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National & Ecological Park

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National & Ecological Park



Keibul Lamjao National Park

the only floating park in the world and is the last natural habitat of “Sangai”

Loukoipat Ecological Park

park has a small lake which is surrounded by hill and forests




Tharon Cave

Has archeological significance

Khangkhui Cave

natural lime- stone cave



Bishnupur is known as the land of dancing deer. The place is at a distance of 27 km from Imphal the state capital of Manipur. The best time to visit Bishnupur is from October to February. The place lies on the foot of the hill and is also known for having a 15th century Vishnu temple.

The Bishnu Temple: This 15th century conical roofed shrine is dedicated to Lord Vishnu and is located in the heart of Bishnupur town. The temple is famous for its numerous objects of antiquities. Its structural design resembles with the Chinese architectural motif.

The INA Memorial: The INA (Indian National Army) memorial is about 45 km away from Imphal. A museum adjoining this memorial preserves letters, photographs, badges of ranks and other memorabilia remains of the noble sacrifices made by the INA under the charismatic leadership of Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose.

Loktak Lake: Loktak Lake is one of the enchanting places to visit in the northeast. Almost two-thirds of this huge expanse of fresh water is covered by unique floating islands which are locally called as phumdi and are home to a community of fishermen.

The lake is just 48 km from Imphal and can be reached by bus or private taxi. Travel permit is required.

Keibul Lamjao National Park: Keibul Lamjao National Park forms the southern part of Loktak Lake. This is the only floating park in the world and is the last natural habitat of “Sangai”- the dancing deer of Manipur. Within the park is a small island known as Sendra Island which provides a magnificent view of the Loktak Lake and its rich bird life. The park is only about 53 km from Imphal.

Loukoipat Ecological Park: Loukoipat Ecological Park is another beautiful spot to visit in Bishnupur. The park has a small lake which is surrounded by hill and forests. Boating facility is provided to the tourists by the tourism department.


The capital of Manipur, Imphal lies in a broad oval shaped valley enclosed by rich forests and blue hills. The town is home to a group of tribes known as Meitei tribe. There are some worth visiting sites in and around Imphal which include Relics of an old-historical palace, well-planned temples and beautiful bazaars and gardens etc.

Govindaji Temple: The temple stands east of the main bazaar and festivals associated with Lord Krishna is celebrated here with great enthusiasm. The graceful Manipuri dance is performed here during every occasion of festivity. A simple, twin-domed structure, the temple adjoins the magnificent palace of the former rulers of Manipur.

Commonwealth War Graves Cemeteries: Two well inclined Commonwealth War Graves Cemeteries are situated on the northern and eastern outskirts of the town. Buried here are the soldiers of Manipur who died fighting the Japanese during the invasion of Manipur in World War II.

Manipur State Museum: The Manipur State Museum is a treasure trove of the state’s rich cultural heritages. It has a fine collection of regional costumes; war implements, historical documents and relics, and offer a glimpse of the state's glorious past.

Manipur Zoological Gardens: Manipur Zoological Garden gives shelter to some rare birds, animals and reptiles including one of the rarest species of deer in the world, the graceful brow-antlered thamin deer. The zoo located at the foot of the pine-covered hillocks is more attracting owing to its sylvan surroundings. It is just 8 km from Imphal.

Khonghampat Orchidarium: About 12 km north of the town is the Khonghampat Orchidarium displaying various indigenous species of orchids. The best time to visit the Orchidarium is during April/May when the Orchids are in full bloom.

Chorus Repertory Theater: The auditorium of the theater is situated on the out skirts of Imphal and the campus stretches for about two acres. It has housing and working quarters to accommodate a self-sufficiency of life. The theater association has churned out internationally acclaimed plays like 'Chakravyuha' and 'Uttarpriyadashi'.

The Kangla Fort: Located in urban Imphal, has been the focus of many social discontent among the Manipuris ever since its occupation by the British forces in 1891. For about 2000 years, the Manipur Kings ruled from the Kangla Fort (which the British referred to as the Manipur Fort). In Kangla, the history of Manipur is embedded and the Manipuris love and revere this place. For the citizen of Imphal, the Kangla is not only a historical treasure but an embodiment of the social, cultural and religious life of the people, also. The entire Fort area is measuring approximately 236,84 acres.

Singda: At an altitude of 921 metres, Singda is a beautiful picnic spot 16kms away from Imphal. The scenery is inviting. There is an Inspection Bunglow to convenience visitors. Greeted by a breeze-ruffled artificial lake, every visitor is tempted to revisit with packed lunch and friends.

Phubala: - A Charming resort on the western fringes of the loktak lake is situated 40kms south of Imphal. It is joined to the mainland by a low causeway. From there, life in and around the gigantic expanse of the loktak lake can be viewed vividly.

Moirang: Moirang is located 45 kms away from Imphal city on Tiddim Road. The ancient temple of the pre-Hindu deity, Lord Thangjing stands there. It was from the village of Moirang that the graceful, Khamba Thoibi dance originated. It was also at Moirang that flag of the Indian National Army was first hoisted on Indian soil on April 14, 1944 at Moirang. There is an INA Museum exhibiting letters, photographs, badges of ranks and other articles associated with INA. A bronze statue of Netaji in uniform stands proud in the lawn.

Andro: Andro lies 27Kms east of the state capital Imphal. The small town is an ancient Scheduled Caste village of the state. A cultural Complex was established there by the Mutua Museum, Imphal. It exhibits potteries and hadicrafts of the North-eastern region of India. There also is a Doll-house wherein dolls of recognized Tribes of the State are displayed.

Nupi-lal Memorial: Nupi-lal Memorial is located at the heart of Imphal city next to Imphal Head Post Office. The memorial is constructed to remember the rise of Manipuri women against British rule on 12th December, 1939, and the rise continued for 14 months. The event is still commemorated as Nupi-lal (Women's war).

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