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Lesson Plan

June Week 4

God Cares For Me

God cares about you.” 1 Peter 5:7

This month you will help each child:

  • associate God with the loving care experienced at church;

  • show interest in conversation and songs about God’s care.

VISION MEETING (9 AM). Please join us in the k-1 room

ACTIVITY TIME (Refer to the posters on the wall to remember the song, rhyme and Look at Me story; also the picture poster that goes with the verse for the day.)

  • Bubbles: Give children an opportunity to blow bubbles. Talk about bubbles in the bath and how God cares for them when they take a bath.

  • Water Play: Talk with children about what they take in the bath with them. Again be sure to tell them that God loves them when they take a bath!

  • I Love To Look Picture: (do one on one or with a group of 2 or 3 children) Show the picture and read the brief story. If they are remain interested, use Picture Talk Suggestions on back of picture. Have a plastic flower or two for the child to hold while you read the story and talk. Tell the child, “God cares for flowers, He gave them rain and sunshine to help them grow. God cares for you too! God gave you people who love you and take care of you!”
  • Color Page:

GROUP TIME Offer thanks to God, encouraging the children to pray also. Have the helpers pass out the Magic Soap, animal crackers and water.

  • Open in Prayer: Thank God for your snack and for the children to have listening ears as you read the story.

  • Story Book: Read the story God Cares For You.

  • Discuss: What is your favorite food? What is your favorite toy at church? At home?

Who loves to splash in the tub? Do you have a favorite toy or blanket you like to sleep

with? Who loves to run and crawl around at the park?

Whenever a child answers a question respond by saying, “God cares for you when you__________!”

  • Close in prayer: Let’s tell God thank you for caring for us. Pray.

  • Music: Sing “I’m So Glad” and do God cares for Me fingerplay and another favorite song. Wave ribbons, play musical chairs, have a parade, etc. Make joyful noises and dance before the Lord!

  • Application Activity: Have each child take a turn picking a part of the baby doll to wash.

DISMISSAL While waiting for parents, have puzzles and books for the children to read. Verify the child’s nametag number matches the parent’s security card number. Collect and clip together the nametag and the security card. Send home a coloring page.


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