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GRAPEVINE Newsletter

January 2012

  • Welcome to all new Area Chairs!

    • Grapevine is seeking a new senior editor for AAGV — for details see page two

  • All Grapevine/La Viña Digital magazine subscribers have been upgraded to the all-inclusive Grapevine Online (GV Online) subscription.

  • Delegates, Board Members and AAWS staff will also receive GV Online — see details below

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We do not want to be the arbiters of anyone’s sex conduct.”

Bill W., Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions
In the February issue—

GRAPEVINE features stories about sex and love relationships

in and out of the rooms.

Our Big Book, written in the 1930s, is quite clear. It does not shy away from suggesting how we should address our problems with sex.

Included in this issue is a story entitled “How to Fall in Love,” which describes a member who becomes enraged when his wife leaves him and later attends his AA meetings on the arms of other men.
Luckily, his sponsor comes to his rescue with a beautiful, spiritual solution.

In “No More One Night Stands,” a former self-described “barfly” struggles with her sexual ideal

well into sobriety.

In another story, a member exits the car and stomps away during an argument with her spouse in

“Do I Want to be Right or Happy?”


Delegates, Board members and AAWS staff, please look for your Grapevine email that will furnish a temporary username/password for your new all-inclusive GV Online subscription. As of this change we will no longer provide printed copies of Grapevine or La Viña to Delegates, Board members and AAWS staff.

The new username and password is your key to receiving five new stories weekly, current HTML issues of Grapevine and La Viña, Audio Grapevine and the Story Archive. Starting with your February issue, access all upcoming issues online around the 22nd of the previous month.

Add to the experience, strength and hope on the i-Say Forum.

Find this letter anytime in the “Resources/GvR” section of the website.

We thank all GV Area Chairs for their service. Please don’t forget to notify Janet Bryan at when the new chair is elected.

As always, Grapevine strives to be self-supporting through the sale of Grapevine

items and subscriptions. Thank you for your support.

In fellowship,

The Executive Editor/Publisher

GRAPEVINE Newsletter

News from AAGRAPEVINE, Inc.:

Senior Editor Wanted:
AA Grapevine Inc., publisher of the international journal of Alcoholics Anonymous is currently seeking a senior editor to work in its New York City office. Written, edited and illustrated by AA members and others interested in alcoholism, Grapevine, La Viña and reflect the experience, strength and hope of its contributors, carrying the message to thousands of alcoholics. AAGrapevine, Inc. also publishes collections of Grapevine and La Viña stories in books, eBooks, CDs and other related products.
The senior editor is responsible for developing editorial content of AA Grapevine, Inc., and for overseeing the publication of the Grapevine and La Viña magazines and items both in print and digital, and for leading a creative, committed team. In addition, the senior editor participates in the General Service Conference and at various AA events. The position reports to the Executive Editor/Publisher.
Requirements: Five years of equivalent editorial and management experience; demonstrated writing and editing skill; B.A. or the equivalent; and a working knowledge of the Steps and Traditions of Alcoholics Anonymous. Six years of continuous sobriety. Proficiency in Spanish is a plus.
The senior editor job description will be listed in the spring issue of Box 4-5-9.

Interested members may forward their resume and cover letter by March 30, 2012 to:


Our first eBook “The Language of the Heart” (English version) is now available.

Coming soon in eBook format: “The Best of Bill” and “Lo mejor de Bill.”
When purchasing an AA Grapevine eBook you will exit the website. Please find the eBook at the Store under the EBOOKS tab and click on the respective vendor for purchase, or you can go directly to Barnes & Noble, Amazon, or Apple.
Our next new offering will be the book/eBook, “Young & Sober” coming in April 2012.
We still have a few 2012 Calendars and Pocket Planners available.
Subscription Gift Certificates – Made Easier:

One-year subscription gift certificates are now available for purchase for Grapevine and La Viña print magazines, GV Online and the Grapevine Story Archive at the Store under “Order Subscription Gift Certificates Here.” Gift certificates will be emailed to you immediately, or mailed, if you prefer.

Audio Grapevine:

As of January 2012 AudioGrapevine will no longer be a stand-alone subscription product. Audio Grapevine will continue as part of the GV Online subscription. So as of January 2012, all active AudioGrapevine subscribers will be upgraded to GV Online subscription for the rest of their subscription. An email with details has been sent to current AudioGrapevine subscribers.

GRAPEVINE Newsletter

Grapevine and La Viña Digital editions:

With the introduction and response of the GV Online subscription in May 2011, the digital versions of the magazines were not sustainable as subscription-based products. The last issue for the Grapevine digital magazine will be January 2012 and for La Viña the January/February 2012 issue. All paid Grapevine and La Viña digital subscribers will be upgraded to a GV Online subscription as of January 2012. Anyone who has an active subscription and does not want the upgrade can convert to either the print edition or receive a refund for all un-served issues. An email with details was sent to digital subscribers in December explaining their options. We thank all the subscribers who subscribed and hope they continue with GV Online or with the print magazine.

GV Online includes:

  • Five previously unpublished members’ stories each week

  • Current issue of Grapevine magazine online

  • Current issue of La Viña magazine online

  • Access to the Grapevine Story Archive – From 1944 to the present

  • Access to Audio Grapevine – The monthly audio version of Grapevine magazine

Subscribers to Grapevine and La Viña:

Grapevine and La Viña continue to experience delivery problems in California and we are working with the United States Postal Service office to correct the situation and will keep you advised. Please email or call our 800# to alert us if you have been affected:

Email: for English; for Spanish

English:1-800-631-6025 (US/Canada), 1-818-487-2091 (International)

Spanish:1-800-640-8781 (US/Canada), 1-818-487-2092 (International)
Order Information:

Web: AAGRAPEVINE.ORG and click on “Store”

Phone: Please see above

Fax: 1-818-487-4550

Mail: Grapevine, PO Box 16867, North Hollywood, CA 91615-6867

Mail: La Viña, PO Box 15635, North Hollywood, CA 91615-5635

Frequently Asked Question:

What is included in a Grapevine Online subscription?

A GV Online subscription includes: five never before published members’ stories each week, access to the Grapevine Story (Digital) archive, access to the Audio Grapevine, the monthly audio version of the magazine and online versions of the latest issues of Grapevine and La Viña.


Did You Know?

Grapevine Area Chairs can use the GrapeNet Forum to share ideas on how they carry the message in their respective areas via displays, events, plays, workshops, etc.
GRAPEVINE — Upcoming issues:

March 2012 – Plugged In

April 2012 – AA Around the World

May 2012 – Cornerstones of AA

— Upcoming issues:
March/April 2012 – AA/Young Hispanics in AA


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