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Tyrion 2
by Caress of Cersei:

Tyrion is traveling with Illyrio in a litter, with several unsullied walking beside guarding them and their stuff that follows. Illyrio is confident that his household loves him and well, they wouldn't betray him. Tyrion laughs to himself. They're drinking a lot of sweet wine and Tyrion is glad he can stretch out in the litter. He looks out and sees some dung, which makes him think of his lord father. He hopes Tywin is in some hell where father can see him restore Dany to the throne and he will become Lord of Casterly Rock. He considers himself now all but dead ever since the red viper died. He hopes Dany isn't a frail maiden b/c she might cut herself on the iron throne. Illyrio says he thought about taking Dany for himself but thought she would be "dry, stiff, and fearfull" - she's like a dragon egg - lovely to behold, but dead on the inside.

Tyrion asks if he can trust the daughter of Aerys. Illyrio replies that he trusts the "sister of Rhaegar" or something to that effect. He said that Viserys promised him Master of the coin an d he would either get Harrenhal, Storm's End, or Casterly Rock. But he knew better than to trust.

Illyrio talks about "Grif" (you'll hear more about this from Trebla) and Tyrion thinks he sounds a lot like Bronn. Tyrion worried about sellswords and Illyrio says he trusts him like his own brother to which Tyrion replies that he too, shall trust him like his own brother (LOL)

Illyrio is matching him in his cups - Tyrion thinks Illyrio loves the sound of his own voice and therefore says too much, but recognizes that that is his own failing as well. Illyrio starts to talk about how he and Varys were children together. Varys slept in the sewers and prowled the rooftops. In Myr he was the Prince of Thieves? but in Pentos he was despised as a eunich. He and Illyrio had an arrangement about stealing and restitution (I'm sure others will go more into this detail)

Much talk about llittle birds which were called "mice" here - orphan boys and girls that were taught to read ledgers and charts b/c secrets were worth more than silvers. Illyrio stayed behind but Varys talents reached a king who didn't trust his son, his Queen, or his Hand.

by Trebla:

Tyrion and Illyrio depart Pentos through the Sunset Gate. They travel by a huge litter that could fit 4 Illyrio's so there is plenty of room for a dwarf. Unsullied guard their trek and there are a trail of mules that follow them carrying chests, casks, barrels, and hampers filled with delectables to make sure Illyrio doesn't lose his fat figure.

Tyrion complains that he should have been sent by ship to Slavers Bay but Illyrio explains the dangers of pirates and autumn storms. Illyrio will take him as far as the River road and from there he will travel to Dany. Tyrion grouses that by the time he gets to Dany her dragons will be as large as Balerion the Black Dread. Illyrio muses that might not be a bad thing.

They drink, eat, and talk a lot during the journey. Tyrion repeatedly promises himself he will cease his heavy drinking but keep filling his cup. They eat lavishly on all kind of foods and drink several different types of wine.

They stop only to relieve themselves on the road. The road itself is an old Valyrian road, fused stone raised a half foot above the ground. The road was wide enough for 3 wagons and it showed no sign of cracks from weather or traffic. Tyrion remembers that Valyria reached as far as Dragonstone, but never to Westeros itself. He finds it odd that they never tried to expand into the wealthy 7 kingdoms. "The wealth was further west, but they had dragons. Surely they knew it was there."

He notes a piece of dung on the road and thinks of Tywin. He thinks to himself that he should have killed Tywin long ago and hope Tywin will see him from Hell raisings Aerys' daughter to the throne.

He asks Illyrio of Dany and Illyio tells Tyrion of her. He explains that she was a frightened little girl, always wary. She was lovely, though, and he considered getting rid of Viscerys and claiming her for a wife. He doesn't do so because he believed her to be dead inside. He says that little girl died in the Doathraki sea and he does not know this new queen. Tyrion asks why Illyrio would put Mad Aerys' daughter on the throne. Illyrio says she is the sister of Prince Rhaegar.

During the conversation, Illyrio reveals that Viscerys had promised Illyrio the Master of Coin post and his choice of castles. The choices were Storm's End, Harrenhal, and Casterly Rock. Tyrion finds that hilarious. They both agree they are mistrustful of the gratitude of kings. Illyrio explains he has done all of this only for Varys. Tyrion's thoughts reveal he does not believe Illyrio at all on that.

Tyrion then finds out they are to meet a Griff on the road. Griff leads a group of sell swords. Griff is a knight from Westeros, although he had long been in Illyrio's service. Griff has raised his own son to be a knight and he is called Young Griff. Illyrio assures Tyrion that Young Griff will like him.

Tyrion is skeptical of dealing with sell swords since Cersei has offered a Lordship for his head. Illyrio explains that only Griff will know who Tyrion is and that he trusts Griff like a brother. Tyrion believes it is a mistake but only says, "Then I will trust Griff as I would my own brother." ( )

They keep eating and drinking and end up speaking of Varys. Tyrion learns that Illyrio and Varys grew up together in Pentos. Varys had arrived from Myr one step ahead of the slavers after being ratted out by a fellow thief. Varys had been a Prince of Thieves in Myr.

Varys was nearly beaten to death in Pentos and Illyrio decided to come to an arrangement with him. Varys spied on small time thieves and stole their loot. Illyrio worked out arrangements with the victimes to recover their loot for a price. Half of the thieves wanted to kill Varys while the other half started selling their loot to him. Illyrio and Varys grew rich and soon Varys began to train his little "mice".

The mice were little boys and girls who he taught to climb walls, slip into chimneys, and to read. The mice were used to steal information, memorize it, and then leave. Varys' talents gave him a reputation that got to an anxious king who did not trust his son, his Queen, or his over proud Hand.

Tyrion knew that story and admitted that Illyrio was much more than a simple cheese monger. Illyrio admits that Tyrion is just as quick as Varys had claimed.

They eat and drink some more and Illyrio falls asleep. Tyrion ponders the Myrish Fire wine he is drinking and thinks of dragons. He remembers his lonely childhood and remembers his dreams of being a Targaryen Prince of a Valyrian dragonlord, flying over the land. He recalls when two of his uncles asked what he wanted for his nameday. He begged for a dragon, claiming it didn't have to be a big one. It could be little like him. Gerion laughed but Tygett shook his head and told him that there were no more dragon because the last died a hundred year before. Tyrion thought it was very unfair and had cried himself to sleep that night. He thinks of Dany's 3 dragons and in his heart he listens for the beat of leather wings.

They pass through the Flatlands. Tyrion hears of the Velvet Hills and of the Rhoynar city Arnar. It was destroyed by Valyria. He gloats that he will see the Free Cities and ponders whether he should visit every whore in Volantis and name their bastards Tywin.

Tyrion recalls his 16th birthday when he announced he would visit the Free Cities as Gerion had. Tywin forbids it because Tyrion could not be relied upon to not disgrace the Lannisters. Tyrion defiantly claims since he is a man he is free to do as he wished.

Tywin tells him that only children and fools believe that men are truly free. Tywin tells him he should dress in motley and amuse the spice kings and cheese lords. But Tyrion will have to pay his own way and he can never return. Tyrion asks why Tywin wants him around since he has never had any use for him. Tywin decides to make use of Tyrion and on his name day has him clean all of the drains and cistens in Casterly Rock. Tyrion thinks Tywin hoped he'd fall in one but proudly recalls what a good job he did.

They pass south of the Hills of the Andalos. The Andals had departed from there ten thousand years ago. Tyrion recalls a septon claiming the Seven had walked the hills in human form. Tyrion recites passages from "The Seven-Pointed Star"(other holy books are mentioned but not named). Tyrion had at one time considered becoming a septon until he found a real use for his manhood and fell in love

Illyrio tells of his first love and how he lost her to the grey death. He kept her hands in his bedchamber. Tyrion lies and claims the love he had was for his hand because he cannot speak of Tysha.

They speak more of the Andals and Rhoynar. Illyrio claims that the Andals learned smithing from the Rhoynar. Tyrion learns that the hills are empty because the Khals often pillage the area. They argue about the Dothraki with Tyrion claiming that the Dothraki would not be quick to pillage if someone destroyed a khalasar. Illyrio argues the difficulty with doing so and that it is easier to buy them off. Tyrion sees why Tywin held the Free Cities in such contempt.

Tyrion hears stories of rock goblins and giants warring. The goblins won but were seduced by swan maidens from the lakes and were made thralls. The Andals then rose up and killed them all. Later, a group of robbers preyed on folks near the lakes until Rhoynar drowned them. Legend says the robbers are still there to claim anyone who tries to fish the lakes.

They pass a large Valyrian sphinx. There were two but the other sits now in Vaes Dothrak.

Tyrion gets drunker than ever that night and sings his and Shae's song. He recalls how Shae's hands beat at him when he strangled her, twisting the chain again and again. He does not recall whether he had kissed her one last time.

His thoughts go to Tysha and he recalls their first time. They both did not how. He tries to see her face but all he sees is Tywin on the privy when he shot him with the crossbow

He falls asleep and awakes to find the litter stopped. He climbs out to piss and finds Illyrio, surrounded by the Unsullied, speaking to 2 strange men. He banters with them about his pissing and then asks if their is trouble and whether he should grab an axe.

The larger one laughs and asks his companion, Haldon, if he had heard that. Haldon doubts that Tyrion could kill a duck. Tyrion takes the bait and tells them to fetch a duck. The large man draws his sword and tells Tyrion, "I'm Duck, you mouthy little pisspot"

He asks what Tyrion thinks of that. Tyrion get real nervous and responds by saying he had a smaller duck in mind. Duck laughs loudly at that. Haldon says Griff will be grateful for the dwarf but that Griff sent them for some chests. Haldon orders Duck to put the chests on some mules. Duck whines that he is the knight here but still does as he is told. Illyrio asks about Young Griff and asks if the boy is ready. Haldon tells him that Young Griff is as tall as Griff and 3 days earlier had driven Duck backwards into a horse trough.

Illyrio says he wants to give Young Griff his blessings and has a gift for him in the chests. Haldon tells him there is no time for the litter. Illyrio gets angry and says there are things Griff must know. The Golden Company has broken its contact with Myr and is riding west from the Disputed Lands. Haldon interrupts him by saying they already know this because Bennaro has seen it in his fires and that the Golden Company makes for Volantis. That is why Griff needs them to make haste. Illyrio says, "The dragon has three heads, there is no need for haste.

Haldon says Griff believes there is need for haste. Haldon eyes Tyrion and then begins to speak in another language. Tyrion cannot tell what it is but think it might be Volantene. He catches a few words that come close to High Valyrian. The words he catches are, queen, dragon, and sword.

Tyrion asks for their names after Haldon asks if Tyrion can ride as well as he pisses. Haldon tells him they also call him Halfmaester and that he is the healer of the group. Tyrion is then introduced to Ser Rolly Duckfield. Tyrion says he must call him Ser Duck and Duck agrees. Duck claims any knight can make a knight and that Griff made him one.

They ask Tyrion's name and Illyrio says it's Yollo. Tyrion hates it, thinking it sounds like a monkey and a Pentoshi. Tyrion tells them his name is Hugor Hill and (in "The Seven Pointed Star, the Father placed a crown of 7 stars on Hugor of the Hill) Haldor asks if he is little bastard or a little king.

Tyrion realizes the man misses little and he will have to be careful around him.Tyrion tells them even a dwarf is a bastard in his father's eyes. They tell him to fetch his axe and get ready to ride because Griff will not wait for man or dwarf.

Davos is marched across a bridge, across a drawbridge to a gatehouse. Below is a salt moat. Green waters below. His hands were bound together and he was shoved across the yard. Inside the keep the guard and Davos took off their cloaks - Davos had not forgotten his courtesies and it had been raining outside.

The Lord was in the hall drinking beer and eating sister's stew. The guard tells the Lord that they found Davos in the Belly O' the Whale (some smuggler's den), trying to buy his way off the island. Davos had a ribbon with the seals of the crowned stag, a flaming heart, and a white hand. Davos thought that one word from the lord and he would soon be hanging from the Gallows Gate of Sisterton. The waves were smashing against Breakwater's huge stone arches and swirling through the dungeons. Davos might end up there, chained to a wet floor, and would drown when the tide came in. Davos thinks he won't die a smuggler, because he is the King's hand, and this lord could sell him to the queen.

The lord had webbing between his three middle fingers. Davos heard that some of the lords of the Three Sisters had webbed hands and feet. The lord wants to see Davos' hands to make sure he is the Onion Knight and Hand. The lord is Godric Borrell, Lord of Sweetsister. Since he was found at the Belly O' the Whale, Godric asks him if he is returning to his old ways. Davos denies it, saying he was looking for passage to White Harbor - Stannis sent him to go there and deliver a message. Godric tells him he is in the wrong place, with the wrong lord, and he is in Sisterton, on Sweetsister.

Sisterton was not sweet - it was vile, small and mean and rank with odors. Davos knew it from his smuggling days. The streets were mud and planks, the houses daub-and-wattle hovels roofed with straw. Three Sisters had been a favorite place for smugglers for hundreds of years.

Davos and Lord Godric both say they have and had friends from the Sisters. Godric says he hangs the ones who aren't his friends. He asks why Davos was brought there if he was going to White Harbor.

He thinks - a king's command and a friend's betrayal - Instead he tells Godric it was "storms."

29 ships left the Wall, and Davos would be shocked if half were still afloat. Oldeo and Old Mother's Son crashed on Skagos - the isle of the unicorns and cannibals. Saathos Saan crashed up on the Grey Cliffs. Saaladhor Saan fumed at the losses - other boats were lost and the Lyseni fleet had been scattered all over the narrow sea. Saan fumes to Davos, asking where the gold is he was promised, and that he will be known as the Beggar or the Smashed. Saan goes off on Davos about the King's word, and how his men are tired of being patient. He says he was patient at Dragonstone and at Eastwatch.

Lord Godric goes back to Davos' answer of "storms" - he says that storms used to be sacred on the Sisters before the Andals came. Lady of Waves and Lord of the Skies - they made storms when they mated. Godric says the kings don't bother with the Sisters because they are poor and small, but the storms delivered Davos.

Davos thinks instead that he was delivered by a friend instead of storms. Godric tells the guard to leave Davos and that Davos was never there. Davos tells Godric that if he would send him to White Harbor Stannis would see it as an act of friendship. Godric says he could, or he could send Davos to a cold wet hell.

The Three Sisters were loyal to themselves. Supposedly they were sworn to the Arryns, but the Eyrie's grasp on them was tenuous at best. Godric tells Davos that Sunderland would require him to deliver Davos to him if he knew he was there. Borrell did fealty for Sweetsister, as Longthorpe did for Longsister and Torrent for Littlesister. All were sworn to Tristan Sunderland, Lord of the Three Sisters. Tristan had 7 troublesome sons who wanted to be knights and it was making him poor - he thinks he would sell Davos to Cersei. Davos says that Sunderland is sworn to the Eyrie so if anything Davos should be delivered to Lysa Arryn. Godric tells him the news of Lysa being murdered by a singer, and he asks Davos where the pirates are. Godric says Torrent spied their sails from Littlesister as well as the Flints from Widow's Watch. Davos tells him they are at sea and that Stannis sent them to trouble the Lannisters, but it was a lie - in truth Saan has abandoned the king and they were likely off to the Stepstone with what little ships they had left.

Davos came ashore in a boat. Saan waited for the beacon of Night Lamp before dropping Davos off. Their friendship had been worth that much, at least. Saan would have taken Davos with him, but Davos refused to abandon Stannis. Stannis needed Wyman Manderly and trusted Davos to win him. Saan tells Davos that Stannis will kill him with his honors. Godric remarks that he has never had a Hand beneath his roof and he wonders if Stannis would ransom Davos. Davos wonders it as well. Godric asks Davos if Tyrion is at Castle Black with Stannis. Davos tells him no, and then is told about the murder of Tywin by Tyrion's hands. Godric's version of the telling is of course skewed, with Tyrion bathed in blood, etc. Davos is shocked that Tywin is dead. Godric says on the Sisters they did not suffer dwarfs to live - they would let crows feast on them when born, but the septons made them stop. Davos thinsk with Tywin dead, it changes everything and asks to send a raven to Stannis. Godric says Stannis will know, but not from him. Godric doesn't want it getting out that he aided Stannis' treason in any way. He mentions the Sunderlands dragged the sisters into two of the Blackfyre Rebellions, and house Borrell suffered much.

Godric calls for Davos to sit and get beer and stew. Good description of the sister's stew - super clam chowder served in a stale loaf. A specialty of the Sisters. Hey says his daughter Gella makes it and he asks if Davos is married. He says the stew contains 3 kinds of crabs, red, spider, and conqueror. He syas he never eats a spider crab except in the stew - he doesn't want to be taken for a cannibal - and he gestures to his banner above the hearth - a spider crab, white on a grey-green field.

Godric asks about Stannis burning his Hand. Melisandre had given Alester Florent to her god to conjure up the wind that took them north. His screams and agony blew them all the way to Eastwatch, if the red woman could be believed. Davos didn't like the wind. His granddaughter brought more bread - she had webbed fingers too - the mark of the Borrells for five thousand years. Eating meant Davos had guest right, and he would be save for a night at least. The lords of the Sisters had a bad reputation and none more than Godric Borrell, Lord of Sweetsister, Shield of Sisterton, Master of Breakwater Castle, and Keeper of the Night Lamp. Davos asks about the spices in the stew - saffron. Godric tells him it was from Qarth and there was pepper too. Cracked pepper from Volantis. He laughs that he took it off a sloe-eyed maid. A gale swept her intot he Bite and she smashed on the rocks. The forebears had been pirate kings until the Stakrs came down on them. These days the Sistermen did not participate in open piracy, but something much more sneaky - they would use their beacons along the shores of the Sisters to trap ships into coming into reefs and shoals instead of warning them and plundering the wreckage.

Godric tells Davos of White Harbor and that the storms did Davos a kindness. He reveals that Davos came too late. Lord Wyman means to bend his knee, and not to Stannis. Godric tells of the origins of the Maderlys - 900 years ago they came north - they had been great lords of the Mander when they overreached and got slapped down by the green hands. The wolf king took their gold and gave them land and let them keep their gods. The Lionstar was at Sisterton twelve days prior to get water. Full of Freys making for White Harbor. Davos thought that the Freys killed Lord Wyman's son. Godric says they did. Wyman was so wroth he vowed to only eat bread and drink wine but was soon stuffing himself. The Freys were bringing the bones back to Wyman. Godric had Rhaegar Frey to supper - he lost his wife but would get one in White Harbor. Lord Walder and Lord Wyman made a pact, and will seal it with a marriage.

Davos feels ill - thinking Stannis lost because White Harbor remained open even during the worst winter - and the city had silver on par with Casterly Rock's gold. It was the mouth of the north where Winterfell was the heart. Davos thought he must at least try. Davos begs Godric to help him.

Rape of the Three Sisters was two thousand years ago - Sisterton had not forgotten, which is why Godric has no love for northmen. They were free before that, afterward they had to swear loyalty to the Eyrie to get the northmen out. The wolf and falcon fought over the Sisters for a thousand years - until they basically raped the islands of everything. Stannis upset Godric as well, having pulled into port when he was head of Robert's fleet, unannounced, and threatened him if any of his ships went aground if the Night Lamp when dark. Godric asks why he should help Stannis. Davos goes over in his mind all the reasons - he is the true king, becaus he is just, he can defend the realm against the peril in the north, and he has a magic sword. Davos wonders what to promise him to win him - gold, marriage - he was lost... Alester had played that game and died for it. Davos only response was to tell him Tywin was dead - and he tries to put doubt into Tommen and Cersei. Davos feels that Godric has doubts and doesn't want to be on the losing side.

Davos pushes him talking about Stannis' fine work - holding Storm's End, taking Dragonstone from the last Targs, smashing the Iron Fleet off Fair Isle, and Tommen can't compare with him. Godric counters, saying Tommen has the gold of the Rock and Highgarden, and Bolton and Freys... but Godric says that in the world only winter is certain, saying Ned Stark told his father that.

Godric tells Davos of before Robert's Rebellion, Gulltown remained loyal to Aerys, Ned had to cross the mountains to call his banners when Aerys called for his head. On the Fingers a fisherman carried him across the Bite, but they got caught in a storm - the fisherman's daughter got Ned to the Sisters. They say he left her with silver and a bastard in her belly - Jon Snow, she named it, after Arryn. Godric's father had a choice to send Ned to Aerys and win favor, or let him go - but Jon Arryn had taken Gulltown by then and Robert was the first over the walls and he killed Randyll Grafton. Their maester thought Rhaegar would crush the rebel, but Godric thought Robert fought the way a king should. That is when Ned said the line about winter being the only certainty. His father let him go and told Ned that if he loses, he was never there. Davos finishes the chapter, saying, "No more than I was."

Daenerys 2
The chapter opens with Dany watching dancers in Mereen. Her thoughts drift to Daario and she thinks of how silly it is that she is jealous of his sword hilts, which are wrought of gold in the shapes of naked women. She sees Xaro Xhoan Daxos and thinks that she must speak with him about the thirteen ships he arrived in port with, as they may be the answers to her prayers.

Dany speaks with Xaro following the dance. He flatters her by telling her that he saw a child leave Qarth and sees now a Queen of an ancient city. The flattery doesn't sway her and her mind stays on acquring his thirteen ships.

Dany remembers the stories of Astapor and Yunkai being the linchpins of the slave trade in years past, after dragonfire had turned the lands into a desert following the war that Ghis brought to old Valyria. Xaro tells Dany that he knows of the Sons of the Harpy and their bounty on Dany's head. He has seen the blood drawn on the stone roads and walls. Xaro calls the Sons of the Harpy craven and speaks with Dany about the protection she has in Mereen. She names her bloodriders and Ser Barristan the Bold, who saved her twice from assassins. Xaro repeats Selmy's name, calling him "Barristan the Old" and tells Dany that Ser Jorah was a more fitting servant, younger and in better shape. Dany tells Xaro that she doesn't wish to speak of Jorah Mormont.

They speak of love. Xaro tells Dany that she needs to wed, and she agrees. Xaro offers himself, shedding a Qarthian crocodile tear, and Dany throws a cherry at him, not buying what he has for sale. She tells him that he showed more interest in the dancers than her. They go on to argue about the validity of the slave trade and Xaro tells her that things which may seem evil may be good. Xaro sees laborers that Dany has, such as a ditch-digger, as slaves. Dany explains that they are compensated and Xaro laughs it off, saying that there are no slaves in Mereen (though clearly meaning that this man is a slave, even if he is paid). As they walk, Xaro is made nervous by the fact that Ser Barristan follows them. Dany dismisses it, saying that he is an old knight and loyal.

Xaro continues pressing Dany about her abolition of the slave trade by saying that Mereen was rich but is now poor, was fed but is now starving and was peaceful, but is now bloody. This stings Dany. She promises to return Mereen to its station of greatness, but Xaro does not think this will happen. He goes on to tell her that battle was joined at the Horns of Hazzat and that the Butcher King has fled back to his palace with the new Unsullied running at his heels. Xaro tells her that the Wise Masters have hired legions of sellswords. He ensures her that while she seiges Yunkai, Mereen will fall behind her. Xaro tells Dany that she has many enemies, some in her own court. Dany thinks about the three betrayals. Dany lists her armies, the sellswords, the Second Sons, and the Stormcrows. She adds that she has dragons.

"Do you?" Xaro asks her. Dany thinks of Hazzea, the little girl killed by Drogon, and wonders what whispers have leaked from her court. Dany leads the conversation away from blood and fire and Xaro tells her of a gift he is to offer her. Dany follows, suspicious.

Xaro offers Dany the thirteen gallies in his fleet in exchange not for dragons, but for her agreement to sail to Westeros at once. She asks him what would happen if she chooses to wait a year or two or three. Xaro replies that he fears she will not live as long. Dany tells him that the Yunkai'i are not as fierce as he thinks, and he tells her to beware her other enemies, including those with blue lips. Dany assures him that she left all the Warlocks with Xaro in Qarth. Xaro tells her that she never looked behind herself and that Pyat Pree dispatched warlocks to trail her. Dany tells him that she spent fourteen years running from knives and would not run any longer. She dismisses Xaro, telling him she will think on it. He offers to bed her, but she kindly refuses.

When Xaro is gone, Dany calls Ser Barristan to her side. She tells him a riddle that Viserys once told her. "Who listens to everything but hears nothing?" The answer is a knight of the kingsguard. She asks Ser Barristan what he thinks of Xaro's offer. He wants Dany to take the ships and sail to Westeros. Dany thinks of Ser Jorah and, despite his betrayal, wishes for his counsel as she believes Ser Barristan "too blunt and sensible." They discuss the logistics of setting sail with so few ships and how to contain the dragons.

After the discussion, she tells Ser Barristan to lead her to the pit. He questions her a moment, but she insists. They wind through the structures beneath the great pyramid of Mereen. They reach the pit and Barristan holds Dany back. She asks him if he thinks "they" will harm her. Barristan does not know, but would no sooner risk it to chance.

The molten eyes of Viserion and Rhaegal burn in the darkness. Charred bones are on the floor and the place smells of sulphur and sweats with heat. The two smaller dragons are chained in captivity in one of the fighting pits. Dany speaks to Barristan of the dragons, asking if they will ever stop growing, as they are larger than when she last saw them. He tells her that they will continue to grow with enough space and food. But chained in a pit...

Dany wonders if they will grow to hate her or each other, whether they will die if she keeps them captive for too long. Dany thinks about the dangers of dragons, about Harrenhal and how it fell, the Dance with Dragons, and how Aegon III saw his own mother consumed by one of the beasts. She thinks of the slaver's eyes melting in Astapor to Drogon's flames and realizes that her dragons fear no men. Dany thinks of Hazzea, the young girl that Drogon killed, and wonders whether the Sons of the Harpy staged her death to create animosity toward Dany and her rule. She thinks of Hazzea's father and how she paid the bloodprice and how Reznak demanded that she kill him, or at least tear out his tongue so that he would not talk. Dany refused to do so and sent him away, Reznak telling him that his daughter had been killed by a snakebite or taken in the night by ravening wolves, but for him to NEVER mention dragons.

Dany looks at Viserion and wonders how long before his fire can melt iron and crack stone. She remembers leading him into the pit by herself and shutting him inside with a store of oxen. After he gorged, they chained him. Rhaegal had been more difficult. She hypothesizes that he heard Viserion's struggles and that it made him more difficult to contain. Dany's men caught him basking in the sun and used a net of iron to drag him into the pit. Six men were burned in the struggle, and two badly.

And then Drogon...

The winged shadow, as Hazzea's father called him, enjoyed sunbathing on the Great Pyramid where the Harpy statue once stood. Dany's men had tried to take him three times, and three times they failed. Four men were cooked by Drogon's flames. She last saw him flying over the Dothraki sea and had not seen him since the last time they tried to capture him.

Dany thinks of her title, "mother of dragons," and wonders if "mother of monsters" is more appropriate. She despairs, thinking about what she may have unleashed on the world. She thinks that she is the blood of the dragon, and that if her children are monsters, then so is she.

She looks at Ser Barristan and tells him that she told Xaro that she feared only one thing, though she would not tell the merchant what. Ser Barristan guesses that she only fears her dragons.

"Myself," Dany tells him.

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