of Old Yeller.

Answer: Rabies

7. An Irish version of this ran for 11 years, titled “Challenging Times”. The British version was taken off the air in 1987, but reappeared in 1994. The US version ran from 1959 to 1970, was on radio from 1979 to 1982, and NBC showed its national finals in 1984 and the Disney Channel in 1987, with the Univ. of Minnesota winning both times, and they also won in 2007. Macalaster College hosted the most recent National Final with Rochester winning but in 2008, it lost its major sponsors and became inactive. For ten points, name this now-defunct quizbowl organization, affiliated with the ACUl for over 30 years.

Answer: College Bowl

8. In one deleted scene, a character plays chess with life-size pieces and is sentenced to death after losing. Male descendants of Italians are the only ones who are not impotent. A historian is led to believe that criminals would be punished by being forced to watch Howard Cosell, Bela Lugosi was the mayor of New York City and Charles DeGaulle was a TV chef. The protagonist reveals at the end of this movie that who says he only believes in in two things that happen once in a lifetime: death and sex. The dictator of the United States is left only as his nose after his hose burnt down. For ten points, health food store owner Miles Monroe is frozen and sent 200 years in the future in this Woody Allen film.

ANSWER: Sleeper

9. In 2005, this corporation sponsored the founding of the Michelson Teachers Academy with Phil and Amy Mickleson while drawing the ire of Martha Burke due to a sponsorship deal with The Masters. This company's “Green Team” has teenagers participating over the summer in environmental cleanup and beautification projects throughout the country. In 2008, this company was protested for sponsoring the 7th-inning stretch at Nationals Park, the first LEED-certified stadium in the U.S. After dropping sponsorship of Masterpiece Theatre in 2004, public broadcasting was again sponsored in 2008 with underwriting of Nightly Business Report
and NOVA. For ten points, name this corporate giant that once asked you to "Rely on the Tiger".

Answer: Exxon Mobil

10. A native of Columbia, Missouri, this driver’s first NEXTEL Cup race was in August 2004 at Michigan, replacing the departed Jeff Burton. His first wins in the Busch and Cup Series came the same weekend, as he became the first driver to ever win both races in one weekend at Atlanta. He received attention for two wins in 2008 - a missing oil tank cover was discovered following his win at Las Vegas, and a bump and run on Kyle Busch put him in Victory Lane at Bristol. His previous sponsor has left to sponsor Tony Stewart’s car in 2009, meaning Office Depot has been replaced by Aflac. For 10 points, name this Roush-Fenway Racing driver of the #99 Ford Fusion, known for his post-win backflips.

ANSWER: Carl Edwards

11. In a car, this activity has led film characters like Gil Buckman of Parenthood and Robert John Burke of Thinner to have accidents and it leads to TV director Cameron Thayer being pulled over by racist cop John Ryan in Crash. Fabian and Butch agree to an exchange of it in a scene in Pulp Fiction. This controversially actually occurred in a hotel room scene between Vincent Gallo and Chloe Sevigny in The Brown Bunny. Dingo claims that this comes after spanking in Monty Python and the Holy Grail, while shots from outside a train car and of what turns out to be a tailor are intended to make the viewer think this is occurring in Dogma and Van Wilder, respectively. For ten points, name this activity prominently featured in the film Deep Throat.

Answer: oral sex (accept fellatio or any synonym you've actually heard of)

12. The singer of this song possibly addresses the title character of an Anthony Trollope novel when he says “You know you can't get enough, Miss Mackenzie.” The singer “feel[s] pretty good” and “[guesses] that [he] could get crazy now.” It shares its name with the band's debut album, featuring this sing, which also included songs such as “Ramblin' Rose” and “Motor City is Burning”. Rage Against the Machine's version was track 3 on their album of covers, Renegades. Famously performed at the 1968 Democratic National Convention, it was written by Wayne Kramer and Rob Tyner would introduce it by shouting the title with “motherfucker” appended. For 10 points, name this greatest hit of the MC5.

Answer: “Kick Out the Jams”

13. It is the filming location for the Sundance Channel talk show, Spectacle: Elvis Costello with…. In 2003, another TV series produced there began featuring C. P. Lacey as the “Executioner”, who filled a role once served by late tap dancer Howard Sims, aka Sandman. Long running traditions here include touching a piece of the tree of hope for luck and its long-running amateur night, which once saw the stage debut of Ella Fitzgerald. It was also the site of a famous live James Brown album that included the songs “I’ll Go Crazy” and “Think.” For ten points, a syndicated performance series proclaims “It’s Showtime at” what Harlem Theater?

ANSWER: The Apollo Theater

14. He holds William and Mary’s school record for touchdown receptions. After a stint as the University of Cincinnati’s defensive backs coach, he held the same position for the winner of Super Bowl 37. In his next NFL job, he coached his college teammate Darren Sharper as defensive coordinator of the Minnesota Vikings. On taking his current job, he retained defensive coordinator Dick LeBeau. For ten points, name this man who in 2009 became the youngest coach to win a Super Bowl while leading the Pittsburgh Steelers over the Arizona Cardinals.

ANSWER: Mike Tomlin

15. The Onion AV Club called its message board “the entertainment section of the world's biggest, sloppiest college newspaper”. In 1998, Col Needham sold this website to its current owner, angering some volunteer contributors, who did not want their work purchased by a private company. There has been controversy over its user-generated top 250 list, in part due to its high ranking of The Dark Knight. For ten points, name this Amazon-owned site, a collection of information regarding producers, directors, actors, television shows or films.

ANSWER: or The Internet Movie Database

16. On Two and a Half Men, she has played Prudence, Berta’s slutty daughter. She made her film debut as Brianna Wallace, a spoiled heiress, in the direct-to-video Olsen Twin vehicle Holiday in the Sun and in 2008 she played a spoiled actress in How to Lose Friends and Alienate People. In one film, it’s revealed that her character’s father would steal cars, which is how she learned about one character’s double pump carburetor. For ten points, name this actress who was voted Sexiest Woman Alive in 2008 by FHM and who played Sam Witwicky’s love interest in Transformers.

ANSWER: Megan Fox

17. He hit the last Major League home run in Shea Stadium. He was drafted 338th overall in 2001 by the Arizona Diamondbacks and went to his current team via the Rule 5 draft in December 2005. In 2006, he broke Joe Gordon’s record for most home runs by a rookie second baseman and made the All Star Game. He was an All Star again in 2008, but his appearance was marred by his three errors in the game. For ten points, name this second baseman who hit 32 home runs in 2008 for the Florida Marlins.

ANSWER: Dan Uggla

18. In some stories, he can speak perfect English, and in some comics, only words that rhyme with “orp”. He is seen today in games such as Mario Tennis, where he is the fastest player, and Mario Superstar Baseball, where he uses his tongue to catch fly balls. After finding all 120 stars in Super Mario 64, visiting him on the roof of the castle will give you an extra 100 lives. While green is his standard color, others members of his species are blue, black, or red. For ten points, names this utterly adorable, dinosaur companion in the Super Mario series.


19. The second track on the Part II album, it followed “Two People Fell In Love” and “Wrapped Around” as singles off that album. The video features cameos by Dan Patrick and Jerry Springer, interspersed among shots of a woman pacing, waiting on someone to arrive home. The singer laments that he spends all day out “And hell is all I catch.” He also notes that he “could beg her to stay / but that water’s right / and the weather’s perfect / No tellin’ what I might catch today.” The third number one single by Brad Paisley, for 10 points, name this single subtitled for the activity the singer chooses over his now former love, The Fishin’ Song.

ANSWER: “I’m Gonna Miss Her (The Fishin’ Song)”

20. The director of this film had previously directed Ian holm in Wisconsin Death Trip. This film’s subject is portrayed by Paul McGill in its re-enactment segments and work on it began after producer Simon Chinn acquired the rights to the book, To Reach the Clouds. The event that is its primary focus was preceded by similar undertakings at Notre Dame and the Sydney Harbor Bridge. It recently beat out films such as The Garden, The Betrayal, and Encounters at the End of the World for a prestigious award. For ten points, name this film that won the 2008 Academy Award for best Documentary, about Phillip Petit’s illegal 1974 high wire act at the World Trade Center.

Answer: Man On Wire

21. Since it doesn’t actually exist, the filming for this location was done in Cape Town. The children of the Okavango School, located in this nation, were evacuated through the US Embassy on the day Allison Taylor was inaugurated, despite the death of its headmaster, Carl Benton. This nation’s dictator sent a man with the pseudonum Samuel to the US; however, Benjamin Juma and Ike (EE-kay) Dubaku have been unable to prevent the restoration of Ule (OO-lay) Matobo to power. For ten points, Jack Bauer has been working to protect the prime minister of this faux African nation, thought to be a thinly-veiled Rwanda, at the center of the plot in the seventh season of 24.

ANSWER: Sangala

1. This man has directed films such as Schizopolis featuring the self-help religion Eventualism, and the Depression-Era film King of the Hill.

[10] For ten points name this director of films such as Traffic and the recent Ocean's series.

Answer: Steven Soderbergh

[10] Soderbergh's film debut was this 1989 film that featured James Spader as a man who documents women's sexual fantasies in order to achieve gratification.

Answer: Sex, Lies, and Videotape

[10] Soderbergh also directed this film, a 2006 adaptation of a Joseph Kanon novel, that stars George Clooney in post World War II Europe.

Answer: The Good German
2. Name these Pepsi products advertised during the Super Bowl for ten points each.

[10] This beverage brand ran its so-called G manifesto featuring its various athlete spokespeople, which followed “What is G” teaser spots featuring Lil Wayne narration.

Answer: Gatorade

[10] The Super Bowl commercial for this line of SoBe drinks featured its lizard mascots in 3-D.

Answer: Life Water

[10] This snack brand ran the finalists of its contest among amateur created spots including one featuring an office worker using a snow globe to predict the future and another showing a man pitching beer flavored ones.

Answer: Doritos

3. Teams on it included the Blue Barracudas and Silver Snakes. For 10 points each:

[10] Name this Nickelodeon game show which featured contestants trying to cross the Moat ascend the Steps of Knowledge.

ANSWER: Legends of the Hidden Temple

[10] Dee Bradley Baker doubled as the announcer and this “co-host”, a large animatronic stone head.

Answer: Olmec

[10] The one room always included in the final temple layout required the assembly of this statue.

Answer: The Silver Monkey

4. Identify the following actors from Oliver Stone’s film “W.” for 10 points each:

[10] Brand Walsh in The Goonies, this man also portrayed Llewelyn Moss in No Country for Old Men before assuming his place in the Oval Office as the titular Chief Executive.

ANSWER: Joshua Brolin

[10] Beth in The 40 Year-Old Virgin and one of the title characters in Zack and Miri Make a Porno, this actress also appeared as Dr. Kim Briggs on Scrubs prior to playing Laura Bush in the film.

ANSWER: Elizabeth Banks

[10] This actor had a small part as a speechwriter in W., but is better known as Shawn Brumder from Orange County and Preson in Peter Jackson’s version of King Kong. Oh yeah, and his dad is some guy named Tom Hanks.

ANSWER: Colin Hanks (first and last name required)
5. Name these artists whose songs have been linked on Kanye West’s blog.

[10] Kanye's blog was the first place where people could hear “Nothing to Worry About”, the new single from this band responsible for “Young Folks”.

Answer: Peter, Bjorn and John

[10] West has also posted “Train Song”, a collaboration between Feist and this Death Cab for Cutie lead singer.

Answer: Ben Gibbard

[10] Kanye recently posted “Out in the Streets”, a 1965 single by this girl group who hit #1 with “Leader of the Pack” a year earlier, in 1964.

Answer: The Shangri-Las

6. The University of Mississippi (“Ole Miss”) had one of college football’s best turnaround years in 2008, going from a 3-9 record to a 9-4 mark and a national ranking. Answer the following about the ’08 team for ten points each.

[10] 2008 was Ole Miss’ first year under this coach. He was fired by SEC West rival Arkansas after the 2007 season.

ANSWER: Houston Nutt

[10] Not only was Ole Miss the only team to defeat eventual National Champion Florida during the season, but they finished the year with an upset victory over this school in the Cotton Bowl.

ANSWER: Texas Tech

[10] The offensive line featured this All-American senior, whose high school career and recruitment to Ole Miss were featured in Michael Lewis’ book The Blind Side.

ANSWER: Michael Oher

7. Prove that you aren’t dense, retarded or something and answer the following about the goddamn Batman for ten points each:

[10] This masterful graphic novel tells the story of Batman coming out of ten years of retirement to fight the gang “The Mutants.”

ANSWER: The Dark Knight Returns

[10] The author of The Dark Knight Returns is working on Holy Terror, Batman!, in which Batman must protect Gotham City from this group of terrorists.

ANSWER: Al-Qaeda

[10] This man wrote and drew The Dark Knight Returns, Holy Terror, Batman!, Sin City and 300.

ANSWER: Frank Miller
8. Stroke your way through this bonus about 2008 Olympic swimmers, for 10 points each:

[10] 8 gold medals. If you can’t get it from that, you’ve been hitting the bong too much.

ANSWER: Michael Phelps

[10] This Zimbabwean swimmer has won the only swimming medals in this country’s history. She won gold in 200m backstroke, and took silver in the 100m backstroke, and the 200m and 400m individual medley events.

ANSWER: Kirsty Coventry

[10] This American woman appeared in her 5th Olympics in 2008 at the age of 41, taking silver in the 50m freestyle, as well as swimming anchor on both 4x100m relay teams.

ANSWER: Dara Torres

9. A lot of Buffy the Vampire Slayer’s shock value came from its willingness to off semi-major characters without any set-up. Identify these now dead characters for ten points apiece:

[10] Willow’s first lesbian lover, she was shot by Warren, which led to Willow’s addiction to dark magic.

ANSWER: Tara Maclay

[10] This love interest of Giles had her neck broken by Angelus:

ANSWER: Jenny and/or Calendar

[10] The mother of Buffy, she died due to a brain aneurysm. Buffy occasionally sees her in dreams, such as in the season eight comic “We’ll Be Right Back After These Messages.”

ANSWER: Joyce Summers

10. Answer these questions about entries in the "beat-em-up" genre of video games for ten points each.

[10] This game, the first in a series, features Cody and Haggar trying to save the latter’s daughter from Mad Gear.

ANSWER: Final Fight

[10] This entry introduced the characters of Blaze Fielding and Skate Hunter, as Axel Hunter is captured by Mr. X

ANSWER: Streets of Rage 2

[10] After beating this PS2 game, you can play an arcade machine entitled Armies of the Night, where you guide Swan past Hi-Hats, The Destroyers and Baseball Furies, amongst others.

ANSWER: The Warriors
11. Time to play “Better Know a Mid-Major,” featuring Butler University. Answer these questions about Butler basketball for 10 points each:

[10] Butler’s basketball program is in this conference, formerly known as the Midwestern Collegiate Conference. Other current members include Wisconsin-Milwaukee, Wright State, and Valparaiso.

ANSWER: Horizon League

[10] Two Horizon League members, one a member of the University of Illinois system, the other a private Jesuit university, are both located in this Midwestern city.

ANSWER: Chicago

[10] Butler’s Hinkle Fieldhouse was the site of the 1954 Indiana state basketball championship game, where Milan HS defeated Muncie HS; the story of the Milan Miracle was retold in this Gene Hackman film, also shot at Hinkle.

Answer: Hoosiers

12. The Grammy for Best Female R&B Vocal Performance was pejoratively renamed for the singer who won the first eight awards. Answer for ten points each.

[10] Name the singer, whose streak lasted from 1968 until 1975, winning the last for a cover of “Ain’t Nothing Like the Real Thing” released as the b-side to “Until You Come Back to Me.”

ANSWER: Aretha Franklin

[10] The streak was broken by this singer of “This Will Be”

ANSWER: Natalie Cole (prompt on Cole)

[10] The 1983 Grammy was awarded to Jennifer Holliday for her performance of “And I’m Telling You I’m Not Going”, first heard in this musical.

ANSWER: Dreamgirls

13. It’s everyone’s favorite board game. So much so, that Hasbro can’t seem to stop making spinoff versions. Identify these versions of Monopoly not set in Atlantic City for 10 points each:

[10] This version of Monopoly replaces Boardwalk with Yawkey Way, and lets you purchase other “properties,” including the Pesky Pole, Carl Yazstremski and Ted Williams.

ANSWER: Boston Red Sox Monopoly

[10] This Monopoly variant replaces houses with Golden Idols, and includes properties like the Well of Souls, Brunwald Castle and the Canyon of the Crescent Moon.

ANSWER: Indiana Jones Monopoly

[10] This athletic equipment manufacturer has released a version of their Reverse Jam sneakers with a Monopoly board printed on the exterior.

ANSWER: Reebok

14. Answer these questions about Tunde Adebimpe for ten points each.

[10] Adebimpe is arguably best known as lead vocalist for what alternative rock band who topped many critic’s 2008 best-of lists with their album Dear Science.

Answer: TV on the Radio

[10] Adebimpe’s acting credits include playing the man who marries Rosemarie DeWitt’s title character in what 2008 drama directed by Jonathan Demme starring Anne Hathaway.

Answer:Rachel Getting Married

[10] Adebimpe once worked as an animator on what MTV series that featured Gallagher killing the Gallagher brothers and Marilyn Manson killing Charles Manson.

Answer: Celebrity Deathmatch

15. The 2000 NBA Draft is one of the worst in recent memory. Given clues, identify the three all-stars from that draft for ten points each. All played in the 2004 edition, and all were from Eastern Conference teams.

[10] Drafted first overall by the Nets, this power forward spent five years there and moved to the Nuggets following his All-Star season.

Answer: Kenyon Martin

[10] Drafted 43th by his current team, this Oho State guard was moved into prominence following the departure of Ray Allen and won a gold medal in Beijing. He has finished in the top ten of scorers every season since 2003-04.

Answer: Michael Redd

[10] Drafted by the Hornets, this center is the only Canadian other than Steve Nash to be named an all-star. He finished in the top ten in rebounds and has been limited by injuries since, last playing with the Miami Heat.

Answer: Jamaal Magloire

16. For points each, name these rock bands from information about their final studio album which is much less critically respected than earlier work due in part to lineup changes

[10] Despite “Sweet Hitchhiker” and “Someday Never Comes”, this band’s Mardi Gras, recorded following Tom Fogerty’s departure, was called the worst album by a major band by Jon Landau.

Answer: Creedence Clearwater Revival

[10] This band’s critically reviled Squeeze features none of the original members or Nico but instead a group assembled by Doug Yule who replaced John Cale as its bassist.

Answer: The Velvet Underground

[10] Several critics have pithily said this band “took its own advice” by breaking up following their widely panned 1986 album Cut the Crap.

Answer: The Clash

17. Name the following characters from films by the Coen Brothers, for ten points each.

[10] This slacker, he ends up with Donny Kerabatsos’ cremated remains in his beard. He ends his movie by telling the unnamed, sarsaparilla drinking narrator that “he abides.”

ANSWER: Jeffrey Lebowski or The Dude

[10] Unable to prevent Llewelyn Moss from being killed or to stop Anton Chigurh, this Tommy Lee Jones character’s last lines are about two dreams he had concerning his father.

ANSWER: Sheriff Ed Tom Bell (accept either last name or first names)

[10] This Brad Pitt character is an airheaded gym employee who is killed due to his involvement in a plot to sell low-level secure information in Burn After Reading.

ANSWER: Chad Feldheimer (accept either first or last name)

18. In its theme song, the female lead notes that she gets allergic when she smells hay, while the male lead notes that farm living is the life for him. For ten points each:

[10] First, name this TV show, where Eddie Albert’s Oliver Wendell Douglas moves to a farm in Hooterville with his wife, Lisa.

ANSWER: Green Acres

[10] This Hungarian actress played Lisa. She notably slapped less cops than her sister Zsa-Zsa.

ANSWER: Eva Gabor

[10] Despite the urban legend, the cast of Green Acres did not eat any of the pigs that played this pseuo-child of the Ziffels.

ANSWER: Arnold
19. Answer the following about a crime film, for ten points each:

[10] First, name the film, in which Johnny Hooker avenges the murder of a conman partner with the help of Paul Newman’s Henry Gondorff.

ANSWER: The Sting

[10] Johnny Hooker is played by this actor, who also played Bob Woodward in All the President’s Men and Roy Hobbs in The Natural.

ANSWER: Robert Redford

[10] The target of the sting is Doyle Lonnegan, who was played by this actor. He also appeared as King Henry VIII in A Man For All Seasons and Quint in Jaws

ANSWER: Robert Shaw

20. Let's find out if you have watched the Food Network. For 10 points each:

[10] Bam! This Cajun’s saw his show’s 10-year run on The Food Network end when it was kicked down a notch to sister channel Fine Living Network.

ANSWER: Emeril Lagasse (accept either first or last name)

[10] This former Everyday Italian hostess got a new show, [this woman] at Home, in 2008. She's known for her ability. Also breasts.

ANSWER: Giada de Laurentiis (accept either first or last name)

[10] TGI Friday's took recipes from this game show's winners and put them on their menu. Guy Fieri hosted it.

ANSWER: Ultimate Recipe Showdown

21. Answer these questions on the work of Daniel Day Lewis for ten points each.

[10] Day Lewis won his first Oscar in 1989 for his portrayal of this Irish author and artist, Christy Brown, in this film.

ANSWER: My Left Foot

[10] Day won his second Oscar for portraying Daniel Plainview, who drank Eli Sunday’s milkshake.

ANSWER: There Will Be Blood

[10] One of three films where Day Lewis was not nominated for a major award was this 2005 yarn about a hippie dad whose daughter might love him a little bit too much.

ANSWER: The Ballad of Jack and Rose

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