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Golden Horseshoe

50th Anniversary Special Edition
2015 — Issue Three



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Golden Horseshoe Special Edition


4 Chairman‟s Message

6 The South East Group take on the Golden Horseshoe

14 Vet Writer Duties

16 Susan Hawes‟ Golden Horseshoe 19 Tilford Titbits

22 My Golden Horseshoe Experience 35 Southdown Statistical Snippets 40 Golden Horseshoe Exmoor Stag Class

44 Vet Steward Duties

46 Our „Exmoor Experience‟ 80km over 2 days

53 Golden Horseshoe-Dream to Reality 57 Vet Gate Steward Duties

63 Editorial


12 Inter-Regional South East Team Needs YOU!


18 Rosemary Attfield, Level 3 Coach.

42 Performance Equestrian

61 On the Hoof Distance Training 64 Cliffe Equine Veterinary Practice

Ride Reports

10 South Downs EGB Ride 13 South Downs Helpers

30 Tillingham Valley Pleasure Ride 37 Berkshire Downs EGB Ride
Ride Notices

29 Ashdown Forest EGB Ride 31 Ride List 2015

52 Friston Forest Pleasure Ride 56 Firle Pleasure Ride

60 Devils Dyke EGB Ride

Forthcoming Events 39 Pub Nights


62 Newsletter Subscription Form


Well, we are around half way through the season and many of our members have had a fantastic year so far. The South East members did well at the Golden Horseshoe Ride. Huge congratulations to Sally Toye and Mia on getting a bronze in the Stag 120km two day class, Susan Hawes on Remynisce for winning the three day 120km with a Gold and Trilby Herriott for securing a silver award with Red House Shamil. Gail Jupp got gold in the two day 80km class and Carol Portlock with Kilbeg Flash, Linda Herriott with Zahkira and Rebecca Northover on Kal Baishakhi all managed medals in the one day 40km class. And at Berkshire Downs, congratulations to Katie Bedwin and Burfield Goody Two Shoes on winning the Worshipful Company of Saddlers‟ award for the best young rider in the 80km GER class.

Many thanks to our ride organisers for their hard work putting on the recent South East National rides. Kate Curry for Berkshire Downs, Liz Walton for Primrose and I ran Hornshill. Our thanks also go to those who ran training rides. The beautiful new ride at Tillingham Valley was organised by first time ride organisers Leonie Wheeler and Sandy Ralph, Church Farm, Coombes organised by Julia Watts and Plumpton organised by Jane Cook. Thank you to all the many ride volunteers as well as it takes an army of helpers to run these rides and without them these rides would not take place.

We still have two more National rides at Ashdown Forest and Devils Dyke along with a couple more training rides. The Inter Regional team competition is held this year at Cranwich in Norfolk on the 15th and 16th August. We won this last year and hope to do well again. To have a full

team we require twelve team members. Two for the 80km CER, two for the 65km GER, two for the two day 42km x 42km GER, all on the Saturday and Sunday two for the 42km novice GER, and one novice and one open/ advance for the 33km GER class and two wild cards for any class. Most of the places have been allocated but we still need riders for the 65km class and possibly the two day class, along with wild cards for any of the classes. Please do get in touch with me if you are interested. No pressure and plenty of help for you and FUN.

If your season has not been so successful and especially if you feel you are struggling with any element of competing at rides, the South East Committee is here to help. Whether you are having issues with the vetting, failing brakes out on the ride, or problems loading to go home, please do not hesitate to contact any of the committee members. The details are at the front inside cover of this newsletter. Don‟t struggle alone, the endurance family are renowned for helping each other

out and offering a friendly ear.

I hope you all continue to have a successful and enjoyable season and you have all done your 2 helps so that you can come to our BAM bash and be in contention for the many of the South East Group awards, prizes and distance rosettes. Following the recent survey in the BAM we have found a new location at Tilgate Golf

Club for a delicious home-made 2 course dinner, speaker and the annual awards.

The South East Group take on

The Golden Horseshoe By Trilby Herriott

Nine members from the South East Group made the long

journey to this iconic ride. 2015 was its Golden Anniversary and the last one to be held in its present form.
In 1965 The British Horse Society ran its first Golden Horseshoe Ride on Exmoor, promoted by author Ronald Duncan and Col. Mike Ansell, and sponsored by the Sunday Telegraph. The idea was so popular that organisers had to close entries a month early, having reached the limit of 110 entrants.
The route was linear, starting at Malmsmead, and finishing at Mr Duncan’s home in Welcombe, Devon.
There were no markers, and riders had to find their own way, including navigating across ‘The Chains’ with the help of several local people riding Exmoor ponies.

There was also no minimum speed and one couple were seen to have their own chauffeured car following them on the roads, enabling them to stop for a picnic on the way.

At the finish, Glenda Spooner and John Oaksey were waiting to check the horses to ensure that they were in good condition, and all who completed at 6mph or above received a gold- painted horseshoe.

The Golden Horseshoe Ride was born, and organisers and participants agreed that it was a really good test of a horse’s fitness, and rider’s horsemanship.
Originally, the event moved to a different location each year,

including Brighton and Yorkshire, until 1974 when it returned to Exmoor permanently, and became based in Exford.

The ride became more ‘organised’ with routes being marked. Rules also became more stringent, with speeds of 12kph or above required to achieve a Gold award and The Golden Horse Shoe becoming 100 miles long over two days. Vetting procedures also advanced to ensure that the horses were protected from abuse.
Today we have seven competitive classes to choose from, and the ride is a far cry from that first 50 mile competition. In 1965 there were also no vets, no RAYNET communications, no St John Ambulance on standby, no mobile phones and certainly none of the amenities that are now taken for granted at any Endurance Ride.
The riders on that first Golden Horseshoe Ride were true pioneers in our sport.

SOUTH EAST GROUP COMPETITORS-read more about their Golden Horseshoe Experiences throughout this newsletter.
The Exmoor Stag – 2 Day 120km – 80 + 40

Sally Toye on Emira Bint Letifa – Achieving Bronze

The Exmoor Extra – 3 Day 120km – 40 + 40 + 40 Susan Hawes on Remynisce – Achieving Gold and winning the Ferhanoush Shield

Trilby Herriott on Red House Shamil – Achieving Silver The Exmoor Experience – 2 Day 80km – 40 + 40 Gail Jupp on WLA Elektra – Achieving Gold

Miranda Kavanagh on Derry Spirit – Achieved Silver pace over both days, vetted out at end.

Leonie Wheeler on Archer – Achieved silver pace on first day but retired on course second day having lost a shoe.

The Exmoor 40 – 1 Day 40km

Linda Herriott on Zahkira – Achieving Silver

Rebecca Northover on Kal Baishakhi – Achieving Bronze

Exmoor Novice 40 - 1 Day 40km

Carole Portlock on Kilbeg Flash – Achieving Gold

The Horse

by Ronald Duncan

Co organiser of the First Golden Horseshoe Ride

Where in this wide world can man find nobility without pride,

friendship without envy, or beauty without vanity?

Here where grace is laced with muscle and strength by gentleness confined.

He serves without servility; he has fought without enmity.

There is nothing so powerful, nothing less violent; there is nothing so quick, nothing more patient.

England’s past has been borne on his back.

All our history is in his industry.

We are his heirs; He is our inheritance.
Ronald Duncan

© (Copyright of) the Ronald Duncan Literary Foundation

South Downs EGB Ride 2015- Janice Ranger, Ride Organiser

Hi again, same old, same old, organisers again this year ... when are we likely to see a change and new people coming forward to take on the role? Honestly, I can tell you it‟s not such an onerous task – just forward planning and a bit of time (which none of us have I know but can make!) Have a think

about it.

John and I have carried on from Rosemary Attfield in running this ride which has now been 5 years. With the very friendly farmer we have to work with, it‟s a doddle.The only possible hitches are organising the weather and getting riders to enter


Luckily these last few years every ride has gone ahead without cancellation – but while conditions have been dry we have not been able to produce sunshine all the way.

The ride however has become more popular – initially we had a big job persuading riders to take to the Downs. Comments were - too stoney – too many hills – all those gates - but it was always a`god given ride` and an excellent `warm up` before Exmoor. The ride is prosperous for EGB, as costs are kept low

by having easy local access and good helpers all round.

An idea: the ride could easily be expanded to another 50 riders or more, but early entry is essential for planning Vets etc.

This year the weather was dry in the follow up, so access to the field was good, however on the day it became excellent riding weather for the horses keeping cool, but the wind picked up and blasted the venue and the tops of the hills. It was freezing...!

All the riders came back smiling regardless and loved the going. From the results which were calculated by Shelley Bates – we had a 93% completion rate with 100% completion

for classes 8 – 46% achieving grade ones. Only 2 failed initial vetting (not related to lameness) and one retired on course (injury but patched up). Of the Pleasure riders 3 failed on lameness. What a result! (Full results of each class are available on the National EGB website) Thank you to Shelley for her interesting resume.

Thank you to all riders and helpers for their support – without you `no ride`.

One note I would add is Riders: please take responsibility for anything you find on the day which could be dealt with. At the Venue we cannot always see or guess where things are going awry. Let us know on the day if things are not as expected-for example, the first gate out of the venue should have been tied open. If you notice something amiss, inform the next checkpoint, who can check with the organisers back at the venue. Some riders regularly report back with information and helpful comments- a special thank you to Katie and Sally for your input into EGB rides. Sometimes we cannot do anything but most problems we can fix on the day. Think about it when riding next time and keep your eyes open. There are plenty of riders behind you who would benefit from your action-it could be you benefitting next time, so take the time

to pass on information.

On the whole we will do it again because of the love of Endurance riding. John and I have been involved for 23 years, have travelled far and wide to rides and met the most amazing people on route. The friendliest sport where support is on hand for everyone to make and achieve their own goals. Make the most of every day and most of all enjoy.

Thank you all from John and me, Janice.

The South East Group (EGB) needs you for the Inter Regional Championship Team!

15th/16th August 2015, Cranwich EGB Ride, Norfolk. The South East Team won the Inter-Regional Competition last year, and therefore we need you to help us win it again!

Everyone has a great weekend, making new friends and really feeling part of the Team, with help from the Team Manager Rosemary Attfield and other volunteers. The emphasis is on having fun, learning about your horses, and having the sup- port of and learning about being part of, a team.

So please email Rosemary giving your name, horses name and an idea of the distance you would like to enter. And also, your results from 2014 (if any, as there are classes for Novice horse and rider!) and any results from 2015, plus proposed ride entries up to August 2015. Rosemary will then select the best twelve members to be part of the team.

The classes are as follows:-

Saturday 15th August.

2 members to do 81km CER class 4 2 members to do 65km GER class 6

2 members to do a Two Day 42km GER class 10 Sunday 16th August

1 rider & horse (open/advanced) to do 42km GER class 34

1 rider (open/advanced) riding a novice horse to do 42km GER (Novice) class 34

1 rider (open/advanced) riding a novice horse to do 33km GER (Novice) class 37

1 rider and horse (both novice) to do 33km GER (Novice) class 37 Then we are allowed to wild card doing any of these classes. The higher mileage will get more bonus marks.

What are you waiting for? Give yourself a challenge this year and join the team!


Janice Ranger Ride Organiser

John Ranger Ride Organiser/H&S Officer Rosemary Attfield Entry Secretary

Karen Whittington Vet Steward Shelley Bates Technical Steward

Angela Hyam TS Assistant

Runner Carol Pearce

Carol Mclean Ride Secretary

Kate Curry Asst. Sec Rosemary Attfield Timekeeper/Start Jessica Start/Asst

Julie Card CP 1

Julie Cundy/Robin CP 1

Lorraine Brown CP 2

Gillian Mann CP 2

Sharon CP 3

Sarah Chapman CP 3

Maggie Pattinson CP 4

Hilary Major CP 4

Hilary Weaver CP 5

Sue Armitage CP 5

Michelle Elderton CP 6

Vol CP6/Site

Melanie Bailey/am Vet Writer Stephanie Needham Vet Writer Lorraine Sherin Vet Writer

Gavin Turner Medic

Tom Farrier

Tom Mcginley Vet

Claire Heath Vet

Andrea Kashani Vet

Stewart Food Van

LRG Photography Photos

Come prepared for the weather as you will be standing outside for a long time. You will be fed and watered but it is a good idea to bring your own provisions too as it’s a long day - plus a folding chair is a godsend.

Please arrive in good time for the first vetting of the day and expect to stay until the very last horse has been vetted. You will be introduced to your vet - you will be having a very long day together, so start it well!
A vet sheet with everything explained about filling it in will be shown to you when you arrive.
It is VERY important that you check that the riders’ bib number matches the number on the vet sheet and that the horse matches the brief description on the vet sheet ie 15.1 chestnut gelding. As a horse approaches you check these details against the vet sheet and inform the vet what type of ride and distance the horse is doing and which vetting it is (first, vet hold, last).

Pleasure Riders’ horses do not need to have their heart rates taken, they just do a trot up. So when a pleasure rider comes to you advise the vet of this. If, at the finish, the rider requests it and there is no queue of horses waiting, the vet may take the heart rate.

It is acceptable for a horse who is obviously excited at the initial vetting to have an elevated heart rate and an experienced vet will discount this for what it is - pure excitement. However, a horse behaving in a manner likely to cause injury is a different matter and you need to intervene and find the vet steward. Don’t be afraid to step in and interfere - it is preferable to a person or another horse getting injured.
Some riders will try and tell the vet what they can and can’t do and an inexperienced vet may back off - this is also a matter for the technical steward. In the vetting area the vets are in charge and NOT the riders.

At vet gates it is sometimes acceptable, but increasingly less so (depending on the technical steward - check at the beginning of the day) to take the heart rate over less than a minute. BUT, at the finish it MUST be taken over a full minute - you may need to remind your vet of this.

You will see many trot ups during the day. If a rider is struggling to run with their horse it is helpful for you to offer to do so - if you are able and if they don’t have any crew to help out. If a horse will not trot consistently in a straight line for the allocated distance, after three attempts the vet is permitted to state that he or she is unable to judge its soundness and it may be eliminated.

If your vet is in doubt about a horse’s action, he or she is advised to consult with the other vets there. This may be an informal ‘please could you just have a look at this trot up as I’m undecided’ or it could be the more formal ‘Three Card Trick’. Whereby, without consulting they write ‘pass’ or ‘fail’ on a slip of paper and pass it to the Vet Steward. If there is only one other vet, the farrier or the technical steward can be called upon to make up the triumvirate.
Be warned - some riders take it very badly when their horse has been failed and can become rude and difficult. Please do not tolerate this - vets are hard enough to recruit as it is - report it to the vet steward.
Remember - although you may be itching to make a comment about a horse’s action or soundness - you are there to write and not give your opinions in front of the rider - that is the vet’s job and theirs alone.
At the end of the day, please stay for a few extra moments to help clear up and put things away - we know you have had a long day on your feet, but the ride organisers day has been even longer and harder - so give them all the help you can. Don’t forget to get your trophy card signed before going home.
Thank you for volunteering to do this demanding job and helping with our ride - its hugely appreciated by both the riders and organisers alike

EGB SE would like to thank the Iceni Group for allowing us to use their fact sheets as a basis for our own.

Susan Hawes’ Golden Horseshoe

My first successful attempt at the Golden Horseshoe ride was in 1992 when I obtained a silver award in the 80km class riding my first endurance horse - Gretton Lady. Over the succeeding years, I have been awarded several gold awards riding riding Maverick (Dahlih) but had not attempted the longer classes as they are very tough for both horse and rider.

When it was announced that 2015 was likely to be the last year that the Golden Horseshoe ride was to be run on Exmoor, I resolved to try a longer distance. Remynisce was duly entered in the 120km over 3 days class as it is only his second season of endurance and 120km over 2 days might have been too much to expect him to do.
We decided to stay at the Crown Hotel in Exford as it is an old coaching inn with really good stabling. I knew from past years that the Crown gets booked very quickly so I made the reservation in January to be sure of getting a place there.

Imagine my surprise ,when arriving at the Crown in May, to find that we were the only people who had booked stabling

there! In fact, the hotel staff had had to clear out a stable especially for Rem as all the stables were being used for storage of old equipment as they don't have very many equine visitors anymore. Nevertheless, the hotel staff made a big fuss of Rem and he was supplied with many chopped carrots during his stay! We were looked after very well too and I would definitely recommend the Crown as being a good place to stay on Exmoor

  • with or without a horse.

Rem belongs to Anne Brown of the Gadebrook Stud. Anne bred Rem especially for endurance as he is by the Tevis Cup champion Remington Steele. He is fast and rather highly strung. He is particularly noise sensitive and his pulse shoots up in response to loud noises such as loudspeakers and car alarms! I

was worried he would find the Horseshoe just too exciting. However, Jo Woodman my vet suggested using a hood and ear plugs to deaden the sound and the technique worked really well

  • although he does look a bit like Zorro in the photos!

Rem really seemed to enjoy Exmoor. I had difficulty holding him back on Day 1 as he was very keen. He settled on Day 2 and I was able to give him his head a bit more. By Day 3 he was completely relaxed and simply flew round. He completed all 3 days at Gold speed and with no pulse penalties. We were thrilled to bits with him. It was especially pleasing to be awarded a shield for "the horse that in the vets' opinion was most capable of doing another 40km".

It was confirmed at the prize giving that the ride organiser is retiring and the ride will not run next year. This is very sad but I am glad that the whole South East Group contingent who were at the ride did so well and went out on a high note!

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