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Your goal is to take the super hero you developed and create a graphic novel featuring this character. Your novel will include the following elements:

__Origin story and description of super hero

__Description of his society and its problem

__Debut event in which super hero shows off his powers

__Description of villain

__First battle with villain

__Villain’s evil plan

__Round 2: villain’s revenge

__Climactic battle


You will illustrate all nine elements with at least four panels each (1 page), but you can use more panels.

  1. Complete graphic organizer

  2. Complete an illustration a day including text and illustration

  3. Complete cover page

  4. Take it home for finishing touches and binding (string and holes, staples)

Illustrations must be full-page, colored, neatly executed, and creative. Since this is a choice project, the assumption is that you have artistic skill so use it.

I look forward to some wonderful published works!!!

Cover page (10 points) ___________

_____ Title (2)

_____Author’s name (2)

_____Illustration (6)

Text (45)
_____Written neatly around illustrations (7)

_____Includes the following (18)

__Origin story and description of super hero

__Description of his society and its problem

__Debut event

__Description of villain

__First battle with villain

__Villain’s evil plan

__Round 2: villain’s revenge

__Climactic battle


_____Spelling, capitalization, and punctuation (10)

_____Creativity in language, character and plot development (10)

Illustrations for story (45 points) ___________
_____ Each page is completely covered with illustration and color (20)

_____Illustrations are neatly executed (20)

_____Creativity (5)
TOTAL ___________
Super Hero Story Board

Super Hero

Super Hero’s Powers


Villain’s Powers

Society they live in

Problems the hero confronts

Sequence of Events in Story

1. Origin: Where did the super hero come from and how did he acquire his powers?

2. Society he lives in: describe the society and the problems it faces that the super hero is dedicated to fighting.

3. Debut: give the super hero a chance to flex his or her super hero muscles.

4. Every super hero has a day job? Introduce the super hero’s alter ego.

5. Round 1: first encounter with super villain. Your hero may be tempted to kill the villain off, but he must either let the villain go or you can have the villain escape.

6. Super villain makes his evil plans which include revenge. What are his plans for society and the super hero?

7. Round 2: villain’s attempt at revenge (what is your super hero’s vulnerability? How does he escape from the clutches of the villain?

8. Round 3: climactic battle. How does the super hero thwart the villain’s evil plans and save the day?

9. Epilogue: What happens to the villain? What happens to society when the villain is neutralized? What happens to the super hero?

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