Great Bible Apps The niv adventure Bible is the Bible is what we give to 3

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Great Bible Apps

The NIV Adventure Bible is the Bible is what we give to 3rd graders.  This app is FREE in the two lite versions available for Ipad and Iphone. The lite version is designed for Bible memory; you can do verse scrambles, choosing easy, medium or hard levels.   The full version of the app costs $1.99

Superbook Kids Bible App from CBN has great content and graphics.   This app contains games, Bible trivia, videos, and cool sections for your children to mark their favorites. The graphics are EXCELLENT and  it’s FREE! Available on Itunes AND  NOW Android! How awesome is that?! Superbook also has a wonderful online free game center for kids.

The American Bible Challenge is a Bible trivia game show on the Game Show Network. This app works like the trivia game played on the show. Although the app does not indicate that it is designed for kids, the instructions are easy to follow for older elementary students. Available for FREE o Itunes and Android

The Beginner’s Bible App is designed for children ages 2-6 and the first “story pack” is FREE (a great way to try out the app and enjoy the features, determining if it works well for your children.) This awesome app includes coloring pages, puzzles, and games. Each story pack contains 6 stories. The in-app purchases of $1.99 each can be made for additional story packs.   Available for Ipad only.

 The Word Search is a fun Bible game app based on stories and themes in the Bible.  With four levels of difficulty and 32 puzzles for each level, this word search game is great to challenge through age 7 and entertain through adult. Available for free on  Iphone and Ipad,

The Jesus Calling for Kids devotional app. This is not strictly a “Bible app”, but it is still a Bible education app, as are many of the above-mentioned apps. This devotional app is the exact same quality of the book. You can check out the lite version for FREE for IOS users or you can purchase the full devotional for $9.99. Also available on Kindle!


Serve your Neighbor

Write each person’s name on a piece of paper and

then every person will draw a name out of the bag.

While one vacation, look for a way to do something

kind for the person you picked.

aOpen the door for them, refill their drink,

play with them when you don’t really want to,

say kind words, let them go first,

share your ice cream,

anything to let them know they are loved.

Skittle Prayers

  • Green: Name something you love about your family. pray for them.

  • Yellow: Who was your favorite teacher? Pray for all teachers.

  • Orange: What do you like best about church? Pray for your pastors.

  • Purple: What is your favorite thing god has made? Pray for creation.

  • Red: Who do you know that needs help? Pray for them.

Flat Jesus Poem

Take me with you on your vacation

To the beach, the mall, or even the gas station

Snap a pic and include me too

Remember I am always with you


Take out Church

is a way for your family to bring your faith to life with you on vacation this Summer.

In this box are ways that you can Worship God, Grow as Disciples, and Love your Neighbors. Just as we do on Sunday morning you will have opportunities for laughter and fellowship (Flip card questions), to Praise God (VBS CD), Pray (Prayer cube and Skittle Prayers), Hear God’s word (Apps, Coloring Scroll with memory verses), Give thanks (Beach Ball Thanksgiving) and Serve (Serve your Neighbor game). Through it all we want you to remember to take Jesus with you. He is the most important thing in this box. Color Flat Jesus and then take him with you everywhere you go.

Snap a picture and post it to Facebook, Instagram or Twitter tagged #takeoutchurch so we can see where Jesus vacations this summer!

Have fun, be safe, and take church with you this Summer!

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