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Cruise Line Terminal - New York

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4. Cruise Line Terminal - New York

Built with the comforts and conveniences of the sea loving passengers in mind, New Cruise Terminal is accessible, for parking, embarkation and disembarkation both from Manhattan and Brooklyn terminals. Brooklyn's water front has a historical existence of more than 150 years with the Pier 12 Quay built just prior to the Civil War serving as a cargo port for all types of merchandise until it was transformed in the year of 2005 was re built as modern cruise ship terminal. For those who would like to wander through the New York city before boarding or after disembarking, the city has plenty to offer in Broadway shows, shopping opportunities including in Fifth Avenue or stroll through the Central Park. Its subway system is perhaps the oldest in the USA carrying with it a 100 years history, joys and sorrows those who had used it day in and day out. Managed jointly by the New City Economic Development Corporation and the Port authority of New York/New Jersey, in the year 2009, in the 43 cruises that had called on the terminal, 2, 47,258 had enjoyed the cruises in one way or another.

5. South Street Seaport - New York

Tracing its history to more than 1600 years back, South Sea Port offers both historical value and commercial interests to the tourists. The visitors at the same time can have a fantastic over view of the East River and Brooklyn Bridge. Its mall is divided into three sections, the first modeled along the New York City's fish market, the second one runs along the water at Pier 17 and the third on ends in the Fulton Market building nearer the South Street. Its buzzing activities, a museum, the variety of restaurants would never make the tourists bored and think back of the prudence of choosing this spot. It is open between 10 a.m. and 9.00 p.m. Mondays through Saturdays and 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. on Sundays. Its museum deserves special mention as it holds the treasures of Frenkline Delano Roosevelt, the wife of then US President Roosevelt as her appetite for collection of exquisite items was considered to be insatiable.

6. Carnegie Hall - New York

For those who would like to listen to music and not just hear it, Carnegie Hall with its impeccable historical roots and acoustic settings is the most ideal place. Its history traces back to 1891, building has the touch many a famous architect as Peter Tchaikovsky, Igor Stravinsky and George Gershwin to mention a few of them and it is one of the symbols of New York that makes its residents proud and attracts the people from the globe both serious and casual music lovers. The USA is known for its philanthropy of the rich. Andrew Carnegie is no different. Being blessed with both money and love for music, he donated enough to see the rise of the building in a period of seven years. It may be of interest to know that though Franz Rummel, a famous pianist was the first to perform, yet he did not do it when the hall was ready in all respects but one month prior to it in a basement hall. Apart from the innumerable operas it holds the hall is equally important for its history and architecture.

7. Grand Central Station - New York

Grand Central Station in the New York City is a culmination of rail-road development over a stretch of period that dates back to more than 100 years. The earlier structures were dominated by rudimentary systems of transportation, a system that carries both the people and the goods in a leisurely manner that makes one nostalgic of the day to day travel carrying differing emotions from dawn to dusk. It only stands as a symbol of the changes in the growth of a metropolis which has an equal love for civic architecture. Its central location which goes by its very name in the midtown Manhattan on the 42nd street makes it accessible through all types of public transportation including the MTA Metro-North Railroad. Visitors should, however, be aware of the limited facilities for private parking and unavailability of lockers for luggage storage. The tourists can take advantage of the free guided and walking tours that are organized by The Municipal Arts Society and the Grand Central Partnership. Those who can make donation of $10 per person for guided tours.

8. Cornell Medical Ctr - New York

It is the first hospital that came into existence in New York due to untiring efforts of Dr. Samuel Bard, which culminated in the year 1771 into the King George III of England granting a Royal Charter to the then Society of the Hospital in the City of New York which resulted in the opening of the hospital in gradual stages between 1776 and 783 to the soldiers defending the city. In 1791, it was thrown open to civilians. It holds either partially or fully medical records since its inception and secondly the fact that it is not yet another run of the mill hospitals which dishes out only medicine carries out surgeries. It is distinguished by its novel methods of combining medicine with arts. Take for instance, the imaginative workshops. Through this, art is taken to be a genuine method of therapy and applying mentally challenged patients it has opened up the creative abilities of them and usher in hopes and joys in them of living by minimizing the pains of isolation. Pioneers like Ladd and Kessler had applied medicines at three levels, the first one treatment, the second remedial treatment and the third one 'preventative' medicine.

9. Radio City Music Hall

The Great Depression of 1929 had rare exceptions of courage hope and optimism in the extra-ordinary geniuses like Rockefeller, the Radio Corporation of America and theatrical geniuses Roxy Rothafel. The depressed times did not depress them. Rockefeller in a collaborative partnership with Radio America and with the cooperation of Roxy had plunged into developing a property by incorporating all superior features of innovations in architecture. His financial might, the popularity of the radio corporation and the skills of Roxy resulted in the birth of the Radio City and its Music Hall. It never discriminated anybody based on economic or status. Donald Deskey a relatively unknown Interior Decorator had worked wonders in bringing superb ambience to the place. His achievements include designing of 30 different phases that included eight lounges each one having its own melody if one can compare it with music and distant pattern if taken in a physical sense. Claiming to a status as the Largest Indoor Theater in the world, its canvas extends to the full city block, auditorium measures 160 feet from back to the stage, a ceiling that reaches 84 feet and has reported to have treated more than 300 million people of all hues and shades with its diverse programs of stage shows, movies, concerts and special events.

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