Goal: Identify Coins Plan

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Goal: Identify Coins


What- tell what coin is

How- stamp, draw, coin collections, coin/crayon rub, cut out, sort bag of coins, probability game, match fronts and backs, computer game, worksheet, Hap Palmer- coin song, riddles, puzzle coins/complete, compare/contrast, cash register center, message chart, money greeting

Work: partner, alone, whole group, small group

Represent/Reflect: share with class, poster of favorite coin

Accountability: verbal assessment, sharing, puzzles match

1st grade

Goal: Retell a story


What- book, poem, chapter, student writing

How- puppets, story board, flip chart, beach ball (retelling), graphic organizers, poster, timeline, rewrite in own words, act it out, flannel boards, play, use sequencing cards (picture or sentence strips), retelling cards, comic strips

Work: whole group, small group, partner, alone

Represent/Reflect: museum walk, written product, performance

Accountability: self-evaluation rubric, share products, tell story to buddies

2nd grade

Goal: Alphabetize words to the second letter and beyond.


What- list of words, stack of word cards, print source, spelling words, student names, color of markers, clothes line-hang up words in order

How- write a list, act it out, word cards sort, worksheet, names, dictionary, line up, place value chart, use seed packets to alphabetize

Work: small group, partners, alone, whole class activity

Represent/Reflect: museum walk, demonstration, partners, poster, paper

Accountability: peer evaluation, activity sheet

1st grade

Goal: Solving addition equations up to 10.


What- story problems, books, songs, triangle flash cards

How- 3 games from Math Their Way (Hand Game, Peek through the wall, Bowl), Write story problems, Read it/draw it/solve it, Practice in line-waiting, Bingo, Play baseball, Picture stories, Quizmo, Finger partners, Whiteboard, Manipulatives, Act it out, Dice, Dominoes, Flash cards, Foam dice, Finger puppets, Counters, Food, Games, Balance scale, Flannel board, Magnet board

Work: small group, whole group, partner, alone, reading buddies

Represent/Reflect: museum walk, performance, math talk, display, math journal

Accountability: oral explanation, written assessment, math journal

Second Grade

Goal: Count coins to $1.00


What: real coins, books, songs, plastic coins, flash cards

How: Hap Palmer coin song, coin probability game, coin rubs (crayon/paper), sort by coin/practice strategies, play store, counting on in a group game, allowance game (board game), catalog/show coins needed, cash register, computer, touch money, match coins to amounts, story problems/cards, message chart, money greeting, make a coin book counting with stamps, money bingo

Work: small group, partner, alone, reading buddies, whole group

Represent/reflect: museum walk, partners, purchased items for $ 1.00

Accountability: helper report, assessment, computer game


Goal: Letter Recognition


What: letters of the alphabet

How: playdough stampers, wikki-stix, koolaid/wet finger, pool noodles, make ABC book-individual whole class, raised letters/glue outline, puzzles, alphabet beads, stamps, magnetic letters, land/rice shaving cream, lacing cards, tracer/stencils, ABC lotto, fishing game, books, gross motor, forming letters w/bodies, songs, alphabet block, chalkboard/white boards, playdough, match upper/lower, match like letters, trace in air/on hand, use body to make letter, make letters with wooden pieces (Handwriting without Tears), wet sponges/wet brushes on playground, unifex cubes, chalk on playground

Work: small group, partner, alone, reading buddies, whole group, with an adult

Represent/reflect: museum walk, partners, poster of favorite letter, verbal, show and tell, find

Accountability: observation, assessment, anecdotal information

First Grade

Goal: Story Elements


What: fairy tale, book, paragraph, poem

How: graphic organizer, foldables, songs, story retelling puzzles, story map, puppets, diorama, poster, ballgame, train, role play, illustrate, costumes, make a book about the story, class story, flip chart, Jeopardy game, write a story with elements

Work: small group, partner, alone, reading buddies

Represent/reflect: whole group, share, perform, show illustration

Accountability: share, poster, bookmark, rubric write short sentence about an element

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