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George Carlin knew what he wanted to be when he was in the fifth grade. In an autobiography he wrote in his fifth grade class, he wrote that he wanted to be a comedian, an actor, a DJ, or a famous trumpet player. He was a class clown and loved to make people laugh. He could also mimic people around his neighborhood. He liked to do these things because he enjoyed the attention this behavior garnered. “Look at me. Ain’t I cute? Ain’t I smart?”
Carlin was ambitious and dedicated to his goals. When he was in 8th grade, he asked his mother for a tape recorder for his graduation present. She was forward thinking enough that she bought it for him. He used the tape recorder to perfect his craft. With the tape recorder, he made commercials of himself. He listened to his voice and perfected the Midwest accent utilized by actors and DJs. He also learned how to mimic people and do imitations with his voice.
He planned to join the Air Force when he left high school. He was going to stay in the military for four years. He wanted to use the GI Bill to pay for college and learn how to be a radio DJ. He joined the Air Force. There, he worked as a mechanic. While doing that, he auditioned for community theater shows in the town where he was stationed. He earned several roles at that theater in several productions. While in one show, he met a man who owned a radio station in that town. Carlin told him that he had always wanted to be a DJ. The man offered him a job as an early morning DJ. L Carlin continued working as a DJ on the side while in the Air Force. Then, the military downsized and released Carlin to pursue DJing full time.

Carlin started as a DJ in a mid-sized town in Tennessee. He then began moving around the country, getting bigger and better DJ jobs in larger towns and cities.

Finally, George Carlin decided he was ready to move on from being a DJ. He and his comedy partner, Jack Burns, started doing racy comedy routines in nightclubs and coffee houses during the evenings. They enjoyed the spotlight and decided to move to California to try and make it big.
In California, Carlin quickly caught the eye of big producers. He and his partner split up. Carlin went on to become one of the biggest names in stand-up comedy. He starred in 14 HBO comedy specials. He was the first host of Saturday Night Live. He also starred in many movies and TV shows, such as Cars, Dogma, Jersey Girl, Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure, The Simpsons, and Thomas the Tank Engine. He wrote several books of musings that were a source for his stand-up routines. He won 5 Grammy awards for his comedy albums. He was a frequent performer and guest host on The Tonight Show.
Because he had a plan and a long-term goal, Carlin was able to make a lot of money doing what he loved and make his dreams come true.





  1. Read the story about George Carlin.

  1. On another paper or the back of this paper, create a timeline about his life. Begin with birth and end with death. Specific dates are not important, just get is life events in order. (10 pts)

  1. What was his goal? (2pts)

  1. Describe his resources as described in chapter 5 of the textbook. (8pts)

    1. Material

    1. Human

    1. Community

    1. Natural

  1. Identify two obstacles he encountered. (4pts)

  1. What are two risks he had to take? (4pts)

7. What was the outcome? (2pts)


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