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Governors Island, New York:

Located in the New York Bay, Governors Island is legally a part of the Manhattan region of New York. The island has been a well known place in the history for its importance of being used for the defensive works in the American Revolutionary war by the troops of the Continental army in 1776. In the recent times, the island has become the favorite dating and picnic spot for the people who also come here to enjoy and fantasize themselves with a blend of the natural as well as the artificial beauty. The teenage visitors will enjoy a free ride of the ferry by biking miles in a car free track. The visitors of the mature group will enjoy the free art exhibitions, music dance performances, tours of the amazing scenery spots as well as the artificial golf miniatures. In the recent times, the Public Space Master Plan has been released where the visitors will enjoy a lot more than they are at present.

University of Washington, Seattle:

Established in Seattle, Washington, the University of Washington is an institute for the community research and public learning. The university is ranked as the largest university in the northwestern region of United States. Commonly abbreviated as UW, the university is considered as one of the oldest institutes on the Western Coast of the United States, and one of the greatest universities specializing in the research and practice of various fields, in the world. UW consists of the three campuses and has the largest campus in the University District of Seattle , where as the two other campuses are Bothell and Tacoma. The University of Washington has over 500 buildings in which different academic departments, complexes, student hostels and other facilities for the students and others are contained. According to the academic ranking of the world universities announced in 2009, the University of Washington was awarded in the 16th place among the best academic institutes in the world. Students who plan to pursue their studies in UW will better have made their decisions correctly and will find this institute in the personal and professional development of their characters when they study in this great institution.

University District, Seattle:

The university District is basically a populated region in Seattle, Washington and it has been called with this name because the University of Washington’s main campus is located in this district. The outer frontiers of the University District are informal and drawn unofficially, like the other districts situated in Seattle. The district is surrounded on the northern side by Ravenna Boulevard, on the southern side by Lake Washington, on the eastern side by 25th Avenue, and by Interstate 5 on the western side. The most important commercial street in this district is the University Way NE, which is well known in the whole city and is named as ‘The Ave’ in University District. The area of the University District has a great long span of history which dates back to the glacial period, i.e. more than 10,000 years ago. In the contemporary times, the University District has been a well known place for recreation which intrigues the people of U District as well as the people of the surrounding areas as well. The main events organized here every year is the Annual May U District Street Fair, which was first organized in 1971 and the tradition has been celebrated so far.

Qwest Field, Seattle:

Located in Seattle, Washington State, the Qwest Field is an arena established for multi purposes. The arena serves as the home ground for the Seattle Seahawks team of the National Football League, due to which this stadium has been called Seahawks Stadium which was changed to Qwest Field in 2004. The arena contains all the necessary equipment and facilities for the visitors who come here to play or entertain themselves. These facilities include parking lots, public shopping malls and plazas, as well as the theaters for the entertainment purposes. The stadium is considered as one of the best places in Seattle for hosting the music concerts, consumer shows, as well the trade shows, which present many creative segments in their shows to attract more number of people into their entertainment shows. The stadium was built and constructed between 2000 and 2002. The arena provides all the modern facilities necessary with the views and sceneries of Seattle area to the closer proximity. There are more than 70,000 seats in the stadium which make this arena the largest one in the entire Washington State because it can accommodate more number of people at a time than any other stadium in Washington.

New York City Fire Museum, New York:

Established in 1904, the New York City Free Museum is the home for the largest compilation of the fire memorabilia in the whole country of United States. Located in the Spring Street in the busiest city of New York, the fire museum rejoices more than one hundred years of fire fighting excitement and drama. The most enduring features of the museum include the brilliantly preserved fire engines since the colonial period up till the present time, which remind the visitors of the rich old period of the history. The tools and machines put in the museum were once the basic utility source for the old people and were used to save the lives and properties of the people. Today, the same set of toys are put in place to see them as great piece of art than just the simple tools. The museum administration has also initiated the Fire Safety Education Program, which makes the place more important than the great historical and imaginative value of tools presented to watch. More than three thousand of children join this training program for learning fire safety rules. The museum is serving the people and visitors not only in entertaining them through the historical firefighting machines, it has also played its historical role by saving so many lives of the people so far.

New York Botanical Gardens, New York:

The New York Botanical gardens was developed in the late 19th century by a botanist of Columbia University named Nathaniel Lord Britton along with his wife who were actually inspired by the England’s Royal Botanic Gardens, and they decided that New York City should also posses such a beautiful garden with all those amenities that could attract a large bunch of people to see the natural beauty. For this project to succeed, a special site was chosen in the northern side of Bronx. Immediately after its establishment since 1891, the garden had become a destination famous all over the world for the visitors to enjoy and relish the beauty of this unique location. The New York Botanical Gardens is considered as the supporting monarchy of plants and flowers. The garden has the main mission of acting as a museum of plants representing each specie and collection of plants and flowers arranged in arrays in this historic site of attraction. The administration of the gardens also promotes the education programs of plant sciences and horticulture, and has also introduced several research programs for the plant development purposes.

Neue Galerie, New York:

Located on 5th avenue, the Neue Galerie is a museum of Austrian and German artifacts and attractions. It is divided into the three separate floors where different art works of unique contributors are presented. The museum has a wide variety of artifacts and creative piece of arts of the German and Austrian artists which date back to the early twentieth century. These great pieces of arts are exhibited on the two floors of the museum. The galleries located on the second floor of the museum are dedicated to the art work of Vienna Circa 1900, which actually explored the true relationship between the fine arts and decorative arts in that time period. The third floor galleries reveal the art work of the German artists, which mostly represent the early twentieth century movements. The real name of the museum has its origin from the European arts institutions and it represents the true taste of the art presented by the Europeans in the early 20th century period.

Museum of the American Indian, New York:

Located in the Bowling Green in the New York City, the National Museum of the American India is one of its first national museum which is devoted to the native Americans’ preservation of culture, study, and history. This is the 16th museum of the Smithsonian Institution. The museum was established in 1989 in a result of the action taken by the Congress, and since then works in cooperation of the native American people belonging to the western hemisphere to mainly preserve their cultural norms and values by controlling it themselves. They also promote and encourage the modern artistic lexis tending to empower the American Indian culture. The museum also holds the records of the movies, documentaries and audiovisual record collections, the paper annals as well as photography collections of more than 80,000 images which are the true evidence of the richness of the historic and modern Native American life style.

Academy of design museum, New York:

The National Academy of Design Museum was founded in 1825, which is home of statues, paintings, and drawings ranging from 8,000 to 10,000 pieces of arts. The museum contain one of the largest collections of American arts and paintings in the world. This collection began right after the academy was established in 1825 and it received a large number of donations from the well known artists and painters from all over the world. The museum is situated itself at a historical landmark which is the 19th century designed townhouse with traditional ceilings and walls and represents itself as a great piece of art. The museum also contains a small shop where the visitors can buy some memorable things to commemorate their visit to such an amazing academy of design museum.

Museum of the city of New York, New York:

The Museum of the City of New York was established in early twentieth century in 1923, and is a private non profit organization which is totally funded by the government finances. It is basically considered as an art arcade and a museum of historical pieces of art and has been focused upon the representing the New York City’s history since the last 80 years. Located in the northern end of the Museum Mile sector along the fifth avenue of Manhattan, the museum has won many honors and awards based on the services it has been providing since 1923. The museum has received the gold medal of The Hundred Year Association of New York award for the remarkable role it has played in preserving and presenting the history of New York. The Museum of the City of New York is the ideal place for the visitors who visit New York and want to be informed with the complete history of the city.

Museum of Modern Art, New York:

Situated in the Midtown of Manhattan, New York City, the Museum of Modern Art is an art museum known for its efforts for the great collection, development and preservation of the modern and contemporary art. It is, in this respect, is regarded as the one of most significant contemporary art museums in the world. The archives in the museum provide the viewers a dissimilar synopsis of contemporary art. These art works include the paintings, drawings, architectural work, photography, as well as the books and films by the established and well known artists. The museum contains over 300,000 books and films of the artists and it also contains more than 70,000 artists’ individual workings and data files. The visitors, attractive to the modern and contemporary art will find no other better place than this museum to find out the interesting material related to the history of contemporary art.

Museum of Jewish Heritage, New York:

Located in the Lower Manhattan, the Museum of Jewish Heritage was opened in September , 1997 to commemorate the living memorial of the Jewish Holocaust during World War II. The building of the museum is hexagonal in shape, which commemorates the several historical events of the Holocaust, such as the six million Jews who died in the holocaust. The museum attributes and presents a collection of more than 2000 works of art related to the Jewish history, and also depicting their modern culture. Apart from exhibiting the large collection of the Jewish Holocaust, the museum also contains the features depicting the Jewish culture in the past and a section focusing on the rise of the Jewish in the modern period. The museum administration also arranges the guides for the visitors for helping them about knowing the interesting facts regarding the Jewish Holocaust and their success stories in the contemporary period.

Museum of Chinese in America, New York:

Established in 1980, the Museum of Chinese in America is a museum located in 215 Center Street, Chinatown in the New York city, which is dedicated to representing the history of Chinese American people, by preserving their culture, heritage, and miscellaneous practices of the Chinese people and their predecessors in the United States. The museum depicts itself as a home for the valuable accounts of the diverse communities of the Chinese American. The museum has the central purpose of making the history of the Chinese American people public and approachable to the public by appreciating and comprehending the art work developed by the Chinese American people and also encouraging their rich culture and heritage. The museum also several events such as annual workshops, social conferences, art festivals, and many other useful resources related to the history of Chinese American people. The people visiting this museum will enjoy by knowing and getting information of some interesting facts about the Chinese American people and will better get to know about the comparative life style of these people in the past as well as in the contemporary times.

Statue of Liberty, New York:

The Statue of Liberty, built in 1886, is the historical representation of ‘United States Declaration of Independence’, which was awarded by the French to the people of United States for dedicating the friendship of the two nations during the ongoing American Revolution. The statue represents a lady dressed in a royal gown and wearing sandals. Situated on the Liberty island, New York Harbor, the great statue greets the visitors and the people of United States returning to their country by ship. The statue holds a torch in her right hand which demonstrates the strength and power of light over the darkness. The lady also holds a tablet in her left hand, which signifies her uphold upon the justice and independence, and the tablet also demonstrates the articles of the Declaration of Independence, where the date is inscribed. The statue has put on a crown in its head which designates the seven glimmering rays of God bestowed upon the true humans. The Statue of Liberty has been the first sight of attraction for millions of visitors coming to United States.

Columbia University, New York:

Established in 1754 by George II of Great Britain, Columbia university represents itself as one of the oldest institutions of higher education in New York state. It is a private university and is a member of Ivy League. Columbia university is the 5th old university in United States. The main campus of the university is situated in the Morningside Heights region near the central district of Manhattan in New York. Columbia was chartered as a state entity in the period of 1784-1787, immediately after American Revolutionary War. The university annually conducts many competitions and directs several awards. Columbia is honored to have more noble prize winners as faulty and alumni, than any other university all over the world. The university has its four international campuses situated in China, France, Jordan, and India.

City Hall, New York:

The gorgeous and stunning New York City Hall, is situated at the heart of the City Hall Park in Lower Manhattan area and surrounded by Park Row, Broadway Parking, and Chambers Street. The hall is honored as the oldest building in the United States which is still functioning for the governmental duties, e.g. the New York City Mayor Office. The city hall was built in 10 years from 1803 to 1812. It is considered as the historical landmark of the nation, and has its utmost importance as registered to be in the National Register of Historic Places. The interior and exterior parts of the city hall are selected as the landmarks of the New York City, where the architectural style of the hall coalesces the two historical movements in the past, French Renaissance, and American-Georgian.

New York University, New York:

New York University is a private institute and is non-sectarian research institute situated in New York City. The university’s main campus is located in the Greenwich Village of Manhattan. The university was established in 1831, and is the higher education platform for more than 40,000 students at an annual scale in more than 15 schools and colleges. NYU is currently ranked as among the best universities in the world. NYU is divided into the 18 colleges, schools, and institutes, and is located in the multiple regions in Manhattan and Brooklyn. NYU has established its campuses across the globe as well. NYU also contains the study broad services for the students all over the world and is operating in the meantime in London, Prague, Berlin, Paris, Shanghai, and Singapore. The university has supported its students to participate in the sports as well, where the students win different sports titles every year for the university.

Greenwich Village, New York:

Located on the western side of lower Manhattan in New York City, Greenwich Village is a larger residential area where most of the upper middle class of New York resides. The village is bounded by the Broadway street on the eastern side, the Hudson river on the west, 14th street on the north, and Houston street on the southern side. Whereas, East village, SoHo, Hudson square, and Chelsea surround the village on the eastern, western, southern, and northern side respectively. Historically, Greenwich Village is located on the place which was once called marshland. The village is the home of many Hollywood celebrities, and personalities of different other professions. The village also contains the main campus of the New York University, and several other well known schools, colleges and universities are located here. The beauty and charm of the village streets attract the people to take a walk and enjoy the evening with the lovely scene of the floating river on the west.

Madison Square Garden, New York:

The Madison Square Garden, abbreviated as MSG, is located at the 8th avenue between 31st an d 33rd streets, in the borough of Manhattan in New York City. The garden is an indoor stadium for multi purpose functions and events. The garden was opened in 1968 for the viewers and spectators for visiting and enjoying the events. The garden is the third busiest place in the world for the sales of the tickets of different contests and competitions, or plays and movies. The garden, at present, hosts more than 300 events in a year and has been a well known place itself for boxing competitions. The garden is also famous for adventurous events such as circus. The garden is organize d into six ascending levels and every level seats between 15,000 to 25,000 capacity of people. Due to the attraction of the garden for organizing the events, Madison Square Garden has made many appearances in television programs and movies.

Little Italy, New York:

Little Italy is the district located in the lower Manhattan and has once been known for the large number of Italians living in this area. It is surrounded by Bayard Street in south, Bleecker on north, Lafayette on west, and Bowery on the eastern side. In the recent decades, the most of the area has been merged with the nearest area, china town, as most of the Chinese immigrants moved to this place. In the recent times, the place is treated as a tourist place specially for the Italian tourists and visitors to take a deep look into the Italian people life style in the past in America. The streets in Little Italy are lined up with more than 20 Italian restaurants which have been the main source of attraction for the tourists all over the world.

Diamond district, New York:

Located on the West 47th street between the fifth and sixth avenue in Manhattan, the Diamond District is an area within the walking distance from many beautiful attractive places of New York. The Diamond District is the largest shopping district for diamonds jewelry of all shapes and sizes, which have fabulous value and are in reasonable prices. The district is situated one block away from the southern side of Rockefeller, three blocks northern to Radio City Music Hall, and three blocks on the northern side of St. Patrick’s Cathedral. The district is away from just one block away from the eastern side of the Broadway Theater District. The Diamond District is well known for the diamond jewelry varieties in all over the world and is one of the key centers of the global diamond industry in the world.

Times Square, New York:

The Times Square is the major commercial area in the city of New York located in the borough of Manhattan, New York. The region is located at the intersection of Broadway and Seventh Avenue it is stretching from 42nd to 47th street from West. The area has been owned by John Morin Scott in the era of pre and post American Revolution. John was the army man serving under George Washington. The theaters such Broadway located near Times Square along with its energetic LED and neon signs has made them one of the beautiful iconic images of New York, and also has represented itself as the deeply urban aspect of Manhattan. The area has always been the site of the annual New year’s Eve ball drop. The place is the attractive to the advertisers where hundreds of advertisements are displayed in the form of neon and electric signs, which keeps the people busy in getting to know the new market products, which makes the Times Square a very special place for the visitors as the best platform for latest market and commercial information.

Staples Center, Los Angeles:

Located in Downtown Los Angeles, the Staples Center is a sports stadium where multiple indoor games can be played. The center is situated at a very next location to the Convention Center of Los Angeles. The center is the most suitable place all over the Los Angeles for the large indoor event, which mostly include ice hockey, basket ball, and badminton. The Staples Center has the current capacity of more than 15,000 spectators and specially for boxing matches and musical concerts, it has the capacity of approximately 20,000 spectators. Due to enhanced seating capacity, and the event management and organization of world class sports matches, the Staples Center is considered as the best stadium and entertainment hub in the world. The stadium serves as a home for the two franchises of NBA (National Basketball Association). The visitors and spectators can find no other better environment of the arena for the boxing as well as ice hockey matches as the Staples Center provides to its guests and the visitors will take back nice memories of the games they come to see here.

Chandler Pavilion, Los Angeles:

Chandler Pavilion is name of one of the great music halls of one of the largest performing art centers of the United States, the Los Angeles Music Center. Chandler hall is the most significant and momentous music hall than the other halls of the Los Angeles Music Center, upon which are Mark Tapper Forum, Walt Disney Concert Hall, and Ahmanson Theatre are included. The pavilion was actually dedicated in the memory of Dorothy Buffum Chandler in 1964, who led the foundation of the performing arts in Los Angeles by building an appropriate home of music and art for the people of Los Angeles. Chandler Pavilion has more than 3,000 seats which are spread over four rows with wide and bending stairways. The pavilion is specifically home of opera where various well known artists perform opera which have the peculiar source of attraction for the visitors. The Chandler Pavilion as well as the other sections of the Los Angeles Music Center provide the great taste of music to the lovers of classical music and one would miss the magical performances once he visits the Chandler Pavilion to listen to the great music.

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