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Fashion Show Mall, Las Vegas:

Situated in the Las Vegas Strip in Nevada, containing more than 150,000 square meter of area, the Fashion Show Mall is considered as one of the largest enclosed malls all over the world. The Mall is owned by a private company named General Growth Properties Inc. The Fashion Show Mall consists of more than 250 stores, an eminent stage, and more than 7 commentators. The weekly fashion shows take place on every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, which the people who visit the mall for shopping can watch absolutely free. The mall also presents many up market restaurants and hotels, and has facilitated the customers and the visitors with the automatic elevators and private entrances which can be used when the mall is not opened for the commercial use. The Fashion Show Mall is considered as the best center of the professional fashion designers in United States, where the visitors can go and can order their dresses with the type of designs they want from them to carve in the dresses.

Asia Art Museum, San Francisco:

The Asian Art Museum is the first and one of the most significant museums in the western world which is completely devoted to representing the Asian art and culture. The museum contains more than 15,000 artworks many of which even date back to 5000 B.C. It contains one of the most wide-ranging and broad compilations of the Asia art in the whole world. The Asia Art Museum is basically a communal foundation which has the central mission of leading the audience of diverse backgrounds to explore the artistic and scholastic landmarks achieved by the Asian artists who represented their culture in the most unique way. The museum served its visitors in the Golden Gate Park facility till October 2001, after which it was moved to the other expanded location. The Asian Art Museum was reopened on March, 2003 at Civic Center in San Francisco for the public where it is serving the public up until today.

University of Central Florida, Orlando:

The University of Central Florida is a community research institute, which is situated in Orlando, Florida state. Commonly abbreviated as UCF, the university is the largest university in the Florida State in terms of its enrollment of students, academic programs, as well as the area of the land. UCF was established in 1963 as Florida Technological University to initially provide highly professional technical training. The university included several other disciplines with the passage of time expanding its academic extent and was renamed the University of Florida later in 1978. The university management offers more than 250 degree programs which are offered within 12 schools and 11 satellite campuses in Florida. The university has made notable research contribution towards the field of computer engineering, business administration, medicine, as well as other significant fields of academics. The campus life in the UCF is so much intriguing that the students live best times of their lives during their stay in the university.

Symphony Center, Chicago:

Situated at 220 South Michigan, the Symphony Center is the home of the orchestral symphony. The Symphony Center in Chicago is one of the best centers in the world with the best classical symphony collections played by the well known artists. The center includes an Orchestra Hall which was founded in 1904, a separate hall for the performance rehearsal, a rotunda covering multiple stories, delicious restaurants, and the offices of the center administration. The Symphony Center was renovated in 1993 at full scale where the plans were endorsed to expand the building of the center for which a budget of $110 million was accepted for the project, which was completed between 1995-1997. The center has been awarded as a National Historic Landmark in 1994. The Orchestra theater in the Symphony Center has been a multi purpose theater where the movies have been played in the 1910s and also lectures and other classes of orchestra have been arranged in 1920s to maintain the revenue in the summer holidays.

The Cloisters, New York:

The Cloisters is one of the main divisions of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, situated in the Fort Tyron Park near Manhattan island on a small mountain on the opposite side of the Hudson River. The Cloisters was established in the dedication of the architecture and artwork made by the European people in the Middle Ages. The Cloisters contains the area of a museum building having 4 acres area on the each adjacent side. The Cloisters itself contains more than five thousand works of art of the medieval Europeans, in which the most significant works of art date back from twelfth to the fifteenth century. This unique collection possessed by the Cloisters is considered to be the largest one preserved by any museum in the world. The visitors can enjoy the great pieces of art in the Cloisters which has the unique collection of the European art and culture of the medieval times rarely carried by any other museum in the world.

Studio Museum of Harlem, New York:

Located in the Harlem area of the New York City, the Studio Museum of Harlem is an art museum depicting the American modern and contemporary artwork. The museum was established in 1968 and is honored to be the first museum in the United States dedicated to the art of the African-American artists. The artwork exhibited in this museum deals with the 19th and 20th century masterpieces, which also include the works made by the African descendents. The Studio Museum organizes many interesting and informative events for its visitors such as the exhibitions, public learning and programming, as well as the research facilities for the visitors. Since its establishment, the museum has played an important role in promoting the contemporary art of the African-American culture, specially the educational programs regarding the art and culture of the African-American descent has played a methodical role for enriching the art and architectural work of the American African artists.

Strawberry Fields – John Lennon Memorial, New York:

Situated in the Central Park, New York City, the Strawberry Fields is a section of 10,000 square meter area which was built in 1985 devoting it to the loving memory of the great musician John Lennon. The name of this place was chosen after the famous song ‘Strawberry Fields Forever’ by Lennon and McCartney. The Strawberry Fields was established in October 1985 on 45th birthday of John Lennon, and was inaugurated by his widow who came up with this project. The monument is often sheltered and covered by candles, flowers and other stuff left behind by the fans of Lennon. On his birthday, on 9th October, people gather in the memorial place for the special occasion and sing songs all the night until late at night to pay tributes in their different styles to this legendary singer and musician. Visiting this memorial can take the visitor back to 1970s period commemorating the great music produced by the Beatles Band.

Orange Bowl Stadium, Miami:

On the western side of Downtown near Havana was located the Orange Bowl Stadium, which was specialized for the outdoor athletic competitions based in Miami, Florida. The stadium was considered as a home for the college football team of Miami Hurricanes. The stadium had hosted the professional team of Miami Dolphins for the first 20 seasons they had played. The stadium had also been honored to be the impermanent home of the team of FIU Golden Panthers. The stadium contained a large area surrounded by the Northwest 3rd street from southern side, northwest 6th street from the northern side, northwest 16th avenue from the western side, and northwest 14th avenue from the eastern side. The stadium was blown up and destroyed in 2008 and will be rebuilt in a new location containing more than 35,000 seats to facilitate as many spectators as possible.

Cruise Line Terminal, Boston, MA, US

Boston's Black Falcon Terminal is the only terminal where cruise ships can harbor in the city and is situated in the South Boston Waterfront District, approximately 7 miles away from Logan International Airport. There are more than 200,000 passengers who pass through this terminal every year, all of whom use Boston as a drop-off and pick-up point to various popular destinations such as New England and Canada as well as the Caribbean and the Bahamas. Cruise ship passengers who are staying in Boston for a day or two or using it as a port-of-call will be able to tour different sites in the city such as Newbury Street and Copley Square, two of the most fashionable shopping areas in the area. The terminal has also undergone a recent renovation, and should be more accessible and convenient for passengers who would like the chance to explore the city of Boston and enjoy its attractions while waiting for their cruise ship to depart.

Children's Hospital, Boston, MA, US

Children's Hospital in Boston was established in 1869 and is located along Longwood Avenue, right at the heart of the city center and easily accessible from several points in the city. It is a world-class institution specializing in the best of pediatric care and is the primary teaching and internship institution of Harvard Medical School's pediatric medicine department. The hospital is composed of 396 beds with more than 900 medical and dental staff and a wide range of health care service facilities for children around the world. There are approximately 204 specialized clinical programs in the hospital, serving patients with diseases such as cancer, diabetes, endocrine disorders, respiratory disorders, and kidney disorders, among others. It is also a premiere center for Neonatal care, where expectant parents can have treatment in the hospital's Advanced Fetal Center as early as 15 weeks gestation. The hospital has also received various commendations, including a number one ranking in Heart and Heart Surgery, Neurology and Neurosurgery, and Orthopedics in an issue of the US News and World Report.

Mass General Hospital, Boston, MA, US

Massachusetts General Hospital has existed since 1811 and has since been one of the leading innovators of quality health care and medical research in the United States. It has a consistent ranking among the top five hospitals in the country according to the US News and World Report. The hospital, composed of 900 beds, has five multidisciplinary care centers which specialize in conditions such as cancer, digestive disorders, heart disease, vascular medicine, and transplantation. It also holds the distinction of being the original teaching center of Harvard Medical School, and does indeed prove true to this with almost all of its staff serving on the faculty of the school. The vision of the hospital is to provide the utmost care to all members of the community – both in Boston and around the world, and make sure to deliver and sustain health care for the betterment of the said community. The hospital is divided into several departments, among which include Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Psychiatry, Surgery, Neurology and Neurosurgery, Pain Medicine, Emergency Medicine and the like, and is easily accessible via public transportation.

Freedom Trail, Boston, MA, US

When it comes to the historical places in the United States, the Freedom Trail cannot be skipped. It is actually the most prominent place showing the rich history of America’s revolution. It is almost 3 km long, made of bricks of red color having 16 official sites. The Freedom Trail is visited by people of from all over the world and from all backgrounds. Special trips for school children are arranged to make them familiar with the city’s history. Walking along the Freedom Trail gives the glimpses of how the history has changed in different times and one experiences the real happenings. There are some tours designed especially for groups, individuals and schools. It is always recommended to have some knowledge about it before visiting the place, so that the time could be enjoyed in the best possible way.

Tufts-New England Med Ctr, Boston, MA, US

With the objective of healing, providing the comfort, teaching the staff, seeking the knowledge to promote health, Tuft Medical Center is offering its services to all communities for almost two centuries. This 451 bed hospital is ranked in five percent of the medical organizations that have received National Institutes of Health research funding. Its technology transfer office is imparting the knowledge in order to improve health care and prevent diseases. Tuft Medical Center helps its children patients to maintain their personal web pages, where they can get support from their family and friends, update multiple friends and control the flow of information. This hospital is closely associated with number of other medical organizations to work for the achievement of a better health.

Boston Medical Center, Boston, MA, US

Located in the historical area of Boston and equipped with the latest technology, Boston Medical Center is a private and not for profit center. It works in collaboration with Boston University School of Medicine. Highly professional and skilled staff of BMC is always ready to look after you with their advance knowledge and sophisticated instruments. Patients are treated with great care and respect. BMC has started admitting addicted people and helping them to return to their normal lives through special ways of treatment. Through its research facilities, BMC is contributing significantly towards the betterment of health sector and is providing high quality health care without any difference. This health center is well aware of the advancements in medical science and is trying its level best to sustain highest expected standards. At BMC one can find exceptional care with no exception.

Miami Metro zoo, Cutler Ridge, FL, US


Take a well deserved trip this summer and visit stunning new animals at the 290 acre Miami Metro Zoo located in Miami. New animals appearing in attractions this 2010 year include strange, but interesting creatures such as the zoo's first pair of Golden Lion Tamarinds. The zoo tries to recapture the nature in the Amazon rainforest with its beautiful exhibits, unique animals, and fun attractions. The park features everything from exotic Asian exhibits to Australian and African themed areas. Metro Zoo is filled with many site seeing adventures and offers plenty of quality family time. Create your own safari in this beautiful landscape capable of taking your breath away. The customer reviews are intriguing and they alone make you want to start packing your bags. The zoo provides hours of fun and entertainment for people of all ages while also giving everyone the chance to learn about different animals and their environments.

Miami Jai-Alai Fronton, Miami:


Operating year round in the warm city of Miami, Jai-Alai is one of the fastest sports in the world. Players hurl balls at great speeds from sisters strapped on their hands/arms. Jai-Alai Fronton is only 10 minutes away from Miami International Airport. The Fronton has a capacity of 6,500 people and a capacity of 450 in the court view restaurant, giving you the opportunity to eat a peaceful meal and enjoy watching a great Jai-Alai match at the same time. Although temporarily closed down for renovations, the court view restaurant features beautiful decor to gaze upon while enjoying an incredible cuisine. Renovations are taking place from May 1, 2010 to September 29th, 2010 and until then, live Jai-Alai matches will be closed but will then re-open again on September 30th with intense Jai-Alai sport action. General admission comes cheap which makes it a great family outing without breaking the bank. Admissions are only $1.00!, but if you want to reserve a seat it will cost an extra buck.




Kensington, London,


Located in the West London District in England is Kensington, a densely populated community filled with magnificent buildings. The main heart of Kensington is where a vast majority of its commercial life is located, on Kensington High Street. Declared London's 2nd best shopping street, Kensington High Street has many shops, buildings, and even a well known museum district. This particular area of London has some of the most expensive streets and gardens. Local buses link Kensington with surrounding districts such as North and West Kensington. Local attractions in the general area of Kensington are such places such as the Royal Albert Hall, Science Museum, and the Royal College of Art to name a few. There are many places to see if you truly enjoy shopping, beautiful architecture and simply just site seeing. Kensington, London is a fabulous place for anyone who enjoys making their eyes light up.



Kings Road/ Sloane Square, London, GB

Combing the new look of the modern style as well as the comfort wanted in any hotel experience, Sloane Square located in London is one of the most famous hotels this amazing place has to offer. The building style is just mouth dropping and the hotels 102 rooms over look Sloane Square and Holy Trinity. With a comforting atmosphere and a view such as that, what more could one ask for? Some local attractions that are close to this hotel beauty are Tate Britain Gallery, Westminster Abbey & Houses of Parliament, and Tower Bridge. There are several more attractions which are all located within 3 miles of the hotel. Enjoy first class meals from only the finest of quality products. The room facilities feature air conditioning, a mini bar, a flat screen tv, and even climate control. With a vacation spot like this that provides quality service, a 4 star rating, and perfection, why would you go anywhere else.




Washington Convention Center, Seattle, WA, US


Looking to plan your extraordinary event somewhere well known in Washington? Look no further then the heart of downtown Seattle where the Washington State Convention Center is located. Enjoy first class catering services from staff trained by the Culinary Institute of America. Whether you have a smaller group of 20, or a much larger group of up to 11,000, entertain your guest with a unique setting including 4 different ballrooms making up a great 45,000 square feet. Washington Convention Center also features 61 meeting rooms with advanced technology including telecommunications. All in all, if you are looking for a spacious area where your guest will be amazed and comfortable WSCC offers it all. Book your meetings, banquets, receptions and more in a well built 205,700 square feet of heavy load space. Located within walking distance of the best shops, restaurants, and sites in Washington, WSCC truly has something to offer.




UW Medical Center, Seattle, WA, US


Ranking number 1 as the primary care medical school in the entire United States since 1994, The University of Washington has been helping the public better understand the use of medicine for years. UW Medical Center, established in 1946 is ranked 6th in the United States out of other academic biomedical research institutions. The staff at UW use programs such as the "Mini-Med School" to provide tours for schools to educate the public. University of Washington has helped science in many ways from Transgenic Animal Technology to Signal Transduction research. UW

medical center has many research achievements and they continue to study in different areas such as Dystrophic for example, which may lead to muscular dystrophy treatments. The medical center offers a look into what the future holds in terms of medicine and scientific research, with their staff having amazing rewards.

Burke Museum of Natural History and Culture, Seattle:

Established since 1899, and located in the campus of University of Washington, the Burke Museum of Natural History and Culture is the only major museum of natural history in Pacific Northeast. It is considered as the oldest museum of the Washington state. The collection exhibited in the Burke Museum contains over twelve million art works which include specially the dinosaurs fossils and antique stones. The foundation of the museum dates back to the 1880s when a non professional natural history club was established as a society for the university students. With the passage of time, the membership of the Burke Museum has increased substantially as the museum succeeded to include the newly explored marine samples. The museum has the central mission of dedicating the exhibited artifacts to make people a better understanding of the world and to preserve the culture and heritage of the Washington State.

Emerald Downs, Seattle:

Located in Auburn, Washington, just at a distance of half miles from the east of highway, Emerald Downs is a racetrack which was inaugurated for the spectators and the race lovers in 1996. The track of the Emerald Downs is structured as a one mile oval. The track is made of rock, sand, and textile fabric. Emerald Downs contains the modern equipment and facilities that are required for a world class racetrack. The track has hosted many racing events, upon which Emerald Downs has the special importance for organizing and hosting the live pure-bred race from the month of April till the beginning of October. The biggest race event in the Emerald Downs is the Grade III event of the Long acres Mile Handicap. The visitors who love the racing events should never miss the events organized in the Emerald Downs because of the track and seating facilities they provide to the spectators who come to watch.

McCaw Hall, Seattle:

Situated in Seattle, Washington, the McCaw Hall is a presentation hall which was opened in 2003 for public. The hall is basically the steel structure which was actually constructed in the past for the World’s annual fair in 1962 and was rebuilt in the future. the hall is the property and ownership of the city government of Seattle. The new building built and opened in 2003 for the public was a masterpiece of the ten years hard work of the designers and officials of the Seattle center in Seattle. The new building construction was mostly different from the old building in terms of the design, architecture, and material used for the erection of the building. Different disciplines serving within the McCaw Hall have been the important feature for the stylish architecture of the hall. The visitors having a great taste to listening to opera will enjoy and recreate themselves by watching some interesting performances here at the McCaw Hall.

Swedish medical center, Seattle:

Located in the city of Seattle, Washington, the Swedish Medical Center is the health care organization which is primarily non profit and has been serving the patients since 1932. The center comprises of the three hospitals all of which are located in Seattle and have organizational association with many other hospitals and private clinics in Seattle. The three medical centers of the Swedish Medical Center are the Swedish Neuroscience Institute (SNI), Swedish Cancer Institute (SCI), and Swedish Orthopedic Institute (SOI). These centers inside the Swedish medical center provide the services of the specific surgery operations, transplantation of the specific organs, and childbirth services. More than 7,000 employees are employed in the center as well as 2300 physicians are offering their services in the hospitals.

Seattle University, Seattle:

Situated in the Capitol Hill near the Seattle, Washington, the Seattle University is a catholic university, which is considered as the largest university in the Northwest area enrolling more than 7,000 students in graduate as well undergraduate programs annually. The university has eight schools in an overall scale which offer more than 50 degrees in different fields of academics. In 2010, the university was ranked to be the 7th best university in the West for offering full range degrees on Undergraduate and Master level. The campus of the university is stretched across an area of 50 acres, which contains the whole set of academic, sports, residence and other facilities for the students, faculty as well as the staff. The main vision of the university, since its establishment, is to be honored as the primary academic institution in the Northwestern region of Seattle for its quality education, and its services provided to the people of Seattle and the whole U.S society for better excellence.

Husky Stadium, Seattle:

An outdoor arena, located on the southern side inside the University of Washington, Seattle, Washington, the Husky Stadium is the famous place for hosting and organizing the track and field and football events. The stadium is also used for the annual events of the university such as the convocation and other major events. The stadium is designed in a U-shape and this particular orientation is due to the minimization of the rays of the early afternoon glaring upon the players’ eyes. The Husky Stadium was established in 1919 and was opened for playing and other activities in 1920. Considering the seating capacity this stadium can accommodate, i.e. 72,500, the Husky Stadium is the largest arena in the northwest region of Washington.

5th Avenue Theater, Seattle:

The 5th Avenue theater is located in the Seattle city of Washington, which is honored to be hosting many famous theatre productions after its inauguration in 1926. The land of the theatre was once the part of the University of Washington, and this is why still this land is the property of UW. In 1978, the theatre was enlisted in the National Register of Historic Places of the United States. The theatre has total capacity of more than 2,000 people and according to the recent statistics, has recruited more than 600 artists, actors as well as the musicians and designers. The 5th Avenue Theatre is a non-profit group and is supported by the corporate and individual personnel. Throughout its history, the 5th Avenue Theatre has been the traditional testing plot for the new musicians and their new compositions, as well as other stage performances.

Paddington station, London:

Built is 1854, Paddington station has come a long way to present a picture of a complex, as complex as an airport, where today a multimillion pounds business is done here. The main stature of the building was designed by designers Isambard Kingdom Brunel in collaboration with Mathew Digby. Out of their creativity came about the eye catching beautiful doomed roof which glazes with a wonderful sight over the main train platform. It glorifies the historic station and is supported by three iron columns which are coming out like arches, making the doom look even more rigid. The station commemorates the great hands of Isambard, whose statue is there on the concourse of the station. The famous character Paddington bear has a spiritual link to Paddington station, where in the story the bear was left on the station with a note that please look after that bear. In memory of that wonderful children story and to amuse those visiting the station, a bronze statue to commemorate that bear has been placed. The vibrant schedules made the station attractive to tourists especially, where after every 15 minutes trains leave for south eastern areas of Cardiff, Bath and Bristol. The iconic Heathrow express circling the London, leaves after every 15 minutes for terminal 5.

Marble Arch, London:

At the meeting point of oxford street, Edgware road and the Park lane, just opposite to the famous Speakers corner of Hyde Park, stands with full grace of its Carrara marble, the iconic Marble Arch monument of London. The presence of marble arch just in the midst of busy traffic streets has made it a very popular place. Over that its close vicinity to the tube station named after it the Marble Arch tube station, makes it an attractive point for those visiting the area for the first time. The place is important also because only the royal movement have been allowed for ceremonies to pass through the arch. Designed on the idea of the Triumphal arch of the Constantine of Rome, John Nash proposed the arch in 1828. Before its present location, the arch was fixed on The Mall, serving the purpose of a gateway to the great palace, Buckingham. Not only this, the arch also commemorates the Victoria cross awarded policeman, Samuel parks for his services in Crimean war in 1854, where the arch's three small rooms served as a police station then. The arch area was once the home to largest cinema screen of London, which was at the famous Odeon Marble Arch cinema, besides that the Marks and Spencer stores of world fame and the close Tyburn Tree; which was a public execution arena from 1388 to 1793, are some other attractions which make it a visit to this place a top priority.

Bayswater, London:

Bayswater is a west London area bordering the famous London areas of Charing cross and Hyde Park, located in the city of west minster. The most charming thing about this area is the cosmopolitan character it has acquired over the years, with subsequent mixing of local population with diverse Arab, Greek and American populations. This particular character has attracted this place to house London's most concentration of hotels to cater to the varying tastes. The Greek culture in the area followed by the presence of London's Greek Orthodox cathedral in the area is immensely evident, so is the case with the settling of Brazilian community in the area. The characteristic features of the area are the small garden squares and the inter-war period establishments; the apartments that still stand in a cluster of modern purpose built expensive apartments. One of London's favorite residential estates called Council estate is also located in this area, now largely sold off, the estate comprising of 650 apartments was designed by famous architecture Sir Denys Lasdun. The multiethnic culture has gave rise to one of London's busiest streets Queensway and Westbourne Grove, which are famous for what should be called Ethnic restaurants catering not only to the varying tastes of residents but also to amuse the tourists visiting the area.

South Bank, London:

A locality in southern London, South Bank is an area in London Borough of Southwark, stretching along with famous River Thames of London. An area of great significance, South Bank has been home to historical events like Festival of Britain of 1951 and today it is known as a heart of modern culture housing various theatres, art galleries and concert halls that regularly host interesting events. This artistic tone of the area is evident from the Queen Elizabeth hall opened in 1967; the famous Hayward in 1968 and In 1976 National Theatre was opened. The spectacular buildings of the London studios are a great attraction of south bank, not only for the outstanding white tower of the building but also for the South Bank show. The iconic landmarks of London including the Tate Museum, famous Shakespeare's Globe theatre and nearby London eye are all housed in this area. Like other open public spaces for which London is known all over the world, south bank has Jubilee Gardens. One of the most loved place of Tourists in south bank; the County Hall is home to various attractions of which Dali Universe has art works of Picasso, Dali and contemporary Nasser Azam on display, the others are London Aquarium and a chain of restaurants. It would be a great miss not to visit south bank while you are on Thames.

USCGA Academy, London:

United States coast guard academy is a United States military academy for the US coast guards. It is a pre service training school for the future coast guard officers. Established in 1876, the academy is located in the New London area of Connecticut. 250 cadets enter the academy every spring to be trained in competitive eight types of majors drawing on best of academics, physical fitness and character building for which academy is known. The motto of the academy: Scienitae cedit mare, which is a Latin phrase for "the sea yields to knowledge", is an exact reflection of the high standards of academy. The modern academy has it's foundations in school of instruction of the revenue cutter services, which was established in 1876 in Massachusetts, near New Bed ford. Then in 1915 the revenue cutter service merged in with the Life saving service, which then emerged as USCGA, located today on the bank of River Thames. The excellence in sports and music are some of the attractions of the society which have made it a focal point for the tourists.

New London Amtrak Train Station, New London:

Also known as New London Union Station, Amtrak Train Station is located in New London area of Connecticut. Its presence on the busiest train line of the United States makes It even more important with the largest number of passengers and goods movement through this station. The station could be easily reached by famous Greyhound bus service, from different areas. The station is an architectural amazement that came out of the hands of Henry Hobson Richardson in 1885 before his death; and is known to have been built after the structure of Trinity church in Boston. Like his other works, Amtrak features a specific multi-faceted roof with arched entrances and neat brick work. A station that is the base camp to the longest nearly non-stop journey; Amtrak has attracted a lot of tourists during the recent years. A combination of some four different trains makes it possible to journey to Newark and Delaware, marking a distance of nearly 416 Kilo meters. For those visiting the city for games in Meadowlands sports complex, Amtrak has to offer special Game-day service during only the games days, connecting metro-north to Penn station. In the coming days, the Amtrak would surprise its visitors by offering a new route which will journey through ten states including the famous and loving district of Columbia.

Seattle Asian Art Museum, Seattle:

A museum, representing the Asian culture, art works, and the original sculptures of the Asian artistic style, the Seattle Asian Art Museum is the hallmark of the Asian culture and art, which is playing its role since 1964 as the largest museum in United States preserving the Asian art and culture. The museum is located in the Volunteer Park in Seattle city in the state of Washington. The museum is actually a part of the Seattle Art Museum. The ticketing prices in this museum are very low for young as well as the adult people and the management has even organized the free entry in to the museum as well for the facility of the visitors on first Thursdays and Saturdays of each month. The visitors to the Seattle Asian Art Museum will get to know various antique things which will specify the rich culture of Asian continent to the people of the America and the foreign visitors.

Pacific Science Center, Seattle:

Situated in the city of Seattle, Washington, the Pacific Science Center is a non profit as well as the independent science museum. The museum covers a total area of 7.2 acres terrain and is actually located on the southern side of Seattle Center. The Pacific Science Center has also the mission of teaching the children about the scientific education, for which purpose, the center has vans which the management sends to various schools across the United States to teach to endow the children with the proper science education and different short programs about the latest scientific inventions and discoveries. The Pacific Science Center, as like the other museums in U.S, generates, establishes, as well as leases many peripatetic and roaming displays and reveals. The place has the geographical advantage as the Space Needle is located at a walking distance from the Pacific Science Center.

Seattle Aquarium, Seattle:

Situated in the Elliot Bay of Seattle city of Washington state, the Seattle Aquarium is the municipal Aquarium opened for the public on 1977 and is the property and ownership of the City of Seattle. The Department of Parks and Recreation is the responsible entity for operating the aquarium. A large number of visitors and students visit this place each year to get to know about the interesting facts that how human life is impacting upon the marine life. The aquarium was closed for a six month period in 2007 when the area was expanded to 18,000 square feet after which it was reopened in the same year in the month of June. The aquarium has also a gift store for the visitors to buy different things to commemorate their visit to the Seattle Aquarium. The operating body of the aquarium adds different exhibitive things for the facility of the visitors on a periodic scale and add many new things to watch regarding the marine life for the visitors.

Harborview Medical, Seattle:

Operating as a community hospital, located in the First Hill place of Seattle City, Washington State, the Harborview Medical Center is the only medical facility in the King County and was established in 1877. The main operating body of the hospital is the University of Washington. In 1877, the hospital was a six bed dispensary and by 1906, the hospital had been shifted to a new location where it had the capacity to treat more than 250 patients at a time. With the passage of time, the hospital has been developed from many areas and there have been many facilities that are being provided to the patients. The hospital has very experienced and able doctors who are qualified and able to cure the concerned diseases with great care. There have been many new departments which have been established with the passage of time and even the research center located inside the hospital has been honored to discover many new diseases in the last 40 years.

Woodland Park Zoo, Seattle:

The Woodland Park Zoo, is a garden of the animals which is situated around the Green Lake in the city of Seattle, Washington State. The zoo was opened for the public as a recreational place in 1899. According to the records in 2009, the zoo is stretched over 92 acres and has parks inside the zoo as well. The zoo is opened daily and is never closed even on the special occasions as well to serve the Seattle community. The zoo administration charges no fee to the children less than 2 years of age. For the rest of the people, the entrance fee is quite reasonable, i.e. $16.50 for the adults, and $11.00 for children and teenagers less than 18 years of age. The collection exhibited in the zoo is very vast which includes over 1,100 animal species, more than 7000 trees, and 1000+ species of plants.

Seattle center, Seattle:

Situated in the northern side of the Belltown in the city of Seattle, Washington, the Seattle Center is an entertainment center. The center is stretched over an area of more than 75 acre. The center has been the important place in Seattle for its many attractions. Located in the center of the place is the International Fountain which provides its functions throughout the year. The center organizes several events and performance shows throughout the year, which include many music, art cultural festivals. The center is regarded as the best gathering location in the United States. The origin of the center dates back to more than 100 years ago when it was a place for the celebrations of the Native American people. The Seattle Center is a home for performing arts, well known sports teams and for the mostly recognized events in the city of Seattle.

Seattle Repertory Theatre, Seattle:

The Seattle Repertory Theater is the most distinguished place located in the city of Seattle, Washington known as the foremost theater for the regional events in the nation. The theater was established in 1962, and Jerry Manning is the chief executive managing all the major events organized in the theater. The theater has been honored to win many recognized awards, the most significant of which is the Regional Theater Tony Award. The theater has even initiated many educational events for the children and students of the schools for building upon them the interest to contribute their services towards the art and culture of their society. The theater has also started an internship program for the students of different art colleges.

Pioneer Square, Seattle:

Located in the south western side of the Downtown, Seattle, the Pioneer Square is the important landmark in the history of the Washington state for its once being heart of the city. The place has been given this name by the small plaza near the same square which was named as the Pioneer Place. The square has been listed as a historic landmark in the National Register of Historic Places. The square lacks one thing that it does not have the perfectly drawn borders. On the other hand, the square extends across the borders which are not definitively drawn. The Pioneer Square has also the advantage of its location as it is situated near the Union Station. The square was constructed in 1852 and since then is used by the public transportation.

Space Needle, Seattle:

Located in the City of Seattle, Washington State, the Space Needle is one of the important and significant attractions in the region of Pacific Northwest and is honored to be a symbol of the city of Seattle. The tower was built actually in 1962 for the World Fair during which time there were more than 20,000 people who used the elevators installed in the tower. The height of the Space Needle is 184 meters and the width of the tower is 42 meters. The total weight of the tower is 9,950 tons. The visitors in the Space Needle can reach to the top of the tower through the elevators. The structure of the Space Needle as a historic landmark was designed in 1999.

Experience Music Project, Seattle:

Situated in the City of Seattle, Washington, the Experience Music Project is a museum which is contributing its services for preserving the history and study of music of different genres related to different periods of time. The museum is actually located in the Seattle Center and is surrounded by the Space Needle as well as the Seattle Center Monorail. The museum also contains the unique science fiction attractions and is considered to be the only museum in the United States which has blend of the music as well as sci-fi exhibiting them in mixed form. The Experience Music Project was established in supervision of the Microsoft Company’s co-founder Paul Allen in 2002. The museum has retained its importance in terms of organizing many music concerts, cultural festivals, as well as interesting exhibitions related to scientific inventions.

Seattle Art Museum, Seattle:

Situated in the city of Seattle, Washington, commonly abbreviated as SAM, the Seattle Art Museum is a well known place for exhibiting the art and artworks of various artists. The museum has three main attractions, which include the main museum situated in the Downtown, Seattle, second is the Seattle Asian Art Museum which is located in the Capitol Hill, and the thirs attraction is the Olympic Sculpture Park, where the administration has allowed the free entrance in the sculpture park. Whereas admission in other two museums is also free but only on first Thursday and Friday of each month. The management of the museum suggests to pay the admission fee which is quite reasonable and the reason for asking this is to make the exhibitive stuff worth and make people understand about the artifacts to be unique and people will rejoice themselves more by visiting this museum.

Southwest museum, Los Angeles, USA:

The museum founded by Charles Fletcher Lummis, is a centre for American Indian art. It is located on the museum drive in Los Angeles. It is unique of its kind in United states with a 238,000 art pieces of native American Indian origin. It is a great place for those people who do want to get into a written history of American past native people, mainly because 14, 000 native baskets with a story of people who made them, various 10,000 items made of ceramics, textiles and clothing of native Indians and most fascinating 1,100 pieces of jewelry are an outspoken history themselves of the glorious past of their people. The vast range thus incorporates native Indians from Alaska to Mexico. Thus it would be a great experience to visit museum while in Los Angeles.

Exposition Park, Los Angeles, USA:

Located at the exposition Boulevard in Los Angeles, and named after it, Exposition park is a public space of cultural importance with various facilities including Memorial Coliseum; various museums of cultural attraction like California Afro American museum, Natural history Museum and an aerospace museum too, other attraction include a Sports arena and a swimming stadium, thus making it a one stop fun place. If you are tired of discovering Los Angeles, Exposition Park has a 19,000 plant rose garden to sooth and relax your strains. The cool shadows and sweet deodorants of roses makes you feel like a paradise. The University of California is just a street's distance away with nearby Chester Place and St. James Park might attract you for being housing the notables of Los Angeles.

Petersen Automotive Museum, LA, USA:

An attraction not only for the automobile lovers but also for those interested in history, Petersen Automotive Museum is a story of how over 100 years automotives have revolutionized over lives. The museum was opened by efforts of Robert E Petersen on June 11, 1994 on Wilshire Boulevard of Los Angeles. The museum is housed in a four story 60's building with each floor serving its own purposes. The collection of museum ranges over 100 vehicles that are on display with an equal amount in depository. The ground floor depicts history of automobiles in Los Angeles; the second floor is what attracts the most, with its classic and modern era depiction of vintage and concept cars, celebrity and movie cars along with sports and concept cars and bikes. The third floor welcomes with its May Family discovery store, teaching children the science of automobiles in an interactive session. The museum has been a shooting place of many movies.

Pepperdine University, Los Angeles, USA:

Religiously associated with the churches of Christ, Pepperdine is a private and independent university located in beautiful Malibu area of California overlooking the vast waters of Pacific Ocean. The campus spread over 830 acres with an enrollment of approximately 7,700 students. The university has five major schools; graduate school of education, Grazidio School of business and management, the school of law and school of public policy. The campus is mainly built in 80's style with Mediterranean architecture focusing on red tiled roofs and tinted windows with large glass pans, an example of which is university's Weisman museum of Art. Graduation ceremonies are held at Alumni Park, a beautiful lawn extending to overlook pacific. The university also operates international campuses in Switzerland, Germany, England, China, Italy and Argentina.

Paul J Getty Museum, LA, USA:

Home to art pieces from ancient Greek, Etruria and Rome, Getty museum is an outgrowth of J Paul Getty Trust. It is located at two places in Los Angeles; at the Getty center and at the Getty Villa. It's collection of broad categories of Western art from middle ages to modern age makes it the most visited museum in united states. The art works range from painting of early Europe, drawings, sculptures from Greek and Roman traditions, various manuscripts, arts of decoration and American photography. The exhibitions and programmes in visual arts are what make Getty vibrant making it not only a mere depiction of art but a centre fro critical analysis and learning of art. If you are around in LA it would be a great miss if you don't visit any of Getty's sites.

Vincent Thomas Bridge, LA, USA:

Connecting the San Pedro area of Los Angeles to Terminal Island, Vincent Thomas is a giant suspension bridge that was opened to use in 1963. The dimension of this bridge makes it the 76th longest in the world with a 1,500 feet length and 185 ft height. The bridge was built to cater to the high volume of traffic which the former ferry service between the two points couldn't manage. One fascinating feature that makes it different from other hanging bridges is it's illumination from dusk till dawn by solar energy empowered LED lights, giving it a terrific look. The show of bridge in famous movie sequel Gone in 60 seconds made it very popular whereon it became a popular icon to be shown in TV and shoot in films mainly for action scenes. It would be a really good experience to have a ride over the bridge if you are in a mood of a romantic drive.

Venice beach, Los Angeles, USA:

You have seen nothing in LA if you haven't seen Venice Beach. It's not just a three mile bay strip; it's got walk and gawk for you, full of fun funky shops, street musicians to entertain you at every corner, jugglers and magicians for your children and much more. It's a vibrant area in Southern California, home not only to such sizzling Hollywood celebrities like Julia Roberts, Nicolas Cage and Kate Beckinsale, it is also a community service hub of LA housing Venice Family clinic and community housing. Courts of basketball, netball and handball are an attraction of the area for youngsters, where many famous NBA players emerged from these courts. The famous Gold Gym is considered to be the holy place for bodybuilders; this is the place which produced Arnold Schwarzenegger.

University of Southern California, LA, USA:

It's presence at the heart of Los Angeles and being one of the world's leading research center makes it a must visit place for those visiting Los Angeles. It was founded in 1880 which makes it the oldest university in California. The inductance of more international students than any other US university makes its culture a global one, fostering vibrant academics. The campus nicknamed as Trojan after Tommy Trojan's statue in the middle of it is mostly built is a Romanesque style, while the dormitories and some labs also depict a modern style. The excellence of university is visible from the notable alumina of USC who excelled in their respective fields; like Neil Armstrong, the first man to step on moon. Others include, Warren Christopher, Marcus Allen and Tom Hicks and many others. At a very short walk away from campus are icons of LA like Shrine Auditorium and Staples centre.

University of California, LA, USA:

University of California, LA is a public research based university located in the Westwood area of Los Angeles. When UCLA was opened for the first time in 1919 it was a campus comprising of only four buildings, where today it has a beautiful green campus of some over 160 buildings spread over an area of 419 acres. The eye dazzling Romanesque touch that appears in the architect of such UCLA buildings as famous Royce Hall, which is a marvelous icon of UCLA, is an effort of such architects as Welton Becket. Ranked among the world's Top 100 research centers at the 12th position, UCLA annually admits some 15000 students in undergraduate and graduate schools from over the world. The UCLA is known for its hospitality traditions with a fully furnished on campus hotel and a guest house for its visitors.

US Bank Tower, LA, USA:

Formerly known as library tower and at one time first interstate bank tower, US Bank Tower is the tallest in California and the 10th tallest skyscraper in USA. It is located in the fifth street of charming downtown area of Los Angeles and has become an icon In LA, appearing from time to time in various films and TV shows. Inaugurated in 1989 it is an architectural miracle of Henry N Cobbs. The fascinating thing in the building is the "Crown" at its top, which has become part of LA life, with its red, blue green and gold lights illuminating it like a jewel in the night with different colors at different occasions and festivals like Christmas, Saint Valentines' day and when Los Angeles Lakers are in the field. Of much importance to the tourist s is the controversial fact that US Bank Tower was one of the targets of 9/11 terrorist attackers.

Travel Town Museum, LA, USA:

A very different museum of its kind, travel town museum opened in 1954 is dedicated to locomotives ranging from steam engines to trolleys, cable cars and motor cars. It is located in the outclass Griffith Park with a theme of history of railroad transportation in era from 1880 to 1930 in USA. Well guided tours of the museum are offered to the visitors with a description of locomotives, where you can also have a chance to climb some steam cars and have some snaps. The fact sheets and documents informing the history of engines and their routes are on display. You could donate a little for the museum's foundation by buying some toys for your little ones and interesting books for yourself from a nearby gift shop.

Burbank – Los Angeles, CA, USA:

Being known as" media capital of the world" makes Burbank enough to be an attractive site, offering various production sites and setups of iconic entertainment groups like Warner Bros, The Walt Disney Company, Cartoon Network , PBS and many others. It is a city in Los Angeles spread on civic and some stretched areas on hills of Verdugo. Historically the city is known for its aviation and entertainment industry, housing world famous Lockheed Martin and Vega aircraft plant, where Walt Disney studios on the other hand tell the golden story of filming. The Bob's Big Boy Restaurant, which is the oldest of its kind in America, is there not only to cater to the varying tastes of the visitors but also to amuse with its fantastic Googie art. A bulk of fine restaurants, soothing Philharmonic orchestra and a cluster of entertainment centers make a visit to Burbank a top priority.

Rose Bowl – Los Angeles, USA:

Known for and home to American Football for decades, a national historic landmark of USA, Rose Bowl is a playing field and a stadium in Pasadena in Los Angeles. It is named after the annually held college football bowl game which is called rose bowl. The historic use of stadium for 1932 and then 1984 Olympics and 1994 and 1999 Fifa world cups makes it important. Designed after Yale Bowl of Connecticut, Rose bowl was architecture by Myron Hunt in 1921 so serve for the rose bowl games. Until 1998 it was the largest football stadium in USA with a capacity of 91,000. Entertainment is the very essence of Rose Bowl, where besides football, it has been and still even today is home to concerts by such big names as Pink Floyd who sung here for two consecutive nights in 1997 in division bell tour and U2's 360 degree tour. Besides grandeur tournament of roses the annual fireworks since 1926 attract thousands of visitors.

West Hollywood, Los Angeles, USA:

The greatest attraction of this LA's west side located city is its gay population, but this is not the only one, the scenic sunset strip is also a beauty of this city which was founded on 29th Nov 1984, where formerly it was a lonely island with stretched Beverly Hills. Commonly known as "WeHo", the city has a great history of rock music which shines in its life even today, music clubs today are considered to be an essential of WeHo experience. The exclusive events of WeHo are its June lesbian and gay parade and Halloween Carnaval which you won't find in any other US State. If you are a shopping maniac and want to experience a celebrity shopping style, Robertson Boulevard, is the place you are looking for; famous for its trendy boutiques and paparazzi. Famous WeHo restaurants lie in the commercial Santa Monica Boulevard, which are more worth seeing then to eat.

Westwood/UCLA, Los Angeles, USA:

It is a neighboring area located to the west of Los Angeles. It is the hometown of the University Of California LA. The city was raised in 1919 on the lands which were purchased by Arthur Letts; a successful LA entrepreneur. The greatest attractions of West Wood apart from UCLA are the sizzling theatrical culture here; including the art deco and fox Theatre which feature movie premiers. The famous playboy mansion is nearby to fascinate playboy visitors. Westwood memorial cemetery is also worth visiting; a resting place of glittering Hollywood stars. The spectacular Los Angeles California temple, being the second largest of its kind is an iconic landmark of Westwood. UCLA; founded in 1919, is yet the biggest attraction of Westwood. The centre of excellence in world academics; UCLA's Royce Hall is a one place story of its success, one of four original buildings it is an icon of UCLA.

Redondo Beach, Los Angeles, USA:

For those who ever romanticized to live near the ocean watching the dying sun, Redondo Beach, is the perfect place. Most vibrant of the three bay side cities of LA, Redondo Beach is located in the southern shores of greater Los Angeles city. The vast beach defines the life style of this city which draws on long sunny days, eatery, shopping and hang out. Surfing and beach volleyball are common features of these shores. ' The Strand' ; a famous paved way running from South Redondo, outlining the bay towards north, attracts thousands on pleasant days to have a walk, skateboard and cycle it out. The beach city is incomplete without the Redondo Beach pier, running into the pacific; this platform is experienced by almost everyone visiting the beach. Officially called the municipal pier, it was a site for Fox entertainment series O.C. all these features make, Redondo Beach a must visit place while in Los Angeles.

LA county museum of Art, Los Angeles, USA:

With a collection ranging from very ancient to very present times ones and counting up to 100,000 objects, the LA county museum of Art holds the status of being the largest museum in western United States. It is a museum that could be ranked as an international landmark; this iconic beauty of LA was established in 1910 as a museum that first borrowed items for inauguration and now today it shares an ocean of artistic pieces with millions of visitors annually. Exhibitions, public and research programs are a common feature of museum. The facility is a twenty acres complex containing a catching open air arena known as Grand Entrance and a contemporary art museum. The collection is a depiction of history of art encompassing Latin American, Islamic as well as classical European art. The big names include Richard Serra, jasper johns, Cindy Sherman and many more. The museum's mission statement of serving the diverse tastes is clearly depicted in the galleries.

Century City, Los Angeles, USA:

Housing the heads of various film, music and business corporations, century city has got the commercial mood over the years consequently becoming an expensive residential hub. It is located to the west of Los Angeles City. The spectacular scenery of the tall buildings of Westwood head off the small ones of century city. The century towers, century plaza towers, famous Fox plaza and century plaza hotel are iconic skyscrapers of city. Century city has been housing world famous ABC entertainment, the headquarters to which were there since they were demolished in 2002 to be replaced by the spectacular glass building which is the modern headquarter of that historic television network, called Creative Artists Agency. The iconic Fox plaza' s34th floor is of some interest to many visitors for its being occupied by President Ronald Reagan.

Watts Towers, Los Angeles,

When Rodia said after he had built Watts tower that , " I had in mind to do something big and I did it" he was absolutely right, So If you really are an art lover and want to practically see what a single pair of human hands can do, Watts tower must be your next destination in los Angeles. Built by the immigrant Italian worker Sabato Rodia, it took the diligent worker a time of 33 years to build these mysterious structures from 1921-1954. The towers can be found in district of Watt in LA, near blue line Metro Rail. A practical example of traditional vernacular art, the towers are 17 interconnected structures, rising to a height of 99 feet. What strikes most is the decoration of this steel pipes and rods based structure with found objects, like glass pieces, cans, sea shells and many like. The tower really is the tale how Rodia put whatever piece of matter he found in construction of his towers.

Walter Pyramid, LA, USA:

The panoramic view of this blue pyramid shaped structure in the lush green campus of university of California is sufficient to attract thousands every day. Formerly called, the long beach Pyramid, the Walter pyramid is a multipurpose, 5000 seat capacity stadium serving the needs of campus of university of California. Inaugurated with a basketball match on November 30th, 1994, it came out of the innovative mind of Don Gibbs and was constructed by Nielson Company. It is considered to be one of the truly built pyramids in USA for its dimensions of 105 meters of perimeter on each side. Home to these days university's 49ers men basketball team, it also serves as a venue for other athletic activities of not only Universities but also no university ones. The pyramid also houses a state of the art conference room called, The Pointe, used for workshops and seminars primarily, and a fitness centre called, 'Frog's at the pyramid'. The 18 stories high blue surfaces shine the eyes from large distances in LA.

  Lake Eola Park - Orlando, FL, US

The scenery surrounding Lake Eola Park is nothing short of breathtaking with large pine trees and tranquil waters. One of the most fascinating aspects of this landmark is its fountain located in the centre of the lake and features a unique water display. The park has been in existence since the 19th century and has become one of the most visited destinations in Orlando, It appeals to all ages with a wide variety of activities to occupy every member of the family. The museum offers gondola cruises; paddle boat rentals and a unique dining experience in the outdoor café as well as the well placed picnic tables overlooking the lake. Visitors can take a stroll on the grounds surrounded by a display of beautiful vegetation or stay by the lakeside and feed the swans.

Natural World Museum

The Natural World Museum located in San Francisco is a nonprofit association which has the central mission of representing itself as the center for the educational art exhibitions. The art exhibitions conducted and organized here are dedicated to the development of environmental awareness for the people. The museum exhibits the artworks made by several artists just as a channel for motivating the civil society for the ecological consciousness. The museum has been honored to be the first such place for the dedication to the environmental protection. There have been several programs initiated for the environmental awareness among the children as well as the mature people such as the Planet Art Program. The museum is also affiliated with the United Nations Environment Program by exhibiting the art on the World Environment Day for giving the visitors the message of saving the environment from global warming.

Old St. Mary's Cathedral

Old Saint Mary’s is a church of Roman Catholics which is directed mainly by the Paulist Fathers since the last one hundred years. This church, honored as a historical landmark, is situated in the meeting place of Chinatown and financial district, which are adjacent to the downtown San Francisco, California state. The church welcomes the families of Christian creed who come with their children for initialization of being a part of the Christian community via Baptism. During the past century, the church has been the main driving force for the community to teach them the lessons of unity, resolution and religious as well as spiritual peace. In the recent times, the old Saint Mary's Church planned a navigation team for fund raising purposes so that to complete their own web site’s proceedings.

Palace of Fine Arts

Functioned by the Palace of Fine Arts League, Inc., the Palace of Fine Arts Theatre is a non-profit organization which is devoted to the fine arts exhibitions. The area alongside the gallery contains the theatre as well as the Exploratorium. This Exploratorium was intended and designed by the well known architect Bernard Maybeck. The theatre of the Palace of Fine Arts ahs the total seating capacity of more than 1,000 which are oriented in a continental-style. This theater was added into the other amenities of the palace in 1970. The vast variety of exhibits presented in the palace constitute the acoustics, motion, optics, waves and resistance, electricity, mathematics as well as the other interesting and intriguing phenomena. The repairs and other modifications expenses are bore from the federal funds. The palace has also the importance in terms of its use in the second world war when the army used the palace as a motor pool.

Los Angeles Arboretum and Botanic Gardens, Los Angeles:

Located in the boulevard of the North Baldwin in the city of Arcadia, California, the Los Angeles County Arboretum and Botanic Garden is a historical garden as well as a site which is cuddled up in to the San Gabriel Mountains. The garden has the total area of 127 acres, which is opened daily during the working hours and has a reasonable entry fee for the visitors. The garden is located near many fascinating places for the people such as the Santa Anita Fashion Park, and the horse racetrack. The general view of the garden is so attractive that the visitors wish to live up there whole life watching the beautiful scenes of the rainbows through the mighty mountains. The garden also has the pond which mesmerizes the people through its cool fresh water as well as the ducks swimming in it. The visitors will find the garden as an earthly heaven when they go to this beautiful place.

Disney Concert Hall, Los Angeles:

Located in the Downtown area of Los Angeles City, California, the Disney Concert Hall is one of the most distinguished halls in the Los Angeles Music Center. The hall place is surrounded by many attractive sights to which the visitors pay much attention, such as the Grand Avenue, and Hope Street. The Disney Concert Hall accommodates a total of 2265 people at a time and has been serving as a home of the orchestra in Los Angeles. The construction of the Disney Hall was a gift awarded by Lillian Disney in 1987 for the purpose of a performance hall for entertaining the people of Los Angeles. The hall has devoted itself as the important landmark for its contributions in Art and culture of the Los Angeles City.

Hammer Museum, Los Angeles:

The Hammer Museum is an art museum situated in the Los Angeles City in California State and is an important landmark for devoting itself as the only museum of representing the art and culture of the city of Los Angeles. The main functionaries of the museum are actually run by the administration of the School of Arts and Architecture of UCLA. The museum contains the compilation of the Impressionist art and has more than 7000 pieces of art made by the French artists, which is regarded as the largest collection of art works possessed by any museum outside France. The hammer Museum has also been a famous museum for its collection of the modern art and culture, upon which the paper work made from the water colors are so intriguing and captivate the attention of the visitors. The people having a great taste for the art must visit this museum as it will sooth their souls.

Natural History Museum, Los Angeles:

Opened in 1913 for the public, the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles is the most distinguished museum for its rich history as well as its large collection of the natural artifacts as well the other rare anthologies of science, arts and history. The museum is located in the Exposition Park in the Los Angeles City and has been well known for its unique building which has walls designed with marbles of various precious kinds. The museum is honored to be registered in the National Register of Historic Places. There have been opened supplementary wings in the different periods of time. It is the largest museum due to its area in the Western United States. The vast collection exhibited by the museum contains more than 30 million artworks which cover a long span of more than 40 billion years of history.

Loch Haven Park - Orlando,FL,US

This cultural park is one of the highly visited spots in Orlando, Florida. Filled with an aura of relaxation and calmness, the Loch haven park has several sightseeing interests. This includes several theaters and art museums in the vicinity, one of which is the Mennello Museum of Art which is famously known to hold America’s treasure of art created by the American folk artist, Earl Cunningham. People visit the park to relax, but some prefer to make use of its beautiful scenery to do paintings on the streets. Aside from the museums and theaters, it also has the Science center which is widely visited for its large display of scientific exhibits, some of which can keep the guests busy for hours. Loch haven park is indeed a must-see in Orlando, Florida. Its one getaway in itself and you can satisfy a whole day of strolling around while filling your mind and body with wonderful memories.

Mall at Millenia - Orlando, FL, US

The Mall at Millenia is the only mall in Florida with the most intricate engineering and design. It offers its customers a resplendent experience with over 150 stores inside, providing superb quality cutomer service. This world-beat shopping haven is a favorite among the locals and visitors as well not only because of its numerous choice of shops, but also because of its beautiful appearance which is very appealing to the eyes. Aside from their very warmhearted and competent personnel and staff, the Mall of Millenia promises to maintain its high quality customer service since it houses some of the world’s most visited restaurants, the best mixture of occupants, world renowned brands, and a huge parking space for its beloved consumers.

Mary, Queen of the Universe Shrine - Orlando, FL, U

Among the Catholics, the Shrine Church is a sacred establishment that houses the 8-foot standing Sculpture of The Mother Mary which is made out of pure unsullied marble straight from Carrara, Italy. This Church can hold 2,000 visitors at one time but it only allows visiting and private communion with the Lord. No other sacraments like baptism and marriage can be performed inside the Church. The location is very conducive to meditation and reflection since it is surrounded by magnificent views that give out peace and tranquility. Outside the Main Shrine Church, is a chapel which keeps an exquisite bronze sculpture of the Mother and Child. Also, there are fountains, beautiful pathways, and colorful gardens that greet your eyes within the area.

Mennello Museum of American Art - Orlando, FL, US

The Mennello Museum is the home of some of the best American Art. Indeed big things come in small packages as this small museum holds a big part of American treasure. It is claimed to have been privileged to possess the largest collection of exquisite paintings of American folk artist , Earl Cunningham. He is widely known for his unique use of vivid colors in his works. The museum quietly sits along the banks of Lake Formosa and Loch Haven Park, peacefully facing a garden adored by its visiotors. Operating since the year 1998, it has been visited by tourists and locals for educational and entertainment purposes. Since it houses purely American art, it has historically done a big part in showcasing America and its talents.

Lake Eola Park - Orlando, FL, US

Being in the center of downtown, Lake Eola Park has been an established relaxation area for locals and visitors. The water and the greenery surrounding it magnetizes the people to stay and savour the view. The lake is surrounded by a walkway and it is completed with a playground for children, benches for passers by, and an arresting view of a central fountain. The fountain unfortunately was struck by lightning in August of 2009 and since then it has been partly dysfunctional. But the local government is making sure to restore the fountain to its original state, and even add lights to give more beauty and life to the fountain which has been the ultimate trademark of Lake Eola Park.

Holy Land Experience - Orlando, FL, US

Get a glimpse of the biblical times as you visit this magnificent religious theme park in Orlando. The live show of exhibits mixed with theater and music gives you the feel of the ancient times during the era of Jesus. The setting was specially created to look and feel like Jerusalem as interpreted by the bible and the performers in the theme park enjoy what they have been doing for several years now. Visitors do not come just to have a view of the Holy Land, but they come for an experience. Although the founder, Marvin Rosenthal, was wrongly accused by the Jews that this park was created to convert them to Christianity, he defended and stood by his word that he never intended to do so. Whether you are seeking for answers, whether you are a person suffering from pain, whether you are on a simple day out with friends and family, the Holy Land Experience truly inspires you in a different kind of way.

Epcot Main Entrance - Orlando,FL,US

EPCOT, which stands for Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow, was originally built by Walt Disney himself as a part of Disneyland. But he didnt live long enough to see the whole construction finished, therefore EPCOT has been dedicated in memory of Walt Disney and so today it has become a theme park highly visited by tourists and visitors. The park has two divisions, one of which is the Future World. Passing through the Main Entrance, The gimmicks and exhibits are more scientific and more of electronics, energy, communication, the ocean life, the environment, space exploration and transportation. The second division which is The World Showcase, uniquely displays a representation of eleven (11) countries placed inside theme park, surrounding the lagoon. Unlike Disneyland, EPCOT does not have enjoyable rides but the experience in this tour to Disney’s life, is priceless.

Florida Citrus Bowl Stadium - Orlando, FL, US

This huge stadium in Florida can house up to seven thousand plus people at one time. The formerly called Orlando stadium, Tangerine Bowl, and Citrus Bowl was intentionally built for football although other events such as the wrestlemania and other huge concerts are being held here. And since it is big enough to be used for international professional soccer, it has been the venue for the 1994 FIFA World Cup. The wrestlemania in theyear 2008 is so far the biggest crowd that ever filled tha stadium. Its original capacity of only 65, 438 was overly exceeded as the audience and fans reached 74, 635 in number. It was the largest crowd gathered in the history of Florida Citrus Bowl Stadium and ticket sales even reached up to $51.5 million

Florida Mall - Orlando, FL, US

This mall, different from the other malls widely known in Florida, is famous for its lots of products sold as bargains and at very affordable prices. It is a on-stop-shop to some since it lies within the Florida Mall Hotel which makes shopping very easily accessible to the visitors. Some say its not the best mall in Florida compared to expensive malls like the Mall at Millenia or the Miami Mall, but it still is jampacked with customers everyday. Electronics and toys topping the list of the most bought, its bargain prices are something to really look forward to. With large enough parking space, the customers are satisfied with the facilities that the Florida has to offer. Thus, the mall always is full of people from Mondays to Sundays.

Harry P. Leu Gardens - Orlando, FL, US

The Harry P. Leu Gardens got its name from its previous owners Mr. And Mrs. Harry P. Leu. It was a private garden in the early 1930’s when it was bought by the Leus. They toured around the world and brought with them over two hundred varieties of semi-tropical and tropical plants, including the largest collection of cammelias that they grew in their 40-acre land. It was only in 1961 when the Leus sold the property to the City of Orlando which began its history of becoming a must-see. Because of Orlando’s weather, tropical plants are able to grow in the gardens and some of these exotic plants can only be seen here. The fragrance is also overwhelming. Its not just about the flowers, it also gives us an idea of what Florida was like long ago. The beautiful colors of the flowers, the relaxing greenery, and the vivid colors of the butterflies in the butterfly garden bring life to the whole place.

TD Waterhouse Center - Orlando, FL, US

TD Waterhouse Center - One of the best amenities of its kind, Downtown Orlando's arena presently acknowledged as the Amway Arena has gone all the way through numerous name changes ever since it's foundation in 1989. Identified as the Orlando Arena till 1999 and then well known as TD Waterhouse Center till 2006, The Arena in Orlando in December 2006, as it was waiting to become the present Amway Arena. During the years TD Waterhouse Center or Amway Arena has been a host to concerts, ice-skating shows, arena football, ice hockey and an accumulation of added entertainment events. The TD Waterhouse Center (Arena) is among the various facilities, which are hold and managed by the City of Orlando, known as "The Orlando Venues." The arena serves as the dwelling of the AFL’s Orlando Predators of the preeminent Arena Football League, and in the past home to the NBA’s Orlando Magic and the unsurpassed Orlando Titans of the NLL.

Carr Performing Arts Center - Orlando, FL, US

Carr Performing Arts Centre - initially known as the Municipal Auditorium or “Muni Aud” is one of seven venues division of the Orlando Cetroplex collection and is the main performing arts auditorium. Situated in Orlando, Florida it originally opened as the Municipal Auditorium in February 21, 1927 with an inaugural performance by the La Scala Grand Opera Company of Philadelphia. In May of 1978, it was renamed the Bob Carr Performing Arts Center in honor of Orlando’s best mayors. A fully functional theatre / concert hall that features continental style seating for 2,518. With an admirable acoustics and sound capabilities it is perfect for rock concert, symphony, ballet, and a tribute to Broadway or an opera. In addition the Carr Performing Arts Center annually hosts the Festival of Orchestras and a number of exhibits and events. Bob Carr Performing Arts Centre has since foundation been serving the citizens by enriching the community with inspiring art.

Washington Square - San Francisco, CA, US

Washington Square is an emerald oasis in the taut grid of the extensively densely populated area of San Francisco, North Beach. Lay down alongside the Paul church and towers of Saints Peter. Washington Square was first set in 1955 and now hosts a range of community events. It is located, in the middle of Columbus Street, which makes it a likely get-together place for the community. It is a well-liked destination, for both tourists and locals. Washington Square offers the finest of all within a couple of blocks including shopping, restaurants, movies and added entertainment.

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