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Washington Square two well-known features are Washington's Arch and a big fountain, honored by statues and monuments. The Washington Square Arch at the northern edge of Washington Square was initially built in wood however, later commissioned in marble and finished in its present location at Fifth Avenue.

Guggenheim Museum - New York, NY, US

The Guggenheim Museum, worldwide renowned art museum designed by the youngest architect, Frank Lloyd Wright shaped in a teacup or an upside down terraced hill. Known for its spiral structure walkway this modern architecture is home to some very famous world-renowned Guggenheim collection of modern and contemporary art that includes masterpieces by Chagall, Kandinsky, Picasso and Van Gogh. Besides the striking and unmistakable structure Guggenheim Museum has many facades to it - a vital cultural center, an educational institution, an international network of museums performances and film screenings, lectures by artists and critics and tours of the galleries led by experienced chaperon. The Guggenheim Museum is an ever-growing institution devoted to the art of the 20th century and beyond a must-see for art and architecture fans and with an annex which opens up into even more treasures to behold.

Monster Park - San Francisco, CA, US

Monster Park in San Francisco's has witnessed some spectacular football matches. Formally, known as "Candlestick Park," is the gusty home of the 49ers of the San Francisco. Build in 1958 the stadium is situated atop Candlestick Point. It’s located next to the bay and is one of the coldest, windiest and foggiest places on a summer night. Strong winds often whirl into the stadium, making the playing conditions unusual. It was often hard for outfielders to catch flying balls and for the fans, nevertheless the damp grass made it more difficult as the players had to play in cold, wet shoes. Candlestick Park has hosted two World Series 27 years apart in 1962 and then in 1989. Though Candlestick Park was built for the Giants, the Beatles played their last ever concert on 29 August, 1966. In 2004, San Francisco-based Company, Monster Cable renamed it as Monster Park.

The Natural History and Science Museums – London GB

The Natural History Museaum in London boasts of exhibitions fitted for all ages and natural history buffs. The colour coded zones make it easy for a first time visitor to take advantage of the full experience of the museum. Learn Biodiversity in the Darwin Centre. Explore the deep in September 2010 and join the bizarre, never before seen creatures that lurk deep beneath the ocean. Imagine the tremors of the earth when dinosaurs ruled the planet. To be introduced this 2010, to the Night Museum. There will be activities offered for adults and children who want a different experience from the usual day visit. You will get the chance to meet with museum scientists and curators and talk about topics of interest during Nature Live Nights. One will walk away feeling a little smarter after this experience. The Science Museum is conveniently located close by in the South Kensington area and is an attraction one will not want to miss. Here you will discover 1001 Inventions which had been invented throughout human kind. You will be stunned by the vivid reality of their 3D IMAX theatres which show case space travel, deep ocean explorations and prehistoric underwater adventures.

Leicester Square

Leicester Square can be found at the artsy West End of London and within the limits of the City of Westminster. This area was once owned by the 2nd Earl of Leicester, Rodney Sidney. He built his home on the north end of the park and this became a point of contention after the area of his house was enclosed thereby depriving the parishioners of the nearby St. Martin’s Parish from using what was, before the purchase, common land. This was not the first or the last the area would see a dispute amongst changing owners. This cycle ended when the ownership of the land was finally handed over to the City of Westminster. This area is largely a square for pedestrians. Each day, sees thousands upon thousands of people plying the crosswalks of Charring Cross Street, Orange Street, Lisle Street and Whitcomb Street, eager to get to the theatre or cinema on time. The Square is home to some of London’s best cinema houses. Around the Square one will find cast hand prints of film stars, quite similar to the ones along Grauman’s Chinese Theatre in Hollywood.

Mayfair- London GB

Mayfair is known as such because of the annual two week long May Fair which took place on Shepherd Market. It is roughly the centre which meets Hyde Park, Oxford Street, Piccadilly and Green Park and Regent Street. The area was originally developed for residential purposes in the 17th and 18th century. Although some areas have been preserved for residential purposes, Mayfair has largely transformed to a major business district. You might also recognize the Mayfair as one of the properties bought and sold in the board game, Monopoly. Quite fitting, since it is now better known as a hub of major corporate headquarters. The US Embassy can be found on renowned Mayfair, as well as the Grosvenor House Hotel, the Royal Academy of Arts, the Dorchester and other posh hotels and entertainment establishments.

King's Cross St Pancras - London,GB 

The King’s Cross St Pancras is the largest London Underground interchange. 1863 was the memorable year when the first platforms of the station were opened. The Great Northern, Piccadilly and Brompton platforms opened in December 1906, with City and South London following in May 1907. Take a stroll along the former King’s Cross Thameslink station if nostalgia is your cup of tea. Here you will find part of the original station. Expansion of lines did not come until the Victoria platforms were opened in December 1 1968. A freak fire broke out after a lit match was accidentally thrown into an escalator control room in November 18, 1987. This, coupled with the phenomena known as the Trench effect resulted in the death of 31 people. Because of the extensive damage resulting from the fire, operations were halted for a year as safety measures and stricter policies were enforced. A bomb attack along the Piccadilly line plying King’s Cross St. Pancras and Russell Square took the lives of 26 people on July 7, 2005. Set backs has not stopped progress from pushing forward. Phase one of a redevelopment project was to make improvements and expand the Tube ticket hall. Phase two of the project is to provide better access to domestic and international travelers.

South Kensington

South Kensington is known for its exclusive real estate. Expatriates from France, Italy, Spain and the Middle East occupy prime spots. French presence is strongly felt with the French consulate and an exclusive school in the area. South Kensington was a largely undeveloped until after the Great Exhibition of 1851 in Hyde Park. After this momentous event, the commissioners of the exhibition bought the land they used to make a home committed to arts and sciences. Since then, art, science and educational institutes have been erected in the area. The arrival of the Underground in 1868 linked South Kensington to the main railway linking it directly to the hub of progress. South Kensington is also known to be the place where the upper crust wine and dine. There are also classic hotels for you to visit if you are the kind who likes old architecture. Be ready to spend a pretty penny if you plan to visit South Kensington and be ready to take in the charm of the area.

Orlando Watersports Complex - Orlando, FL, US:

Orlando Watersports Complex is located at Orlando, Florida, just on the right of Orange Avenue. This facility gives opportunities from beginner to advanced wakeboarders, water skiiers, kneeboarders, and wakeskaters. Orlando Watersports Ccomplex is the only watersports complex in the United States that includes two cableways. The beginner/intermediate cable runs at a speed of 18mph and can be changed from 5 to 36mph. Changes will be applied according to the level of the rider. Only wakeboarders and wakeskaters in the advanced slider park, are allowed to do launch ramps, flat-bars, kickers, a-frames, table-tops, barrels, and a funbox. This cable travels at a speed of 20mph and requires helmets to be worn at all times. In addition, riders are using shorter cables, called the "Indian Rope", that allows the rider to reach up to 35 ft. of air, helping improve grinding on rails.
Orlando Science Center - Orlando, FL, US:

The Orlando Science Center, which is a private non-profit corporation, is organized under the laws of the State of FloridaUSA. The Orlando Science Center gives experience-based opportunities for people expand their knowledge and to learn about science and technology. This science center is accredited, supported and sponsored by different organizations such as: the state of Florida, Division of Cultural Affairs and the Association of Science-Technology to name a few. The Orlando Science Center also offers its facility to host special engagements like meetings and wedding celebrations. The Orlando Science Center is still one of Orlando's premier host for events.The Orlando Science Center is open thoughout the year and is only closed on Wednesdays and four other holidays of the year, which are the following: EasterThanksgivingChristmas Eve, and Christmas Day.

Orlando Philharmonic Orchestra - Orlando, FL, US:

The Orlando Philharmonic Orchestra is the local central Florida orchestra, that showcases more than 125 shows each season. The Orlando Philharmonic Orchestra‘s mission is to give guidance and promote music through performance, education and leadership. The Orlando Philharmonic Orchestra enters its 17th year in its 2009-2010 season. The two most distinguuished people in the orchestra are Christopher Wilkins which is the Music Director and Andrew Lane as the Principal Pops Conductor. A distinction of the Olando Philharmonic Orchestra’s success has been a commitment to its financial responsibilities. Million of solicitations to the Orlando Philharmonic has given them the largest endowment of any cultural institution in central Florida. The Orlando Philharmonic Orchestra strives to initiate community collaborations, since the orchestra has been partnered with many high-classed organizations.

Orlando Museum of Art - Orlando, FL, US

The Orlando Meseum of Art which was founded on 1924, is an educational institution. It’s located at 2416 North Mills AveOrlando, Florida. Its mission dwells on the growth of Florida to support for the arts and the Museum’s role as the leading cultural institution in the state. Since the Orlando Museum of Art was made, it was dedicated to the purpose of enriching the cultural life of Florida by providing excellence in the visual arts. In order to reach this goal, the Museum has imersed itself into collecting, preserving and interpreting works of art. The Museum hosts visitors all over Florida and the world. It is open on Tuesdays until Sundays on different times and is only closed on Mondays and on major holidays.
Orange County Regional History Center
The current Orange County Regional History Center is located at 65 East Central Blvd. Orlando, Florida. The museum showcases three floors of permanent exhibits and is also presenting important national limited-run exhibitions. In 2006, The Smithsonian Institution affiliated itself to the Orange County Regional History Center. The Orange County Regional History Center was given credit by the American Association of Museums, which is the highest honor a museum can achieve. Permanent Exhibitions show the Native American life in Florida before they were captured by the Spaniards. A 100 years time line before Disney Land became the Biggest thing in Florida. It prides takes pride in the way they illustrated the fascinating transition Florida went through as a small town to today's tourist’s most visited community.

City College of San Francisco:

Distinctively the second largest collegiate institution in the country, the City of College of San Francisco offers affordable education and other scholastic experiences within a largely urban setting. City College holds classes in more than 50 educational programs and over 100 vocational courses, broadly opening academic and career horizons for a yearly population of more than 100,000 students. While the ideal institution of choice would be a standard four-year college or university, City College stands out in presenting more options for students, careerists and people looking to gain or refresh knowledge, or to learn just for fun. City College’s sturdy reputation is bolstered elsewhere by its colorful history – offering war-related courses during World War II and lending its Ocean Campus walls as mural canvases for important artists like Diego Rivera and Precita Eyes. And with its celebration and empowerment of the campus LGBT and women communities, City College of San Francisco emerges as a true liberal institution in the Bay Area.

Chinese Culture Center:

Extending a unique silhouette into the Central San Francisco cityscape is the Chinese Culture Center facility, San Francisco’s advocacy group for Chinese and Chinese-American art, history and culture in America. Helping unfold the richness of Chinese culture through classes, art exhibits, lectures, workshops, and artistic performances, the Center draws audiences from various walks of life, including the Chinese community, the Bay Area populace, and the international public. The facility stands sandwiched between Chinatown and the San Francisco Financial District. At such a unique location, the CCC offers fun-filled opportunities to sample and promote Chinese culture—a heritage walk through time, a culinary appreciation luncheon, calligraphy workshops, tea events, and tai chi classes. With activities scheduled all year round, the Center is constantly abuzz with cultural energy, making it a perfect venue to gather the community and the ideal setting for spreading and enriching Chinese and Chinese-American traditions.

Cathedral of Saint Mary of the Assumption:

The Cathedral of Saint Mary of the Assumption projects a commanding presence in both its exterior and interior fronts, achieving an awe-inspiringly appropriate effect with its mission to call the people to God’s majesty. Being the Mother Catholic Church of three California counties, the Cathedral plays an important role in communal spirituality, effectively communicating this with an ultra-modern design. The church architecture has a prominent piece known as a saddle roof, composed of segments of hyperbolic paraboloids. While that may take forever to mentally digest, it takes little time at all to understand how the Cathedral promotes the unsung relationship between architecture and religion. Indoors, this Marian church maintains its campaign of architectural beauty for God with a breathtaking ceiling that forms a cupola as a natural result of the paraboloid roof. In the middle of that immense cupola is a graceful meeting of the four corners into a fluid, elegant cross. Indeed, the Cathedral of St. Mary of the Assumption is a true structural wonder and a mighty reminder for the faithful to always put God front and center.

Cartoon Art Museum:

Charles Schulz, creator of Snoopy the World’s Most Famous Beagle, embedded his already indelible mark in history when he helped found a museum of that funny form of art—comics. Indeed, the Cartoon Art Museum in San Francisco is one of the few institutions dedicated to preserving, documenting and exhibiting cartoons in all its shapes and sizes. Primary founder Malcom Whyte came up with the idea of immortalizing comic art enthusiasts in 1984, but only set up the housing with Schulz’s help in 1987. Now, at its ground-floor home on Mission Street since 2001, the Comic Art Museum shelters over 6,000 original cartoon creations by some of the twentieth century’s most prominent artists. True to its informal mission, the Museum holds appreciation events and exhibits, which include animations, comic strips, comic books, and underground comics. For people who take the funnies seriously, the Cartoon Art Museum is the place to be.

Palace of the Legion of Honor:

Originally intended to commemorate the honor of California soldiers who fought in World War I, the impressive Palace of the Legion of Honor has evolved over the years to become a multi-functional setting. With an imposing façade of expansive staircase and well-built Greek columns, this fine arts museum partly replicates the original Palais de La Legion d’Honneur in Paris. Speaking of France, the museum holds a vast collection of predominantly French European works of art. This collection includes many artists of the Impressionist and post-Impressionist movements, like Degas, Monet, Rembrandt, El Greco, and Rubens. Braque and Picasso are also well-represented. However, the Legion of Honor is best known for the Rodin sculpture, The Thinker, which sits on display in the forecourt. As well, the majestically unparalleled Skinner Organ sits in the Palace’s Rodin Gallery, an enduring testament to Ernest Skinner’s creative genius.

Cable Car Museum:

Celebrating the historical significance of San Francisco’s cable car system is the Cable Car Museum sitting pretty in the Nob Hill neighborhood. Offering free entrance to one and all, the museum holds exhibits on the last manually operated cable car system in the world. The museum is tucked within San Francisco’s last remaining cable car barn, where the cable car power house is also located. While the power house is off limits, the museum has overlook galleries that show visitors what’s going on, basically taking the lid off the entire cable car system to see how it hums and squeals. The cavern housing the haulage cables can also be viewed through the galleries. Apart from these exciting offerings, the museum also accommodates vintage cable cars, such as the Sutter Street Railway car dating back from the 1870s. Completing the tourist-y appeal is the gift shop selling cable car items, such as an authentic gripman’s bell or key chains made from worn-out cables.

Chinese American Museum, Los Angeles:

Located in the Downtown region of the city of Los Angeles, the Chinese American Museum is a historical place dedicated to the Chinese people who lived in the state of California in the precedent decades. The museum depicts the experiences shared by the Chinese people in this state in the past 200 years and the museum is one of its kind in the Southern California region. The museum is famous for representing the art and culture of the Chinese American people along with their historical achievements. The museum was first opened for the general public in 1984 and it was reopened in 2003 after a long period of time with a grand inaugural. The gallery of the museum is kept in the oldest building of the Chinese in the California state, known as the Garnier Building.

CBS Studios, Los Angeles:

Situated at the district of the Studio City in the city of Los Angeles in the valley of San Fernando, the CBS Studio is one of the largest studios for television and film in the state of California. This studio is one of the two only studio facilities provided by the CBS in the Los Angeles city as well as the state of California. The studio is surrounded from the three sides as it takes up the triangular shape of the land. The museum has 18 large stages which are normally not open for public and have the area ranging from 7000 to 25000 square feet. In the recent times, the CBS studio is one of the most busy locations for the shooting of the television shows and sitcoms in Los Angeles.

Broward Convention Center:
This convention center is dedicated to making your conference a success. The center itself is three floors high with an elegant glass front allowing you beautiful vista views of the waterways that pass the center, the port and into the heart of Fort Lauderdale itself. The center offers all modern forms of communication, wireless internet, teleconference and digital phones. With a grand ballroom, exhibit rooms, conference rooms and individual food concessions, covered loading docks. This center offers a space and setting of style and comfort for any occasion. Access to the center is either by the main interstate roads or you can arrive by river with the center having its own landing area in the second largest cruise port in the World, or there is an airport a little over a mile away. The convention center has ample parking facilities which has a temperature controlled walk way linking it to the center. All in all the Broward conference center is the place to hold your conference in the state of Florida.

Mall at Millenia - Orlando, FL, US

The mall at millenia is an ideal place for the fashion conscious as it offers a wide variety of trendy and couture pieces, With stores such as Burberry, Gucci, Cartier, Chanel, Lois vuitton and jimmy choo this shopping center has every possible item a fashionista could ever hope to buy. Not only does this store appeal to the rich and famous but there are also low end bargains for the financially challenged and after a long day of shopping there is a wide variety of scrumptious meals to chose from in the food court including desserts from the popular cheesecake factory. This modern masterpiece offers a unique shopping experience like no other with other convenient amenities such as valet parking, currency exchange and even a post office.

Mennello Museum of American Art - Orlando, FL, US

The mennello museum is a distinctive landmark located on Lake Formosa; it is a symbol of art and culture that offers a wide array of sculptures and paintings attracting visitors from across the world. The museum opened on November 22, 1988 and has made it a mission to showcase the works of modern and conventional American artist such as Earl Cunningham and Donald De Lue. This small yet tranquil museum is ideal for a family outing, it is a child friendly environment and the exhibition rooms have simple amenities such as markers, paper, crayons and other necessities to occupy the young and the young at heart. The museum grounds are shaded by beautifully sculpted trees and its interior is captivating with a wide range of striking colors that only add to the beautiful pieces of art.

Musée Mécanique, San Francisco:

Located in the city of San Francisco, the Musée Mécanique is a museum which contains the world’s largest compilation of the pergola games as well as the artworks of the related stuff attractive to the people. The museum contains the majority of the exhibits which have at least the 100 years of history. The museum contains the playing stuff for the visiting children, such as the video game arcade and other intriguing games. The collection is actually made by the famous artist, Edward Galland Zelinsky, and in the recent times, the same collection is preserved as well as operated by his son Dan Zelinsky. The visitors will find many antique things exhibited in the museum when they make a visit, such as the old coins of the old state and stamps of the old mailing systems.

1. Jungle Queen Riverboats, Fort Lauderdale

It is a cruise attraction that is available at Bahia Mar Yacht Basin located in Sea breeze Blvd. Choices for a dinner and morning or afternoon cruises are available suiting the preferences of the tourists. The cruise would pass through a number of homes of the wealthy, once famous and now famous and during festive occasions there are fair chances of the tourists waving to and return it from the waving celebrities who make it a point to come out. The journey also would provide a glimpse of the giant yatch building docks. In a typical dinner style cruise, after the arrival at the island, there is a sumptuous dinner followed by a funny and pompous show takes place. Soon the winding up takes place and tourists are back into boat to return to the basin amidst a glowing river and treat of music. One familiar voice that could be heard from the captain as well as the passengers is the ranting of the phrase Hellooo Mr. Johnson which perhaps is directed at the then President Lyndon Johnson and the jibes that in his obsession he did not listen to anybody in his mindless carrying of the Vietnamese War.

2. International Swimming Hall of Fame, Fort Lauderdale

Situated in the neighborhood of Fort Lauderdale Beach and belonging to the category of historical artifacts, this Hall of Fame, which was opened to the public in 1965, thanks to the creation of Buck Dawson, describes the achievements of 'swimming greats' through a wide collection from the world of aquatic Olympic achievers in swimming, diving and water polo sports etc., Besides looking and learning as what made such people as Johnny Weissmulllter, Mark Spitz and others in 40 exhibits great, the place through its aquatic complex that contains two 50 meter pools offers for those enthusiastic opportunities to indulge in competitive swimming and diving. Perhaps recognizing the fact that such a spirit could be found in great Hollywood stars, this Hall features aquatic video competitions and movies like 'Million Dollar Mermaid", "Tarzan the Ape Man" which are considered great forever. It has also records attesting the fact that former US President, Ronald Regan saved 77 lives in his capacity as a lifeguard in his hometown Dixon.

3. Hugh Taylor Birch State Park, Fort Lauderdale

Thanks to the generosity of Hugh Taylor in donating the land, out of his concerns for the preservance of a natural environment, we have in our midst the Hugh Taylor Birch State Park which is situated on East Sunrise Boulevard between SR AIA and the Intracoastal Waterway in Fort Lauderdale. In the year 1893, when Taylor came to Fort Lauderdale with an intention to settle down which presumably he never did (for he was 90 years old at that time), nevertheless, ended with owning three and half miles of Ocean front land. The Terramar Visitor Center which now serves as a small Museum is the two storied house he had built in a visual art style which otherwise would have prior to that served as his residence However the main attractions to the Park are wildlife, facilities and opportunities for recreation, sports and relaxation. The visitors to the fauna of the Park can have a glimpse of rare wild life species as Polyphemus tortoise, eastern indigo snakes, gray squirrels, marsh rabbits, wading birds, hawks and pelicans and nocturnal animals. Those who want to revel in recreation, there are a wide range of choices available as watercraft sports, bicycling, and fishing and swimming one of which they can choose and relax. For those who are not only adventurous but also health conscious, the choices between inline skating, hiking and picnicking (termed as picnicing in the modern context that includes outdoor meal) are available. The Park provides the requisite amenities in the form of canoe rental, secluded areas of moderately shallow quiet water, separated from the sea while at the same time permitting access to it, short rails and camp grounds for youth and groups

4. Galleria, Fort Lauderdale

Originally known as the Sunrise Shopping Center and subsequently rechristened in its present name since the 1980 after its redevelopment, it is a favorite destination frequented by the local, national and international visitors. Situated on the East Sunrise Boulevard between A1A and Federal Highways, this sprawling complex of 1,047,533 sq ft complex houses premier restaurants like the Capital Grille, Blue Martini, Trulucks and the like and retailers as Apple, coach, Williams-Sonoma to name only a few . Three major departmental stores Neman Marcus, Macy's and Dillard's adorn the complex. The range of items offered is so diverse that whatever is the requirments of the tourist from Apparel of all types to books and gilt items to health and beauty to sporting goods would be met. Not all that and after a hectic shopping one can sit and relax for a casual dining or a specialty food or just deserts. All in all a visit to the mall gives a total experience in shopping and it is becoming more and more popular among the fashion conscious upwardly mobile visitors.

5. Ft. Lauderdale Museum of Art, Fort Lauderdale

Tracing its roots to 1958 during which time it was known as Fort Lauderdale Art Center, the Museum of Art in its current form is housed in a 75,000 sq ft area building designed by Edward Larrabee Barnes, an architect who believed in modernism. The modern architecture is differentiated from the ancient ones in its simplification of form and creation as distinguished from the structure and theme of the building. The uniqueness lies in the fact that despite the theoretical belief in this concept very few buildings using this theme were constructed in reality and the Museum of Art is one among the few of them. Yet another feature that distinguishes this one from its counterparts like the ones in Miami, Palm Beach etc is that it concentrates on contemporary themes relevant to the 20th century. Thus, its more than 6000 pieces comprises contemporary Cuban Art the contributions for which have been made by 125 or so artists. In addition it also boasts of collections from works of those belonging to COBRA movement which was most popular between 1949 and 1952 in Europe. It also has unique distinctions of collaborating with Nova Southeastern University located in Broward Country, Florida and displaying the exhibits of relics Tutankhamun, the Egyptian ancient rulers of the 18th century.

6. Ft Lauderdale Amtrak Station

If it is Amtrak in the context of Florida, it is then about Auto Train that not only takes the tourists and other visitors from Lorton (Washington, DC) to Sanford, Fl (Orlando) and just their routine luggage but also automotives, small boats and such other recreational vehicles on a non-stop journey. The USP offered by the authorities then, for instance, is that 'the cars can be packed as if it were suitcases and the train carries not them as well but also the physical accompaniments in the same smoothness.. From anecdotes available, the idea was originally floated by one Eugene Garfield, probably arising out of his discomfort to traverse through the 800 mile trip in the congested Highway 95 that was more a pain rather than a pleasure especially when one travels with the family that includes children. Amtrak the national railway had continued Auto Train Service by acquiring it in 1983, which since then, have been ferrying a minimum of 200000 passengers on an average annually in its non-stop twice daily services. Amtrak auto train distinguishes itself as the only kind of its service in the USA. According to experiences recorded by passengers the journey is most comfortable with veteran and courteous staffs that have an obsession for quality and courtesy making most of them to return again and again.

7. Fort Lauderdale Stadium, Fort Lauderdale

Situated in NW 55th street and spread over 25.5 acres this stadium can seat 8340 at any given point of time. Until 2009, the stadium has been primarily used by the Baltimore Orioles baseball team to carry out their spring training, besides hosting the Semi-Pro Federal League games round the year. The Orioles despite this may not return to the stadium in 2010 breaking the 13 year tradition if the dispute that has arisen out of the proposed increase in the fee by the Fort Lauderdale Executive Airport from $70,000 to $120,000 is not resolved. The fee is levied because the land belongs to the Airport. If that happens, the sports tourists and the sports enthusiasts would miss the opportunity to watch the baseball in an intimate setting and that could also mean a loss to the Fort Lauderdale economy. Incidentally, it may be of interest to know that for a consecutive period of 34 years from 1962 to 1995, the New York Yankees had used the stadium in each spring.

8. Fashion Institute of Technology, New York

By the year 1940, those involved in the business of fashion clothing and apparel manufacturing felt a perceived shortage of qualified professionals in this area and arising out of this and single minded devotion of Mortimer C Ritter, an educator and Max Meyer, an ex men’s apparel manufacturer, it was set up as an Institute of fashion and technology that started functioning in the year 194 with an initial strength of 100 students. Subsequently it acquired the status of a college which could confer degrees. Over a period of time, it had gradually upgraded itself and grew from strength to strength. Due to its persistent efforts, it obtained a legal status that permitted it to offer Bachelor and Masters Degree a feat that is not normally allowed in a community college setting. Currently, in its sprawling complex that encompasses a whole city block, it educates more than 10,000 students on diverse subjects ranging from Menswear and Cosmetics to Fragrance Marketing among others which are considered to be one of its kinds. The Institute also runs an in house museum.

9. Empire State Building, New York

Winding up a trip from New York without visiting Empire State Building could be considered as an eternal sin for it is not just a tourist spot but a Landmark that too a National Historic Landmark that is frequented by 3.5 million people annually if one were to take the stand alone statistics of those who have gone to the 86th floor of the building where its observatory is located. It is a feat of all records that eve since it was opened to the public in 1931 the observatory had a foot print of 110 million visitors. Open round the year, day or night, it is a place to be experienced rather than explained. It is not just the observatory but the entire building which is of interest to the visitors. For those inclined to do a light shopping there is a Hallmark card shop, and dining depending upon one's appetite there are two restaurants with attached bars, besides three coffee shops. To engage the tourists’ minds, there is a stimulated helicopter ride operated by SKYRIDE and for entertainment a virtual-reality movie theater. The art exhibits would interest the adults and children alike. Special events as Valentine's Day Weddings and an ESB run up that is unique to it are conducted on special occasions round the year. The ESB run up is different from others as it is specifically tailored for the Building in that those who participate, which are from around the world, race up the 1576 steps to reach the 86th floor. The last one was conducted on Feb,2, 2010 and get prepared to join the next one by getting in touch with the New York Road Runners to submit your application for the 'Empire State Building Run-up request’.

10. Eldridge Street Synagogue, New York

The word synagogue means a place where congregations of people particularly the Jewish ones, meet for worshipping or carryout religious studies. Being situated in the Eldridge Street which lies in the New York City’s lower east side, it is known by this name. The tourist significance of this is that is declared as national historic land mark. The synagogue was constructed between 1880 and 1890 and opened in 1897. It was responsible in attracting at least 60,000 Jews to settle down there, but, by 1910, it is reported to have grown to more than half a million. From a place of worship that attracted the Jewish immigrants to settle down permanently in New York, it has now become a Museum thanks to a restoration plan that involved a spending of $20 million after which it has become an interest for those historically minded and those of whom ones earlier were religiously driven. After the renovation, it was opened to the public in December, 2007 and looks splendid with its 70-foot-high vaulted ceiling, painted with glided stars and decked with chandeliers with their curled vintage glass. It has been imaginatively ornamented with Turkish Objects, the Islamic architecture and hand painted furnishings that make it a splendor to watch.

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