German 310 Oral and Written Composition

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Oral and Written Composition

Salisbury University

Department of Modern Languages and Intercultural Studies
Fall 2011
Meeting: TBA
Location and Time TBA

Frau Klaudia Thompson

110 Holloway Hall

(410) 543-6522

Office Hours: , and by appointment

German 310 is an “enhanced” course: that is, a course that might traditionally be offered for 3 credit hours, but which, within the context of both the newly reformed German program and the Fulton School’s overall curriculum reform initiative, is being offered here in a 4-credit context. The main purpose of the Fulton reform and the courses in it is to engage students more in the individual courses they take and, as a result, provide students with a deeper—and often more active---learning experience and encounter with the subject at hand. All “enhanced” 4-credit courses in the Fulton School will require significantly more—and sometimes different—work than they might (or used to) require as 3 credit courses. For more information on the Fulton reform and “enhanced” courses, and what both mean to you, as a student, please visit the Fulton reform student website at
Conversations in German, Points of Departure by Nancy Decker and Frank Sedwick (Copies of this are on reserve in the library. Please photocopy the units assigned to you at the beginning of the semester)
Allerlei zum Lesen (second edition) by Herman Teichert and Lovette Teichert

Introductory text supplied by instructor

German in Review (text only)
German Films on reserve in Blackwell Library

1. Nosferatu

2. Mostly Martha

3. Beyond Silence

4. Marx und CocaCola

The objectives of this course are to increase the oral and written skills of the student in the following ways:

1. Provide an atmosphere in the classroom situation that will encourage spontaneous conversation in German.

2. Work on correct pronunciation and intonation in German phrases and sentences.

3. Increase a student's vocabulary in German.

4. Increase and review the student’s grammar and syntax in both oral and written form.
Class Procedures:

Tuesday - A diary in German is to be maintained by each student. Mistakes will be marked on these and returned to the student for correction. Then a grade will be placed on these according to how well they have been corrected. A half page entry on a sheet of paper 81/2” by 11” (skip every other line) should be written every day.

Since there are 14 weeks in the semester and you are required to submit 10 diaries there will be 4 weeks that you may skip a week submitting one. However you may only skip one week at a time. Diaries that are more than one week late will lose points even if perfect for each week they are late.

Diaries will be due on Tuesday. For Tuesdays a short story and exercises from the instructor’s text and later from Allerlei zum Lesen will also be assigned and grammar “Quia” assignments from German in Review will also be made on Tuesdays and will fall due on the following Tuesday. “Quia” assignments will be based on grammar problems that German students usually have at this level (i.e. use of da-compounds,relative pronouns, or when to use “haben or sein”in the perfect tenses). All exercises must be answered in complete sentences .

Thursday - On Thursdays oral work from Conversations in German will be discussed and diaries with errors marked on them will be handed back for correction. These are to be corrected over the weekend and the corrected version along with a new diary are to be handed in the following Tuesday.

Throughout the semester- roughly every three weeks-

Throughout the semester the films for this enhanced course will be assigned for viewing. They will be assigned at roughly three week intervals. This should allow all class members enough time to view the film in the library. The films are in German and a quiz will be given on each film and I will require all questions to be answered in German in complete sentences.
In addition to the above regular work, a term project is to be prepared and an oral and written final will be given - see below.

*Compositions and WAC Requirements

Homework, dictations and compositions will be assigned with “Writing Across the Curriculum” in mind. The transfer of writing skills from one language to another enhances the ability to write well in both English and German. Evaluations of written assignments will be based on both form and content.

Daily Grades and Tests:

Each student will be given daily grades based on his/her oral communication and participation in class. Grading in the course will be as follows:

NOTE: Cell phones, i-Pods, i-Pads and the like are not permitted in this classroom. Be prepared to speak only German in class.
Class participation: 5%

Diary: 5%

Homework for stories: 25%.

Written final on stories = 20%

Oral Final on Conversations – 10%

Final Project = 10%

Films and their Quizzes =10%

Quia assignments = 15%
The total number of points possible in this course grades will be based on the following percentages.

A = 100-90%

B= 89-80%

C= 79-70%

D= 69-60%

F= 59% and below

Vocabulary Quizzes, if necessary will be announced in advance. Term projects will fall due during prearranged class meetings. (Weeks 10-13).

Oral reports will be assigned by the instructor and will be presented to the class. They will be about 5 minutes in length. They will be related to the weekly conversation topic and/or highlights of your week. Each student should expect to answer in German, questions directed to him/her by the instructor during the class meetings relating to the above mentioned topics.

Term projects are to be demonstrative speeches that are to be outlined and well organized reports of about 15 minutes in length. These are to be oral presentations to the class complete with visual aids, charts and/or props. They will be worth 100 points and your grades will be based on:

(1) oral presentation and delivery

(2) grammar

(3) sentence structure

(4) vocabulary

(5) pronunciation

Below are some suggested topics. These can be related in some way to Germany, German culture, Austria or Switzerland but need not be.
Ex. German eating customs and habits.

German art of a certain time period.

Cooking demonstrations

German music of a certain time period.

Slide show of a certain German region.

You may however also chose a topic not specifically German.

Ex. Your hobby.

Your special skills at .

How to play a certain game.

Something based on your major.

Presentations are to be made as though you were in a speech class. You may use note cards but do not just read your speech from them or you will receive a “C” at best.


This schedule may be changed to better meet the needs of the class

Week 1 Introduction to course


Diary # 1 assigned

Assessment story hand-out given out and assigned
Week 2 Diary #1 due

Assessment story

Conversation—Der Hoersaal

German in Review Quia assignment # 1 assigned
Week 3 Diary #1 revision due

Diary # 2 due

Conversation –Der Tanzabend

“Turken Pflanzen Nur Bohnen”

Movie Nosferatu due
Week 4 Diary #2 revision due

Diary # 3 due

Conversation­--Die Familie


G.I.R.Quia assignment #1 due and assignment #2 given
Week 5 Diary #3 revision due

Diary #4 due

Conversation—Das Haus

“Die Drei Dunklen Koenige”

Movie Mostly Martha due

Week 6 Diary #4 revision due

Diary #5 due

Conversation—Die Kueche

“Die Silbergeschichte”

G.I.R. Quia assignment #2 due and assignment # 3 given
Week 7 Diary # 5 revision due

Diary #6 due

Conversation—Das Badezimmer & Der Gedeckte Tisch

“Spaghetti Fuer Zwei”

Movie Marx und Coca Cola due
Week 8 Diary #6 revision due

Diary # 7 due

Conversation – Der Menschliche Koerper

“Die Verlobung”

G.I.R. Quia assignment # 3 due and assignment #4 given
Week 9 Diary #7 revision due

Diary #8 due

Conversation –Die Koerperpflege

“Der Traummann”

Movie Beyond Silence due
Week 10 Diary #8 revision due

Diary # 9 due

Conversation—Der Sport

“Es War Ein Reizender Abend”

G.I.R. Quia assignment # 4 due and assignment #5 given
Week 11 Diary # 9 revision due

Diary # 10 due

Conversation – Das Picknick


One page paper in German comp. the Disney vs. Grimm “Schneewittchen

assigned. (See Disney cartoon if you have not seen it)
Week 12 Diary # 10 revision due

Conversation –Am Strand

“Schneewittchen” continued

G.I.R.Quia assignment # 5 due and assignment #6 given

Week 13 Oral final - project presentations due

G.I.R.Quia assignment #6 due
Week 14 Oral final – project presentations due
Week 15 Oral Final exams on all conversations

Written exam on all stories read and movies

Note: Movies and Quia assignments are due when stated. If they are late they lose 10 pts each day they are late.

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