Glogster Poetry Analysis Glog Directions: Part One: Glog Creation

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Glogster Poetry Analysis

Glog Directions:
Part One: Glog Creation

  1. to create an account

  2. Choose a template

  3. Play around with the template to get to know and understand how to use glogster—this may take some time. Don’t get discouraged.

  4. Choose what you want poem you would like to do your glog on.

  5. Then choose at least 5 literary devices or analytical components to explain that the poem has. Options may include:

Diction, syntax, imagery, figurative language, symbol, metaphor, rhyme, assonance, alliteration, rhythm, meter, structure, dramatic monologue, hyperbole, personification, simile, metaphor, and allegory.

  1. You are required to cite with a small bibliography (see my example) any all pictures, videos, text, and quotes you use from other sources. Please “use your brain” this should be YOUR creation, do not completely take something from spark notes and copy and paste it as your own ideas.

  2. You will be submitting this assignment on my class website. In the assignment category you will see “submit assignment.” Remember, you will need to save your glog’s URL, or save the page as an HTML so I can view it. If you have trouble with this find a way to print your Glog, or take a screen shot of your glog, or e-mail me the URL. Not being able to do this is not an excuse. If you need assistance or feel you may be confused by this part of the assignment please see me before Friday. Thank you.

Part Two: Rationale

  1. This is a assignment.

  2. Answer the following questions about your Glog:

a.) How did you organize your glog?
b.) When others look at your glog, what should they know/understand about your poem.
c.) How does the creation of your glog connect to your poem?

d.) Did you like this form of an assignment and would you like to see it again in class?
Example Glog:

*This was a glog I created for a college course, it is not on poetry analysis but it has the elements and citations I would like you to include in your own. Please be mindful of how small my citations are, it is not necessary for it to take up your entire glog.

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