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Kew Gardens:

With a history now spreading over three centuries, Kew Gardens are a symbol of botany in England. Regarded as a World Heritage site, Kew gardens along with royal residence known as Kew palace, spread over an area of 300 acres. The species of plants that are contained in the garden range from those that are rare to those that are the most beautiful in world making the collection of species number in thousands. When you enter the gardens you come across the exotic splendor of the Palm house with its amazing humid environment, not only this but the rose garden along with its stunning beauty makes the environment around highly fragrant and romantic. The calmness and soothing effects that are created by water lily house cannot be ignored once inside the gardens. Among the 40, 000 amazing plants, stands with spelling effects, world's tallest plant that could be grown in door; Chilean Wine Palm is a great attraction. When you take yourself a little deep into the cluster of woods, Queen Charlotte's Cottage is the most visited place in the gardens. Not only this place is a heaven for researchers in botany and a conservation center for various species, it is home also to a lot of seasonal events, although you need to pay for these glimpses but you won't regret it once inside.

University of London:

Primarily founded in London, the University of London is a federation, which is composed of 31 affiliate institutions, out of which 19 are separate universities and the remaining 12 are serving the purpose of being research centers. The number of full time students that attend the University of London makes it the largest university in England. The establishment dates back to 1836, came about by a Royal charter, under which the Kind's College London and the London University merged together to constitute the present federation. Now almost all colleges have got independence from the university and award their own degrees for ease. The school of African and oriental studies is a great place to visit with its multiethnic and multilingual discourses of study it offers a great environment for researchers. The vast lawns with shadowy tress and the old part of the building are spectacular places to visit. So it you are interested in scholarly activities and you want to witness one, you could spare some time to visit University of London.


Whenever the word Wimbledon is spoken what come into mind is the Wimbledon tennis champion ships, obviously it is one of the hall mark events associated with this district of South London. Situated 7 miles in the south west of the charring cross, the district, Wimbledon is one of the 35 major centers included in the London plan. Demand of houses and for its close proximity to central London has turned Wimbledon village and park areas into an elite club, making it an expensive area. During the tennis events a lot of people pour in from over the world, to offer these guests and other tourists Wimbledon has pubs, restaurants, variety shops and bistros. The recently opened New Wimbledon Theatre is an attractive place, popular throughout London for west end productions. Wimbledon common is just a few feet ahead, a typical village location; it is a vast area spreading over two miles with rich wood and paths in between. In the middle of common, there is a historic windmill from 1817, which commemorates the place where 'scouting the boys' was written by Baden-Powell. A Buddhist temple in Wimbledon arranges a festival every august 15, which is a blend of traditional and modern. All these features make it a must visit place.

Houses of Parliaments:

The house of parliament, also referred to as Palace of Westminster, is the official parliament of the United Kingdom where the two houses meet; the lords and the commons. It's presence on the north bank of river Thames makes it historically important due to its close vicinity to Westminster abbey and other government buildings of worth seeing like white hall and downing street. The palace became a living compound in 1042, from where it embarked upon a journey of surviving major fires. It was after the fire of 1512 that Henry 8th converted the palace into the houses of parliament. The present iconic landmark is the result of the redevelopment led by Sir Charles Barry and Augustus Pugin, who come up with such great icons like Big Ben of the Westminster palace, which is the largest in the England and attracts millions of tourists every year. You can have your chance to witness the proceedings of the two houses for which there is no need to have any tickets. Not only it is an important place from the tourist point of view but more than that it is an emblem of the political life of the UK and a symbol of foundations of democratic practices.

Wembley stadium:

Being having the honor of England's national stadium, Wembley stadium or new Wembley is a football stadium build on the place of the old Wembley stadium, located in the Wembley area of North West London. The stadium which then goes to the height of world fame for its football activities was first intentioned for a British Empire exhibition in 1924. The hall marks of the Wembley are the England Internationals and FA cups which were played on the turf of the old stadium for over 70 years. The newly built structure has an arch whose spectacular view could be observed from almost everywhere in London, with the same special steeped patter of seats to create what is commonly said ' Wembley roar' . a capacity of 90, 000 people makes it the second largest in the Europe. The stadium is important as in the coming years it will be central for the English 2018 and Fifa 2022 world cups. The London Olympics of 2012 will honor the stadium to hold the finals of the Olympics football. If you are a rugby fan, Wembley has to offer you as entertaining games as challenge cup. The US fans of NFL outside of USA can amuse themselves by the NFL's International series that are held here annually. For the fans of music icons like U2, Metallica, oasis and Madonna perform here occasionally . so simply Wembley is home to entertainment in the heart of London.

Westminster abbey, London:

Situated in close proximity to the palace of Westminster, Westminster abbey is actually an informal and commonly referred name of the collegiate church of saint peter. It is associated traditionally with coronation and a cemetery for the monarch of past British and today's common wealth realms. Between the periods from 1546 to 1556 it has an official status of cathedral. The place is more historical than religious. About 3000 people of some fame are buried here, the most prominent ones include, Charles Darwin, David living stone and Sir Isaac Newton. The prominent feature s of the building marks of history too. Nave of abbey is the highest in England, which have a marble stone which commemorates Sir Winston Churchill. The Cloister is yet another attraction of this facility from 13th century; it is a place that was used by the monks for meditations. With its original tiled floor from the 14th century chapter house is one of the most beautiful octagonal structures of its kind in whole of England. A blend of history and beauty makes Abbey a must go place.

British Museum, London:

If you missed your chance to have a look on those ancient Egyptian statues and other antiques from Greek also and you find yourself in London then a visit to British museum is an obligation that you have. It would have taken months if you wanted a comprehensive visit of the museum that is home to some seven million objects that fall under the theme of human history and culture. The British Museum as it is known was built in 1753 is legacy of great physician and scientist Sir Hans Sloane. Situated in the Bloomsbury area of London, the objects kept here range from prehistoric times to the modern time. The Elgin marbles which are commonly called the Sculptures of Parthenon, Milden hall treasures and Sutton hoo are among the most noted objects of Museum. The collection of Egyptian mummies of the museum is a great attraction, along with the interesting Michael Cohen gallery, in memory of an Egyptian notable Negamun. Among other, the Chinese art outlet, a section dedicated to Medieval Europe, ancient clocks and ceramics in the Egyptian gallery are nice collections. London's largest covered public square, is a giant glass domed area that lies at the center of the Museum.

Notting Hill Gate station, London:

Notting hill gate station is a tube station, which is an underground station situated in a street called Notting Hill gate. With reference to the central line which is the main railway line of London underground, it is to the west side of the Holland Park and on its east lies the Queensway. With this peculiar position it provides not only proximity to important places of worth visiting for those reaching this station, with restaurants of all tastes in the nearby areas. Entrances to the station were re-built during 1950's which provided with an access to the station through walking ways instead of previous escalators. The nearby places for those boarding off this station include Portobello road, which is very famous for its Portobello market; a fresh food market dating back to nineteenth century and now also for its antiques and Kensington palace gardens which is a heave containing some of the most grand and expensive houses in the world. The tube shaped interior seems fascinating with those tube lights and bulbs that glitter day and night. It is nice to have a walk through the station during the arrival of trains and see the multicultural tone of London.

Hyde Park, London:

Spread on an area of 350 acres, Hyde stands among the largest parks of the London with proud of being also a Royal Park of London. Technically divided into two, Hyde and Kensington garden were one huge Park. The division dates back to 1728 when 300 acres were converted into a separate park taken away by Queen Caroline to form what is now called Kensington garden. The remaining 350 became London's most loved park. Outdoor activities ranging from horse riding to rollerblading and bowls take place here. To its south is the area referred to as the sports field which is dedicated for the lovers of informal open field games like cricket, rounders and sometimes Frisbee too. Among other, what attracts the most is a memorial fountain; a beautiful and calm place called speaker's corner, in memory of Princess of Wales. The vast and lovely looking water reservoir in the heart of lush green gardens is the Serpentine Lake, which now features boating was actually a modern initiative by Queen Caroline who wanted to design a lake that looks natural. The solar powered boats and the cafes surrounding this lake are the magnets for the tourists. The central location of the Hyde park makes it attractive and a must visit place for tourist and locals who enjoy free guided presentations of the park, concerts and various entertainment and fun making activities for children.

The Trafalgar Square, London:

At the heart of London, is the Trafalgar Square. The names come from the battle of Trafalgar of 1805, which was a British naval victory over French. For its central location and the mighty artistic surrounding it has, it attracts loads of tourists every day. At its very centre is Nelson's column which is an attracting monument in tribute of Admiral Lord Nelson surrounded by four mighty statues of lions, which marks the might of empire the Britain had owing to the warriors like Nelson. Statues and sculptures of varying historical significance are placed in the square, side by side with a touch of contemporary art which is depicted by The Fourth Plinth, which is a display of transitions in modern art. The spectacular sight of old modeled fountains which in the night present an awesome led show of water add to the beauty of this great place. The square is well known for its multicultural summer activities which include music and dance shows. Apart from that, it is a common place for various types of social gatherings ranging from political demonstrations to community gatherings and also the spectacular New Year celebrations. All these features make it the fourth most tourist visited site on planet earth. Where more than fifteen million tourists visit this square every year.

Harrods, London:

Harrods is not only the most famous and loving store in the England but also it could be said safely about the world too. It is one the tourist's must see list while they are visiting London. it was begun in 1849, when Henry Charles Harrods took the initiative of opening a small grocery shop which has now turned into a symbol of fashion and occupies a vast area in London's elite Knightsbridge. It entails a range of products; you name any famous product of any part of the world and it would be there, from musical instruments of various genres to cooking utensils of various materials and from pets to interior designing and to perfumery, a large hair and beauty section on its top floor is a great attraction for women. The exotic range of foods, with mouth watering sights is available in the Food Hall which is at the very heart of Harrods, whereas there are various other restaurants throughout the store. If you are visiting London during the Christmas time, it would be a great miss if you don’t grab Santa's Grotto for your kids and an exhausting range of decorations that are offered by Harrods. The sales are an obvious part of Harrods, which make it even more popular among the tourists.

Paddington station:

Built is 1854, Paddington station has come a long way to present a picture of a complex, as complex as an airport, where today a multimillion pounds business is done here. The main stature of the building was designed by designers Isambard Kingdom Brunel in collaboration with Mathew Digby. Out of their creativity came about the eye catching beautiful doomed roof which glazes with a wonderful sight over the main train platform. It glorifies the historic station and is supported by three iron columns which are coming out like arches, making the doom look even more rigid. The station commemorates the great hands of Isambard, whose statue is there on the concourse of the station. The famous character Paddington bear has a spiritual link to Paddington station, where in the story the bear was left on the station with a note that please look after that bear. In memory of that wonderful children story and to amuse those visiting the station, a bronze statue to commemorate that bear has been placed. The vibrant schedules made the station attractive to tourists especially, where after every 15 minutes trains leave for south eastern areas of Cardiff, Bath and Bristol. The iconic Heathrow express circling the London, leaves after every 15 minutes for terminal 5.

Marble Arch:

At the meeting point of oxford street, Edgware road and the Park lane, just opposite to the famous Speakers corner of Hyde Park, stands with full grace of its Carrara marble, the iconic Marble Arch monument of London. The presence of marble arch just in the midst of busy traffic streets has made it a very popular place. Over that its close vicinity to the tube station named after it the Marble Arch tube station, makes it an attractive point for those visiting the area for the first time. The place is important also because only the royal movement have been allowed for ceremonies to pass through the arch. Designed on the idea of the Triumphal arch of the Constantine of Rome, John Nash proposed the arch in 1828. Before its present location, the arch was fixed on The Mall, serving the purpose of a gateway to the great palace, Buckingham. Not only this, the arch also commemorates the Victoria cross awarded policeman, Samuel parks for his services in Crimean war in 1854, where the arch's three small rooms served as a police station then. The arch area was once the home to largest cinema screen of London, which was at the famous Odeon Marble Arch cinema, besides that the Marks and Spencer stores of world fame and the close Tyburn Tree; which was a public execution arena from 1388 to 1793, are some other attractions which make it a visit to this place a top priority.


Bayswater is a west London area bordering the famous London areas of Charing cross and Hyde Park, located in the city of west minster. The most charming thing about this area is the cosmopolitan character it has acquired over the years, with subsequent mixing of local population with diverse Arab, Greek and American populations. This particular character has attracted this place to house London's most concentration of hotels to cater to the varying tastes. The Greek culture in the area followed by the presence of London's Greek Orthodox cathedral in the area is immensely evident, so is the case with the settling of Brazilian community in the area. The characteristic features of the area are the small garden squares and the inter-war period establishments; the apartments that still stand in a cluster of modern purpose built expensive apartments. One of London's favorite residential estates called Council estate is also located in this area, now largely sold off, the estate comprising of 650 apartments was designed by famous architecture Sir Denys Lasdun. The multiethnic culture has gave rise to one of London's busiest streets Queensway and Westbourne Grove, which are famous for what should be called Ethnic restaurants catering not only to the varying tastes of residents but also to amuse the tourists visiting the area.

South Bank:

A locality in southern London, South Bank is an area in London Borough of Southwark, stretching along with famous River Thames of London. An area of great significance, South Bank has been home to historical events like Festival of Britain of 1951 and today it is known as a heart of modern culture housing various theatres, art galleries and concert halls that regularly host interesting events. This artistic tone of the area is evident from the Queen Elizabeth hall opened in 1967; the famous Hayward in 1968 and In 1976 National Theatre was opened. The spectacular buildings of the London studios are a great attraction of south bank, not only for the outstanding white tower of the building but also for the South Bank show. The iconic landmarks of London including the Tate Museum, famous Shakespeare's Globe theatre and nearby London eye are all housed in this area. Like other open public spaces for which London is known all over the world, south bank has Jubilee Gardens. One of the most loved place of Tourists in south bank; the County Hall is home to various attractions of which Dali Universe has art works of Picasso, Dali and contemporary Nasser Azam on display, the others are London Aquarium and a chain of restaurants. It would be a great miss not to visit south bank while you are on Thames.

USCGA Academy, London:

United States coast guard academy is a United States military academy for the US coast guards. It is a pre service training school for the future coast guard officers. Established in 1876, the academy is located in the New London area of Connecticut. 250 cadets enter the academy every spring to be trained in competitive eight types of majors drawing on best of academics, physical fitness and character building for which academy is known. The motto of the academy: Scienitae cedit mare, which is a Latin phrase for "the sea yields to knowledge", is an exact reflection of the high standards of academy. The modern academy has it's foundations in school of instruction of the revenue cutter services, which was established in 1876 in Massachusetts, near New Bed ford. Then in 1915 the revenue cutter service merged in with the Life saving service, which then emerged as USCGA, located today on the bank of River Thames. The excellence in sports and music are some of the attractions of the society which have made it a focal point for the tourists.

New London Amtrak Train Station, New London:

Also known as New London Union Station, Amtrak Train Station is located in New London area of Connecticut. Its presence on the busiest train line of the United States makes It even more important with the largest number of passengers and goods movement through this station. The station could be easily reached by famous Greyhound bus service, from different areas. The station is an architectural amazement that came out of the hands of Henry Hobson Richardson in 1885 before his death; and is known to have been built after the structure of Trinity church in Boston. Like his other works, Amtrak features a specific multi-faceted roof with arched entrances and neat brick work. A station that is the base camp to the longest nearly non-stop journey; Amtrak has attracted a lot of tourists during the recent years. A combination of some four different trains makes it possible to journey to Newark and Delaware, marking a distance of nearly 416 Kilo meters. For those visiting the city for games in Meadowlands sports complex, Amtrak has to offer special Game-day service during only the games days, connecting metro-north to Penn station. In the coming days, the Amtrak would surprise its visitors by offering a new route which will journey through ten states including the famous and loving district of Columbia.

Big Ben, London:

Big Ben is a collective name for house of Parliament and the clock tower attached to it. It has an iconic importance for London as it appears on various media representing London. The structure is also called as the palace of Westminster and clock tower is referred to as St. Stephen's tower, where Ben technically is the name of the giant 13 tons bell inside the tower. The huge structure of Ben featuring a 23 feet square dial, a 14 feet long minute and 2 feet high figures present an awesome view especially at night when all the four faces of the clock tower are illuminated. One interesting aspect is the special light on the top of the clock which is turned on when the parliament is in session. The tower also have a history to tell it's visitors, from the attack during World War 2 which couldn't stop the clock and the first chimes of the clock which were broadcasted by BBC in December 1923 for the first time, which has from then became a tradition. Although the clock is not open to the general public, but a lot of tourists come gather around this great landmark to feel the aura of its historical beauty.

Madame Tussaud's Museum, London:

Have you ever wanted to see your favorite celebrities in front of your eyes? Well if you missed your chance and if you are in London, you can drop yourself at the Madame Tussaud's Wax Museum where you could find the wax statues of a lot of celebrities, you ever wanted in front of you. The museum is an ideological legacy of sculptor Marie Tussaud, with its branches now in other major cities too. The museum revives the history of French revolution with the statues of Jean Jacques Rousseau and Benjamin Franklin among the very first sculptured by Madame. Now the additions include the work of Horatio Nelson and Sir Walter Scott too. A part from that statue of various famous Hollywood and other international celebrities are on the display and could be seen here. The oldest personality here on display is statue of Madame Du Barry. One of the most interesting things about it is the self portrait by Madame Taussaud, which appear s on the entrance e and is a symbol of great attraction. Now with the growing number of branches, the museum has become a focal point of tourists.

Tate Museum- modern, London:

An outgrowth of the group Tate, the Tate modern is a museum of international modern art in London. It has the status of being Britain's national museum. It was created in 2000 out of a disused power station and is situated on the banks of river Thames, which makes it worth visiting. The main gallery is an awe spreading hall which is 152 meters long. The art works are on display in various levels with respect to genres. Level three and five depict what is called Tate collection; it consists of modern and contemporary British art from 1500 onwards. What attracts here are the works on display by Picasso and Matisse side by side with surrealist works of Mire, Magritte and Ernst. Exhibitions of temporary mix of these traditional arts are held continuously which cover broad themes in British art. It would be a great miss if someone comes to London and don't visit Tate while they are enjoying the spell of other great landmarks on the banks of Thames.

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