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Clark County Museum, Las Vegas

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8. Clark County Museum, Las Vegas

About 20 miles away from the Las Vegas strip, the Clark County Heritage Museum is situated on the edge of the valley and accessible between Interstate 15 and Interstate 215. It is open on all the days between 9 a.m. and 4.30 p.m. except, the Christmas and New Year. Being a heritage museum its objective is to educate the visitors of the history of Las Vegas and its surrounding communities in an informal setting and interesting way. The visitors are glided through beginning from Anna Roberts Parks Exhibit Hall from Nevada's pre-historic times to the 20th century. It would be of interest for the tourists to learn such rare details as that Nevada was at some point of time was totally submerged under water with a lush environment and was habitat to now extinct mammoth animals and sloths and camels. The lifestyles of earlier descendants may be dating back even to 12,000 years are depicted with displays of knives, toys, jewelry providing a glimpse to the visitors of the differing tastes of those lived at that time

9. Clark County Library - Las Vegas

It is located east of the intersection between south Maryland Parkway and East Flamingo Road and estimated to serve 1.5 million residents through 12 urban and an equal number of rural branches. It is of touristic importance to note that it produces artistic and cultural programming in thirteen art galleries as six performing arts centers in which national, regional, local authors, musicians, dancers and visual artists participate. It is a high technology oriented Library that serves Clark County but for Henderson and North Las Vegas cities. Besides providing WI-FI in all its urban branches with free internet access, and has a conference, board, meeting, story time and study rooms, houses a Jewel Box Theater, a gallery including a photographic one. The special collections include Sother Nevada Non-Profit Information Center, Jean Ford Collection for Citizen Action and Community Building and a Patent and Trademark Depository Library ( It is possible that these links may not work because of change in name or destination).

10. Cashman Field Convention Center - Las Vegas

Deriving its name from Cashman Field, a community minded leader, by virtue of the fact that land was donated by him and built in the year 1983 at a cost of $26 million, this premier stadium complex rests on a 55 acre plot with a built up space of 483,000 sq ft that could cater to multi-users. Its base ball stadium has a capacity to seat 10,000 sports enthusiasts at any given point of time which is home to the Las Vegas 51s, AAA affiliate of the Toronto Blue Jays. Conveniently located in the down town at North Vegas Blvd, its other uniqueness is that it has 98,100 sq ft convention center in addition to a built in theater that could entertain 1922 people and provides meeting space of 12 rooms with the capability of each segment functioning in a self contained manner for conventions and or trade shows, businesses or corporate get together, theatrical and or sporting events. Its parking can occupy 2500 vehicles.

New London Amtrak Station - New London, CT

Built in 1885 by reputed American architect Henry Hobson Richardson and opened to public services in 1989 and located in 27, Water Street, New London, Connecticut, this historic regional railroad head functions between 0530 a.m. and 11.15 p.m. on all the days, has been serving an estimated population of 25671 and ridership 1,71,022 (2008) by connecting both Amtrak and the Connecticut Department of Transportation's shore line east and acting as the Eastern Terminus of the Commuter rail service in Connecticut. Richardson was a renowned architect of many a constructions and notably the Trinity Church, Boston which now is a National Historic Landmark and the style is named after him as Richardsonian Romanesque.The important features include an island and a side platform, a game-day service to the Meadowlands Sports Complex that allows a 250 mile trip. Besides by an ingenious logistics planning which combines the Shore Line East, Metro North, New Jersey Transit and Regional Rail SEPTA, it has been designed to help the commuters who can at a single stretch complete a travel distance of 258.31 miles and reach Delaware with necessary transits in between.

2. Jack London State Historical Park - Glen Ellen

An independent home with a desire to expand it into a ranch that reflected the burning ambition of Jack London, a literary writer who had the set the trends in commercial magazine fiction domain and whose books as The Call of the Wild, White Fang etc ruled the roost, later became a Historical land mark in California. Otherwise known as Jackson London Home and Ranch and situated in the Sonoma mountain terrains which furnishes scenic views of the Pacific Ocean, the spot appeals to both the senses and thinking of the tourists. It would provide the opportunities for the visitors to know about the modest start of Jack London and his desires to develop the place into an expansive ranch home along with his wife Charmian Kitteredge described as the perfect soul mate for him, which as the destiny would be, did not materialize because of the wild fire that destroyed both his ambitions and him financially. It engages the tourists, among others, with the Kohler & Frohling Winery Yard, the ruins of Wolf House.

3. Jack London Square - Oakland, CA

Named after the famous author who had pioneered the commercial magazine fictions and author of several popular books, located at the Southern end of Broadway that crosses the Oakland Estuary from Alameda, this tourist spot bundles with in itself an Amtrak Station, a ferry dock owned and operated by the Oakland Port, stores, eateries and hotels. Its other attractions are the Heinold's First and Last Chance Saloon which once was the dwelling place for Jack London, a movie theatre and the USS Potomac moored in an adjacent slip. The USS Potomac, AG 25 is one among the only three still exiting US Presidential Yachts which then was used by Roosevelt. It may be of interest to know that the Franklin Delan Roosevelt, wife of the then President Roosevelt played the role of a decoy when Roosevelt sneaked off to sign the Atlantic Charter on August, the 3rd, 1941. It also serves as a market place for farmers on Sundays and also was an industrial neighborhood at some point of time now known as Jack London District.

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