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German academic menu, formerly WAI032 Content


Company & Financial

Business Reports from Experian

Company Reports - General

1997 N. American Ind. Class Sys. & 1987 Std. Ind. Class Manual

Analyzer Gateway

Annual Register of Grant Support

Bankruptcy DataSource - Data Profiles

Bankruptcy DataSource - News Notes

Bankruptcy DataSource - Plans of Reorganization

Canadian Manufacturer's Database

Company Financials Switzerland

Company Profile Canada

Company Profiles Switzerland

Company Register Liechtenstein

Company Register Switzerland

Consensus Earnings Projections (Zack's Investment Research, Inc.)

CoreData (US)

CoreData -- International Database

CoreData Canadian Database

Credit Bureau

Dir. Business Info. Resources

Dir. Homeland Security

Dir. Intl Business and Trade

Dir. Safety & Security

Dir. Venture Capital Firms

Directory of Directories (DP)

Espicom Company Reports

Global Markets Direct Company Profiles

Hong Kong Company Profiles

Nelson's Analyst Company Coverage

Nelson's Company Research Reports

Nelson's Consensus Earning Estimates

Nelson's Public U.S. Company Profiles

Nelson's Research Firm Profiles

Nelson's Specialty/Regional Analyst Coverage

New Zealand Company Profiles

News Invest - Actu. Intro. Bourse

News Invest - Analystes financiers

News Invest - Calend. Evenements

News Invest - Communiques des societes

News Invest - Fiches Societes

News Invest - Modalites

News Invest - Performance

News Invest - Prospectus

News Invest - Rapports annuels

News Invest - Slideshows

PlacementTracker Reports

Producer Sanction Report

Prospectus Express

Quoted french & europe companies (FRENCH)

SGA Executive Tracker Executives

US Executive Comp (Boards & Committees)

US Executive Compensation Database

Vickers Institutional Holdings

Vickers Securities Report

Weiss Stock Research Reports

Zacks Equity Research

Company Reports - International

Behr's Verlag GmbH & Co. Publications

BizEkon News Russian Business Directory


Business Monitor International Companies


Creditreform Austrian Companies

Creditreform German Companies

Creditreform Swiss Companies

Czech & Slovak Company Register

DAFSALIENS - The French Groups

Disclosure/Worldscope Database


Dutch Company Information Ownership Structures

ELC Publishing Largest Companies

Estonian Companies Register

Euro Pharma

Extel Cards Database 1999

FBR Asian Company Profiles

Financial Post Corporate Surveys

Hoppenstedt ABC Benelux Companies

Hoppenstedt Balance Sheet

Hoppenstedt Company Profile

Hoppenstedt Konzernstrukturen

ICC Directors

ICC Directory

ICC Financial Analysis

ICC Keynote Market Reports

ICC Quoted Company Reports

ICC Shareholders Reports

Japan Company Handbook

Latin American Company Database

LexisNexis Company Monitor

LexisNexis Company Monitor, Managers and Directors

Malaysia Media Directory/Financial Director

Quick Report - Informacje o Polskich firmach

Quick Report - Polish Company Reports in English

Report on Business Co Profiles

Taiwan Econ Journal Co Profile

Teikoku Japanese Companies

The Major Companies Database

Ukrainian Industrial Enterprises

Wer Was Lohnhersteller, Lohnabfüller und Lohnabpacker

Company Reports - U.S.

America's Corporate Finance Directory

Corporate Governance Profiles

CorpTech(R) Company Database (Pub-OneSource Information Services)

Directory of Corporate Affiliations

Disclosure Online Database

Hoover's Company Basic Record

Hoover's Company Records - In-Depth Record

Hoover's Industry Snapshots

Hoover's IPO Reports

Integra Industry Reports

ISS Corp Governance Quotient

ISS Proxy Research

ISS Securities Class Action

M&A Insight Analysis

M&A Insight Notes

Netvention Company Profiles

S&P Current Environment Reports

SGA Executive Tracker Companies

Standard and Poor's Daily News

Standard and Poor's Descriptions Plus News

Standard and Poor's Register of Corporations

Standard Directory of Ad Agencies & Std Dir of Intl Ad Agencies

Standard Directory of Advertisers & Std Dir of Intl Advertisers

Sustainability & Risk Reports

The Bank Directory - US

The Credit Union Directory

The Directory of Trust Banking

The Savings Directory

Thomson Bond Buyer's Municipal Marketplace

Thomson Municipal Issuers Registry

Mergers & Acquisition Reports


Dutch Co Info Mergers & Acquisitions

IDD Mergers and Acquisition Database - Canada

IDD Mergers and Acquisition Database - European Reports

IDD Mergers and Acquisition Database - UK Reports

IDD Mergers and Acquisition Database - US Reports

Mergers & Acquisitions in Canada

SEC Material

Access Disclosure

Edgar On-Line

Edgar WEB only Gateway

SEC Form 144 Insider Trading Filings

SEC Form 4 Insider Trading Filings

SEC Insider Trading (Forms 3&4)

SEC Online

SEC Online - Annual 10-K Filings

SEC Online - Annual Reports to Shareholders

SEC Online - Proxy Statements

SEC Online - Quarterly 10-Q Filings

SEC Outstanding Events--8-Ks

SEC S-Registration Stmts (Forms S-1 S-2, S-3, S-4, S-8, S-11, S-18)

SEC Tndr Offrs/Acq Rpts--Schedules 13D,13E-3,13E-4,13G,14D-1,14D-9


Accounting: General

A Guide to Forensic Accounting Investigation

Accountants Handbook

Beyond Sarbannes-Oxley Compliance Acknowledgments

Bowman's Accounting Report

Congressional Testimony: Bankruptcy Act Overview

Marrama v. Citizens Bank

Policies and Procedures to Prevent Fraud Acknowledgments

Admiralty: General

American Maritime Cases

Society of Maritime Arbitrator Award Decisions

All Court Orders (State & Federal)

Alternative Dispute Resolution: American Arbitration Association Publications

California Employment Dispute Resolution Rules

Commercial Arbitration Rules

Commercial Mediation Rules

Construction Industry Arbitration Rules

Dispute Resolution Journal

Drafting Dispute Resolution Clauses A Practical Guide

Employment Arbitration Rules

Employment Dispute Resolution Rules

International Arbitration Rules

Lawyers' Arbitration Letter

Model Sexual Harassment Claims Resolution Process

National Rules for the Resolution of Employment Disputes

NY No-Fault/SUM Arbitration Reporter

Patent Arbitration Rules

UNCITRAL Arbitration Rules

Alternative Dispute Resolution: CPR Institute for Dispute Resolution Pubs

CPR ADR & Settlement in the Fed. Dist. Cts.

CPR ADR Casualty Insurance Industry

CPR ADR Cost Savings & Benefits Studies

CPR ADR International

CPR ADR Toxics Torts

CPR ADR Utility Industry Business Disputes

CPR Alternative to the High Costs of Litigation

CPR Antitrust ADR

CPR Arbitration

CPR Banking Industry ADR

CPR Complex Securities Disputes

CPR Confidentiality in ADR

CPR Construction Industry ADR

CPR Court ADR Elements of Program Design

CPR Dispute Resol. Clauses

CPR Dispute Resol. Clauses for Bus. Contracts in Europe

CPR Dispute Resolution Clauses: Partnership Agreements (1994)

CPR Employment ADR: A Dispute Resolution Program for Corporate Employers (1995)

CPR Environmental & Hazardous Waste ADR

CPR Franchise Industry Dispute Resolution

CPR Judge's Deskbook on Court ADR

CPR Mainstreaming: Institutionalizing Corp. ADR

CPR Mediation

CPR Minitrial

CPR Multiparty ADR & Cost-Effective Practices (1994)

CPR Oil & Gas Industry ADR

CPR Product Liability & Toxic Torts

CPR Technology Disputes

American Bar Association Publications

ABA Administrative Law Review

ABA Antitrust

ABA Antitrust Law Journal

ABA Banking Journal

ABA Business Lawyer

ABA Business Lawyer

ABA Civil RICO - A Definitive Guide

ABA Civil Trial Practice Standards

ABA Code of Professional Conduct and Code of Judicial Conduct

ABA Communications Lawyer

ABA Constitution, Bylaws and Rules of Procedure of the House of Delegates

ABA Coverage

ABA Criminal Justice

ABA Criminal Tax Fraud

ABA Descriptions of Research Projects

ABA Emerging Issues in Motor Vehicle Product Liability Litigation (1995)

ABA Entertainment & Sports

ABA Environmental Lawyer

ABA Environmental Litig. 2nd Ed.

ABA Family Law Quarterly

ABA Focusing on Clients

ABA Focusing on Profitability

ABA Formal Opinions of Committee on Ethics & Professional Responsibility

ABA Informal Opinions of Committee on Ethics & Professional Responsibility

ABA Infrastructure

ABA Journal

ABA Journal eReport

ABA Jurimetrics

ABA Legal Economics from 1/82 & Law Practice from 1/90

ABA Liability Issues in Health Care (1995)

ABA Litigation from Fall 1995

ABA Litigation Section Newsletters

ABA Mastering Voir Dire and Jury Selection

ABA Model Jury Instructions Securities Litigation

ABA Natl. Inst. Class Actions

ABA Natural Resources & Environment

ABA Organizational Representatives

ABA Preview of United States Supreme Court Cases

ABA Probate & Property

ABA Public Contract Law Journal from Winter 95

ABA Publications Bibliography

ABA Quarterly Tax Lawyer

ABA Real Property, Probate and Trust Law Journal from Winter 95

ABA Section of Intellectual Property Law

ABA Section of Public Utility, Comm. and Trans. Annual Reports from 1999

ABA Solvency Concerns with Foreign Insurers/Recent Develop./U.S. Reform Efforts

ABA The Brief

ABA The Complete Lawyer

ABA The Construction Lawyer

ABA The Family Advocate

ABA The Franchise Law Journal

ABA The Health Lawyer

ABA The International Lawyer

ABA The Labor Lawyer

ABA The Professional Lawyer

ABA The Trial Practice Guide

ABA The Urban Lawyer from Winter 2005

ABA Tort and Insurance Law Journal

ABA Trans. Megaconference II (1995)

ABA Video Depositions

Attorney Client Priv & Work Product

Human Rights from Summer 2001

Judges Journal from winter 2001

American Law Institute Restatements

ALI Combined RESTAT (rules and citations)

ALI Employment Law 3rd

ALI Restatement 2d & 3d, Foreign Relations, Case Citations

ALI Restatement 2d & 3d, Trusts, Rule Sections

ALI Restatement 2d & 3d, Trusts, Table of Contents

ALI Restatement 2d, Conflicts, Rule Sections

ALI Restatement 2d, Conflicts, Table of Contents

ALI Restatement 2d, Contracts, Rule Sections

ALI Restatement 2d, Contracts, Table of Contents

ALI Restatement 2d, Foreign Relations, Rule Sections

ALI Restatement 2d, Judgments, Rule Sections

ALI Restatement 2d, Judgments, Table of Contents

ALI Restatement 2d, Liability for Physical Harm - Tentative Drafts

ALI Restatement 2d, Property

ALI Restatement 2d, Property Donative Transfers, Case Citations

ALI Restatement 2d, Property Donative Transfers, Rule Sections

ALI Restatement 2d, Property Donative Transfers, Table of Contents

ALI Restatement 2d, Property Landlord and Tenant, Case Citations

ALI Restatement 2d, Property Landlord and Tenant, Rule Sections

ALI Restatement 2d, Property Landlord and Tenant, Table of Contents

ALI Restatement 2d, Property, Table of Contents

ALI Restatement 2d, Restitution & Unjust Enrichment TD

ALI Restatement 2d, Torts, Rule Sections

ALI Restatement 2d, Torts, Table of Contents

ALI Restatement 2d, Trusts 3rd - Tentative Drafts

ALI Restatement 2d, Wills & Other Donative Transfers - Tentative Drafts

ALI Restatement 3d, Agency, Rule Sections

ALI Restatement 3d, Apportionment of Liability, Rule Sections

ALI Restatement 3d, Apportionment of Liability, Table of Contents

ALI Restatement 3d, Foreign Relations, Table of Contents

ALI Restatement 3d, Law Governing Lawyers, Case Citations

ALI Restatement 3d, Law Governing Lawyers, Rule Sections

ALI Restatement 3d, Law Governing Lawyers, Table of Contents

ALI Restatement 3d, Property (Mortgages) Case Citations

ALI Restatement 3d, Property (Mortgages) Rules Sections

ALI Restatement 3d, Property (Mortgages) TOC

ALI Restatement 3d, Property: Servitudes Table of Contents

ALI Restatement 3d, Property: Servitudes, Case Citations

ALI Restatement 3d, Property: Wills & Other Donative Transfers, Case Citations

ALI Restatement 3d, Suretyship & Guaranty Case Citations

ALI Restatement 3d, Suretyship & Guaranty, Rule Sections

ALI Restatement 3d, Suretyship & Guaranty, TOC

ALI Restatement 3d, Torts: Products Liability, Case Citations

ALI Restatement 3d, Torts: Products Liability, Rule Sections

ALI Restatement 3d, Torts: Products Liability, Table of Contents

ALI Restatement 3d, Unfair Competition, Case Citations

ALI Restatement 3d, Unfair Competition, Rule Sections

ALI Restatement 3d, Unfair Competition, Table of Contents

ALI Restatement Agency & Restatement 2d, Agency, Case Citations

ALI Restatement Conflicts & Restatement 2d, Conflicts, Case Citations

ALI Restatement Contracts & Restatement 2d, Contracts, Case Citations

ALI Restatement Judgments & Restatement 2d, Judgments, Case Citations

ALI Restatement Property & Restatement 2d, Property, Case Citations

ALI Restatement Property & Restatement 2d, Property, Rule Sections

ALI Restatement Restitution, Case Citations

ALI Restatement Restitution, Rule Sections

ALI Restatement Restitution, Table of Contents

ALI Restatement Security, Case Citations

ALI Restatement Security, Rule Sections

ALI Restatement Security, Table of Contents

ALI Restatement Torts & Restatement 2d, Torts, Case Citations

ALI Restatement Trusts & Restatement 2d & 3d, Trusts, Case Citations

ALI Restatements of Law

ALI Restatements of Law - Banking

ALI Restatements of Law - General Contract

ALI Restatements of Law - Insurance

ALI Restatements of Law - Mass Torts

ALI Restatements of Law - Real Estate

ALI Restatements of Law - States

ALI Restatements of Law - Trusts

ALI Restatements of Law - Uniform Commercial Code

ALI Restatements of Law 3d, Property: Servitudes

ALI Restatements of Law 3d, Property: Wills & Other Donative Transfers

ALI Restatements on Foreign Relations - International Law

ALI Restatements on Foreign Relations - International Trade

ALI Restatment 3d, Apportionment of Liability, Case Citations

Area of Law: General

Education Civil Rights Reviewing Authority Decisions

Juvenile & Family Court Jnl.

Banking: Federal Reserve Publications

Federal Reserve Applications Approval/Denials

Federal Reserve Bulletin

Federal Reserve H2's

Federal Reserve Interpretive Letters

Federal Reserve Orders and Notices

Federal Reserve Policy Statements and Actions

Federal Reserve Regulatory Service

Federal Reserve Rules and Regulation Process

Federal Reserve Speeches, Testimonies and News Releases

Federal Reserve Supervision & Regulation Letters

Federal Reserve Written Agreements

Banking: General

ALJ Decisions issued by Office Finance Institution Adjudication

Compliance Examination Manual

FDIC Interpretative Letters and Enforcement Decisions

FHLBB and OTS General Counsel Opinions

Financial Institutions Reform, Recovery Enforcement Act of 1989

General Accounting Office Financial Reports

General Accounting Office Financial Testimonies

Office of Thrift Supervision Director's Decisions

OTS Regulatory & Thrift Bulletins, Legal Alert Memos & Transmittals

Resolution Trust Corp. Complaints

Resolution Trust Corp. Opinions and Decisions

Resolution Trust Corp. Press Releases

Statements of Policy

Trust Examination Manual

Banking: Office Comptroller Currency Publications

OCC Examiner's Guide

Office Comptroller Currency Enforcement Decisions

Office Comptroller Currency Interpretative Letters (Published)

Office Comptroller Currency Interpretative Letters (Unpublished)

Office Comptroller Currency News Releases

Bankruptcy: General

Bankruptcy Amendments & Federal Judgeship Act of 1984 - Acts, Bills, Reports

Bankruptcy Judges, US Trustees & Fam Farm Bnkr Act 1986-Acts, Bills, Rpts

Bankruptcy Reform Act of 1978 - Acts,Bills,Reports, & Public Laws

Bankruptcy Tax Act of 1980 - Acts, Bills, Reports and Public Laws

Contains H.R. 2807, S.Rep. 96-230, H.R. 4935, and H.R.Rep 97-420

Emergency Home Ownership and Mortgage Equity Protection Act of 2007

Hearing on How to Protect Home Ownership and Provide Relief to Consumers

Predatory Mortgage Lending

Retiree Benefits Bankruptcy Protection Act of 1987

Travelers Case

City Municipal Codes & Charters

Alaska Municipal Codes

Arizona Municipal Codes

Arkansas Municipal Codes

California Municipal Codes

Chicago Municipal Code

Colorado Municipal Codes

Connecticut Municipal Codes

Florida Municipal Codes

Georgia Municipal Codes

Hawaii Municipal Codes

Indiana Municipal Codes

Iowa Municipal Codes

Kansas Municipal Codes

Louisiana Municipal Codes

Maryland Municipal Codes

Massachusetts Municipal Codes

Michigan Municipal Code

Missouri Municipal Code

Municipal Codes

Nevada Municipal Codes

New Jersey Municipal Codes

New Mexico Municipal Codes

New York City Administrative Code

New York City Charter

New York City Rules

New York City Table of Contents

North Dakota Municipal Codes

Ohio Municipal Codes

Oklahoma Municipal Codes

Oregon Municipal Codes

Rhode Island Municipal Codes

South Carolina Municipal Codes

South Dakota Municipal Codes

Tennessee Municipal Codes

Texas Municipal Codes

Utah Municipal Codes

Washington, Bellevue City Code

Washington, Bellingham Municipal Code

Washington, Clark County Code

Washington, Everett Municipal Code

Washington, Jefferson County Code

Washington, King County Code

Washington, Kitsap County Code

Washington, Kittitas County Code

Washington, Pierce County Code

Washington, Seattle Municipal Code

Washington, Skagit County Code

Washington, Snohomish County Code

Washington, Spokane Municipal Code

Washington, Tacoma Municipal Code

Washington, Vancouver Municipal Code

Washington, Whatcom County Code

Washington, Yakima County Code

Wisconsin Municipal Codes

Wyoming Municipal Codes

CLE ALI-ABA Committee on CLE Course of Study Materials

ALI-ABA 21st Century Litigation: Trial and Pretrial

ALI-ABA Accountants Liability

ALI-ABA Advance Law of Pensions, Welfare Plans & Deferred Compensation

ALI-ABA Advanced Employment Law

ALI-ABA Advanced Estate Planning

ALI-ABA Airline & Railroad Labor & Employment Law

ALI-ABA Alternative Dispute Resolution

ALI-ABA Annual Spring Employee Benefits Law & Practice Update

ALI-ABA Annual Winter Estate Planning Practice Update

ALI-ABA Antitrust Law 21st Century

ALI-ABA Antitrust/Intellectual Property Claims

ALI-ABA Banking and Commercial Lending Law

ALI-ABA Basic Estate & Gift Tax

ALI-ABA Basic Law of Pensions, Welfare Plans & Deferred Compensation

ALI-ABA Broker-Dealer Regulation

ALI-ABA Chapter 11 Business Reorganization

ALI-ABA Charitable Giving Techniques

ALI-ABA Civil Practice & Litigation Techniques

ALI-ABA Commercial Real Estate Defaults, Workouts, and Reorganization

ALI-ABA Commercial Real Estate Leases

ALI-ABA Compensation for Executives and Broad-Based Employee Groups

ALI-ABA Computer Software

ALI-ABA Conference on Life Insurance Company Products

ALI-ABA Consolidated Tax Returns

ALI-ABA Corporate Governance

ALI-ABA Corporate Mergers & Acquisitions

ALI-ABA Course of Study - Developments in Legal Ethics

ALI-ABA Creative Tax Planning for Real Estate Transactions

ALI-ABA Distributions from Qualified Plans & IRA's

ALI-ABA Drafting Documents for Condominiums

ALI-ABA Effective Legal Negotiations & Settlements

ALI-ABA Emerged & Emerging UCC

ALI-ABA Eminent Domain

ALI-ABA Employee Benefits

ALI-ABA Employee Discrimination & Civil Rights

ALI-ABA Employee Retirement Plans

ALI-ABA Employment Law

ALI-ABA Entertainment Arts & Sports

ALI-ABA Environmental Insurance: Past, Present, and Future

ALI-ABA Environmental Law

ALI-ABA Environmental Litigation

ALI-ABA ERISA Fiduciary Responsibilities Issues Updates

ALI-ABA Estate Planning for the Family Business

ALI-ABA Estate Planning in Depth

ALI-ABA Federal Lands in the West

ALI-ABA Fin. Serv. Modernization 2002: Imp. of the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act

ALI-ABA Hazardous Wastes

ALI-ABA Health Care Law & Litigation

ALI-ABA Health Plans HIPAA & COBRA Update

ALI-ABA Historic Preservation Law

ALI-ABA Immigration Law

ALI-ABA Insider Trading, Fraud, & Fiduciary Duty Under federal securities Law

ALI-ABA Insurance Coverage in the New Millennium

ALI-ABA International Business Transaction

ALI-ABA International Trust & Estate Planning

ALI-ABA Inverse Condemnation

ALI-ABA Investment Advisor Regulations

ALI-ABA Investment Company Regulation

ALI-ABA Investment Management Regulations

ALI-ABA Land Use Institute

ALI-ABA Large Estates

ALI-ABA Legal Problem of Museum Admin.

ALI-ABA Life Insurance Litigation

ALI-ABA Life Insurance Products

ALI-ABA Limited Liability Entities

ALI-ABA Litigating Medical Malpractice Claims

ALI-ABA Modern Real Estate Transactions

ALI-ABA New Amendments to the Fed. Rules of Civ. Proc. and Fed. Rules of Evid.

ALI-ABA New Directions in Expert Testimony

ALI-ABA Partnerships, LLCs & LLPs

ALI-ABA Patent and Trademark Law and Procedure

ALI-ABA Pension & Welfare Benefits Litigation

ALI-ABA Pension, Profit Sharing

ALI-ABA Post-Mortem Planning & Estate Administration

ALI-ABA Postgraduate Course in Federal Securities Law

ALI-ABA Product Distribution & Marketing

ALI-ABA Products Liability

ALI-ABA Qualified Plans

ALI-ABA Real Estate Defaults

ALI-ABA Real Estate Financing

ALI-ABA Regulation D

ALI-ABA Religion in the Workplace

ALI-ABA Representing Estate & Trust Beneficiaries and Fiduciaries

ALI-ABA Representing Professional & Personal Service Organizations

ALI-ABA Resort Real Estate & Clubs

ALI-ABA Securities Law for Non-Securities Lawyers

ALI-ABA Securities Litigation

ALI-ABA Sophisticated Estate Planning

ALI-ABA Tax Controversy at the IRS & in Court

ALI-ABA Tax Exempt Charitable Organizations

ALI-ABA Tax, Business & Succession Planning

ALI-ABA Taxpayer Relief Act

ALI-ABA The Gaming Industry: Current Legal, Regulatory, & Social Issues

ALI-ABA The Year 2000 (Y2K) Problem

ALI-ABA Toxics Torts & Environmental Matters

ALI-ABA Trademrks,Copyright,Unfair Competition for Gen. Practitioner&Corp Couns.

ALI-ABA Trial Evidence

ALI-ABA Trial of a Patent Case

ALI-ABA Uses of Insurance in Estate and Tax Planning

ALI-ABA Wetlands Law

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