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Henderson Convention Center - Las Vegas, NV, US

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Henderson Convention Center - Las Vegas, NV, US

The pride of Henderson is its convention center. Located centrally at the South Water Street, it is a perfect place for expansive corporate functions, affordable venue for wedding receptions, family reunions, charity events and popular center for holing civic functions. The center is configured conveniently into 3765 sq ft Meeting Rooms that is subdivided into six, 500 sq ft Pre-function Area along with one Catering/Holding Kitchen. Not all that, the chief hall mark of the center is its 10,000 sq ft Exhibit Hall that could hold four different events at the same time making it an ideal center for arts , auctions and banquets. Its capacity is varied depending upon the styles in which it is used. Thus in a Theater Style, it can hold 1000, Banquet 600, Classroom 450 and as Exhibit Booths 60 consisting of 8' x 10' booths.

2. Guinness World of Records Museum - Las Vegas

Guinness World of Records Museum is an altogether different genre of Museums. Situated in Las Vegas Strip and located close to the Circus Circus, it offers both an awesome and inspiring exhibits of World Record breakers about anything that once can perceive. The tourists would be astonished at the range and diversified collections from that of knowing about World's tallest man, the one possessing the World's largest fingernails to that largest collection of refrigerators to magnets. It is of interest to note that Sir Hugh Beaver who is credited as the creator of Guinness Book of World Records in 1951, is said to have created it in order to settle arguments in pubs where 'Guinness stout' was served. The Museum is a landmark in the collection of record-breaking exhibits as an inspiration emanating from the Guinness Book of World Records.

3. Guggenheim Hermitage Museum - Las Vegas

This exhibition is unique because it is a collaborative effort between the world famous The State Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg, Russia and Solomon R. Guggenheim Foundation headquartered in New York which is engaged in presenting exhibitions in venues worldwide. It opened in Las Vegas in October, 2001 and has displayed 42 world renowned collections. Since its inception, it has hosted at least ten exhibitions of world class excellence to which an estimated 1.1 million tourists have visited. The works of artists as Van Eyck, Titian, Velazquez, van Goch, Picasso and Pollock have found a place there. Besides being a treat to connoisseur of Art, it has brought exceptional educational value by being a host to over 20,000 K-12 students and another 27,000 participants through educational lectures, teacher workshops and family programs. In 2008, the Museum had completed successfully seven-year tenure and it is expected that it would continue to delight millions of tourists with same cultural experience which was providing earlier.

4. Grand Canal Shoppes - Las Vegas

Situated in Las Vegas Strip, and located between the Venetian Hotel and Casino and The Palazzo, it was opened to the public in 1999. Built on a Venetian theme, it has indoor canals and the visors would be taken in through Venetian Rowing Boats otherwise called as gondola. Gondolas were the major method of transportation used in Venice for centuries whose primary purpose was to carry tourists in rides for a given price. At least two major chains, viz, Ann Taylor and banana republic are located there apart from numerous designer and upscale stores. Another specialty of the mall is the live performances that are spread over the entire mall. The mall is a must visit for the tourists as it can be attested by the fact that as of 2008, it had recorded not less than 20 million footprints which is 'the' highest for entire USA.

5. Fountains of Bellagio, Las Vegas

Located at Las Vegas Blvd in Las Vegas Strip, it is touted as the best 'free show' in the city. The show is conducted round the year every 30 minutes from 3.00 p.m. and 8.00 p.m. and once in 15 minutes from 8.00 p.m. and 12.00 a.m. It can make one romantic especially if the accompanying visitor is also one for such an occasion and its outstanding feature is its perfect blending of water with music. Music enthusiasts equally adept in dancing would love the best in choreography and the synchronization where fountains dance to the music. From one of the restaurants or the lounge, the tourists could get a bird’s eye view of the Eiffel Tower across the street. In order to enjoy a hands on experience of that virtual music get on to "Vegas" music and watch the fountains dancing with disbelief though your own eyes.

6. Forum Shops, Las Vegas

For that experience of a signature entrance, the tourists should make it a point to visit the Forum Shops which is considered as by far the best retail, dining and entertainment destination that USA can boast of. It provides a total experience to the visitors and shoppers with its 160 or so boutiques and shops, 13 restaurants and specialty food marts. An additional premium retail space of 1,75,000 sq ft has been added in the recent past which extends the mall to the Las Vegas Boulevard and its grand pedestrian plaza that creates the signature for the Forum Shops. Situated at the intersection of the Las Vegas strip and Flamingo Road and located inside Casers Palace, with a facility for Valet parking, it is open between 10 a.m. and 11 p.m. on Thursdays to Sundays and 10 a.m. to midnight on Fridays to Saturdays. It would be good to check the holidays as they vary from time to time so that the tourists are not disappointed from visiting and having an enjoyable and memorable shopping trip.

7. Flamingo Garden - Las Vegas

Better known as Springs Preserve, the eight-acre botanical garden is home to a range of desert landscapes that showcase the native and non native plant life. The garden is not only a delight to walk through but features a Watering Can Theater, a Tool Shed Theater, a Children's theatre, a real-time weather station, a 70-seat kitchen area, known as the Frame House for outdoor cooking demonstrations. It is thoughtfully designed by being dis-able friendly with an Enabling Garden. Open day and night the visitors can stroll through the 1.8 miles picturesque landscapes that would lead to the swamps fed formed and fed by springs which because of its uniqueness none of the tourists should miss. Since the walking trail borders the swamps (also known as 'cienega'), one can also witness hundreds of native plant, birds and animal species in a tranquil setting.

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