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GOONJ.. a voice an effort

Initiated 7 years ago, GOONJ.. is a strong force of over 300 volunteers. Our goal is to highlight the importance of cloth as basic need like food and shelter. For most of India, one doesn’t need to wait for a disaster to support people. GOONJ.. works through the year to channelise this resource from the cities to the far-flung areas. Started with just 67 clothes we now provide over 10,000 kgs of material every month in 14 states of India. Many other countries have also shown interest in implementing our programmes.
Our Initiatives..
 ‘ VASTRA-DAAN ’- a nationwide movement..

A unique resource mobilisation initiative to provide clothes and other basic amenities to millions of people in the far-flung areas just by turning one’s wastage into a resource for another. Vastradaan channelises vital resources lying in excess in urban households to rural India. The effort goes beyond the realm of ‘charity’ and plays a crucial role in the development process.

 ‘SCHOOL to SCHOOL’–Winner of the Ashoka Changemakers Innovation Award

supports thousands of deprived children of rural & slum schools by turning wastage from urban schools into a resource. The focus is on sensitizing urban students and their parents to the needs of their counterparts in the remote villages. Material like old books, uniform, shoes, school bags, etc is being channelised to benefit over 30000 children this year itself.

 ‘ RAHAT ‘ - an initiative for disaster relief

GOONJ.. is now known for its need based collection and systemetic distribution of relief material during disasters, be it natural or man made.

 ‘ NOT JUST A PIECE OF CLOTH ‘ - the very basic of health

Every women needs a piece of cloth or a sanitary napkin for five days in a month. Countless women in the villages end up using dirty and useless clothes in the absence of resources to afford anything better. We even have cases where a woman used a piece of blouse, which had a hook and she died of tetanus. GOONJ.. is campaigning to generate awareness and find solutions for this most neglected basic need of women by offering a clean piece of cloth.


after any such disaster of re-routing huge quantities of excess material . GOONJ.. has taken

up the massive task of need based segregation, mending and redistribution of over 2 million clothes. Lying as wastge in Chennai, this is now going to the most needy across the country.
 ‘ CLOTH FOR WORK ‘- turning old clothes into wages

Villagers work for the betterment of their own village- build roads, repair schools and get clothes in return… means clothes not as charity but as development resource.


  • By buying- our hand made products developed out of recycled/ waste paper & cloth.

  • By financially supporting- different aspects of our initiatives.

  • By spreading awareness- among more people across India & the world.

  • By donating- clothes, woolens, foot wear, bed sheets, blankets, utensils, toys, school items, story books, newspapers, one side used paper, magazines and cash donations..

  • By providing – office equipments like computer, printer, fax etc.
  • A support of Rs. 5000/- (approx. $ 125) from you would provide sitting mats and note books to 150 needy children OR Rs.3500/- (approx. $ 85) would provide sitting mats and notebooks to 100 needy children of a remote village school.

For stories of change & to know the impact: - please visit-
Cont.-GOONJ.. J-93, sarita vihar, New Delhi- 76 Tel.- 98681-46978 (m), 011-26972351


  • * GOONJ.. is registered under societies act & all donations are exempted u/s 80 G of IT act

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