Get to know your friends better!

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Get to know your friends better!

Read the descriptions below. See if you can find someone who matches that description. Ask that person to sign their name in that particular box. Try to be the first person with five signatures in a row to get BINGO. If you have time, it might be fun to see if you can fill in every square.

Someone who has grandparents who came from another country

Someone who is or has a family member who is adopted

Someone who was baptized

Someone who has a first or middle name that is the same as a relative’s

Someone who can speak another language

Someone who has lived in the same house all his or her life.

Someone who lives with more family members than just parents, sisters, and brothers

Someone who has gone to the same church all his or her life

Someone who has a family member who is clergy

Someone who has been to a family reunion

Someone who has relatives living in another country

Someone who was blessed in church as a baby

Someone who was NOT born in the state of ______________

Someone who has moved more than five times

Someone whose mother was a Girl Scout (as a girl)

Someone who sings in a choir at church

Someone who was in Sunday School last week

Someone who is the oldest child in the family

Someone who is the only child in the family

Someone who is called by a nickname

Someone who has been to Vacation Bible School

Someone whose name is found in the Bible

Someone who has earned the God and Me award

Someone who has a pet

Someone who has read a Bible story to a child

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