Gift of Myself

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Gift of Myself” (GOM) Photo Story (100 points) Due Date: ______

(Earn 10 bonus points for turning in your project early!)
Your assignment is to give a “Gift of Myself” (that is, an act of kindness and caring) this holiday season. Your goal is to make “mankind your business” – a lesson Scrooge learned from the three spirits of his past, present, and future. For your gift, you must volunteer at least two hours of your time to your “fellow man.” Your recipient can be basically anyone you feel is deserving of this gift of your time and goodwill, such as a family member, friend, coach, teacher, public servant {policeman, fireman}, veteran or active member of the armed services, homeless person, neighbor, etc.
Your “Gift of Myself” should be unexpected and should cost no or very little money to give or implement. This should NOT be a tradition or regular chore, and you should NOT get paid for your service! Here are some ideas for “gifts” you can give:

  • Planning, preparing, and serving a special meal for your family and then cleaning up afterwards

  • Shoveling snow for a neighbor or doing chores for an elderly person

  • Cleaning out a garage, closet, or car for a family member

  • Volunteering to babysit a relative’s or neighbor’s children (for FREE) while they do holiday shopping

  • Organizing photos into a scrapbook or photo album for a loved one
  • Volunteering at an animal shelter or event/place for the less fortunate (e.g,. homeless shelter)

  • Writing letters or making cards for veterans or members of the armed services

  • Visiting a nursing home and spending time with residents (playing games, singing carols, etc.)

  • Making holiday treats and delivering them to your neighbors

To commemorate your “Gift of Myself” experience, you will create a photo story consisting of at least eight photos in sequential order. The first photo should be a “before/beginning” shot, and the last should be an “after/end” shot. The photos in between should show a sequence of individual activities/events/steps/tasks that happened during the two hours of your volunteer time. Each photo should have a typed description under it (at least three sentences) explaining 1) what is happening and 2) your feelings/reactions at that time. Your photo story can be displayed in a scrapbook/lapbook, or as a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation. Be creative and add lots of color and embellishments (glitter, stickers, bows, tinsel, holiday symbols, etc.) to make your project eye-catching and something to be proud of!

Please turn in the rubric with your completed project; if you don’t, you will lose 10 points.



Name: ____________________________________ Period: _______

  • TITLE: must be prominent and include your name and period (for example, Gift of Myself by John Doe – English 3) = ____ / 4 pts.

  • INTRODUCTION: a typed description of (1) what you did or created for your “Gift of Myself,” (2) your recipient, (3) why you chose this “gift” and recipient, (4) when and where you created/implemented your “gift,” and (5) the approximate amount of time your “gift” took to create/implement = ____ / 10 pts. (2 pts. for each component)

  • PHOTOS: at least eight high-quality color photos of you performing eight different tasks or steps from beginning to end of your “gift” (4 pts. per photo); each photo must be NUMBERED! = ____ @ 4 = ____ / 32 pts.

  • DESCRIPTIONS: a typed detailed description under each photo (at least three sentences telling what you are doing and how you were feeling about it) = ____ @ 3 = ____ / 24 pts.

    : a typed description of (1) your overall reaction to this experience, (2) your recipient’s reaction, (3) the impact this project had on your life and your recipient’s, (4) what you learned from this project, and (5) whether you will voluntarily repeat this project = ____ / 10 pts. (2 pts. for each component)
  • QUALITY: rating based on writing, creativity, neatness, effort, use of color, visual appeal, etc. as follows: 0=poor, 5=fair, 10=good, 15=very good, 20=excellent = ____ / 20 pts.

FINAL GRADE : _____ / 100 pts.

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