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Saint Paul's cathedral, London:

Situate d on the highest point in London, called Ludgate Hill; Saint Paul is an evangelical cathedral. The present doomed building has its origins in 17th century. Among the other prominent features like London's most famous and a familiar site with the it's doom being among the world's highest, it is also notable that it is fifth in the series of saint Paul cathedrals built on the same place since 604 AD. National events of great importance, like funerals Sir Winston Churchill and duke of wellington took place here, commemoration ceremonies for military heroes are held here too. When you step inside the awe provoking interior welcomes you and tells tale spread over hundreds of years. The special mosaics on the walls of the cathedral depict the history of nation in colors. The ' golden gallery' which is at the distance of 530 steps upwards provides the glittering views of London. The whispering gallery has a unique acoustic system that fascinates visitors a lot. Along with this, visitors fascinate themselves by taking an audio/visual tour of the cathedral.

The British library, London: 

The British library which holds the status of the national library of the United Kingdom was established on 1st July 1973 under British library Act of 1972. It is one of the world's mighty research hubs, with archives holding some 150 million items in all known scripts in practice and also the ancient ones.  the collection provides under one roof books, magazines, newspapers, sound and music discographies, maps, databases, prints and many more. One of the distinguishing features is the historic collection of original manuscripts from as far as 300 BC. The organizing body is the department of culture and media. Not only does the library provide access to the books and magazines, it also has a rich database electronically available which could be accessed from anywhere. The peaceful environment makes you feel like if you are in some ancient academy of Greeks. A lot of locals as well as foreigners pour in the library every day
Buckingham palace, London: 

the Buckingham palace houses the British queen which is the present monarch of Britain. the building was built in 1703 and  has a long history of being a palace, first built for duke of Buckingham and then it became the private residence of Queen Charlotte and then finally it came into possession of Queen Victoria in 1837. The original building was build using bright combination of scagliola and bluish pink lapis. The garden of the palace is the largest privately owned garden in London. in the vicinity of the palace are other great tourist attractions like river Thames, the tower clock and the London eye. Some more than 50,000 guests are officially entertained every year at the parties called the garden parties. These are one of the hallmarks of the palace and a great tourist attraction. The interior rooms, which are under normal official use, are left open for the tourists and general public from august through September every year.

West end of London:

Commonly referred to as simply the West End, it is a central London area of great tourist attractions, including headquarters of various businesses and world famous commercial theatres of West End. Located to the west of London, close to the Westminster palace, the area for its clean air was the most beloved area of the city's elite. Most of London's metropolitan activities are contained here because of the giant embassies, financial hubs and  famous government buildings like white hall that are an attraction of this end of London. Art galleries and museums add to the artistic mood of the west end. The term West End has its origins in 19th century when it was first used to refer to the elite areas of fashionable West part of Charring cross. Home to, and well known for its theatre and film industries, with the presence of up to date restaurants catering to various instincts, bars, luxurious hostels and night clubs make this place a heaven of entertainment. One great attribute is its fame as the largest shopping place in Europe, which add to its entertainment provisions.  If you are a shopping lover, there is no such place as Covent Garden of the West End and if you are tired of just roaming around and it’s getting dark, Leicester Square is there waiting with its sizzling entertainment menu to chose from theatre to circus and movies.

Victoria station:

Named after the great monarch, Queen Victoria, Victoria station, also commonly referred to as the London Victoria is one of the main terminals of the London's central railway systems housing also London Underground and coach station, in the Westminster area. You could locate it in the travel card zone 1 and it is the second busiest terminal in England after Waterloo station.  Victoria has its origin in line with the 1851's great exhibition; when the exhibition was transferred from Penge to Hyde Park, a new station was needed to serve for the exhibition, which was incorporated by Victoria station, opened on 27 March, 1858. The station that formerly was two distinct stations, have after 1924, when the line dividing the two was broken down and the Shabby Chatham terminal was included under the roof of Brighton station, been a one station. It is from the then Chatham terminal that the famous Venice Simplon-Orient-Express board passengers mostly the tourists on a journey to the continent, so if you are planning to hit some other destination in Europe, Victoria awaits you. Regular departures from Victoria head for the south; for Gatwick air port, towards the popular Brighton area, trains leave after every hour. For those who want to take a round of London underground, Victoria tube station just lies below the main station. A blend of history and an important one step entrance for many destinations make it a perfect visiting place for tourists.

Canary wharf:

Canary Wharf  has emerged as a modern rival of the traditionally powerful financial hub, The Square Mile, with an extending chains of offices, financial hubs and headquarters of big stake holders, with a great deal of shopping set ups.  A major attracting feature of this east London area is the three tallest buildings of UK; of these the tallest one, One Canada Square or also called Canary Wharf tower is home to famous big international banks like Barclays, HSBC and Citigroup, where as reputed law firm Clifford Chance and historical Reuters are also hallmarks of Canary. The opening up of giant shopping palace; the Jubilee Place shopping center has made Canary an attraction for the lovers of shopping.  The 50 floors of the building rising up to the height of 244 meters offers a vantage point to view the glittering London city at night, where itself it could be viewed from any high point in London. The area has been built purposefully with an efficient system which controls the shops, pubs and restaurants to ensure their smooth functioning. An efficient transport system makes it even more attractive for the tourists and businessmen; this is made possible by the Jubilee Line and Dockland Light Railway, where a 10 min drive from London City Airport making it rather more important for international business and a tourist attraction.

Earl courts center:

Earl courts center is a well known exhibition center, located in west London area of Royal Borough of Kensington, it also serves as a conference and events venue for multiple purposes. The gigantic center is supported by two underground train stations Earl's court and West Brampton, facing the center. The center which has units; earl courts one, earl courts two, the museum and the Brompton hall is so far known to be the best place In London for holding exhibitions that are of interest to both consumers and business community. This idea is a legacy of John Robinson Whitley who first converted these garbage dumping fields into an entertainment hub where shows like Buffalo bill's Wild West show was firsts held in 19th century. The trade shows like annually held Ideal Home Show, which is immensely popular among the London based consumers, and the Brit Awards are the notable events hosted by Earl Courts. The huge center has to offer its visitors with its own multipurpose luxurious conference rooms, restaurants, hotels and bars. Not only this, other facilities like e-banking and wireless internet are provided to the participants and visitors. Earl courts two's hall is not only special because it was first time opened for the famous auto vehicle exhibition 'motor fair', but also because it was inaugurated by her highness, princess Diana of wale on 17th October, 1991. With a capacity of 19,000 to hold, the venue has been a place of music concerts by such big names as Pink Floyd's pulse and Led Zeppelin, along with rolling stone, queen and Genesis. The center will be one of the venues for Olympics of 2012 too.

Globe Theatre:

Although a replica was built in 1997 of the original globe theatre associated with Shakespeare, called the Shakespeare's Globe Theatre yet it couldn't touch the beauty and aura of the original Globe theatre. It’s just 200 yards away from the site of Original Globe which got destroyed due to fire On June 29th 1613 while there was a play going on called, 'Henry the Eighth'. It was rebuilt in the following year and was shut down in 1642 by the Puritans, while in 1644 it got pulled down. The globe theatre was built one the lines of the old one, using those same techniques and wood and thatch. Although the present day Globe Theatre offers plays in open air like it was a tradition of the Old Globe Theatre, yet it could not produce such dramatic feeling such as were produced by that balcony scene of Romeo and Juliet. A replica of the original Globe, the Shakespeare's Globe Theatre also has a rectangular platform, which was then called the ' Apron stage', now known as Thrust stage due to its thrusting out shaped into the open air, makes the relation between the play and the audiences a unique one, with every move involving the audiences in itself, in addition to this, very cheap tickets make It  London's hearted place for those who want to taste a bit of old styled plays as it was during the days of Shakespeare. Thus a replica of history and those traditional styled plays, and more importantly its association with Shakespeare make it a must visit place.

Euston Railway station:

Also known as London Euston, Euston Railway station is a terminal of the Central London Railway, located in the area of London Borough of Camden. Its central location makes it able to connect with the London underground's Euston tube Station and Euston Square tube station and at the same time London's sixth busiest train terminal. The station has been used as old as 1837, when it was used to connect London and Birmingham. The structure of the station is a reflection of the triumphant designs of the 1960's, which has now mostly been replaced by modern designs. Although most of the oldies were replaced in 1960's by the current structure like the beautiful Doric arch, which was one of the symbols of Euston, yet there are some signs of worth seeing that reminds visitors of the old station; among them are two Portland stone entrances which can still be viewed, with a War memorial on Euston road. Similarly, a statue of the engineer Robert Stephenson, who builds London and Birmingham stations, is still there to narrate the quite historic tale of the station. The modern structure is a long 197 m lowered down structure with two front towers which reside the Network rail offices, who manage the Euston Railways. The functional aspect of the building is very much clear; the front is an amalgamation of polished stone and white tiles. Separate from the main terminal area is a large area reserved for shops and restaurants. The station's front is a depiction of art too, standing in the front yard is a statue called Piscator designed by artist Eduardo Paolozzi and very attractive benches designed by Paul de Monchaux fixed in the courtyard. An amazing history and amalgamated looks of old and modern make it a worth visiting place.

Piccadilly Circus:

Derived from the Latin word circus meaning a circle, circus refers to a circular open area formed at a junction of two streets. Piccadilly Circus is that historic and famous circus that was built in 1819 to join the regent street with the famous street of Piccadilly known to Londoners for its shopping charm. It is located in the West End area of the city of Westminster. The junction which was formerly known for its illuminating neon signs and hoardings, the trend that started here in 1900's have now been replaced by the shinning buildings and theaters all around. Yet one remnant of that historic trend could still be viewed between the Shaftesbury and Glasshouse Street, which could be read as Café Monico. The Circus's closeness to the West End makes it a gateway to home of entertainment and shopping arena. Being a major intersection, it has now turned into a known meeting place and a tourist attraction. Towards its south, on the top of the Shaftesbury memorial fountain lies the Eros statue which is one of the icons of London. The area is home to some of London's best theatres, one being Criterion Theatre, which is just behind the Eros statue; it is a stunning underground facility of 600 seats, the other being Apollo, palace and Queens. A mega music store in its west and for the lovers of sports; Lillywhite has to offer handsome discounts, offering 90 % of discount on international football shirts, how about that. Just on a little walk ahead, Fortnum and Masons await the shopping lunatics and offer gigantic food halls for those who need some rest.

Russell Square:

 Nowadays famous among tourists and known for the London bombings of 7 July 2005, the Russell square is a giant square with a garden, in the Bloomsbury area of Borough of Camden. It's location in close proximity to the main buildings of University of London and British Museum makes it an essential tourist attraction. Not only this, this importance is further reinforced by the presence of Woburn Place in its North and Tube station of Russell Square In the north-east making it accessible.  The creation of the Square dates back to 18th century, when new streets were developed by the duke on his own gardens. What attract the most in the Square are those old fashioned remaining houses; one of them has a blue plaque, making it very prominent, it commemorates T S Eliot, who lived here while editing poetry for the famous Faber and Faber, the building now is under the use of SOAS of University of London. on the eastern side, the eye catching Hotel Russell, that was built in 1898 is the only remaining memory of the magnificent beauty of Titanic; the very same builders built Titanic. The project of re-landscaping the square has given its surroundings a new spell; with jet fountains that play from the pavements. What added to the attraction of this square were the London bombings, all of which were in close proximity to Russell square. A memorial to dedicate those who lost their lives is located to south of the café in the Square and attracts a lot of people every day.

Cleveland Park, Washington:

Cleveland Park is a strange site for its resemblances of the architectural premeditated designs of late Victorian frame houses which are evocative and redolent of the summer homes of new England. The place was once a 1000 acres farm which belonged to an aide-de-camp of George Washington, General Uriah Forest. The Cleveland park can mark out its origin to the 1740s. Cleveland Park has maintained its rustic environment all through its development period since 1740 up till 1940s. The park is located along the avenue of Connecticut, situated two block from the north of National Zoo, and along the avenue of Washington, it is located two block from the north of the National Cathedral. Cleveland Park offers a true taste in the dinning, and a marvelous location for shopping. It is considered as a true neighborhood community. Cleveland Park is considered to be a flourishing neighborhood for its beautiful attractions for the visitors.

Adams-Morgan, Washington:

Adams-Morgan is regarded as one of the most ethnically assorted and enthralling zones in Washington. The location looks more charming due to its outdoor murals, ethnic restaurants, and funky shops at outside. The ethnic restaurants are a clear evidence of the people of different ethnic communities residing there as well as the visitors coming to enjoy the ambiance. The diversity in the menus of the restaurants range from the Indian food to Ethiopian cuisine. The clubs and bars are also the source of attraction for the visitors coming to this place. Unusual shopping places as well as grocery stores, are also a reason for the visitors to come and enjoy the shining lights of the place, but the most attractive part is the nightlife and the dinning scene in the restaurants which is attractive more than any other particularities in the place. A specific class of people like to live in this place, which include the young urban professionals, and intellectual people who want to enjoy their living in the 19th-century designed apartments and buildings in this place.

Washington Square Park, New York:

Prior to becoming a park officially in 1827, Washington Square Park, located in Greenwich Village, has served the folks for every thing, from a entombment ground to a public execution place. The park is still evolving to be serving the people in different ways. The beautiful park has also been described in the famous novel of Henry James, Washington Square, where the reader can find the NYU students using the park space as a de facto campus courtyard, playing chess and other games and doing other interesting activities all over the place in the park. This park structured in rectangular shape is packed up with two big playgrounds, dog runs, and also a place of the statue of Alexander Holley for unprepared magic shows, and also the concerts and events being organized on weekly and monthly basis. Due to its tendency to organization musical shows and providing play grounds to play, the park attracts many visitors annually to enjoy the natural beautiful scenes.

George Washington Bridge, New York:

Crossing over the Hudson River Between NJ, Fort Lee, and Upper Manhattan in New York City, the George Washington Bridge constitutes a part of Highway I-95, which was designed by a Swiss engineer Othmar h. Ammann. The bridge was opened for traffic in October, 1931, with six-lane road built. However two additional lanes were built later in 1946. The lower level of the bridge was opened for traffic in 1962 as the level of the traffic continued to grow up, which mad the bridge one of the most busiest bridge roads in the world with the highest number of lanes of 14 in the bridge. The George Washington Bridge was awarded to be the National Historic Civil Engineering Landmark by the American society.

Pentagon, Washington:

The Pentagon is the main head office of the American Department of Defense. The immense size of the building can be only appreciated by taking a visit to the beautiful building of pentagon. The size of each wing of the five wings of pentagon is so big that the United States Capitol can fit inside any one of the five wings. A directed tour to the pentagon can take one through only a portion of 17.5 miles of passages. Most of the tours are ‘walk-in’ and they begin from the metro entrance which take almost ninety minutes to complete one mile long route. The officials of the pentagon also permit the visitors to make the group tours as well, which require the advance booking and special permission beforehand. The officials of Pentagon are highly concerned with the security inside the building so they give special attention to the photographic identification of each visitor. Pentagon is located at a very pleasant place in Arlington in Virginia state. The tours of the building are allowed from Monday to Friday at special timings and admission to the Pentagon of the civilians is free.

Royal Academy, London:

The Royal Academy was established in 1768. The academy, in its initial phase, functioned as a school for the teenage students for painting, drawing, teaching, and sculpture to affectionate young artists. The Royal Academy of Arts is an independent organization run by the well-known artists and architects of UK and other parts of the world. These artists aim to encourage and endorse the formation and admiration of the visual and figurative arts in Britain and other parts of the world. The most of the activities are done via exhibitions, education, debating competitions. Royal academy is the main hub of brilliance for academic art in Britain, and has the characteristic superiority over its counterparts in Europe which are Academy of Florence, the Academy of Rome and the French Academy.

Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum, New York:

Situated on 46th street along the western side of Manhattan, the Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum is the history museum containing the military and nautical compilation. It primarily consists of the museum ships in the city of New York. The museum exhibits the aircraft carriers used in the World War II, such as the USS Intrepid. The museum serves as a center for the navy events and celebrations every year. It was established in 1982 and was closed in 2006 for a two year period for reformation of Intrepid and other services provided by the museum to the visitors. The museum has also been an important place to visit for its historical importance of the Intrepid being used by the FBI as an initial headquarter for the investigation process in the post 9/11 era. Additional aircrafts are also displayed in the museum which have been brought up from Germany, Russia and Great Britain. The visitors attractive to the military arsenal and aircraft material will find this place too much intriguing and fascinating.

Hayden Planetarium, New York:

Situated on the Central park in city of New York, and officially a part of the American Museum of Natural History, Hayden Planetarium is a place established for the civic community, established since 1935. The planetarium was renovated in 2000, after which it has been the center of the attraction in the Rose Center for Earth and Space. The place is shaped in spherical form. The upper half of this sphere abodes the Star Theater, where as the lower half houses the Big Bang Theater. The planetarium conducts a number of informative sessions related to modern scientific space research as well as the educational courses interesting to the visitors, which are organized by the well knows professors in the U.S, conducting the lecture series on the summers.

Grand Central Terminal, New York:

The Grand Central Terminal is the station situated in the Midtown Manhattan in the New York City. The Grand Central Terminal is ranked as the largest railway station is the world by considering the number of platforms built in this terminal, which are more than 45 along with the 68 tracks upon them. The tracks are built both on the upper ground as well below the ground, which count up to 42 and 27 respectively. According to recent projects under procession, the Grand Central would be offering more train tracks which would accede to the platforms and tracks existed before, i.e. 48 and 75 respectively. The Grand Central Terminal serves the travelers to travel on to the Metro-North Railroad to the counties of Putnam and Dutchess in the state of New York, and New Haven and Fairfield in the Connecticut State. The platforms built in the terminal have all the furnished facilities that the travelers can enjoy during their travel.

Gracie Mansion, New York:

Gracie Mansion is the name of the official home place of the mayor of the New York City. The official residence was built in 1799 and is situated in Carl Schurz Park in 88th street in Manhattan. The residence is a two story building which was constructed by Archibald Gracie, who manufactured the building in the artistic federal style. But the consequent financial losses compelled Gracie to sell this house which was further revised by the other people who bought this house until the city government took over the control of this house in 1942 and allocated this to the new appointed mayors of the New York City in the future. The Gracie Mansion was considered to be the first home under custody of the Museum of the City of New York. The residence has the official restrictions of residing and staying in this house, which says that the house can only be used for the official business related to the city and among the visiting members would be just the public officials meanwhile the family can reside in the house with mayor. This is the reason that the Gracie Mansion has not been the landmark considered as a general public visiting place since it has been used officially.

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