Grade Lesson Plans Week of September 30

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5th Grade Lesson Plans Week of September 30th





Review adding and subtracting positive and negative numbers
(Add missed to foldable)
Go over worksheet from Friday
Applying the same rules, students will solve 2 digit problems.

Read Aloud: The Great Wheels Race
APK: Brainstorm wheeled transportation
Focus: Story Structure/Summarize
Vocabulary: Frequently misspelled words and student choice
workbook pages 80, 81, 82
Activity: Writing Headlines

Words with –ed, -ing, -er and –est

Introduction Workbook page
Introduce www/


Review for Test – hand out study guide for students to complete if they wish.
Activity: Integer War

Story: La Bamba
Focus: Story Structure
Vocabulary: talent, applause, fortunately, rehearsal, debut, pharmacist

Discuss: limelight, pantomime, forty-five record

Assignment: begin page 84 ,page 86-87 A Class Act

Spelling BINGO

Workbook page


Math test over:
Positive and Negative Numbers

2 by 2 multiplication

Equations/Word Problems with equations

Story: La Bamba pages 170-175
Vocabulary: embarrassed, duo, maneuvered
Discuss: ado
Activity/Assignment: workbook page 83, 84
Time Allowing: Page 88

Spelling BINGO


Lesson 12 page 52

Vocabulary: Line, Line segment, Point, Ray, Perpendicular, Intersecting Lines

Assignment: Worksheet

Story: The River

Activity: Read Aloud two chapters, partner read the next

Assignment: Comprehension check
page 89-90 workbook pages.

Spelling Test


Social Studies


Prefix/Suffix: De-
Discuss and brainstorm words that apply
Mayan Writing

Finish Lesson 3:Mayan Civilization

Activity: Compare and Contrast Maya, Incas, and Aztec

APK: Go over vocabulary flashcards made for Chapter 4
Lesson 1 What Makes up an Ecosystem page 110

Prefix/Suffix: De-
Sort and front side of worksheet
Share Mayan Writing

Chapter 1 Review

Assignment: page 72
Vocabulary, Terms and Places, Facts and Main Idea

Work on Homecoming Posters

Computers: 2:25pm

Prefix/Suffix: De-
Using De- words in writing
Scholastic Scrambler Write

Finish Homecoming Posters

Lesson 2
Producers, Consumers, Decomposers Sort
Food Web Activity with Yarn

Prefix/Suffix: De- Mini Quiz
Reflect on Homecoming Week

Movie: 17 minutes long: Hernan Cortes

Lesson 3 pages 123-128


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