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Parrot Jungle Island, as it was basically called, was opened by Austrian immigrant Franz Scherr in 1935. The Depression cut short his construction career and he provoked in Pine crest, Florida, where he opened a feed store and kept many live parrots for display. The birds became a local attraction and Scherr cleared that tourists would pay to see them. Parrot Jungle Island quickly became a Florida classic. It had a group of dark-pink Greater Flamingos (who in the 1970s appeared in the opening credits of Miami Vice) and a "Parrot Circus." With the move, Parrot Jungle has become a large-attraction, with facilities, staff and prices to match. The colorful parrots are here, too, over a thousand of them, but they are sometimes very hard to see among all of the upscale change. There is still the Bird Walk, where colorful parrots perch and macaws, out in the open.

Miami Downtown - Miami Beach, FL, US

It is a must to visit the Miami Downtown when you think about things to do in Miami, Florida, United States (US). It is a merge which is rather exclusive commercial, cultural and leisure break which you can explore.  Miami Downtown is also popular for its theaters and arts. One has lots to do there if you love both arts and theatre. It also has the famous Miami Art Museum which hosts the art from 19th century. It hosts many fun activities only for kids. It is both educations as well as entertaining and informational. Miami Beach has always been a privileged vacation place in all of Florida. You can see a lot of famous individuals, such as Hollywood actors and actresses, playing beach volley with the local. The amenities offered in a Miami Beach condo is an advantage for vacationers. 

Art Deco Welcome Center - Miami Beach, FL, US

In 1978 Miami Beach's Art Deco Welcome Center was listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The Art Deco Welcome Center is the biggest collection of Art Deco architecture in the world and consists of hundreds of apartments, hotels and other structures erected between 1924 and 1944. Art Deco Weekend is a yearly festival which takes place each February on Miami Beach. The Miami Design Preservation League (MDPL) is a non-profit association dedicated to protecting, preserving and promoting the social, cultural, economic, environmental and architectural veracity of the Miami Beach Architectural Historic District and all other places of the City of Miami Beach where historic preservation is a concern. It was basically organized by Barbara Capitman in 1977 and is the oldest Art Deco Society in the whole World. There are many Art Deco District tours available including guided self-guided, bike, walking and cell phone tours etc. 

North Miami Beach - Miami Beach, FL, US

North Miami Beach Public Library is a sunny, spacious, welcoming library that serves the City with enthusiasm, flair and excellent customer service --this is actually the Jewel of our City! Lots of fun, enjoyment and serious materials are available for adults, teens and kids: books, magazines, national and local newspapers, videos, DVD’s, books on tape and music CD’s. Parents and caregivers are pleased to find a huge range and variety of programs for their children: toddler time, story time for preschoolers, arts and crafts, reading workshops for parents, and summer reading activities and some other programs. There is something for business people, new migrants, and families with young children, computer users, recreational readers, job hunters and researchers. The North Miami Beach Public Library is also a place for tutors teaching adults to read.

UM/Jackson Medical Center - Miami Beach, FL, US

UM/Jackson Medical Center is a 385-bed acute care center situated in North Miami Beach, Florida, US that serves the residents of north Miami-Dade and south Broward counties. We provide a number of services, such as 24-hour pediatric and adult emergency care. We are also home to specialized centers, including the Wound Care Center, Weight-Loss Surgery Center for Mental Health and the Spine and Pain Institute. For the patients suffering from the severe pain of a heart attack, a lifesaving trip may be to a hospital ready to quickly open the blocked artery by inflating a small balloon and inserting a stent to act as enduring scaffolding. The aim is to restore and maintain blood flow to the heart muscle within 80 minutes of the arrival of the patient at the hospital. 

Miami Design Center - Miami Beach,FL,US

Miami Design Center is situated in the county of Broward. It is linked with following industry(s): Television, Radio and Electronic Stores. It is not possible to mention the Miami Design Center without mentioning Craig Robins: visionary, art patron, developer, preservationist, innovator, businessman, city planner. Robins acknowledged the possibilities of the Miami Design Center. Once the active design center of Miami, it was vacant when showrooms fled to the new Design Center of the Americas (DCOTA) in County of Broward. To the mix, add newly design showrooms by Holly Hunt and Knoll, Dade County's Design and Architecture Senior High School (DASH), galleries, restaurants, artists, many new residential and commercial mid-rises. Through own personal vision, Robins was building a neighborhood out of different parts by connecting the dots. Of course, it aids if you own the bulk of the buildings in the Design Center.

Pro Player Stadium - Miami Beach, FL, US

Pro Player Stadium, Florida, US is now known as Sun Life Stadium. It is a multipurpose stadium located in Miami Gardens, Florida, a suburb of Miami. The stadium acts as a master of ceremonies college football games. Pro Player Stadium is a world class amusement locale that seats 74,916, and hosts a huge variety of events. Along with football of the Miami Dolphins, Marlins Florida baseball, and the FedEx Orange Bowl, Dolphins Stadium is home to the 2006 Super Bowl. Although it was contrived from the ground up to adapt baseball, Sun Life Stadium is not a true multipurpose stadium. Instead, it is a football stadium that can change into a baseball stadium. Many of the seats are pointed toward center field where the 55 yard line would be in the football constellation.

Miami Convention Center - Miami Beach, FL, US

The Miami Convention Center's prime is situated in the very heart of Downtown Miami. It is handily adjacent to the city's international financial district, Brickell Avenue and many of the area's newest hotels. The Port of Miami and the Miami International Airport, and some of America's finest beaches are very near to it. The Miami Convention Center is one of Greater Miami's most operable meeting, exhibit and entertainment locales amid the nation’s highly regarded convention and entertainment complexes. The Miami, FL Convention Center consist of 34 well-appointed meeting rooms, including a 444-seat auditorium and a 117-seat lecture hall, and can adapt from 20 to 5,000 people in a variety of constellations. The 35-foot ceilings create this a valuable, comfortable space for exhibitions and conventions of any sizing. The 35-foot ceilings make this a valuable, comfortable space. A broad lay out of services are available at the Miami Convention Center.

South Beach - Miami Beach, FL, US

South Beach, which is also known as SoBe is a neighborhood in Miami, Florida. The area includes 23 blocks of the main barrier island which separates the Atlantic Ocean and Biscayne Bay. This area was the first section of Miami Beach which was developed. Its development process started in the 1910s due to the efforts of Carl G. Fisher, the Lummus Brothers, and others. The area has gone through frequent non-natural and natural changes over the years which have made it popular among masses. Until 1870, South Beach was farmland. Then Henry and Charles Lum purchased land for coconut farming and his daughter Taylor named it "South Beach". South Beach is a main entertainment place during day and at night and has hundreds of nightclubs, restaurants, boutiques and hotels. The area is admired by National and international tourists. Another distinctive visual feature of South Beach is the existence of several colorful and exclusive stands used by SouthBeach's lifeguards which are made according to the design donated by William Lane after the Hurricane Andrew.

Miami Cultural Complex - Miami Beach, FL, US 

The Haiti Cultural Campus is a community complex which consists of a performance theater and an activity center. The performance theater and activity centre are joined by a plaza that can be used for carnivals and concerts. The auditorium is a new construction which is located behind Caribbean Market which was in the 1980s. The theater is equipped with drama and dance rehearsal halls and full service support spaces like dressing rooms, green room, stage and set work areas. The activity center is also equipped with art workrooms, an art gallery, a darkroom, a computer workroom, and a furnace. Terraces have been also added to provide additional outdoor art workspaces. The Little Haiti Cultural Center is a 20 Million dollar complex in the heart of the Little Haiti community. The undertaking of the Little Haiti Cultural Complex is to offer a space that brings together people and ideas to encourage, provide platform and support Afro- Caribbean culture in South Florida.

Port of Miami - Miami Beach, FL, US

The Port of Miami is located in Biscayne Bay in Miami, Florida. It is connected to city center by Port Boulevard which is a bridge over the Intracoastal Waterway. The port is located on Dodge Island, which consists of three historic islands (Dodge, Lummus and Sam'sIslands). As the port grew over the years due to the improvement in shipping access and development of the community, it needed additional domain to expand its operations. As a result, on April 5th and 6th, 1960 the City government of Miami approved a Resolution to construct the new Port. The Port of Miami is known as the "Cruise Capital of the World" and "Cargo Gateway of the America for well over two decade accommodating the largest cruise ships in the world. The Port of Miami is an important supplier to the south Florida and state economies. More than four million cruise passengers pass through the Port and 7.4 million tons of freight traffic moves through this port per year. This combination of cruise and cargo activities also supports approximately 176,000 jobs a year.


Lincoln Road - Miami Beach,FL,US

Carl Fisher, who was the original developer of Miami Beach, imagined Lincoln Road to be the Miami Beach equivalent to Fifth Avenue inNew York, or Rodeo Drive in Los Angeles. In the highest times of South Beach during 1930's, 1940's, and 1950's it could have matched those fashionable and trendy shopping districts in deed. Fisher's inspiration was that Lincoln Road will become the way to draw together the east and west sides of Miami Beach. At present, Lincoln Road is a pedestrian mall which is situated between Alton Road and Washington Avenue. It is flourishing as a shopping and feasting area. Exclusive stores present items which are not usually found in malls, and restaurants and cafés are widespread. Most of the restaurants offer indoor or outdoor seating which also includes in the middle of the pedestrian mall area. And without any doubt, one can match the Lincoln Road with any place in the world.

Oleta River State Park - Miami Beach, FL, US

Oleta River is the largest urban park of Florida, which is located on Biscayne Bay of Miami metropolitan area. It offers a diversity of leisure prospects however it is best recognized for miles of off-road bicycling tracks. These tracks range from beginner trails to challenging trails for experienced bicyclists. At the north end of the park, there is a large and beautiful mangrove forest which preservesSouth Florida’s local plants and natural world. The park offers opportunities to Canoeists and kayakers to propel the river to discover this amazing natural area. Swimming and saltwater fishing are popular activities which could be enjoyed by a visitor. Picnic tables and grills are available in the park. Visitors can rent picnic pavilions, kayaks, canoes, and bicycles. Countryside air-conditioned cabins and a youth campground for organized groups are available for overnight visits in the park. Oleta River State Park is recently honored with Top 25 Biking Trails Award, Top 50 Fishing Spots, Top 25 Park Beaches, Top 25 Picnic Areas, Top 25 Romantic Spots, Top 50 Scenic Views and Top 25 Unique Cabins Award.

Miami Beach Convention Center - Miami Beach, FL, US

The Miami Beach Convention Center (MBCC) is Located in the heart of South Beach. It has exhibit space, pre-function area and 70 meeting rooms which are spread over 1,000,000 square feet of expandable space.  City of Miami Beach is a perfect, stylish, metropolitan heaven, which offers first-rate business services and broad-based conveniences in a humid environment. Straddling four city blocks of palm tree lined streets and located in the heart of the thrilling and historic South Beach. The Miami BeachConvention Center is a meeting, convention, tradeshow and customer show ecstasy.  White sandy beaches,  moderate ocean waters, excellent shopping, award winning restaurants, cool cafes and exhilarating nightlife make Miami Beach a leading choice for organizing any event.   Over 2,000 hotel rooms are located within walking distance from Miami Beach Convention Center. The convention centre located on a 15 minute drive from Miami International Airport. Business center, board room, cyber café, box offices, concierge desks, concession stands, and show offices are the main features of the convention centre. 


Lummus Park Beach - Miami Beach, FL, US

There are two Lummus Parks located in Miami-Dade County, Florida. One was built in 1909 and is located in on the Miami River. The other is located on the Atlantic Ocean in the City of Miami Beach and is more renowned. It became the starting point for the redevelopment of the Ocean Drive Deco District of SoBe (South Beach) during the mid-1980s when it was redesigned. The Miami Beach Park became the location for many scenes from the television series "Miami Vice". The Miami Beach Park carries on to be attributing in "Miami" location shots for television and movies. Lummus Park is located right across the renowned Ocean Drive in South Beach. If one is looking for a fun and town attractions, thenLummus Park is the place visit. One can find people playing volleyball, rollerblades, artists, skateboarders, sun-bathers, and many others while visiting the park.

Jewish Museum of Florida - Miami Beach,FL,US

The Jewish Museum is situated in two historic buildings that were formerly synagogues. The main Museum building was constructed in 193. The museum is on the National Register of Historic Place.  A copper dome, a marble bimah and 80 stained glass windows re the art feature of the museum. Its creation fulfilled an urgent need of the Jewish community of inhabitants and winter visitors who at first settled on Miami Beach in 1913. It established that Jews were accepted and a permanent part of the local population of the City. More than 500 photos and artifacts that depict the Jewish experience in Florida since 1763 are core the exhibit of The Museum. The Museum also has several transitory exhibits on display during each year. The Museum arranges and hosts its own and traveling exhibitions; supports artistic and instructive programs and communicates Jewish history, ethics and concerns to Jews and non-Jews alike in a casual manner.

Holocaust Memorial - Miami Beach,FL,US

The Holocaust Memorial on Miami Beach is located on Meridian Avenue, in Miami, Florida.  It was anticipated by a group of Holocaust survivors in year 1984. The group was publicly documented in 1985 as the Holocaust Memorial Committee and as an organization. The memorial was deliberated by Kenneth Treister. It was constructed on a site prearranged by the city government of Miami. The Memorial was inaugurated on 4th February, 1990.  The memorial is built with the dazzling Jerusalem stone and black granite. Memorial is the place which pays tribute to the six million Jews killed in World War 2 and recommends a place where survivors can find consolation and the common public can see and feel the collision of the 20th Century's supreme crime. Assassinated journalist Daniel Pearl was included to the Holocaust Memorial in April 16th, 2007 as the first non-Holocaust victim.

Flamingo Park - Miami Beach,FL,US

Flamingo Park is positioned in the heart of South Beach. Flamingo Park has something to offer everyone whether he/she live in an active or passive life style. Construction of this park was completed in 1950. The park is spread over 36.53 acres of land. The FlamingoPark Aquatic Center was renovated in 2002 and in 2005, the tot lot/playground was opened along with an up to date football field. There are three main access points to the Park that lead the visitors down to the main boulevard. The entrances are: 11th Street and Jefferson Avenue, 13th Street and Michigan Avenue and 13th Street and Meridian Avenue. This modern facility features an 8-lane lap pool that is cool in the summer and heated in the winter to maintain 82 degree temperature during the whole year. There is a separate play pool for children. This pool is designed for kids and has a 15 inch depth and includes multi-colored water toys and a slide. Bark Park, Baseball, Basketball Courts, Handball/Racquetball Court, Memorial Football Stadium, Miami Beach Police Athletic League Building, Running Track, Soccer Softball Field, Tennis Center and Tot Lot/Playground are the other main features of the Flamingo Park. 


A celebrated and famous cosmopolitan area of London, SOHO is a collectivity of streets and alleys featuring Oxford Street, Regent Street and Shaftesbury areas. The area is a cultural hub where successively French, Italians, Germans, Polish Jews, Swiss, Greeks and a good number of Chinese have poured in. This has given Soho a new set of characteristics where once it was equated with vice industry once but now it is considered to be the most fashionable part of London. The television, fashion and magazine industry have turned this place into an attraction. The iconic boutiques like that of Carnaby Street and Kingly Court is a hallmark to this place. The entertainment part of Soho is what turns it into a party floor as the dusk sets in, where Londoners and tourists start pouring in the place. Cinemas, bars of various types, night clubs, and pubs and most famously the gay tone of this place is what attract tourists a lot. When it comes to food, Soho has to offer one of the best Chinese and Italian foods available in London. Although a very contained place for so many people, but you could come to this place every day of your stay at London and you won't feel bored.

Victoria and Albert museum:

Located in close proximity to Kensington, V and A museum's foundations were laid in 1852 with a motive of being an inspiration and educational icon for the designers. It has a cherish history of famous depiction of world's famous cultural and historical collections, which add up to over 4 million items today. The eye catching collection comprise of items like ceramics, metal work, sculpture, costume and armor belonging to as rich cultures as European, Indian, Korean , Chinese and Islamic arts. The dress collection of haute-culture from 17th century onwards is one of the attractions of the museum. The galleries displaying these arts are classified as the theatre and performance galleries, recently opened Medieval and Renaissance Galleries and the British galleries which depict the British cultural art from 1500-1900, which include among other interesting things, the first ever English made fork of 1632. The contemporary selection include the most eye catching Tsars' dresses worn by Kylieto. The structure of V and A itself displays a Victorian mood; the high elevated glass roofing with corridors and vast walkways make it worth visiting.

The Royal Opera House:

Although its presence in the very heart of Covent Garden is sufficient to make it important and worth visiting, the royal opera house is a stunning building which is a heaven of ballet and Opera. The building has 11 function rooms which make it capable of holding some 4000 audience. It has been a station for every big star to ride on a journey of success in the world of classical music since 1858. It is one of the three original theatres of 1858 which were reconstructed during the 1990s', where the auditorium and façade are the only left originals. It is regarded as Europe's most modern classical art facility, where choreographers of international fame like Marius Petipa and Ivanoy produced "Swane lake" and "sleeping beauty" by Tchaikovsky are the hallmarks of this place. If you are a ballet lover and crazy about opera, there is no such place as Royal opera house has to offer you with high-quality performances with majestic surroundings. And even if you are not a big fan, you could explore the historic structure; you will find Floral Hall, which is a stunning glass atrium. It's free to explore the construction which has many stories to tell. So it doesn't matter whether you love classical or you love the architecture itself, Royal Opera is an esteemed performance venue, with the stunning performances it houses and the elite architecture it is built upon, being present at the center of London, makes a visit to Royal Opera house for every one visiting London, a must.
London Eye:

London eye which became operational in 2000 is Europe's biggest observation wheel. Also known as Millennium wheel, it is situated at the bank of river Thames. This peculiar location makes it perfect for the first time viewers of the London to excite themselves by an aerial view of London's other great landmarks like the imperial war museum, the globe theatre ,the house of parliament and the historic Buckingham palace. The wheel is the largest ever made standing at a height of 145 meters and weighing 1600 tones. The wheel has got a celebrated importance among the tourists especially those visiting on the Christmas Eve because of the stunning and glittering fireworks from the wheel itself. The tightly held air-conditioned cabins also provide the facility for the disabled to ride on. With over three million people visiting the wheel every year, the London eye has become the most popular tourist attraction in London.

Tower of London:

The tower of London is one of the most ancient landmarks, situated in the central London. It was founded in 1066-7 by William the conqueror. The centuries old history of the tower has a lot of stories to tell to those who visit this place. Not only will it amaze you with the glinting priceless jewels in the old vaults and its ravens but also its multipurpose usage as a royal palace , as an armory, a torture cell and even it was a zoo for a couple of years. The white tower is what makes the tower of London what it is called, which is the original squared fort building. The fictional stories of ghosts and a place of death makes the visit to this place a mysterious and more exciting. The crown of jewels of the UK is an aspect of great interest for the visitors. Interestingly the place has been a home to many famous prisoners, from the high creed of the society, the graffiti left on the wall tell stories of over 500 years. It would be a great miss if you come to London and don't pay a visit to this historical place.

Royal Albert Hall:

Since its inception in 1871 by her highness Queen Victoria, the Royal Albert Hall is home to various genres of art. It is situated in Westminster area of London and is well known for the annually held promos concerts. All most from all the great genres of the arts have performed over this stage. The performances ranging from classical dance, rock, pop and opera. A part from that various community activity functions are also held here, which involve school and charity events and various award ceremonies. The main hall of the building is a grade 1 building, adorned with giant glass and iron structure on the roof. The building has a capacity of 9,000 people. The importance and height of glory enjoyed by his building is evident from the fact that the Beatles' song, "a day in the life" referred to the Royal Albert Hall.

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