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TO: Rafael

FROM: Ralph

DATE: February 14, 2008

RE: Full Page Ad Copy for Epoch 5
Costa Pianos
Primary Target Keyword Phrase: "pianos Long Island"

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Expected Process

  1. Didi will do a draft version of web page

  2. Rafael will get feedback from client.

  3. Ralph will then write metatags for the page

  4. Ralph will complete essays with cross links on other pages on citidexli.com (including blog).

I strongly suggest that you get them to identify a clear call to action and specify contact information. Note that I included a highlight from the client’s replies to my questions. This highlighted element can be used as part of a call to action.
-------Full Page Copy Follows-------
[Main Body]
[H1 tag] Looking to buy or rent pianos on Long Island?
You have found the premier Long Island piano dealer Long Island

Costa Pianos {link to their home page} offers a complete range of pianos for beginners to the most seasoned professionals. We take pride in our vast selection of pianos but above all we take pride in serving our customers. At Costa Piano Shoppes you will find a piano dealer that takes time and takes care to find a piano that best matches your needs, interests, musical talent, and hopes and dreams!

Page 2 Costa Pianos Full Page Ad
Our piano brands (new and pre-owned pianos) include: {hyperlink these to jump to specific product links below – save space by creating 2 columns of bullets}

[Special note to Rafael- Ask client to order these by popularity]

  1. Mason & Hamilin

  2. Charles R Walter

  3. Steinway,

  4. Schimmel

  5. Vogel

  6. Falcone

  7. Sohmer

  8. Steinway

  9. George Steck and Hardman

  10. Heinzman

  11. Young Chang

  12. Yamaha, Kawai

  13. Pearl River

  14. Story & Clark

For over seventeen years we have sold or rented the best quality pianos at the best prices. Our clientele includes individuals, families, businesses (hotels, catering halls, resorts, vineyards on Long Island) and to community organizations (schools and churches) in the New York City metro area. Our owner, Michael Costa, is a piano builder who personally trains our sales staff to provide the highest level of customer service.

Our piano sales staff {hyperlinks below} are musicians who know how to advise you to find a musical instrument that fits your needs. Costa Pianos product specialists are happy to take apart an instrument and demonstrate how a piano works from the inside out. This makes a visit to our store a fun and educational experience.


[Right Sidebar] – {Save this for Call to Action}

{Set hyperlinks to section below for each of the following bullets}

  1. Qualified Sales Staff

  2. Special Services

  3. Selected Client List


Page 3 Costa Pianos Full Page Ad
[H2 tag] A Long Island Piano Dealer Bringing You World Renowned Brands
Costa Pianos carries a variety of American and European piano lines. These include a custom piano line from an American company and handmade piano brands, imported from Germany, Italy, and Poland. To round out the options we also offer Japanese, Korean, and Chinese piano brands that are mass produced. We carry a wide range of contemporary digital pianos as well as vintage pianos and antique pianos. In addition to new models we offer fully restored and refurnished pre-owned pianos.

Our Featured Piano brands:
- Schimmel Pianos {insert graphic from website}

These high performance pianos, hand crafted and based in the latest computer-aided design techniques, are a favorite choice for professional pianists. Schimmel Pianos is the premier German piano manufacturer. The company is known for its fine cabinetry and the "PEGASUS”. Their pianos offer full custom made Renner actions.

- Vogel Pianos {insert graphic from website}

Vogel is a recent addition to the Schimmel line. These are competitive in price and maintain fine craftsmanship and unique cabinetry.
- Charles R. Walter {insert graphic from website}

These handmade pianos from an American manufacturer use solid wood construction. Some piano models have an option for custom cabinets and Renner actions. The Walter design and engineering is outstanding. They are able to achieve string lengths and professional sound quality of a grand piano in their unique upright piano construction.
- Sohmer & Co. {insert graphic from website}

This is a well known American piano manufacturer. Hugo Sohmer founded the company in New York in 1872. He built the first baby grand piano. We carry several of their current grand piano and vertical piano models. Their piano cabinets come in traditional finishes and contemporary styles.
- Falcone {insert graphic from website}

The Falcone pianos are named after their creator, Santi Falcone. He created a line of pianos that would be high quality but produced for price that many people could afford. have a distinctive cabinet and leg design. In 2001 the Falcone Piano Company became part of the American Sejung Corporation. We carry the limited edition Georgian Series, offers European design and unique features including select African woods.

spruce wood from the Valda De Femme forest in Italy used in their soundboard to enhance the harmonics and responsiveness of each piano.

Page 4 Costa Pianos Full Page Ad

- Schulze Pollmann {insert graphic from website}

The Schulze Pollmann Piano Company is a premiere Italian piano company. Known for their handmade cabinetry, each piano is a true work of art. They select top of the line
- Young & Chang {insert graphic from website}

Young & Chang, established in 1956, developed an outstanding line of pianos at an affordable price. Their factories in Korea and China have consistently turned out pianos at an affordable price for almost any shopper. Their pianos have won awards around the world.
- Heintzman and Company {insert graphic from website}

This Canadian manufacturer has a reputation for innovation. Recent production by Beijing Heintzman Co. Ltd use original drawings, designs, and equipment of the Canadian Heintzman Piano Factory. They incorporate a high quality of the Canadian Bolduc Spruce soundboard. Our customers welcome this cost effective and top quality option.
[H2 tag] Costa Pianos Qualified Sales Staff
Our sales staff has sold pianos for over 30 years. They have experience rebuilding pianos for over 25 years. They are all musicians and able to assess your level of playing ability. We can put you with the teacher that will help to further your musical education and make it enjoyable as well. We provide these services for the following instruments: piano, keyboard, guitar, sax and flute. Please call for appointment at 1-888-PianoEd

{The following sections still need to be added along with the types of pianos for specific brands}
[H2 tag] Special Services
[H2 tag] Selected Client List
[H2 tag] Piano brands and Types of Pianos Sold and Rented

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