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Thought for the week

"Why are we going down the nuclear route at all? Nuclear power is far more expensive and hopelessly uneconomic. Decommissioning costs are enormous. There are mountains of nuclear waste, which we do not know where to put and it will increase our risk of terrorism."

Labour's Michael Meacher:



INDIA : PM - Will you answer my questions? By Fr. Thomas Kocherry CSsR (CNUA) A letter addressed to the Prime Minister of India and the Chief Minister of Tamilnadu, UPA , NDA leaders and Regional Parties who are supporting Nuclear Plants?

1. Is Nuclear Plant more important than Safety of the People in and around Kudamkulam?

2. After the Disaster of Three Mile Island, Chernobyl and Fukushima nobody can give any guarantee for the safety of the People. The life and livelihood is more important than Nuclear Plant. People should not live in fear.

3. If some Disaster Takes place who is responsible and liable? After the Bhopal Gas Tragedy we know that our Governments are incapable of handling any Disaster. Utterakhand Disaster is human made. And yet we never learn from all these tragedies.

4. Who are the beneficiaries of Nuclear Plants? The MNCs and the Politicians? Ordinary people get nothing. They are the victims of all these kind of Exclusive Development. They cannot live in freedom.

5. For Centuries the sea around Kudankulam has been the mother of the local People. Now the mother is desecrated by the Prime Minister of India and the Chief Minister of Tamilnadu. All these happen in the name of Exlusive Development. Fisher People cannot get any more non radiated fish. Who will pay the compensation to the Fisher People?

6. Where are you going to dumb the Nuclear Waste? Please tell us honestly where are going to dumb the nuclear waste?

7. Who is responsible for the use of Sub-standard Technology in Kudankulam Nuclear plant since the Russian MNC is in jail because of Corruption.?

8. Why are you not coming to Kudankulam to inaugrate 15000 Crores Project? Are you afraid to come there?

9. You are saying that Kudankulam Nuclear Plant is 100% safe. If so why don’t you have a retirement villas near Kudankulam Nuclear Plant? You get enough electricity.

10. When the whole world is moving away from Nuclear Plants why are you insisting upon Nuclear Plants?

11. Why don’t you transmit present electricity through Underground Cables? Why don’t you change into CFL and LED bulbs?

12. Why don’t you invest in Solar Energy and Wind Energy?

13. If you are democratic and transparent why don’t you make Nuclear Plant and Political Parties under RTI?

14. Are you against Terrorism and Mass Destructive Weapons? If so why are you joining in the Competition group of Russia, China, Pakistan and India in competing in the production of Nuclear Plants?

15. Why is Atomic Energy Act under defence when all the other energies not under defence?

16. Why are you delaying to withdraw all the false cases charged against the Non-Violent Protesters inspite of the Verdict by the SC and Tamilnadu HC?

17. What is the total investment for the Atomic Energy Establishment since 1962? What is the total Nuclear Energy production since 1962?

18. How much sea water do you put back into the sea after cooling the Nuclear Plant? What is the degree of heat of the water while putting back to the sea?

19. Is Nuclear power requires obedience, not transparency.? ( The gap between nuclear rhetoric and nuclear reality has been a fundamental impediment to wise energy policy decisions for half a century now.Without transparency no technology will flourish. Dr.Ramanna and Dr.Gopalakrishnan vouch this.)

20. If your Nuclear Plants are safe Why Insurance Companies are not coming forward to back up your Exclusive Development?

21. Are you willing to place before the public the audited statement Kudankulam Nuclear Plant and all the other nuclear plants and atomic energy establishment since the enactment of Atomic Energy Act in 1962?

22. What is the precaution do we have to face any untoward Tsunami and Earthquake? Do you want face another Utterakhand Disaster and Bhopal Gas Tragedy? What is the precaution to stop sudden Radiation which has been happening in and around Fukushima? Nobody Knows if Radiation Will Get Worse, Get Better, or Just Stay Bad ?

23. Are you aware of China has abandoned plans for a $6 billion4 billion) nuclear processing plant in the southern province of Guangdong after hundreds of protesters took to the streets to air their environmental concerns.? Is China more Democratic than India in this Protest?

24. Are you aware of The World Nuclear Industry Status Report 2013 (WNISR) was published revealed a measly growth of over 1.2 GW during 2012 globally, compared to 32 GW of solar growth in the same time. In fact, the nuclear industry seems to be in decline in every category and in every country across the face of the planet, and many are laying the blame equally at the feet of the Fukushima disaster and the growth of the renewable energy sector.?

25. Are you aware of Nuclear Energy Production is going down from 21% in 2009 to 19% in 2012 in the USA? Do we want to get isolated from the World? Let us not be victims of Nuclear Plants when we are rich with Solar Energy and Wind Energy?

26. Who is calculating the cost and benefit of Nuclear Energy Production and the Security given to the Plants?

27. "As if that weren’t a sad enough commentary on the participatory quality of India’s democracy based on respect for the people’s will, NPCIL acted in blatant violation of the spirit of a May 6, 2013,  Supreme Court order in a petition raising questions about the safety of the Kudankulam plant. This order asked that NPCIL, the Atomic Energy Regulatory Board, Ministry of Environment and Forests and Tamil Nadu Pollution Control Board "oversee each and every aspect of the [contested] matter, including the safety of the plant, impact on environment, quality of various components and systems" before commissioning the plant. After ensuring full compliance with safety norms, they must file a report "to that effect … before this court" prior to the commissioning." (Praful Bidwai). What answer do you give to Praful? Are we democratic or Autocratic?   

28. "No wonder the DAE has turned out to be the worst-performing department of the government. It’s a White Elephant. promised to install 20,000 megawatts in capacity by 1980, and 43,500 MW by 2000. The respective achievements were 512 MW and 2,720 MW. It has never completed a major project on time, or without a 300 percent cost-overrun. It has failed to develop any worthwhile technology and always borrowed, bought or stolen knowhow from others."(Praful Bidwai).Yes PM you said in the Parliament that we have a production of 4000 MW Nuclear Energy till today. What do you say to this? How do you justify your Department? Are you answerable to such Massive Dead Investment? Of Course you need not reveal all these since it comes under Defence?

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