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February 15, 2015

Haggin Grant Post 521, American Legion
The Grandes Cheminots Meeting was called to order at 0905 by Grand Chef de Gare Gary B Leach. Colors were advanced by the Grand Color Guard from Alameda Voiture 257. Grand Conducteur Steve Villegas led the Pledge to our Colors. Grand Aumonier South Danielle Duffaut draped the Altar Cloth Grand Aumonier North Michael Hughes gave the Opening Prayer. Grand Chef de Train Frank Campo draped the POW banner.
Roll Call of Officers by Grand Correspondant Joe Donovan: Grand Cheminot District 3 Frank Capone and Grand Cheminot District 5 Oliver Taylor both excused. Sous Cheminot’s standing in. Aide de Camp 1 4 Ralph Duncan was not present.
DISTINGUISHED GUEST: Cheminot Nationale Howard Darter introduced Chef de Chemin de Fer Michael Wood and visiting from the Grand du WA Grand Chef Bob Kadow and Sous Chef Nationale Passe John Clapp. Guest Chair South Carl E Asher Jr introduced National Officers/Directeurs: Sous Avocat John B Bartos, Time & Place Committee Robert S Mattson, Sous Directeur Child Welfare Joe Donovan, Sous Directeur Loco & Box Car Dennis Matarrese, Sous Directeur Special Awards (City) himself Carl E Asher Jr, Sous Directeur VAVS Victor Kestner, Cheminot Nationale Howard L Darter, Alternate Cheminot Nationale Gary Wright. Also appointed but not present was Sous Directeur Carville Star Gordon Foley. Past Grand Chef’s present were John M Lea, Robert S Mattson, himself, Ronald A Galvan, Joseph R Donovan, Peter Duncan, and Howard L Darter.
MINUTES from the Grandes Cheminots Meeting October 19, 2014 were approved as read.

APPOINTMENTS: Sous Directeur Child Welfare Dr George Curtis V-104 and Time & Place Committee William J Reed V-104. Resolutions Committee: Charles Camarato, Ken Newman, and Art Castro. Motion to approve Joe Donovan, 2nd Dan Crow, CARRIED

CORRESPONDENCE: Memorial Day Committee Grand du VA @ Arlington Cemetery seeking sponsors, (hat was passed seeking donations as Boosters) Ltr from Correspondant Jim VonBima Marin Voiture 1112 surrendering their Charter (all members have transferred to Santa Rosa Voiture 338), Endorsement Brochure from Grand du WI for Don Emley Candidate for Chef de Chemin de Fer. Great Western deferred to our guests from Grand du WA
Grand Chef de Gare du WA Bob Kadow announced the upcoming Great Western Promenade to be held in conjunction with the Grand Cheminot on April 10 – 12, 2015 at the Red Lion in Vancouver WA. Flyers are available from Grand Correspondant Joe Donovan
GRAND CHEF de GARE 431 hrs, 7735 miles, donated expenses $6023.00. He and Avocat Bob Mattson Formally Wrecked and initiated the officers from the now re-instated Lassen Voiture 799. He attended an Active wreck at San Thomas and a Formal Wreck at Palomar. He attended Nurses Scholarship Awards at Stanislaus, and Sonoma, and Christmas Banquets at Sacramento and Placer. He and Avocat Bob visited the CA Railroad Museum in Sacramento to research possible relocation of the Merci Box Car. No decision yet. He attended Cheminots in District 1 in both Fortuna and Petaluma and in District 5 in Brawley. Detailed report was submitted.
GRAND CHEF de TRAIN Frank B Campo: 2690 hrs, 16,880 miles, donated expenses $820.00, value $22,710. Everyone needs to do a better job in reporting! He has sent a personal letter to all Locale chef’s & Correspondants urging support for our Membership program.

GRAND CONDUCTEUR Steve Villegas: 200 hrs, 2910 miles, donated expenses $625, value $3080.00 Donations & Fines $75.00, Ways & Means Raffle $220.00, 50/50 Raffle $102.00. Eighteen Voitures Locale have NOT contributed to the Grande Ways & Means project this year.

GRAND CHEMINOT DISTRICT 1 Will Williams 4 of 6 reporting, no Reports/Audits from V-358 or 1203. 15,386 hrs, 53,742 mi, Donations $1493 value $105,094 / 132 mbrs = $796 per cap, 1 Voiture at Goal! REPORTING FORMAT GREAT!
GRAND CHEMINOT DISTRICT 2 Ron Parshall: 4 of 5 reporting, 18,300 hrs, 61,652 mi, donations $850, value $102,570 / 174 mbrs = $589 per cap Four of Five Locales have donated to Grand Ways & Means. REPORTING FORMAT GREAT!
GRAND CHEMINOT DISTRICT 3 Sous Mildred Wright-Pearson; 6941 hrs, 29474 mi, donations $19,468, value 57,740 / 143 mbrs = $404 per cap. Great Reporting !
GRAND CHEMINOT DISTRICT 4 Daniel W Crow: UNK reporting, 5 of 6 Audits; 10,635 hrs, 140,384 mi, Donations 3727 value $289,565 / 188 mbrs = $1540 per cap INCOMPLETE, but format correct
GRAND CHEMINOT DISTRICT 5 Sous Charley Brown reported Cheminot Oliver Taylor took sick, and went home. His report will be forwarded to the Correspondant. District 5 Raffle netted $302 in Brawley for our programs.
GRAND CHEMINOT DISTRICT 6 Jesse Taylor 3 of 5 Voitures Reporting, NO Rpts or Audits from V-1112 or 1504; 1850 mi, 5785 hrs, 25,142 donations, value $55,002 / 117 = $470 per cap. REPORTING FORMAT GREAT! (bottom line figures corrected)

AMERICANISM: Ken Newman – Reporting guidelines were discussed, National deadline is June 1. CA has Grande money available for Flags for First Graders, and Rolling stock participation. Requirements- must purchase 10 pins, and must submit Americanism Report. Full guides are available on the Grande Web Site

CARVILLE STAR: Art Castro reported Directeur Emeritus Gordie Foley is not well. He welcomes phone calls. Art has new pins available. Buy a Country & Clinic programs are still functioning, Star Subscriptions are needed for Clinics.
CHILD WELFARE: Sous Directeur National Child Welfare Joe Donovan stated pins are available from Grand Directeur Ray Espinoza; call or e-mail him. Sous Directeur Child Welfare for the Grande Voiture George Curtis stated claims have been submitted from Voitures 1406 with full documentation $781.00 and from Voiture 104 for $600.00 with incomplete documentation. Motion to approve Voiture 1406 claim, Motion to approve Voiture 104 claim subject to Directeur receiving a copy of check documentation from that Locale. 2nd Joe Donovan, CARRIED
LOCO & BOX CAR: Directeur Gary Blackburn: Sous Directeur National Dennis Matarrese: CA Pin for 2015 is V-257, next year 2016 will be Solano Voiture 395, National Pins & Crew Cards are available. Merci Box Car Cover. Since the State of California owns the Merci Box Car (Grande Voiture is custodian) there was discussion on possibly moving Box Car to the CA RR Museum in Sacramento – Chef de Gare Gary Leach & Avocat Bob Mattson advised CA RR Museum doesn’t have space available, and they want certification of ownership. Research into that issue is pending. Insurance Joe Donovan, all paid, awaiting copy of V-1203 registration for certification of VIN. HOBO’s Vic Kestner: National is attempting to form a Hobo’s band that will include Jr’s as well as LaFemmes. Need anyone who can play to join. By-Laws change being proposed @ next National Promenade.

MEMBERSHIP: Grand Chef de Train Frank Campo presented 2015 100% membership pin to Chef’s from Voitures 93, 395, 621, 1341, and 1504. 100% + Pins were presented to Voitures 93 and 621. 100% or + Certificates were presented to Voitures 93 – D-3, Voiture 395, Voiture 557, Voiture 621 - D-2, Voiture 1341 and Voiture 1504 – D-6 NEW: Mbrshp year ends Dec 31, not Mar 31, 2014 cards have EXPIRED!

NURSES TRAINING: Tim Mosman has pins available. 600 were obtained on consignment, 47 left. . Applications for Stanley Fund due to him by June 1. (Must have accepted and paid for 25 pins) Several Locals have yet to pay for their pins.
POW Robert Huey: Since all Voitures place the POW Banner during opening of their Promenades, a simple entry to that effect constitutes the required Annual Report! Pins are left. Thanks to Voiture 365 for their donation to the Scholarship Fund $250 and for accepting and paying for 50 pins $250. Scholarship $ has been increased to $1000.
PUBLIC RELATIONS Ralph Jacob: PR is telling OUR story, especially for non-members via radio, newspaper AND social media. Take pictures, send to Correspondant Joe Donovan for forwarding to Nationale. We’ve heard this weekend about “Communication” being key. A classic example: all the recent Nurses Training Awards. Check out this week’s “Voyageur’s Views”. Sonoma Voiture 338 sent in a picture of them awarding scholarships, it was published! Your’s can be too! How about sponsoring a golf hole for the annual American Legion Golf Tournament held at and benefitting Yountville Veterans Home? See Ralph for details.
RITUAL Mike Delgado: 95th Birthday of La Societe coming up March 15. Ritual for celebration is on National Web Site.

SPECIAL AWARDS Mildred Wright-Pearson Hope everyone read the memo sent by Directeur Jim Carpenter. Nomination packages are due May 10 for Law Officer to Richard Kalk, Hero herself, City Dennis Foggie, and Voyageur Jim Carpenter. Contact info is available in the Grand Roster or on the Grande Web Site Last evening raffle raised $345.00 Sous Directeur National Special Awards Carl Asher praised California for their many submissions to the program, and especially their donation to the National Hero of the Year Fund that helps expenses tfor recipient attendance @ National Promenade.

VAVS Vic Kestner: The VAVS Reporting Form is due June 1. Vic discussed the upcoming VAVS National Advisory Committee will meet April 22-24 in Albuquerque NM. It’s open to everyone. Keep the Wheel Chairs Rolling awards are available for submission of a brief narrative of your clinic’s/hospital’s needs. Deadline is March 31.
WAYS & MEANS: Steve Villegas reminded all Sous Cheminots of their goal to solicit donations of $100.00 each from their respective Locales.
YOUTH SPORTS: Sous Wayne Schwartz reminded all there are two categories of Grant Money available Under and Over $200.00 Money is there, apply. Pass the hat for change resulted in $134.33 going to the Chef de Chemin de Fer’s Program of the Year. Only 5 reports were received last year, only 5 Locales have taken pins this year. Motion to donate $100 to National Youth Sports, 2nd Mildred Wright-Pearson, CARRIED
FINANCE: Commissaire Intendant Dan Dumas read the fund balances. Ways & Means Donations are significantly lower than expected. We cannot exist with deficit budgets, we cannot print money like the government. Motion to approve, 2nd Dan Crow, CARRIED
INSURANCE: Joe Donovan: A couple of Locales have not paid their Liability Insurance. Pin money is SLOW coming in. Both these items are paid in advance by the Grande Voiture. We operate on $6.00 per capita per member. If timely payment of billed items and pin money isn’t made, and with decreasing membership, there seems little else we can do other that increase dues per member. Locales are asked to PLEASE cooperate.

MEMORIAL SERVICE: Grand Aumonier North Michael Hughes. Grand Correspondant Joe Donovan read the list of 19 Deceased Voyageurs since Grande Promenade, 31 Year to Date

CONSTITUTION & BY-LAWS: Avocat Robert Mattson CA V-621 still has not updated their Constitution.
INSURANCE: Joe Donovan 5 Locales and Grande LaFemmes have not paid their Liability Insurance. The Grande Voiture fronted this money, we need reimbursement NOW!
TIME & PLACE: John Lea deferred to Joe Donovan: Grand Promenade at Holiday Inn Ontario June 22 & 23, 2015. Banquet $35.00 MUST be paid for 10 days in advance: checks sent to and payable to “Joe Donovan”. Flyers will go out in March, some are available here, and will be on Grand Web Site soon. Fall Cheminot October 16 & 17, 2015 Santa Maria Inn, Spring Cheminot tentatively set for Clovis February 20 & 21, 2016
TROPHY COMMITTEE: Wayne Schwartz Space is available in the Trophy Case. He will be contacting the Local Steelworkers Union in an attempt to expedite construction of a shelter for the Merci box Car.
RESOLUTIONS: The Bread & Butter thank you Resolution was presented to Commander of Post 521 with the thanks and appreciation of all present. B & B’s were presented to Chairman Will Williams and to A.J. Solantai for their efforts.
Chef de Chemin de Fer Mike Wood expressed his thanks and appreciation to the Grande Voiture for his welcome here and the wonderful gifts he received last evening. He commented on his impressions of our hard-working Voyageurs that attend these meetings.
Donations to the Memorial Day Boosters netted $120.00. The list will be typed by Grand Correspondant and sent to chairman Dick George.
Grand Chef Gary Leach is hoping to make visitations to the various Locales. Invite him!

There being no further business, the Grandes Cheminots Meeting was adjourned at 1135. Colors were retrieved, as was the Altar Cloth and POW banner.

Joseph R Donovan, Grand Correspondant (75 REGISTERED, 70 BANQUET)

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