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This week in phonics, we practiced letter formation of Nn, Oo, and Pp. We learned our final 2 red words: this, was. Your children have been amazing with red words. Let’s keep practicing so that we are super solid by June! The children read “My Cap.” Most of the students’ reading comprehension and fluency have greatly improved in the last month. Please continue to listen to your child read at home, and retell the story in order. Have him/her describe the setting, main characters, problem and solution. We practiced encoding, decoding, and middle vowel sounds. In math we practiced identifying numbers on a hundred chart, estimation, and skip counting by tens, fives and twos. Please review this at home, as well. You can play “Watcha Gonna Do?” at for additional review. These are important skills to solidify for 1st grade.

Great Ideas! 1. Practice red words: roll out Play-doh and have your child use a toothpick or chopstick to write the words. 2. Tell your child a story about an event in your younger life. Have him/her sequence the story to retell it to you. Ask about the setting, characters, problem, solution, etc. We will be focusing on retelling stories, including the above information for the remainder of the school year. The students should be able to retell stories with great detail heading into 1st grade. 3. After Spring Break we will discuss and write about signs of spring. If you have time during the next week, walk around your yard and/or neighborhood and make observations of spring with your child.

These might include things you see, hear,

smell or touch. 4. Every Saturday, from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m., Lakeshore in Cherry Hill offers free crafts for kids ages 3 and up. No reservations required. This Saturday’s craft is a “Be Inspired” bracelet. Next Saturday’s is “April Showers.” I read a few bunny stories this week: The Big Bunny and the Easter Eggs and Bunny Trouble. The children followed directions to create their own “bunny baskets,” which we used for our egg hunt today. We compared Bunny Trouble to The Tale of Peter Rabbit. We had a visit from Paul Czajak, author of the Monster Needs… stories. He gave a great presentation on where he finds inspiration for his stories, and he read 2 of his books: Monster Needs a Party, and Seaver the Weaver. Spring Egg Hunt Thanks: Thank you to so many of you who donated eggs and bags of candy! Special thanks to Mrs. Farrell and Mrs. Winterborne for stuffing so many eggs! Thank you to Mrs. Huber for organizing, and to Mrs. Kline, Mrs. Manousos, Mrs. Smith, Mrs. McNamara, and Mrs. Segrest for hiding the eggs for our hunt! The children had a wonderful time!

Special Next Week: F ~ A

Specials Week of 4/9: M ~ B T ~ C W ~ D Th ~ A F ~ B I’m looking for your help again! Our class will team up with Mrs. Bockius’ class for the May display case. We will work on a Mother’s Day theme. I would love for you to send a 4” x 6” photo of your child and you (mom) for us to use. I will return it at the end of May. Thanks! I hope you all enjoy the break, and are able to have an adventure or two!

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